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#rockbox log for 2017-02-28

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10:08:58johnb2lebellium: No, it's the NC31 that came with the E585. It I don't want to spend the money for a NW750 to enable it on the A20.
10:09:37johnb2Actually, I am mostly interested in the Quite Mode, i.e. at the office or on a plane.
10:11:29johnb2I was reluctant to invest into something like a Bose QuietComfort xx for that purpose.
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12:07:48wodzpamaury: Looking at x1000 fb code it seems that it supports only x8r8g8b8 format. Looking at the rb code it seems like simple adjustments to lcd.h should make lcd-24bit.c work.
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13:17:18pamaurywodz: that's my impression as well. lcd-24it.c is reasonably generic
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13:48:59johnb3Bilgus: do you happen do have a clip+ build that has all the bootdata patches included, so I could try "boot from other volume"?
13:50:09Bilgusyeah give me a second
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14:40:25Bilguswell I thought I did I apparently only have the .sansa fw file
14:41:09johnb3which shoul work, right?
14:41:56johnb3Should be compatible with recent builds of codecs, etc ...
14:57:13BilgusOh probably but I built a fullzip Uploading it now
15:00:29johnb3thanks a lot, I will test it and give feedback.
15:00:44Bilgusbe sure to save your old one just incase I missed something
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15:06:27Bilgusit seems to be doing ok on my clip+
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15:19:59duo8pamaury you exmined the fiio firmware right?
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16:00:39johnb3Bilgus: I did several experiments and it's at least not what I had expected.
16:01:06johnb3 On internal I have a build from end of January.
16:01:16johnb31. Having an empty rockbox_main.clip+ and .rockbox in the root of the SD doesn't work. It boots from internal (can also see it in rockbox info in debug).
16:01:25johnb3 2. changing content of rockbox_main.clip+ to dira (with no files), boots from internal
16:01:35johnb33. changing content of rockbox_main.clip+ to tmp where .rockbox sits, it works, internal is not accessible, i.e. only SD content shows in file browser, but ONLY if .rockbox is also in the root of SD.
16:01:42johnb34. Removing .rockbox in the root of SD, I get "no .rockbox directory found", "Installation incomplete" and I can browse the sd directory, but not codecs are available, i.e. no supported files are shown.
16:02:22johnb3BTW, is a carriage return needed in the rockbox_main.clip+ file?
16:12:30johnb3 For situation 3) updates of config.cfg and most-recent.bmark go into /tmp/.rockbox
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17:17:11Bilgus_phJOHNB3 ok so SD Card needs rockbox_main.clip+ in root if it is blank then the dir it looks for is sdroot/.rockbox/ if you put a dir in rbmain eg 'temp' it would look in sdroot/temp/.rockbox
17:19:00 Join paulk-collins [0] (
17:20:06Bilgus_phI assume you get the ext fw to boot then it says no .rockbox found install incomplete in that case go to system debug menu bootdata and let me know what it says there and also to system rockbox info and tell me what drives show mounted
17:23:23Bilgus_phRockbox main needs no carriage return or even beginning or ending slash just the path so sdroot/temp/.rockbox is 'temp' in rbmain sdroot/temp/foo/.rockbox is ntemp/foo' you can add slashes but they are ignored
17:23:52Bilgus_phNO QUOTES ON THOSE BTW
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17:27:34Bilgus_phALSO is ver fc9c7d7m-170228
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17:38:37Bilgus_phRereading your comment.. So if blank rockbox_main.clip+ is on root of sd then .rockbox/rockbox.sansa is the fw loaded all settings and everything are written to that .rockbox dir and i made the fw disable internal drive while booting from the sd if you specify tmp in rbmain.clip+ then it would boot sdroot /tmp/.rockbox/rockbox.sansa but i doubt it would write the setting there i bet the fw would want to put them in sdroot /.rockbox as i haven't imple
17:39:10 Quit Bilgus_ph (Remote host closed the connection)
17:41:54pamauryduo8: yes I examined the Fiio X1 firmware a bit, why ?
