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#rockbox log for 2017-02-23

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02:28:47ParkerROooooh, has anybody tried skinning the snake2 plugin to look like the original Nokia version?
02:29:07dunxParkerR: well volunteered!
02:29:38ParkerRI was playing and then remmebered there is somewhere I could pull assets from
02:30:42ParkerRAlthough the extra food items would have to be coded in for the full experience ;D
02:33:39ParkerROk ./apps/plugins/snake2.c
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02:36:16ParkerRI see the broders are regular bitmaps but the snake seems to be generated
02:39:55ParkerRstatic void draw_snake_bit(int currentbit, int previousbit, int x, int y) might be in over my head :D
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03:20:41dunxthe snake will be segments, each segment will have a bitmap allocated to it
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03:51:07__builtinParkerR: you should just be able to edit the bitmaps in apps/plugins/bitmaps I think
03:52:15__builtinthough you'll have to edit the drawing code some too
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11:15:59wodzpamaury: ping
11:17:09pamaury_wodz: pong
11:20:20wodzpamaury_: Since you did quite bit of research about toolchains - Agptek is running kernel 3.10.14, glibc 2.16 and alsa 1.1.0 (at least that what amixer reports). Which combination of components should I use?
11:20:56wodzpamaury_: They use gcc 4.7.2 afaik
11:25:16pamaury_wodz: for glibc, the best reference I found is which tell you the minimum kernel version for various glibc versions. It appears the current version supports up to 2.6.32 so you are safe on this side. However make sure that when you configure the toolchain, you build a glibc that supports up to 2.16. As for alsa, symbols are versioned also so you can safely build the latest version as long as you don't use
11:25:16pamaury_recent symbols (which we don't in rockbox)
11:25:26pamaury_I'm currently splitting the toolchain in a different commit
11:26:24pamaury_I would advise to build the more recent component you can for everything, to maximize the life of the toolchain, so building a 4.9 gcc seems like a safe bet currently
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11:39:00wodzpamaury_: what you mean by current version supports up to 2.6.32?
11:42:00pamaury_glibc 2.20 bumped the minimum supported kernel to 2.6.32 and since then they haven't changed that. Thus even the latest glibc should work fine on a 2.6.32 kernel (and thus on a 3.10.14).
11:47:20pamaury_wodz: g#1570
11:47:21fs-bluebotGerrit review #1570 at : Modernize toolchain script and add generic arm toolchain by Amaury Pouly
11:51:09pamaury_wodz: I can upload to a gerrit a tentative toolchain for mips linux to give you a head start
11:51:50wodzpamaury_: would be great
12:00:37pamaury_are there several ABI on mips ? Especially about floats
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12:10:07wodzpamaury_: readelf reports o32 abi for binaries on agptek
12:10:48wodzpamaury_: Tag_GNU_MIPS_ABI_FP: Hard float (double precision)
12:12:08wodzpamaury_: and binaries are compiled for mips32r2 despite /proc/cpuinfo reporting mips32r1
12:13:47pamaury_I will go for mipsel-rockbox-linux
12:14:06pamaury_looking at gcc config list, it seems to be the only one that makes sense
12:14:51pamaury_I am not sure what is default for floats on mips with gcc
12:16:47pamaury_wodz: g#1571
12:16:48fs-bluebotGerrit review #1571 at : Add generic linux MIPS toolchain by Amaury Pouly
12:17:01pamaury_I haven't tried to build it yet but I will launch it now
12:19:27pamaury_ah thanks
12:21:06pamaury_wodz: the toolchain in g#1571 supports 2.6.32, in case we want to extend support to other devices that use such kernels.
