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#rockbox log for 2017-02-16

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01:19:17ComputingComethello all
01:20:24ComputingComethow is it going
01:54:01__builtinhello ComputingComet
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07:21:27mxyzplxIf anyone is around right now, have a question about CNN podcasts. On Rockbox, it doesn't read their times correctly. There are two issues, with every one: 1.) If you rewind a few seconds or fast-forward a few seconds (like skip), it always jumps back about 4 minutes in the track, and 2.) The track is never done with the timer reaches 0:00, and continues until the timer counts down to a negative time, like -3:47.
07:21:56mxyzplxI'm guessing this is an issue with the way their podcasts are made, but am curious if there's something I can adjust in Rockbox settings
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08:12:11dongswhat hte hell is a podcast
08:12:12dongsis that a mp3?
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08:25:35mxyzplxWhat the hell is an mp3? Is that an ogg file?
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10:27:36pixelmamxyzplx: seriously though. You should start by telling us which file type those are and how you retrieve them, CNN podcast doesn't tell that
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11:22:44mxyzplxSpecs: Constant bit rate at 64.0 kb/s, 1 channel, 44.1 kHz
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12:52:26MrZeusExample MP3 link:
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13:25:40mxyzplxlink to random CNN podcast (they all seem to have the same problem):
13:29:32mxyzplxAnd I'm using the latest nightly Rockbox on a Sony Walkman NWZ-E384. This is the link to the nightly build for my device:
13:29:49gevaertsmono 64 kilobit, which saves a lot of space, and then 2MB album art?
13:30:38gevaertsHmmm, why is there an mjpeg stream in there?
13:30:49mxyzplxya got me
13:31:08gevaertsAh, that's probably how the album art is handled
13:32:12mxyzplxI've seen something similar with podcasts from an Australian sports radio station, which also had similar issues. Seems they see the file itself as an advertising opportunity.
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13:44:57mxyzplxHere's an example of the issue on that particular file: So the first ad break comes in at around 15 minutes, depending on if you've skipped or rewound at all. I have skip length set to 10 seconds. The first time I reached the ad break (at 14:48), I tried to skip ahead 10 seconds, but it actually went back about a minute or so, a little more. I just let it play, and this time the same ad break came at 15:27 instead of 14:48.
13:45:34mxyzplxBut this isn't something you can just FF to and have happen −− need to just let it play, and then it has the issue.
13:46:20mxyzplxIf you do a lot of fast-forwarding/rewinding, you can get it to all sync up, but it seems fairly random.
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14:04:10gevaertsThat cnn link seems to be broken
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14:10:18mxyzplx(looking for a new link)
14:13:42mxyzplxSame episode, different link:
14:19:05mxyzplxThat episode is supposed to be 40:35 long, but at the end of it Rockbox is showing that it's gone through 43:24 of episode, and instead of hitting zero, it hit -2:48 (which is about the difference between what the podcast length is meant to be, and what it actually is).
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15:16:56gevaertsmp3check shows some warnings for that file ("constant parameter switching"). I don't know enough~ about mp3 to know what that actually means
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17:03:03SaratogaThe constant parameters message means that the mp3 stream had something like sampling rate change suddenly
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17:03:29SaratogaIirc MPE frames can actually do this since they're mostly independent
17:04:20SaratogaProbably it means the file was made by concatenation of different files but I didn't check carefully
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17:40:45Bilgus_phEWW plugin.h and plugin.c the struct for rbapi has two parts between them and the order has to match? Thats icky
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17:57:17mxyzptlkSaratoga, do you know if there's a setting adjustment you could make in Rockbox to correct that? Or is it just something to put up with?
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18:28:40pixelmaI would *guess* that you need to fix them to be vbr mp3 files that also say so using some PC tool. But people like Saratoga do know better
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18:44:00mxyzptlkAch... suppose I could manage that, write a script. Just a hassle.
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22:30:11__builtinBilgus: yeah, at the least the compiler warns you when it's off though
22:31:20BilgusI've added a few functions to plugin.h I'm thinking of making lua work with void* as well but that looks like a mess
22:33:07__builtinin g#1565, why are you doing (*rb).whatever?
22:33:10fs-bluebotGerrit review #1565 at : LUA −− Add ability to get current value of sound settings by William Wilgus
22:33:17__builtinyou can just do rb->whatever
22:34:37Bilgusnope it didn't like that at all because of the second pointer
22:34:55__builtinhmm, that's odd
22:35:05Bilgusbut thats ok i've already wrapped it in a function sound_current(setting)
22:35:39Bilgusit follows the sound_max, sound_default, sound_min functions
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22:37:37Bilgusi also added set_speaker_mode,get_speaker_mode, set_sleep_timer_duration and get sleep_timer and added const to lua for PLUGIN_API_VER
22:39:10BilgusI was wanting to pull in crc32 to lua too but I really don't like the limitations with void pointers in lua so given I don't actually need it I think i'll just leave it be
22:39:42__builtinuhh, beep?
22:40:02ComputingCometbeep boop
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23:45:19ariolisHi! I was wondering if there exists any porting guide.
23:45:23ariolisI am intrested in geting involved with the community by porting rockbox to ipod nano 3rd gen.
23:46:04scorcheeach port usually has its own unique concerns
23:46:31ariolisAny pointers where to start looking at would be very welcome
23:46:49scorche would be a good start
23:47:25ariolisThanks, i have already had a look
23:48:46Bilgus ?
23:49:07__builtinhmm, interesting, we've got code execution already
23:49:35ariolismissed this one
23:49:51scorcheoh, right - i forgot about that wiki page
23:50:39ariolis__builtin: any pointer? or should I start looking at the 2g port
23:51:20Bilgus has some good pointers as well
23:53:47ariolisdown the rabithole, thanks!
23:54:42ariolisany idea what partialaly status at firmware encyption might stand for?

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