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#rockbox log for 2017-02-22

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00:19:40Bilgussaratoga which ams bootloaders don't / and why?
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00:24:04saratogaBilgus: sorry, i mean install
00:26:55Bilgusah so size restrictions, I dumped the O_CREAT flag on clipv1 #g1562 and got it to fit again .. maybe we can make it more general
00:26:57fs-bluebotGerrit review #1562 at : Add BOOTLOADER_NO_O_CREAT define to allow removal of file creation codepath by William Wilgus
00:28:34Bilgusand assuming there is no need for extended unicode diacritics in the bootloader #g1560 knocks out nearly a Kb
00:28:35fs-bluebotGerrit review #1560 at : Reduce is_diacritic functionality in bootloader by William Wilgus
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00:33:50saratogaare you still planning to commit the multiboost stuff from SD?
00:34:58saratogaonce that is working we should do a new bootloader release
00:35:52Bilgusthere are a few other commits that need to get done first namely pamaury's bootdata and jHmikeS' root mount stuff
00:36:57Bilgusthough the latter really doesn't affect the loader code but it is essentially worthless without it
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00:39:02Bilgusthere are quite a few crt0.s files that need to have bootdata added but without actual devices to test i'm kinda hesitant
00:40:04saratogai can test most of the AMS devices if needed
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00:42:39Bilgusits already in for the as3525's
00:43:44Bilgusminus the clipv1 ofc :p
00:45:05Bilgusoh and the c/e/m300s sinse they are not fitting in the fw images as is
00:47:22saratogathe e200v2/c200v2 don't fit?
00:50:25Bilgusi think all the v2/4 do
00:51:00Bilgussorry 200's
00:57:01saratogado fit?
00:58:24Bilgusyes v2/4 do fit
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01:53:29jvoisinHow can I load a given .rock file into IDA?
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02:29:21saratoga_jvoisin: what are you trying to do? Usually its easier to just objdump code you've compiled
02:32:54jvoisinsure, but what if I only have the .rock file?
02:33:13saratoga_how would that happen?
02:34:00jvoisinit's complicated :)
02:34:56saratoga_you can use objdump regardless, but obviously it is much easier if you put the code you'd like to inspect into its own function
02:35:29saratoga_without that, you'll have to dig through the assembly to find the code of interest
02:36:36jvoisinsure, but I'll need to find the right alignment
02:36:48jvoisinwell, I can just rip the plugin loader code
02:38:48saratoga_if its ARM code, it'll be aligned
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09:37:20lebelliumpamaury: how do you discuss with Leo? PM on the forum or emails?
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10:23:19wodzholy shit - Agptek rocker has root serial console on this uart pins!
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10:24:47wodzpamaury: ping
10:25:00pamaurywodz: pong but busy at work
10:25:04pamauryjust saw your comment
10:25:09pamauryinteresting finding
10:25:41wodzpamaury: This should make things much easier to fiddle with
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11:30:43wodzpamaury_: Are you interested in some output from agptek?
11:40:59pamaury_wodz: what kind of output ?
11:41:18wodzpamaury_: any you like from root shell :-)
11:41:37wodzpamaury_: I mean I can probe something in /sys or something
11:42:36pamaury_ah :) huh, right now I don't know. I am still unsure about what is the best porting strategy between native and app
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11:47:28lebelliumwodz: can you extract the language files?
12:01:05wodzpamaury_: I'd say app
12:01:13wodzlebellium: where are they?
12:02:36pamaury_But app would mean having a way to edit the ubifs reliably, something you cannot do except on linux and even then it's not trivial. And distributing binaries is not exactly a good option
12:04:43lebelliumwodz: I don't know. I just assume that there is somewhere a lng file for every language and as the translation sucks in any language (I checked French, German and English), I'd like to have a look and why not sending a fixed file to Leo
12:05:47wodzpamaury_: But native port is 1) lots of work 2) upgrading is not trivial as well
12:09:19wodzlebellium: Can you provide me some obvious typo in lang file so I can grep for it?
12:11:25lebelliumwodz: look for "fente" for example (Gapless playback -> Jouer sans fente)
12:13:17wodzlebellium: no hit
12:14:04lebelliumyou were looking in /sys right?
12:14:29wodzlebellium: no, why? /sys is mostly kernel interface
12:14:39lebelliumso where were you looking?
12:15:01wodzlebellium: I grep through all files in ubifs from upgrade image
12:15:59lebelliumthe upgrade image is current firmware 1.01beta ?
12:17:01lebelliumWould be strange that the translations are not in the upgrade image, bo?
12:18:33wodzlebellium: found it
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12:23:10pamaury_wodz: if you want to to the Rocker port as app go ahead. I want to focus on native port for jz4760b for X1
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12:26:44lebelliumisn't booting slower on an app port? And we can't get rid of stupid library updates like on Sony NWZ?
12:27:51wodzpamaury_: I am not sure I want, I am just saying that 1) X1000 is different then 4760b so only part of the work could be shared 2) Having root console developing should be much easier
12:28:15wodzlebellium: yes, booting is slower but development potentially much faster
12:28:48pamaury_on the NWZ I think there is a way to bypass the library updates but that may requires interacting with the system manager using Sony custom protocol over sockets. So potentially a lot of work.
12:33:18wodzpamaury_: Why do you have backlight handling functions in lcd-nwz.c ? Shouldn't it be separated?
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13:21:49pamaurywodz: backlight is done with the framebuffer ioctl
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21:33:34joe__hi, I'd like to know how far the Rockbox port for the AGPTEK Rocker has gotten along?
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21:34:52joe__pamaury said that he would conduct a port for the agptek Rocker on Feburary 4th
21:35:14joe__Has there been any progress?
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21:47:33joe__anyone there?
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21:58:52joe____have there been any replies regarding the agptek Rocker? lost connection sry
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22:22:56pamauryarg, /me doesn't like PM on the forum
22:24:27pamaurylebellium (logs): I discuss with Leo using forums PM but I sent him my email address so that next time it's simpler.
22:27:06wodzpamaury: After all I think I'll try app port for rocker. First thing is build proper toolchain. I hope your work on toolchain for nwz will be good base.
22:29:10pamauryok :) Tomorrow I can separate the nwz toolchain in a separate gerrit task
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22:50:13b0hoonpamaury: i apologize, last time i cherry picked patch set 1 again, your second patch set works :)
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22:51:01pamauryb0hoon: good to know :) I would prefer jhMikes to double-check it though
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