12:21:08fs-bluebotGerrit review #1571 at : Add generic linux MIPS toolchain by Amaury Pouly
12:24:40wodzpamaury_: just building it now, we will see
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12:29:51pamaury_apparently it fails at linux step
12:30:36pamaury_I am going for lunch, I will look into it later
12:31:44wodzpamaury_: I am at gcc step now
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12:42:36wodzpamaury_: /tmp/rbdev-build/build-linux- No such file or directory. It should be /tmp/rbdev-build/build-linux-
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13:13:02pamaury_wodz: I will retry with mips-rockbox-linux
13:13:13pamaury_I guess the linux kernel doesn't like mipsel
13:18:31pamaury_fails at glibc now
13:19:45pamaury_arg stupid of me, glibc 2.24 requires kernel 3.10
13:19:49*pamaury_ changes to 2.23
13:27:14pamaury_fails again with some weird /tmp/rbdev-build/build-glibc-2.23/nptl/*IND*+0x0): multiple definition of `vfork@GLIBC_2.0'
13:29:52pamaury_apparently it's glibc bug fixed in a more recent versions, but then it means bumping to 3.2 kernel
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13:53:43*pamaury_ is retrying with kernel 3.2.85 and glibc 2.25
14:02:48pamaury_wodz: I updated g#1571 with a toolchain that compiles
14:02:50fs-bluebotGerrit review #1571 at : Add generic linux MIPS toolchain by Amaury Pouly
14:03:40pamaury_I switched to kernel 3.2.85, glibc 2.25 with support up to 2.4 so it should support 2.16 without any problem
14:05:17pamaury_I didn't touch alsa (1.0.19) but feel free to bump it to 1.1.0
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15:08:34ParkerR__builtin, that's what I was saying. Borders are bitmaps but the snake is generated
15:35:21wodzpamaury_: Something is wrong. hello_world: ELF 32-bit MSB executable, MIPS, MIPS32 rel2 version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, interpreter /lib/, for GNU/Linux 3.2.0, not stripped BUT running it on agptek returns ./hello_world: line 1: syntax error: unexpected word (expecting ")")
15:39:22wodzpamaury_: argh, I know whats wrong. Toolchain is for big endian while x1000 is little endian only
15:48:40wodzpamaury_: So it seems gcc needs to be build for mipsel-rockbox-linux-gnu BUT kernel building needs to be fixed
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16:12:22pamaury_wodz: I'm pretty sure you can pass -march=bla to the compiler
16:12:30pamaury_(like on arm)
16:13:00wodzpamaury_: you mean -EL ?
16:13:26wodz-march only set subset of architecture
16:14:00wodzpamaury_: But doesn't libs need to be build with specified endianeese?
16:14:43pamaury_I don't know, it depends on the target, it's kind of a mess
16:14:56pamaury_cause mipsel is not a valid architecture for linux for example
16:15:09pamaury_I'll look into it
16:17:34wodzpamaury_: Currently I am trying a hack where I set arch to mipsel-rockbox-linux-gnu but for make install_headers I pass ARCH=mips
16:18:01pamaury_wodz: in build_linux_toolchain
16:18:08pamaury_at line arch=${target%%-*}
16:18:32pamaury_maybe add a condition like
16:18:32pamaury_if [ "$arch" == "mipsel" ]; then
16:18:32pamaury_ arch="mips"
16:18:32DBUGEnqueued KICK pamaury_
16:20:03wodzpamaury_: that will not work. gcc should be build for mipsel, kernel headers need ARCH=mips though
16:21:25wodzpamaury_: documentation for gcc configure suggest that you cannot force default endianees for mips other then passing mipsel or mipseb as arch
16:22:24CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
16:22:24*wodz hates building toolchains
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16:25:39pamaury_wodz: then the trick above should work
16:26:28wodzaaah, right
16:26:49wodzmy hack effectively do the same so we will see
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16:32:01wodz\o/ hello world working!
16:35:49 Join Horrorcat [0] (129994c4c6@unaffiliated/horrorcat)
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16:48:43pamaury_wodz: can you update gerrit task ?
16:48:52wodznot now
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17:59:53wodzpamaury_: I addapted your test_fb and *sometimes* I see color stripes but rarely. All tutorials I found do equivalent of test_fb. I am wondering if there is double buffering and I need to set somewhere the active buffer. Any clue?
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18:06:52pamaury_wodz: it's completely unspecified ;)
18:07:08pamaury_the standard framebuffer interface kinds of assume the screen is refreshed automatically
18:07:27pamaury_but on the NWZ for example, there is a nonstandard interface (ioctl) to handle double buffering
18:08:32wodzif I suspend original app with kill -STOP pid, run my write to fb0, wait a bit and the kill -CONT pid to resume original app, I can see the stripes
18:08:42pamaury_Specifically on the NWZ, you can framebuffer has two buffers (A and B) and you cn schedule the next buffer to use (and if you don't say anything it stays with the last one). So I use A has framebuffer, wait for refresh and copy A to B, always displaying B essentially.
