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#rockbox log for 2017-02-18

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01:54:28foolsh__builtin: No thats just where I started mentaly kicking around memory requirements Width = n; Height = 2^n
01:55:01foolshI can get by with half and OR them over
01:55:21foolshso memory requirments can be halfed
01:55:37foolshHeight = (2^n)/2
01:56:17foolshit would put a maxium on n of 21ish at 2mb ram
01:56:38__builtinthat won't fit in the normal plugin buffer, for sure
01:56:56foolshright I wanted to test at run time and find max n
01:57:26foolshn minus screen buffer and audio buffer etc etc
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02:02:22__builtinI can't say I understand exactly what it is that you're trying to do... ;)
02:03:58foolsh=] I'm using newtonian physics to decribe quantum systems, but the plugin is to visualize it, the structs n are massive at higher n
02:05:08foolshworking them by hand is pn hard
02:07:04foolshSo I wanted to itenerate the structures of n as far as I could in memeory
02:07:36foolshthen I can rotate and spin them to show XORs NOTs etc
02:08:26__builtinuh huh...
02:08:38foolshthen output to screen and study them pretty much
02:09:16foolshthe structures of n are truth tables of (n | !n)
02:10:12foolshbut they should come in an order, so blits and bit shifts will be what I'll do
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02:13:57foolshSo I'm really just starting to formulate the memory requirments to test for max n, then iternerate using bitshifts and blits xors etc the equation for (n|!n)
02:14:21foolshto fill my structures =]
02:15:07__builtinok, that *kind* of makes sense
02:29:29foolshfor instance a n=5 structure descirbes every thing needed for an electron's orbit around an atomic nuclues
02:31:15foolshthe math that descibes that can become geometric and I wanted to show that to people
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02:42:19foolshsince the itnerations are blits and shifts coupled with the fact that I only need half of the pattern before I can OR it over the last half, I should be able to get pretty close to simulating a n qubit quatum procceror @ polynominal time / 2
02:42:23foolshI think
02:45:09foolshthe whole idea is basicly error correcting code
02:45:23foolshwell if you can error correct
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02:50:37tomflintdoes anybody know if I can change the sort of All Tracks in tagnavi_custom.config?
02:50:48__builtinhello Coolguy1260
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03:34:47alyssaWhat's the best (smallest/lightest/cheapest/simplest/most-supported/whatever) device to buy for rockbox?
03:36:11alyssaLooking to recommend the equivalent of a "free iPod" for a friend of mine, but it's rather involved to determine most of this from the wiki, and I figure somebody here would know anyway :p
03:37:59alyssalooking at now
03:39:56tomflintalyssa: you can still get a Sansa Clip+ 4gb for cheap on ebay. Add in a good sized micro-SD and they're set.
03:42:13alyssatomflint: that looks promising
03:43:49alyssa...this wiki page is 10 years old. ookay
03:44:34tomflintI have an 8gb and its great −−but I barely use the internal storage.
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09:15:55TheSevenre: that nano 3g talk: we have code execution on that thing, but we have no hardware drivers beyond what's equal to the classic, so no power management (which means no sdram, no flash, no lcd, ...), no flash driver and no FTL (although that is probably somewhat similar to the 2g)
09:17:05TheSevenDFU isn't directly used for flashing on these devices, but for uploading code to RAM and executing it (which would then do the flashing)
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11:25:08johnb3lebellium , pamaury: I just received the used NW-A25 that I bought recently, I case I should test anything ...
11:26:20johnb3*in case
11:33:08pamauryjohnb3: thaks, I am super busy until monday, I have been away for a week. I think lebellium tested things on his A25 already
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13:30:16BilgusIs there any fundamental reason we don't expose button_try_post to plugins?
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13:36:13BilgusI think it would allow one to both get button presses and emulate them, not to mention being able to post BUTTON_REDRAW
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14:18:21Corwin_06316hey guys, can i ask you?
14:19:47Corwin_06316can i connect my iPod with RockBox to my android smartphone trough usb and get asses for manage files on my iPod? i want upload music from android to iPod
14:19:56Corwin_06316trough OTG
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15:57:52BilgusIdk I suppose it would depend how the ipod enumerates ( like a standard flash drive?) and if the android device supports mounting them
15:58:31Bilgusmy guess would be that by default android probably doesn't
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16:30:46soapTTBOMK the ipod does enumerate as a standard UMS device. Where things get wacky with headunits and rockbox is that many headunits see the usb device ID and try to talk to the Rockbox device as if it were a iPOd and not a UMS device.
16:32:05soapor they only look for music buried in the database directories. If the android device can move files via USB OTG to a portable HDD it should be able to move files via USB OTG to an iPod, rockbox or no.
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16:38:30Corwin_06316ok thanks for answer
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18:24:08alyssa “But we’ll still stop loving Sunset,” Pinkie Pie whined with an exaggerated frown.
18:24:11alyssa“Ain't it possible some of us still will love her?” Applejack asked, taking her hat off and scratching at her head. “I mean, even if those memories are gone, feelings ain't always that easy.”
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19:12:50alyssa...oops :p
19:12:56alyssai'm, um, going to go now :p
19:13:06alyssaTheSeven: o/
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21:27:33dysso, after unbricking one unit, I've been using the assembled TEAC for actually listening some music
21:27:58dysthere was lots of time waiting for it to start up with 32GB card, so I've written down the observations
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22:16:26ex-parrothello folks. just installed the latest nightly on a 6g and it seems to be working with the designware firmware :) thanks to those who're working on it!
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