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#rockbox log for 2017-02-23

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02:28:47ParkerROooooh, has anybody tried skinning the snake2 plugin to look like the original Nokia version?
02:29:07dunxParkerR: well volunteered!
02:29:38ParkerRI was playing and then remmebered there is somewhere I could pull assets from
02:30:42ParkerRAlthough the extra food items would have to be coded in for the full experience ;D
02:33:39ParkerROk ./apps/plugins/snake2.c
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02:36:16ParkerRI see the broders are regular bitmaps but the snake seems to be generated
02:39:55ParkerRstatic void draw_snake_bit(int currentbit, int previousbit, int x, int y) might be in over my head :D
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03:20:41dunxthe snake will be segments, each segment will have a bitmap allocated to it
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03:51:07__builtinParkerR: you should just be able to edit the bitmaps in apps/plugins/bitmaps I think

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