17:42:27duo8did you find anything regarding a FPGA?
17:42:39 Join Bilgus_ph [0] (~Bilgus_ph@
17:42:43duo8asking bc the X3 has one, and they're kinda similar
17:44:16Bilgus_ph*implemented jhmikes root redirect stuff yet in that firmware but none of that is the bootloader just stuff that needs put into the loaded firmware
17:44:59pamaurythe X1 does not have a fpga.
17:45:00 Quit Bilgus_ph (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
17:45:06pamauryand I mostly looked at the X1
17:45:46pamauryI don't remember the X3 having a fpga
17:46:48pamauryon the photos from I see no fpga
17:47:34pamauryduo8: ^
17:54:10duo8pamaury apparently this one
17:54:18duo8i've only read about it though
17:55:57*pamaury fails to match the two pictures
17:56:26pamauryyour seems to be the X3 gen2
17:57:16pamauryI didn't look at it, and I found no datasheet for this thing
17:57:47pamaurymy guess is that it handles usb audio, just a wild guess
18:01:05*pamaury needs to go
18:01:36pamauryI would be surprised if it was a real fpga though, it's more likely to be a cypress clone, those thing usually have a hard cpu plus some flexible logic
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18:23:09johnb2Bilgus: see 1). I am positive, that empty rb_main and .rockbox in sdroot does not for me.
18:24:11johnb2to add to 3) I found that an empty .rockbox in sdroot is good enough.
18:24:50johnb2and I also confirm: For situation 3) updates of config.cfg and most-recent.bmark go into /tmp/.rockbox
18:26:04johnb2In summary: as soon as I put a path into rb_main and have the FW there & I have an empty .rockbox in sdroot it works.
18:27:34johnb2In the empty /.rockbox a file nvram.bin was created.
18:30:52johnb2 case 4) shows your your FW version 170228. Bootdata:Magic: some gibberish, length 4, CRC 1b6947cc crc ok! 00: 01 00 00 00
18:32:40johnb2Partition shows P0-3 each 0 MB. diskinfo show internal 8GB and 32GB sd.
18:34:26johnb2rockbox info: Int 29GB (the sd), MSD: not present
18:39:15johnb2 * does not work for me.
18:40:49duo8pamaury the site i got it from also says it's for usb audio
18:41:03duo8which I assume supports the USB DAC feature
18:41:23duo8but my M2 doesn't have it yet it also supports USB DAC
19:02:09johnb2Sorry, the statement "an empty /.rockbox is enough" was wrong! If I have a full /.rockbox it works.
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19:14:40johnb2Argh, one more thing I have to take back: bookmark and config.cfg are created in /.rockbox ! I got fooled by wrong timestamps respectively the clock not being set correctly on this player.
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20:18:02Bilgus_phJOHNB3 ok that sounds right then atm if you redirect to a path say /tmp/.rockbox/ then the fw will say install incomplete if no root .rockbox folder present and that is also where all settings will be written as well can you confirm?
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20:25:54johnb2First part is true, but in the "installation incomplete" settings aren't written anywhere.
20:26:34johnb2because the /.rockbox does not exist at this point in time.
20:27:05 Join Bilgus_ph [0] (~Bilgus_ph@
20:27:19johnb2* in the "installation incomplete" case
20:27:52 Join lebellium [0] (
20:28:23johnb2Bilgus: Does the empty rb_main work for you with that build?
20:28:44Bilgus_phIn install incomplete case it is just like having only the fw file on the internal drive with no .rb folder present..
20:30:25johnb2in Debug Bootdata: is the Magic supposed to be readable characters?
20:30:29Bilgus_phYES i'm using it currently.. So my i unpacked .rockbox folder at root of sd card rb_main.clip+ is empty as well
20:32:18Bilgus_phFigure the bootloader uses rb_main to find the correct fw file.. It only looks in .rockbox or /somepath/.rockbox
20:32:25johnb2That is strange, with the file being empty I never succeeded. It would always start from internal memory (the version that is there).
