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#rockbox log for 2017-02-15

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01:02:29Guest40290hi, the domain insn't work? thx for reply
01:09:35__builtinGuest40290: it's a known problem, the server that hosts it is intermittently down
01:10:06__builtinit hosts the forums too, so they're down as well
01:12:47Guest40290oki, thanks :)
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10:21:17*gevaerts points out that the domain name *is* working. It's the server that's (often) not!
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10:41:17Horrorcatdoes anyone happen to have to replace the power jack on a iriver h3x0? if so, does anyone happen to know a part number?
10:41:23HorrorcatI think mine is starting to get unreliable
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13:14:15*peter_kg ....
13:14:31*peter_kg still waits for an answer to his request
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13:21:58Bilguspeter_kg do you have external storage on this device?
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13:29:38peter_kgno, unfortunately not
13:30:06peter_kgit just has a mini-usb-port for connection with a pc
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13:45:28Bilgusso this dump of the player does it have the firmware in it?
13:47:22Bilgusalso is it an image or just the files coppied straight?
13:49:07peter_kgI just copied the files
13:49:37peter_kgBut I also have a firmware-file from the cowon-homepage
13:50:36Bilgusyeah but that won't rebuild the fs and you already tried uploading it
13:51:09peter_kgI see...
13:51:20BilgusI was going to say maybe you could just write the whole fs in with the tcc tool
13:51:56peter_kgindeed...this isn't possible
13:52:44Bilguswell given someone with another device maybe they could dump it
13:53:33peter_kgnot sure how to find someone. The player is from 2007
13:55:37gevaertsHmmm, lebellium doesn't seem to have that one
13:56:30peter_kgthe player had a big brother: iaudio u7
13:56:55peter_kgit was released a couple of years alter
13:58:01[Saint]You _might_ get lucky on the forums, or via Headfi et al.
13:58:26[Saint]But you don't just have to find someone with the player, you need to find someone with the player who's prepared to risk destroying it.
13:58:34[Saint]Two entirely different creatures.
13:59:35*gevaerts isn't sure if that's actually the problem
14:00:15gevaertsI mean, you need to get at the flash on *your* player, through the FTL.
14:00:48gevaertstcctool can upload and run code on the thing, but that doesn't magically give you code that does that
14:00:53gevaertsFlash Translation Layer
14:00:57gevaertsThe wear levelling thing
14:01:21gevaertsFrom our point of view, it's mainly there to make accessing data hard :)
14:01:40peter_kgoh no!
14:02:46gevaertsNow, *if* the U3 uses the same FTL as the D2, the rockbox code might be a start
14:03:09gevaerts(although rockbox never got proper write support, so that might not actually be good enough)
14:03:11[Saint]That's a very big if.
14:03:19peter_kgthe usb-connect-function, right? The player lacks the ability to populate usb-disk-access
14:04:06[Saint]USB host mode is incidental to the FTL. Kinda related in the fact that one relies on the other, but not really much outside that,
14:04:15gevaertsWhen you have *that*, knowing exact partition layouts and the like starts getting useful, and that's when the owner of another U3 comes in
14:05:08[Saint]If things drastically changed between D2 and D3 I wouldn't expect they suddenly dug up ghosts again for the U* series unless it shares a lot of hardware.
14:05:24[Saint]I would bet they're just using whatever FTL they got handed by the silicon fabricant.
14:05:51gevaertsBack when I "bricked" my c250 in a similar way (as in the firmware didn't boot and recovery mode refused to cooperate) I was lucky in that rockbox already supported the device and the flash on that one is basically an sd card. Your case is a *lot* trickier
14:06:06*gevaerts spent two or three full days on that one...
14:07:26[Saint]Even if it's documented it's still incredibly non-trivial. If you're talking about reverse engineering an FTL completely it's easily hundreds of man hours work for a skilled embedded developer.
14:07:34[Saint]Joe Consumer may as well slap mud around.
14:07:39gevaertsI might be too pessimistic here (and I'm not too familiar with cowon stuff, so that might easily be the case), but unless you find a service manual that describes how to fully reset things I don't think it's worth spending too much time on
14:07:41peter_kgit was so *easy* to produce my case....just a linux-computer and a few button-presses
14:07:50gevaertsOh, indeed
14:08:49[Saint]I didn;t get around to the backlog yet. I thought initially you just needed a firmware dump.
