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#rockbox log for 2017-03-02

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00:45:37Bilgus_well I give up I guess I have a 8gb clip+ with no external slot lol
00:46:19Bilgus_I think I just might buy a NOS one for $100!!
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02:55:36*__builtin isn't sure this is the best idea
02:55:48__builtinan endless random morse code generator
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05:59:56FauveHello people o/
06:00:10FauvePlease, is Rockbox work on this stuff ?
06:00:59[Saint]Rockbox works with the items listed on the main page.
06:01:48FauveOk, thank you :)
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08:03:49duo8does rockbox suffer from legacy codebase that pull the whole thing down?
08:04:15[Saint]it suffers from a lack of warm bodies.
08:05:24duo8does that mean it's sentient?
08:06:25[Saint]dunno. pamaury is the resident expert on artificial intelligence.
08:06:33[Saint]errr...I mean, he's definitely human.
08:06:43[Saint]toooooooooootally not a robot.
08:07:16duo8pamaury runs rockbox
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13:11:20Bilgus_wb saint
13:24:52duo8still excited for the jz port, hope it won't be dropped
13:25:02duo8as there's only one developer afaik
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14:11:22wodzduo8: which jz are you talking about fiio x1 or agptek rocker :P
14:11:38duo84760, the older one
14:11:47wodzah, so x1
14:12:01duo8not sure if the x1000 will be picked up
14:12:38wodzduo8: I am working on app port for rocker. Unfortunately I have very little time to spare
14:13:42duo8why app and not native?
14:14:04wodzduo8: way less work
14:14:12duo8if it works it might be easy to port to other X1000
14:14:34duo8all X1000 i've seen ran on linux
14:14:43duo8probably developed by the same company
14:14:55wodzduo8: yes, ingenic provides some sources.
14:15:13duo8i wish my dap ran linux
14:18:26wodzduo8: Buy one. rocker is rather cheap
14:18:35wodzthere will be 2 developers then :P
14:18:49duo8nah i already spent way more than i should have on a dap
14:19:02duo8also i know nothing of computers
14:19:25wodztime to learn
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20:13:44zimjopamaury: yesterday, I did some more testing regarding the Fuze+ microSD USB problem. with the latest dev version the smaller card also fails, thought i'm sure it did work before. after uninstalling rockbox and restoring the original firmware both cards work fine, but no rockbox ... :(
20:14:43zimjoso, it seems to be due to the firmware patch
20:28:45pamauryzimjo: In need a bit more info: can you read the card through USB or only write fails ? Does the internal storage works ?
20:28:50pamaury(with rockbox)
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20:43:47Bilgus_phI'm using my fuze+ latest dev head 32gb sd on win7 and ubuntu with no issues i just transfered 26 gb last night through rb.. From windows
20:44:36Bilgus_phWIN 7 64bit.
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20:49:44zimjoThe internal storage works with rockbox. browsing the sdcard works, did not test copying from the card so far. Wanted to install rockbox again, but device is not mounted by windows any more and the stock firmware is caught in a bootloop, pretty odd. will try again later and post an update
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20:54:56pamauryzimjo: maybe try uninstalling the device (in windows device manager)
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21:41:49zimjopamaury: with rockbox copying FROM and TO internal storage works, but copying FROM or TO sdcard fails
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21:43:02pamauryzimjo: so both reading and writing to sd over usb fails ? And can you play song from sdcard in normal usage ?
21:45:10zimjoyes, reading and writing over usb fails. however, playing files from the sdcard within rockbox works fine (except for opus, which is sometimes laggy, but thats probably a different story)
21:51:34pamaurystrange, I will send you a build, wait 5 min
21:54:00pamauryzimjo: have you tried uninstalling the device in the windows device manager by any chance ? Sometimes windows is weird
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21:58:47zimjoi'll try that and do a reboot in between, just in case... brb
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22:05:44zimjopamaury: uninstalled device, even plugged the fuze into a different usb port. still the same...
22:06:23pamauryzimjo: can you try this build:
22:07:02pamauryzimjo: are you familiar with how to install new builds ? You have to unzip it on the internal storage, so as to overwrite the folder .rockbox
22:07:21 Join parchd [0] (~parchd@unaffiliated/parchd)
22:07:53zimjoi was just about to ask... ok, so unzipping is enough, alright
22:10:11pamauryzimjo: if you have a doubt, delete the previous .rockbox folder and exttract the file, it should create a new .rockbox folder on the internal storage
22:12:15zimjoshould i expect usb transfers to be considerably slower?
22:13:01pamauryzimjo: no, you should expect a panic screen if any sd transfer fails
22:13:14pamauryI am trying to see if the problem comes from the sd code or the usb code
22:20:22 Quit parchd (Quit: gone)
22:21:59zimjoso here's what i found: copying to the sd card takes forever, after a few minutes it starts to transfer at ~10kBps. after aborting the copying it is unresponive, need to detach the fuze and reset it. copying from the sd card however seems to be working.
22:22:40pamauryhum, did you have this behaviour before ?
22:22:43zimjodoes this make sense to you?
22:23:01pamauryI didn't change any code, except adding a panic on failure, which you obviously didn't get
22:23:06zimjonot really. im starting to get the feeling that the fuze might just be defective...
22:23:20zimjoin that case, sorry for wasting your time
22:24:25pamaurywell if the OF is working, rockbox must be doing something wrong
22:25:28pamauryI have another idea for debug, give me 10min
22:27:12zimjocopying to the device failed after waiting longer, however no rockbox panic.
