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#rockbox log for 2017-02-20

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00:34:28ulmutul__builtin: have you seen this?
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00:51:48__builtinulmutul: ah, thanks :)
00:51:58__builtinI thought I'd applied your fixes, but it looks like I haven't
00:56:33ulmutulLeave a message if things doesn't work; unfortunately I have nearly no time to do any rockbox stuff atm, but I regulary read the logs to stay tuned :)
00:58:32__builtindo you have the original function available?
00:58:42__builtinI've made some changes and they don't match up nicely anymore
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01:28:20ulmutul__builtin: I hope this is the correct one:
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01:34:52__builtinthere's still a couple artifacts visible, I'm going to try and debug
01:56:58ulmutulIf you pastebin a list of coordinates, I can have a look too. But this will have to wait until tomorrow.
01:57:34ulmutulgtg now, it's late here! o/
01:57:34__builtinI suspect that it's accessing uninitialized memory somehow
01:57:49__builtinI'll use valgrind to confirm that
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03:22:17Aorihey guys, I have a problem with Rockbox Utility, the Utility does not realize that I connected my clip+ with the pc. so I can not start the process how can I fix it?
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03:24:45AoriI do not find it in the "select your device in the filesystem" list
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03:42:21AoriI found my mistake :) now it's working
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06:07:51ParkerRGot a new toy :D
06:08:02ParkerRAnd by new I mean an iPod Video 5th gen that's new to me
06:08:17ParkerRAlready got Rockbox and ZeroSlackr on it
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08:05:37ParkerRHeh the themes site is down at the moment
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15:32:34ParkerRAre the forums/themes still experiencing issues? Having trouble loading on my end.
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16:00:13pamauryParkerR: same here
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16:11:48amayerNot sure if this was already brought up but there seems to be a phony user on the wiki:
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16:36:47ParkerRamayer, Wtf O.o
16:37:34ParkerRThere's a few
16:38:04amayerwell the one I posted was on the homepage so it caught my eye.
16:46:29ParkerRamayer, Haha "curl | grep li | cut -d ">" -f 4 | cut -d "<" -f 1 | grep '.\{20\}'" Every user >20 characters
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20:42:17jvoisinI'm trying to write a simple plugin
20:42:19jvoisinwith a background image
20:42:28jvoisinunfortunately, I can't manage to display the image.
20:42:49jvoisin`rb->lcd_bitmap(my_background, 0, 0, LCD_WIDTH, LCD_HEIGHT);` should just fly, right?
20:57:53pamauryjvoisin: maybe you forget lcd_update() ?
21:01:23jvoisinthank you very much :)
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21:55:49wodzpamaury: Any news from Agptek? PCB shots, documentation?
21:56:42lebelliumThe guy has disappeared for one week now
21:56:53lebelliumbut that's not the 1st time
22:00:16pamauryyes I got message today, apparently he updated the PCB shots and some disassemble photos, he said he didn't contact us because the forums were down last week.
22:01:11wodzpamaury: can y
22:01:12pamauryI will upload them to the wiki, but the quality is not great
22:01:37wodzok, that is what I was about to ask
22:02:26lebelliumpamaury: tell him the IRC is never down :P
22:06:11ParkerRYay themes are back up
22:06:48lebelliumfor how long? :)
22:06:57pamauryphotos uploaded
22:08:22lebelliumPCB 2016-08-26 :)
22:08:26pamauryI can barely see the chips, I think there is an ATO chip, probably flash+ram
22:08:34lebelliumK1 2.0
22:08:40lebelliumI knew it's called K1!!
22:08:58pamaurybut it's unreadable
22:09:45lebelliumhe won't send you a 2nd one just to disassemble it and possibly break it? :)
22:11:00ParkerRWhich device?
22:11:19wodzAm I right it is glued together?