14:08:51*gevaerts admits that bricking his c250 required writing stupid bugs in code, but he *will* point out that at least one normal user encountered the exact same issue merely by using a mac
14:08:51peter_kgworst thing is: Cowon stopped support in germany. Meanwhile even their homepage is down.
14:09:13[Saint]But now I see there's a _lot_ of work for you before this dump would even be useful to you.
14:09:26gevaertsWell, "merely by using a mac" meaning "formatting the thing as HFS instead of FAT"
14:10:01*[Saint] wonders what it was that taught consumers these barbaric traits.
14:10:13gevaertsIt wasn't me!
14:10:36[Saint]I mean, I don't wish to rub it in, but who ever thinks "maybe I'll just format this embedded device, it'll be a good idea", and mor eimportantly, why do they think this?
14:10:40[Saint]it's a recurring theme.
14:10:41peter_kgyou know that my old player did raise four times in value ?
14:11:01gevaertsAnyway, I figure there *might* be a magic button combination that tells the firmware to ignore the data it sees and reformat it on boot. If that's the case, it might fix your issue
14:11:11peter_kgbought it for 80 bucks. now people sell it on ebay for over 300
14:11:34gevaertsThat means an "untested, for spares" one might still get you 80 :)
14:12:33peter_kgthey are so rare meanwhile. I you really wanna buy an U3 you have to wait weeks or months until one will show up on ebay
14:13:10peter_kgare there secret button-combinations known for other cowon-players?
14:14:05[Saint]There's only like, four buttons on the thing.
14:14:13[Saint]It's a small finite list. Find out. :)
14:14:28peter_kgit's not just the money-value. I used this player for five years, DAILY! It's actually okay the flash got faulty after this
14:15:00peter_kgsurprised the battery didn't die first
14:16:34[Saint]I assure you it's not healthy...
14:16:43 Join cc___ [0] (~ac@2001:910:113f:1:6a05:caff:fe1c:1627)
14:17:02peter_kgI assure you the flash is worse
14:18:29[Saint]I doubt that.
14:18:47[Saint]Unless you're lumping filesystem and flash together into a heap.
14:21:00peter_kgNever had trouble with the battery though
14:21:46[Saint]I would pretty much guarantee you've shed at least 20% of the usable lifetime.
14:21:56[Saint]Your battery doesn't defy physics. :)
14:22:16peter_kgbatteries are easy to find
14:22:36BilgusIt says in the manual how to reset to factory defaults
14:22:38peter_kgusually batteries are just dead after 3 or 4 years
14:22:41[Saint]And irrelevant on players with trashed filesystems.
14:23:03Bilgusbut that requires pausing in playback and doing a button combo
14:23:17[Saint]Bilgus: yeah, I presume that revolves around having an intact filesystem though.
14:23:30peter_kghow is it possible the player still shows a logo with firmware-version?
14:23:49Bilgusthe logo is in the firmware
14:24:06peter_kg...and the firmware is...where?
14:24:16[Saint]a segregated section of NAND.
14:24:46[Saint]or, possibly - but less commonly, a distinct NAND.
14:24:52Bilgusanyways peter if you could find the factory default routine in the fw you could write one that jumps to this routine, but this is a tall order with no sources
14:25:23peter_kgafter I damaged the player with testdisk I ran "fdisk -l" on linux. It showed four partitions and a faulty partition-table
14:25:54Bilgusbut now you can't connect to the disk no?
14:26:12peter_kgno, after plugging out, acces was not possible anymore
14:26:17[Saint]or rather more likely in reality "a correct partition table with an identifier it didn't recognize".
14:26:39Bilgusor a missing magic string
14:26:52peter_kgfdisk -l /dev/sdi
14:26:52peter_kgPlatte /dev/sdi: 4060 MByte, Byte
14:26:52peter_kg125 Köpfe, 62 Sektoren/Spur, 1023 Zylinder, zusammen 7.929.856 Sektoren
14:26:52DBUGEnqueued KICK peter_kg
14:26:52peter_kgEinheiten = Sektoren von 1 × 512 = 512 Bytes
14:26:52peter_kgSector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes
14:26:52***Alert Mode level 1
14:26:52peter_kgI/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes
14:26:52***Alert Mode level 2
14:26:52peter_kgFestplattenidentifikation: 0x6f20736b
14:26:53***Alert Mode level 3
14:26:53peter_kgDas sieht nicht wie eine Partitionstabelle aus.