22:30:37 Join _mt_ [0] (~MT@
22:38:47pamauryzimjo: can you try this build
22:39:45pamauryonce you have extracted the new build (make to the power off and on), plug usb and do something simple on the sd card like creating a file, then eject and unplug
22:40:10pamaurythen go to System > Debug > Show Log File, what do you see ?
22:42:16 Join autofsckk [0] (~ttnk@unaffiliated/autofsckk)
22:48:54zimjothe log file says: write time: 67837, write time:2836, write time: 2776 (where , is newline)
22:51:06pamaurynow can you try to copy something bigger, where you notice this slow down ? (not too big though, otherwise the log will be full)
22:51:55zimjoalready did: now the last line reads: write time: 2996965
22:54:03zimjothe other lines are mostly below 10 000, a few exceed 100 000
22:55:06pamauryhum, that sounds like a lot for a write
22:55:18pamauryI would expect most values to be less than 1000
22:55:36pamaurythat last one means the SD card took 2s to write something!!
22:55:58zimjono, not a single one is below 1000
22:57:07zimjostrange. the card is a rather new toshiba UHS-1 card, with decent speed in my android.
22:58:02 Part autofsckk
23:03:18pamaurylet me add more debug
23:03:23pamauryand send you another build
23:07:33 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: "It's now safe to turn off your computer.")
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23:10:36pamauryI have a theory but we need numbers to be sure
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23:14:01[Saint]pamaury: out of interest, what is your theory on this?
23:14:19[Saint]I'm not really schooled on sdhost/USB subsystems.
23:14:47[Saint]But I know enough to know that a delayed write of nearly two seconds is absurd.
23:15:14Bilgus_Uhs need to drop to like 1.8v to do the UHS part right? wonder what the fall back is
23:15:48pamauryno that's only to achieve UHS-I mode, the fuze+ doesn't have the hardware of that, he stay in HS mode
23:16:39pamaurycurrently the code is selecting/deselecting the card on every transfer, because on some cards, the power draw when the card is selected in very high. My theory is that on some card, deselecting/selecting might drains some buffer and reload stuff and thus take a lot of time
23:17:06 Join mxyzptlk [0] (
23:18:36pamauryI am actually thinking about rewriting this differently
23:25:19zimjothese are the last few lines:
23:25:20zimjosd select: 61 wait for tran: 115 xfer time: 7564 deselect: 1775 write time: 9532 sd select: 63 wait for tran: 116 xfer time: 7565 deselect: 1754 write time: 9514 sd select: 64 wait for tran: 114 xfer time: 7559 deselect: 1755 write time: 9506 sd select: 63 wait for tran: 114 xfer time: 7561 deselect: 1766 write time: 9521 sd select: 61 wait for tran: 115 xfer time: 7563 deselect: 1773 write time: 9530 sd select: 63 wait for tran: 114
23:25:48pamaurythose time look pretty small
23:26:13zimjosomething was cut off, the message was probably too long
23:26:15zimjosd select: 63 wait for tran: 114 xfer time: 1997828 deselect: 999994 write time: 2998019
23:26:15pamaurycan you send more data like before
23:26:46pamauryyeah the log is a finite (and small) size
23:26:59pamauryhu, that's a large deselect time indeed, but also a large transfer time
23:27:27pamauryzimjo: let me send you a final build to try something, then we'll call it a night
23:27:32zimjothis log is from trying to copy many files. windows aborted after a few seconds, though
23:28:45zimjoalright, a last one
23:35:00 Quit ender (Quit: When one person suffers from a delusion it is called insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion it is called religion. — Robert Pirsig)
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23:38:51zimjothe beginning of the log:
23:38:52zimjosd init xfer time: 761 xfer time: 713 xfer time: 1116 xfer time: 701 xfer time: 702 xfer time: 784 xfer time: 720 xfer time: 12650 xfer time: 1176 xfer time: 1841 xfer time: 626280 write time: 626291 xfer time: 76057 write time: 76066 xfer time: 26505 write time: 26514 xfer time: 78067
23:39:04pamauryzimjo: are the transfers faster with this patch ?
23:39:06zimjothe end:
23:39:07zimjowrite time: 7577 xfer time: 7569 write time: 7573 xfer time: 7572 write time: 7578 xfer time: 7574 write time: 7580 xfer time: 7571 write time: 7578 xfer time: 7569 write time: 7574 xfer time: 7567 write time: 7573 xfer time: 7572 write time: 7577 xfer time: 7571 write time: 7577 xfer time: 7577 write time: 7583 xfer time: 7575 write time: 7580 xfer time: 1997723 write time: 1997731
23:39:40[Saint]*cough* pastebin *cough* ...
23:40:12pamauryhum, sounds like timing is still bad
23:40:23zimjowell, writing to the card aborted almost immediately, whereas before it took >10 sec until something yeah
23:41:05pamaurythat's probably random, windows probably enforces a timeout on writes and gives up if it's too long
23:41:17pamauryit's strange though, why would writes take so long
23:41:48pamauryzimjo: I'll be online tomorrow night, can you be there ? I'll send you more builds to try to understand the problem
23:43:53zimjoi'll most likely wont make it to irc until sunday evening, but i'll PM you on the rockbox forum. please pm me the download links, i'll respond asap
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