22:11:23lebelliumAGPTek Rocker
22:11:56pamauryit looks glued
22:12:10ParkerRlebellium, Ahh nice. I see not too expensive but looks decent
22:12:56pamauryhe told me he will update a firmware to very soon
22:13:05pamaurysomething about next week
22:14:12lebelliumI hope with my translation :)
22:14:58lebelliumI didn't notice many bugd
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22:17:15wodzThe back is from glass and glued. No way to remove it without cracking IMO
22:18:58lebelliumHe did it on the pic with a suction pad
22:21:57wodzlebellium: In did, that worked
22:31:06wodzThe chips are: CPU - Ingenic X1000, DAC Cirrus 42L51C, PMU - AXP192, spi nand flash - ATO25D1GA
22:32:05lebelliumWe already knew for CPU and DAC. But you have good eyes if you could read ATO!
22:32:46pamauryI can read ATO but I can't read the numbers, how did you manage that wodz ?
22:32:52pamaurywodz: can you update the wiki ?
22:33:00wodzlebellium: I dissasembled my device
22:33:12pamaurywodz: did you break it ?
22:33:28lebelliumHe felt confident with the suction pad :D
22:33:32pamaurycan you upload better pics ?
22:33:39pamauryI am confused though, where is the ram ?
22:33:43wodzpamaury: No. suction pad did the trick
22:33:53wodzpamaury: ram is integrated inside X1000
22:34:26pamauryah you are right, I didn't notice
22:34:37lebelliumwodz: bluetooth?
22:35:22pamaurythe bluetooth chip is shielded
22:35:41wodzThere is also BT chip shielded (or module rather)
22:36:07pamauryit's CSR 8811
22:36:36pamaurybut he told me the price of this part has increased and they may switch to the another one in the next batch
22:36:49pamauryand I don't have the datasheet for this thing, I just have a fact sheet
22:37:25lebelliumnice! Our rocker will be like gold on ebay in a few years with the original bluetooth chip
22:37:30pamaurybut it says HCI
22:37:48pamauryso possibly standard UART interface
22:40:37wodzThere are 3 interesting test points connected directly to CPU - UART maybe?
22:41:18lebelliumwodz: what's your PCB revision and date?
22:41:36pamaurywodz: there seems to be two TP next to the bluetooth
22:43:29wodzlebellium: I don't have small enough screwdriver to reach other side of PCB
22:44:27wodzpamaury: I am referring to 3 TPs at the very edge of PCB. The top one is GND so the other two are probably RX and TX
22:57:50 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.93 [Firefox 51.0.1/20170125094131])
23:00:48wodzpamaury: This is interesting
23:03:53 Join jhMikeS [0] (
23:04:03pamauryinteresting, it's so annoying that bluetooth chip manufacturers don't publish any info
23:04:56pamauryI'm sure bluez has some info
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23:06:54__builtinParkerR: regarding the wiki, spam isn't that much of an issue, because they can't edit anything
23:07:18__builtinthe policy so far seems to be just ignoring them
23:07:56__builtin(they can't edit until another user adds them to a list)
23:09:38ParkerR__builtin, Ahh cool. Wasn't really worried, just more amused at the names
23:12:35__builtinI suppose it'd be possible for someone to add a captcha or similar to the registration page
23:12:53__builtinbut that "someone" would probably have to be a swede
23:13:35pamauryif I recall correcty, captha proved unsuccessful for the forums, except in preventing actual humans from registering
23:14:23__builtinor maybe we could just have a periodic purge of zero-edit accounts with certain keywords in the name?
23:14:34pamauryyeah that sounds better
23:14:56__builtinwould bjorn the be one to ask about that?
23:15:10*pamaury goes to bed
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23:17:16ParkerRAnybody have a backup of this? is close but I like the look of the older one better
23:17:36 Quit fIorz (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
23:18:36ParkerRFound it!
23:20:03 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
23:22:00ParkerRAhh so old, completely not compatible
23:22:03ParkerROh well
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