14:26:54***Alert Mode level 4
14:26:54peter_kgSie haben wahrscheinlich das falsche Gerät ausgewählt.
14:26:54***Alert Mode level 5
14:26:54peter_kgGerät boot. Anfang Ende Blöcke Id System
14:26:56peter_kgPartitionstabelleneinträge sind nicht in Platten-Reihenfolge
14:27:01[Saint]eeeek, can we not.
14:27:16[Saint]pastebin net time. :)
14:27:36peter_kgit reads: "this doesn't look like a partition table"
14:27:47peter_kgnext time I use pastebin
14:28:42Bilguswhen you press the reset button does the player immediately reboot?
14:28:46[Saint]one problem with consumer disk tools like that is it's expecting to deal with industry standards, and not probably-proprietary embedded magic.
14:29:34[Saint]so it's very much up in the air as to whether or not it actually /was/ an invalid partition table.
14:31:05peter_kgJust pluuged in the player (battery is empty). Windows recognizes that but can't use the device
14:31:23peter_kgIf I remember correctly, Reset-Switch DID work
14:31:42Bilgusok so while pressing reset try button combos
14:31:48peter_kgCan't test it now because it doesn't work when plugged-in on usb and battery is empty
14:32:20peter_kgok, I'll try. But I need to charge it a few minutes first
14:33:42Bilgusnext try pressing reset really fast and see if you can glitch it and finally open player and find flash enable line with data sheet and use a resistor to pull it high or low (usually low) and try booting the player
14:34:39gevaertsAs soon as people start recommending hammers, ignore them! :)
14:34:49peter_kgLOL I like that!
14:34:55Bilgusif you are lucky making the player unable to find the flash it will allow you to boot those are listed in order of desperation
14:36:39peter_kg...but...isn't firmware on the flash as well? I mean pulling it down makes it unreadable, doesn't it?
14:36:55***Alert Mode OFF
14:37:38Bilgustis true but it would hopefully be in memory already but not locked up yet so timing may come into play
14:38:10gevaertsNormally on TCC devices IIRC when they don't find flash they go into USB boot mode, where tcctool comes in
14:38:33gevaertsBut then maybe tcctool already works? There's usually also a button combo for that
14:38:38Bilguswell he was already able to load a new fw with tcc tool
14:39:09peter_kgyes, tcctool worked fine
14:39:36gevaertsOK, then I think there's no point playing with flash enable lines
14:39:36Bilgusthats where I was getting at loading a file with a dump of the fs and loading it with tcc tool
14:39:44peter_kgquestion is what to upload on the player with this tool? Every firmware will have the same problem
14:40:26CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
14:40:26*gevaerts nods
14:40:33gevaertsThat is indeed the problem
14:40:44peter_kgI hoped for some kind of "repair-firmware" like with boot-cds for computers
14:41:13gevaerts[Saint]: don't laugh! That exists for the c200!
14:41:33peter_kgjust put in a cd, repartition/format/copy everything...start up your new system...install OS
14:41:39gevaertsYou can write that :)
14:42:31[Saint]You'd pretty much need to build a new firmware that sets up the partition table in the desired fashion, or exploit an existing firmware with execution and jump to external code to do so, if I'm understanding the issue right.
14:42:49gevaertsYes, that's also my understanding
14:43:15gevaertsAnd that's a lot of work if you don't have a good base to start from
14:43:16peter_kgisn't rockboy doing exactly that with supported players?
14:43:29[Saint]Which is a shit of a job. You literally couldn't pay me to even attempt it.
14:43:47gevaertsWell yes. If rockbox supported the U3 properly I'd say it would probably be doable
14:44:06[Saint]If it did this wouldn't be an issue.
14:44:24[Saint]We'd jump to bootloader USB and be done with it.
14:44:41[Saint] doesn't, so it is.