18:09:19pamaury_hum, I guess you need to look at the framebuffer driver to see how they implemented it
18:09:53pamaury_We are in 2017 and the kernel people have just decided to kill the fb interface finally...
18:23:42pamaury_wodz: I wouldn't be surprised if there are special ioctl to handle vpu and ipu
18:24:04pamaury_I'm trying to find them in the linux headers
18:24:36pamaury_ looks like a good start
18:24:51 Join bastianilso_ [0] (
18:25:02pamaury_ also
18:25:28pamaury_ this also but not sure which device it applies to
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18:59:12wodzpamaury_: There are some private ioctls in did but I can't see anything obvious I might do wrong
19:04:13 Quit pamaury (Remote host closed the connection)
19:06:26wodzInteresting - echo 1 > /sys/class/graphics/fb0/blank disables screen and there is flood of error messages about failed ioctl from something rendering
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21:16:58Guest93hey guys
21:17:02 Nick Guest93 is now known as Link8 (~textual@2a02:a451:41e:1:ed95:8a2c:2e81:49e4)
21:17:17Link8I want to play my ipod with rockbox, but my new car only has an usb port
21:17:29Link8any idea if a cable supports this?
21:17:37Link8or maybe try a bluetooth adapter?
21:17:52Link8how can i see if bluetooth is supported with my rockbox?
21:21:36pamauryLink8: I know nothing about ipods but rockbox doesn't support bluetooth. That being said, there might be some bluetooth adapters that appears as line-out and thus can be used with rockbox. So in fact I don't know much ;)
21:22:10Link8thanks pamaury
21:22:13pamaurywe don't support ipod accessory over usb that's for sure
21:22:45pamaurybut if you car supports usb storage, you can plug your device over usb and use it as a usb disk basically
21:23:06Link8works maybe
21:23:07 Join wodz [0] (
21:26:35pamauryLink8: I'm sure someone who knows will eventually answer
21:26:40pamaurywodz: any success with fb ?
21:27:19pamauryI'm disassembling the logic for the codec sound volume on cs47l01 since I'm running out of ideas on the volume problem
21:29:16wodzpamaury: No success. The only hint from jz sources is that there seems to be two adjacent framebuffers since the in kernel function for display init logo copies it twice
21:41:08Bilguspamaury, what do you think about undef O_CREAT with BOOTLOADER_NO_O_CREAT and a warning in file.c if undefined that way if it gets used it will show an error?
21:43:15pamauryBilgus: is that really necessary to save space ?
21:45:35BilgusIs the only thing that knocks out enough to get head compiled and into their dual boot firmware on clip, e200, m200 (v1)
21:46:03BilgusI assume there are other as well
21:47:09pamauryIf you can cleaning ifdef O_CREAT why not then, that makes sense for most bootloaders
21:47:20pamaurydouble-check with jhMiles that he is happy with the patch
22:04:25Link8this should work too?
22:04:26Link8for sure
22:04:28Link8line out
22:05:07pamauryLink8: I can't say anything for sure since I don't own an ipod but I believe line-out is supported on the ipods
22:05:18pamauryprof_wolfff: do you know ?
22:05:38Link8theres an aux hole in there
22:05:40Link8you see the pic?
22:06:11Link8pamaury in my old car i use an aux cable
22:06:21Link8that device has a aux hole
22:07:23pamauryI don't read german ;) But in any case you would need a bluetooth *transmitter* that takes line-out as input
22:07:54lebelliumpamaury: common!
22:08:11pamaurysorry, same chinese for me :-p
22:08:46ParkerRFor anybody else out there as slow as me: there's a long hold context on the main menu in Rockbox
22:09:10lebelliumthere is a 3.5mm aux-in on this bluetooth adapter
22:09:13lebelliumthat should be fine
22:09:35prof_wolfffLink8: yes, line-out is supported on the iPod Classic
22:09:45Link8i know that
22:09:47Link8im using that
22:09:54Link8could u look at that link i just posted
22:09:58Link8that blue tooth device
22:10:01Link8that should work right
22:10:06lebelliumit will
22:10:11Link8the logitech one?
