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#rockbox log for 2017-02-12

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00:22:05__builtinis there any way we could get patches on gerrit auto-built by the build cluster?
00:22:57__builtinobviously there'd need to be some sort of control as to which patches were built
00:24:16pamaury__builtin: that's a very wanted feature but it's nontrivial to implement
00:26:15__builtinI'd imagine a web-based trigger to start a build and some hooks to get the build started
00:29:29__builtinpossibly limited to contributors or committers only
00:30:51pamauryyou would also need to fix the build server and clients to pull specific revisions
00:31:21pamauryand fix and the buildserver complete hooks to upload the results at the right place, possibly integrating them with gerrit
00:33:48__builtinthe first one is a non-issue, I think
00:40:11__builtinthere's already a mechanism for building a specific revision
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00:45:28SaratogaMemory allocation in opus is deterministic, so it sounds like the problem is just that seeking certain distances in opus files runs out of stack
00:46:36SaratogaJust provide a file where it happens and the approximate start and end locations that cause it
00:50:43AxelKSaratoga, I will have to search a suitable candidate (meaning, low bitrate)
00:51:22AxelKOr is there a possibility to upload one of my files to some location where you can test it?
00:51:28AxelK(silly question, I know)
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01:33:59AxelKNah, all longer files I find for download are 64Kbit or higher (= difficult to trigger the problem) and the low bitrate ones ar short (too short) examples
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02:12:00AxelKSaratoga, ?
02:12:29AxelKAlthough I don't like these file histing services, this might be the easiest solution
02:12:54AxelKthis is a 32KBit opus file (encoded by me)
02:13:54__builtinin the future I can host any reasonably-sized file I'm emailed
02:14:07AxelKFilename is Boell.Spezial-Digitaler_Wahlkampf.opus
02:14:26AxelKmd5sum ebd0ae026fc114c9bfdbfbddf27b90de
02:16:08AxelK__builtin, shall I send you that file to that address?
02:16:39AxelKI was not sure if you were talking to me, sorry
02:16:51AxelKOK, one moment please
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02:21:33Saratoga_I checked and someone already reported this problem with an example file, so that should be good
02:21:51fs-bluebot Seeking in long opus files leads to crash on Sansa Clip+ (bugs, unconfirmed)
02:21:51AxelKPerfect timing
02:22:09AxelKjust sent another example to __builtin about 5 seconds ago
02:22:25AxelKbut fine, so I am not hunting a ghost and the problem is real
02:27:36AxelKyes, that bug description sounds familiar
02:27:54AxelKthe reporter gives two example files
02:27:58AxelKthe on affected is
02:28:00AxelKENCODER_OPTIONS : −−quiet −−bitrate 48
02:29:22AxelKthe one not affected (according to the reporter) is also 48 KBit
02:30:17Saratoga_Parsing OGG files is obnoxious, probably there is just some combination of file and seek offset that runs out of stack walking through the ogg stream
02:31:06AxelKI can only add some of my (non programmer) experience with this problem
02:31:37AxelKmost files with 64Kbit or above don't cause problems
02:32:06AxelK48 KBit or 32Kbit (stereo) files tend to crash the system more often
02:32:18AxelKno experience for mono files
02:32:48AxelKand it does not only affect seeking
02:33:31AxelKstopping player in the middle of one of those files and then resuming playback sometimes (but less often) crashes the player too
02:36:12AxelK__builtin, sorry, sending the file via mail did not work
02:36:16AxelKMessage size exceeds capabilities of MX responsible for the recipient
02:36:31AxelK11 MB for the file
02:36:42__builtinhmm, that reminds me
02:36:56AxelK15,2 MB for the mail itself
02:36:56__builtinI need to set up a file upload script
02:37:47AxelKFor now you might be using the link I posted (yes, file hosting services are evil)
02:40:19AxelKI am just downloading the example file posted in FS #13060 nd try to reproduce the problem
02:40:20fs-bluebot Seeking in long opus files leads to crash on Sansa Clip+ (bugs, unconfirmed)
02:44:11AxelKPlayer crashed
02:45:21AxelKSame error message *PANIC* Stkov codec pc:3006CFAC sp:3 (end of screen?)