20:32:53 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
20:33:16Bilgus_phMagic shares half with thje crc so no the first half is going to be garbled
20:35:33Bilgus_phas far as the fw is concerned rb_main doesn't exist it only uses the root .rockbox folder
20:36:19Bilgus_phThis will change once it is actuall y done..
20:37:10johnb2ok, I got.
20:38:28Bilgus_phAll you really need to know in debug bootdata is crc OK! But in reality the fw doesn't check it currently but it tells us that the bootloader portion did its part
20:40:16Bilgus_phAs far as the disabled internal that too will change later but for the moment it protects your internal drive from writes and fools the fw into using the sdcard .rockbox folder
20:41:50johnb2That's fine, the only thing I don't understand why the empty rb_main doesn't work for me. Should I try "." ?
20:42:13Bilgus_phNow as for the blank rb_main not working i'm not sure.. Are you sure it is truly blank maybe try delete it and make a new one and never open it..
20:44:16johnb2Amazing, that did the trick.
20:44:24Bilgus_phIf it had a space somewhere it would look for / /.rockbox/rockbox.sansa which would be invalid and it would fall back to internal
20:46:53johnb2I use Notepad++ and had deleted everything with Backspace, but apparently something is different.
20:47:47johnb2Anyway, .rockbox in root is probably my only use case so that's perfect for me.
20:48:26johnb2Thanks for your help.
20:48:38Bilgus_phCan you open rbmain and type stuff save then delete all the text save again and see if it fails again? Maybe if u use windows the crlf messes with it or something
20:49:37Bilgus_phIF it fails please send me the file so i can look at it
20:51:20Bilgus_phYw Thanks for testing..
20:51:27johnb2I typed some bla, saved, selected all, removed, saved: This time it works!
20:52:00Bilgus_phOk so i bet there was a space left
20:52:06johnb2I have no clue what is different this time.
20:53:27johnb2Alright, then we have found a pitfall. Is stripping whitespaces in the bootloader complicated?
20:55:28Bilgus_phIn theory you could have 1 space or even 10 in that file and it would look for that directory which is invalid so it wouldn't find the fw and would fall back to internal
20:57:33Bilgus_phWell its easy to strip WS BUT you could have a folder ' A' or 'A ' and that would be stripped as well
20:58:46 Quit advcomp2019 (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
20:58:47Bilgus_phI guess i could make it ignore only whitespace folder names
20:59:27Bilgus_phIn a way it does ignore them lol
21:01:13Bilgus_phOR we could require the path to be in quotes
21:01:26johnb2Anyway, it seems now safe to install the bootloader on my device that is failing sometimes on the internal storage.
21:01:41johnb2on writing.
21:02:17johnb2quotes might be safe approach.
21:02:45Bilgus_phOR surrounded by '/' /TMP/
21:05:10johnb2Assuming this is a feature for advanced users, that's good too. For non-UNIX savvy folks (= windows only) this might be strange.
21:05:15Bilgus_phYEAH the bootloader is good the fw is the part that needs work
21:07:23Bilgus_phID say most users that use it at all are going to be redirecting to .rockbox in the root anyway
21:09:04Bilgus_phIll look into options when i get home happy redirecting :)
21:09:12 Quit Bilgus_ph (Remote host closed the connection)
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23:20:46Bilgusok so i'm going to make it require /tmp to redirect to a path it only adds 18 bytes that way
23:26:11__builtinhmm... I feel like learning morse code
23:26:21*__builtin writes a quick plugin
23:28:19 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.93 [Firefox 51.0.1/20170125094131])
23:29:48Bilgus.... . -.−− -... ..- .. .-.. - .. -.
23:30:24__builtin.... . .-.. .-.. −−-!
23:38:06 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: "It's now safe to turn off your computer.")
23:39:09Bilgus-.. −−- .-. -.- ... .- .-. . .−− .
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