14:44:43peter_kgsomeone *did* try to support u3...are there leftover-tools from this time?
14:45:04*[Saint] shrugs
14:45:22Bilgusthe forums once up should show a record if they did
14:45:48gevaertsI don't think they did much more than identifying chips
14:45:49[Saint]I have a vague memory of magic values being added to tcctool.
14:45:56[Saint]Hopefully that's not the extent of it.
14:45:59gevaertsAnd that, yes, but that's the easy bit
14:46:06*[Saint] nods
14:46:34gevaertsThey *definitely* didn't get as far as understanding flash layout, which is kind of critical here
14:51:21peter_kgfound an old thread where they mentioned problems with the risc-processor, being unable to control
14:53:26peter_kgsorry, wrong link. It's on page 1 of the same thread:
14:53:42peter_kg"The major problem for this one is the Telechip risc cpu :'("
14:53:45gevaertsa.k.a.,2848.0.html :)
14:54:12gevaertsYes, but I believe the reply to that more
14:55:12peter_kgforum was down yesterday...hence..the wayback-machine-link
14:55:30gevaertsAlthough IIRC the tcc770 doesn't have a lot of RAM, which might be an issue with running full rockbox on it
14:55:34*gevaerts nods
14:57:47*gevaerts suspects the "major problem" there was "I don't know anything other than i386!"
14:58:40peter_kg...this is disillusioning...
15:00:25 Join _mt_ [0] (
15:00:51peter_kgso I have basically two options: 1) Find another U3, 2) find a way for a repair by the manufacturer
15:01:34peter_kghow big is the chance there were other cowon-players out there using an identical flash-layout?
15:01:44peter_kgbeside the u3
15:01:45*gevaerts doesn't know
15:02:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:04:03peter_kgso...thank you for your time...
15:04:16gevaertsSorry we couldn't *really* help
15:04:39peter_kgyou did clarify a lot
15:05:11 Quit _mt_ (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
15:06:04peter_kgwill report back IF situation changes *somehow*
15:06:30Bilguskeep your eye out for a u3 with broken screen, etc
15:06:56peter_kgI will
15:07:00Bilgusand do note your $300 is better spent on a newer player
15:07:26peter_kgof course I have a newer playe ralready...but it's just bugging me...
15:07:41peter_kgthis was my beloved player for over 5 years
15:08:34peter_kgit's lying on my desk since the brick
15:09:08peter_kgI will never ever drop it
15:09:32peter_kgok, enough crying
15:09:37peter_kghave a nice day
15:09:57Bilgusgood luck
15:10:07 Quit peter_kg (Quit: Miranda NG! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
15:36:24 Quit petur (Quit: Connection reset by beer)
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20:13:49 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
20:16:09dyshmm, if I hook up ground directly on the spi chip I seem to get less erratic behavior
20:16:24dysthere are lots of chips that look like four pin capacitors on the board
20:16:35dysmabye using the wrong ground is fatal with those around
20:17:53dysit makes kind of sense to isolate all these grounds when you actually want to get 24bits on the analog output
20:19:46 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
20:20:13dysmmm, grounds… no, too late for coffee
20:39:33 Join girafe [0] (
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22:00:02dysthe formerly bricked unit boots again \o/
22:01:34 Join jhMikeS [0] (
22:02:47[Saint]Well, you did a shit job of bricking it then.
22:02:56[Saint]We expect more of you, dys.
22:03:14dysyeah, there was no smoke seen at any time
22:06:07[Saint]we usually recommend a hammer.
22:06:20[Saint]though, from lore, that's just for iPods.
22:07:38 Quit shambrarian (Quit: bye!)
22:08:00dysI actually made a scary dent in the lipo while disassembling it. No smoke though.
22:10:37[Saint]you usually have to get 'em pretty good for that.
22:10:51[Saint]most of the time it's weird foamy black goop.
22:11:11[Saint]errr...I mean, I've never...uhhhh...shut up.
22:35:56 Quit petur (Quit: Leaving)
22:47:19__builtinfoolsh: I can't seem to understand what g#1564 is supposed to do
22:47:20fs-bluebotGerrit review #1564 at : (WIP) Physics Fractals Demo - Benjamin Brown by Benjamin Brown
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