22:11:05lebelliumthere is a 3.5mm line-in
22:11:05Link8you have to charge that one though? :/
22:11:08Link8i see it
22:11:12lebelliumyou can plug anything to it
22:11:13Link8u have to charge the damn thing?
22:11:50prof_wolfffLink8: as pamaury said, connect it to line-in on device that supports it and it should work
22:11:55lebelliumyes, next to RCA on the right, I can see a charging symbol
22:12:14 Join pislick0 [0] (d4fc638f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:12:23Link8i need it for in the car
22:12:26Link8so i cant charge it in the car
22:13:22pislick0hello pamaury, i can't send pm yet , have just 4 pm limit :/
22:14:13lebelliumoh sorry Link8, it actually won't work. It's a bluetooth receiver, not transmitter
22:14:31Link8do you have an alternative?
22:14:37Link8yes thats good
22:14:41Link8i can use the aux cable
22:14:50Link8and put it in the aux jack of the transmitter
22:14:56Link8then it will work, u understand?
22:15:03pamaurypislick0: hi, can you describe your problem more in details ? Can you power the player without the cable, to play audio files for example ?
22:15:04Link8the cable from the transmitter in my ipod
22:15:08ParkerRThat should work. It can send and receive
22:15:18Link8ParkerR i need one that i don't need to charge or can charge in the car
22:15:36ParkerRWell it's micro USB so easy to just leave plugged in in the car
22:15:48Link8NICE its usb?
22:15:54Link8theres a USB plugin in the new car
22:16:19pislick0pamaury, 2 day ago i delete the file in my mp3 player. and try to open it. But it's not opening always take a reset itself
22:16:23ParkerRUSB for charging it yeah. Most of those are like that (there are cheaper options too)
22:16:39lebelliumanyways, that's a bit off-topic. That's just generic bluetooth stuff not related to Rockbox. -> #rockbox-community
22:16:39Link8Damn that one is perfect
22:16:42pislick0when i plug the cable, it's give the USB (MTP) error
22:17:22ParkerRLink8, Wait your car has USB but not an aux in?
22:17:34ParkerROr are you not wanting to use aux at all?
22:17:36ParkerROh wow
22:17:37Link8my old car does but not the new one
22:17:42Link8yes i want to use aux
22:17:48Link8because i cant use usb with the ipod
22:17:53Link8thats why that device is perfect
22:18:05ParkerRLink8, Wait so what does the car have? Just USB?
22:18:21Link8just USB
22:18:24ParkerRLink8, That wont work then...
22:18:26Link8and bluetooth
22:18:43ParkerRYes then that will work lol
22:18:55pislick0@pamaury: it's the screen when i plug the cablo to computer... ... And i computer see mp3 player just divice (not mp3 player)... i can^t see inside and anything
22:18:59ParkerRI was thinking only USB and was confused for a second :P
22:19:48Link8Great ParkerR!
22:19:55Link8is that the newest version and best version?
22:20:23ParkerRLink8, I assume? With those there isn't much to it. A2DP is standard
22:20:52pamaurypislick0: is not important, it is only used when updating the player
22:21:16lebellium-> ParkerR & Link8 #rockbox-community
22:21:26pislick0oh really, than what is the problem :) why it's not opening, did you have a any idea ?
22:21:29Link8Thanks! all i needed to know
22:21:51pislick0i upload the video to youtube. I'll show you the screen
22:21:55pamaurypislick0: so if you don't plug the cable and press a button, it powers on but then powers off immediately ?
22:22:53 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.93 [Firefox 51.0.1/20170125094131])
22:23:23pislick0yes but it's try to start again. like a bug
22:24:54 Quit Link8 (Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
22:29:21 Quit girafe (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:30:54pislick0some time it's conneted the computer but sometime is restart again and again
22:33:57 Quit dys (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
22:34:10 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
22:36:56pamaurypislick0: I see, I don't really know what is wrong. You are sure you did not update the player or did anything ?