02:45:39AxelKA: 30098158
02:45:42AxelKbt end
02:50:14AxelKNow that's interesting
02:50:30AxelKFrom the bbug report
02:50:33AxelK"I haven't quite figured out where exactly "large" starts, but it does happen with 4 hour long files (~60MB), but not with 1 hour long files (~20MB). It also does not happen in the Simulator, only on the actual hardware"
02:50:57AxelKFor 48 KBit files this seems to be correct
02:51:35AxelKbut my 32 KBit file which is crashing the player is 11 MB and the total lengt is 46 minutes
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04:33:29fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision fc9695e, 255 builds, 17 clients.
04:42:48fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 559 seconds.
04:42:49fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision fc9695e result: 40 errors 28 warnings
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05:21:12fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 523ef4e, 255 builds, 17 clients.
05:27:48fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 396 seconds.
05:27:49fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 523ef4e result: All green
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06:23:05fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision eaf6aad, 255 builds, 17 clients.
06:32:20fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 555 seconds.
06:32:21fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision eaf6aad result: 2 errors 0 warnings
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16:45:11dyspamaury: I pushed what I known by now about the header between the product id and the scrambled region
16:45:24dysstill no luck with the checksum algorithm :-/
16:45:54dysalso, looks like the header is the same with pretty much all teac products. E.g.
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17:10:21johnb2Bilgus: g1558 : Do you regard this as functional now? Is it worth/safe trying by now or do still plan modifications? I am mainly interested in the clip+.
17:10:22fs-bluebotGerrit review #1558 at : Add boot from other volumes in bootloader on targets with HAVE_MULTIVOLUME by William Wilgus
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17:56:41AlpacaYourbagsdoes anyone even still use this
17:57:54johnb2What do you mean by 'this'?
17:58:06__builtinI'd assume `this' channel
17:58:32__builtinin that case the answer would be `yes'
17:58:35AlpacaYourbagswell i did not know if anyone still used rockbox to this day
17:58:57__builtinlots of people still use rockbox
17:59:03__builtinwhy do you ask?
17:59:42 Quit johnb2 (Quit: Nettalk6 -
17:59:44AlpacaYourbagscuz i found out about it recently and had some questions
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18:01:31AlpacaYourbagsso yeah
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19:04:22dyspamaury: I pushed some header parsing and checksum verification to descramble.c
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19:20:35pamaurydys: thanks, interesting, so you got all the fields in the header that's cool.
19:21:10dysthe sum at EOF still matters: modifiying it, the firmware upgrade program says ERROR: Checksum
19:22:00pamauryyeah, you'll need to figure out this one if you want to update using this mecanism
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19:50:40johnb2Bilgus: I meant the pre-compiled binary you linked to in the patch set ...
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20:21:11dyspamaury: The EOF checksum matches the one in the header when descrambled :-D
20:21:45pamauryoh really ? so it's not the checksum of the data at all ??
20:22:04pamaurythat's weird
20:22:40dysit is. both (header and EOF) are the checksums of the payload data between header and EOF checksum
20:23:09dysonly difference is the former is not scrambled while the latter is
20:23:44pamauryah ok, I had a very quick look at your code and I though the checksum only applied to the header
20:23:48pamaurymakes more sense now
20:25:27dysI guess it's time to build a bfin-gcc now so I can inject some code :-)
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21:39:23dyshehe. the TEAC has a scoll switch that has multiple conticats in each direction, so you can have various scolling speeds
21:39:45dysthe OFW only scrolls when you move it fully to the stop
21:40:19dysthis thing needs rockbox strong
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23:22:39ComputingComethello all
23:24:22__builtinhey ComputingComet
23:25:53ComputingComethows it hanging
23:31:24__builtinall's well
23:31:30__builtindo you have a question?
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23:45:29kfogelIf anyone knows of efforts similar to Rockbox but for e-reading devices (e.g., e-ink or other reflective-light displays), I'd love pointers. (Wasn't sure if this Q is on-topic enough based on IrcGuidelines; if not, please gently chide and I will take note.)
23:49:17pamaurykfogel: I don't know any effort in this direction, for many reasons. Most of those don't have a jack for starters
23:49:41pamauryalso it seems kind of weird to turn you expensive ereader into a DAP that makes virtually no good use of the screen
23:50:04kfogelpamaury: Thanks; that's the impression I got from searching too. I think the patent situation with the displays may also be an obstacle to non-manufacturers doing things right now.
23:50:12kfogelpamaury: "DAP"?
23:50:27pamauryDigital Audio Player
23:53:25kfogelpamaury: I mean, I'd still want to use it as an e-reader, making good use of the screen. Just with a free operating system.
23:53:25kfogelpamaury: (got it)

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