22:37:37pislick0i didn't anything really, just i copy this file in the mp3 player ""
22:38:40pamauryand did you rename it to and performed a firmware upgrade ?
22:38:48pislick0yeah i do
22:39:02pamauryand your player is a E370 or E380 ?
22:39:14pamauryIf you flashed the wrong file, that may explain the problem
22:39:18pislick0i guess i copy it 380 series
22:39:28pislick0yeah i guess i do :(
22:40:17pamaurydo you have linux by any chance ?
22:40:41pislick0i have a pardus CD, it's working without setup
22:42:14pamaurypislick0: sounds good, then what would be best is if you can reboot on this CD and come on this channel so I can explain how to reflash the good firmware
22:42:56pislick0okay, i'll be here, max 15 min later
22:43:43pislick0i have pardus and ubuntu,
22:43:51pislick0which one is better for us
22:45:01pislick0* i try to ubuntu first
22:45:16pamauryubuntu is probably better, more user friendly
22:49:33 Quit pislick0 (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
22:59:30 Join Guest93 [0] (~textual@2a02:a451:41e:1:ed95:8a2c:2e81:49e4)
23:01:54 Quit Guest93 (Client Quit)
23:03:02 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: "It's now safe to turn off your computer.")
23:06:41 Join Pislick0 [0] (d4fc638f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:06:54Pislick0Hey, ubuntu is ready
23:07:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:07:52pamauryPislick0: hey, so first it is a 32-bit or 64-bit system ? If you don't know, open a terminal and run "uname -a" and give me the output
23:09:50Pislick0"" it show mp3 player :))
23:10:34Pislick0Where is the terminal :)
23:11:24pamaurySearch the menus for terminal or console
23:12:38pamauryif it's a recent ubuntu, you usually click on the ubuntu icon (I think top left corner), it opens a fancy window where you can search. Start typing "terminal" and it will list the terminal emulator
23:12:59Pislick0I found
23:13:48Pislick0It's said " ubuntu 2.6.77-7 generic i686 gnu/linux
23:14:37__builtinuhh... what ancient ubuntu are you running?
23:14:57pamauryPislick0: that's an old thing but hopefully it should work. Download
23:15:40Pislick0Oh pamaurly its not have internet connection , how can I connect it
23:15:58Pislick0I plug internet cable but it's no have internet now
23:16:11pamauryI would expect it would detect it automatically
23:16:26pamauryunless your hardware is not supported
23:16:34pamaurymaybe you should download a more recent version of ubuntu
23:16:50pamauryif your hardware is too recent, this old version of ubuntu doesn't have the drivers for it
23:17:16Pislick0Yeah I guess too :/
23:18:50Pislick0I'll download in phone and send computer?
23:19:30pamauryI guess that can work, assume the program can run on such old system
23:19:54pamauryyou also need
23:21:05Pislick0I download it
23:23:00 Quit paulk-collins (Quit: Leaving)
23:35:58pamauryPislick0: are you done with the download ?
23:36:43 Quit skapazzo (Quit: leaving)
23:36:46 Quit Amboyna (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
23:37:56Pislick0Yeah PC is not see the phone, I'll send windows and later setup ubuntu now
23:38:11 Join TorC [0] (~TorC@fsf/member/TorC)
23:38:56 Join pislick0_ [0] (d4fc638f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:41:30Pislick0I setup the ubuntu now
23:43:13 Quit pislick0_ (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
23:46:11pamaurydamn, Sony really came up with some overcomplicated crap
23:46:35Pislick0Yeah I guess
23:47:57pamaurythe 0-31 volume range is mapped to the real volume using tables. There is a *different* table for every combination of noise cancelling (0-1), output type (headphone, lineout, speaker), acoustic (0-1), cuerev (0-1), source type (music, video, fm, tv, line, mic), volume regulation (0-1)
23:48:01ParkerRpamaury, When don't they?
23:48:22ParkerRThey're the king of fucking things up for no reason. See: Vita memory cards, DRM formats
23:48:58pamauryseriously who would would come up with over 200 volume tables when you can just do the natural thing and have the volume in decibels

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