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#rockbox log for 2017-03-05

00:08:24Bilguswodz: Action,Button,Prebutton; prebutton will be ignored if a match is found first on action,button,BUTTON_NONE; what ever calls the get_action function supplies its context which 'loads' the specified button context map but if an action is not found it will fall through to the next context map so for instance you are looking for BUTTON_UP|REPEAT,Button_UP and it is defined in std context as BUTTON_UP|REPEAT,BUTTON_NONE you will get returned
00:08:24BilgusACTION_STD_PREVREPEAT first and then ACTION_WPS_PLAY next
00:10:25Bilgusand if it still holds true you will continue to get ACTION_WPS_PLAY thereafter until there is no longer a repeat
00:14:50BilgusBUTTON_NONE just ignores the prebutton you will get a code on every repeat ->> { ACTION_WPS_VOLDOWN, BUTTON_VOL_DOWN|BUTTON_REPEAT, BUTTON_NONE },
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00:25:56Guest93anyone around
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00:26:15Link8i bought this bluetooth transmitter
00:26:30Link8but for some reason the pairing wont work in my car
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00:50:28*__builtin glances at the /topic
00:59:06__builtinAmboyna: keep in mind that the hardware might not support your desired frequency, however
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01:13:04AmboynaMy source defaults to 11kHz. For morse code, which is basically OOK of a tone, that's plenty. I know if I were after 96kHz or something I might be in trouble, but is there likely to be anything that can't do less than 44.1?
01:13:20Amboyna__builtin: ^
01:27:31__builtinsome hardware only supports a certain set of frequencies
01:30:14__builtinfor example some only support 44, 22, 11, or 8 (mrobe500)
01:38:48AmboynaIf I can expect to reliably have 11, then I shouldn't have to worry. For myself, if I can get it working on Clip Zip, then I'll be happy for now.
01:39:59__builtinit looks to me like the zip supports everything
01:40:05__builtinso you should be good to go
01:40:12AmboynaIt looks like the original calculates two PCM samples (to get neat rise/fall times, one for dit an one for dah), then concatenates them as needed to produce the output.
01:40:36AmboynaWith spaces for between letters/words where appropriate.
01:40:46__builtinwhat are you working on?
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01:41:35AmboynaTrying to convert to an RB plugin so I can adjust settings on the fly and not need to batch process what I want to listen to ahead of time.
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01:42:34__builtinhmm, the plugin I'm working on will have essentially the same functionality
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01:44:02AmboynaGreat. I've really never worked C, so I'm kind of reduced to trying to take existing code and hope to hack it into a horrible kluge that compiles and runs.
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01:44:58__builtinI suppose that the way you're doing it now has the advantage of being easily seekable
01:45:13AmboynaFor me, it does need to support some degree of bookmarking and seeking, since I can't expect listen to the entire thing at once.
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01:46:02__builtinI can fix up what I have and push it to gerrit so you can see what I've got
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01:47:08AmboynaNot quite proper, but I had in mind seeking/display position by taking the size of the file in bytes, and going to len(size)/10000 (.01%).
01:47:31AmboynaThanks. I'd like to take a look. Anything I don't have to attempt to write will be a big help.
01:47:51AmboynaThanks to ebook2cw being GPL2+ it's easy to add to RB on that score.
01:48:55__builtinI think it'd be a good idea to have your plugin produce a WAVE file
01:49:12__builtinthat way bookmarking and seeking are handled for you
01:50:51AmboynaTrue. Though on my computer it can take 5-10min to convert a file. That's a 3gHz processor.
01:51:12__builtinI'd bet that's mostly the MP3 encoding
01:53:00__builtinif you use WAV, it removes the issue of encoding speed, but it does significantly increase file size
01:53:47AmboynaCould be. The actual generation is approximately: take word; look up first char; if special, do special thing, else look up char in table, add dots/dashes to word out; output pcm for dot/dash/space to output; when word complete, add noise if desired; encode word.
01:54:34__builtinthat seems like it'd be very fast, even on an MP3 player
01:55:58AmboynaOutput file size isn't that big a deal if it doesn't take to long to convert a file. Though it would be ideal if bookmarking operated on the source text, rather than the finished audio version, since the former is fixed, while the latter varies, potentially hugely, with changing settings.
01:57:00__builtinI can actually adapt the code I have right now support outputting to a file
01:58:11AmboynaI'll definitely take a look.
01:58:58__builtingive me a few minutes
02:00:36__builtinbasically what I've got now is a core encoding loop that can output to different pluggable APIs
02:00:55__builtinone API might play the beeps immediately, while another could write them to a file
02:02:22AmboynaThat sounds much like what I need.
02:04:22AmboynaThe text viewer bookmarking code might be stolen for bookmarking/seeking and put together with your code and the ebook2cw generation loop if you've got the means to control generation to avoid overfilling the playback buffer for a mostly working implementation, in the other option.
02:14:08__builtinAmboyna: g#1573
02:14:10fs-bluebotGerrit review #1573 at : morse code plugin by Franklin Wei
02:14:38__builtinthe file I/O stuff isn't done yet
02:17:09AmboynaI'm working on downloading things now.
02:19:56AmboynaBTW, one thing I notice right away looking at your code. At higher speeds, ms resolution is insufficient for accurate WPM speeds. The difference in dit length between 60 and 63wpm is still technically sub-ms.
02:20:14__builtinyou can copy at that speed?
02:20:48AmboynaNot yet. But the author of ebook2cw at least used to be able to read 100wpm.
02:23:35AmboynaHis code works dit length in raw samples, produces a dit buffer and dah buffer (containing raw PCM), and copies from those into the output as needed. If I'm not mistaken, this would get around the issue of RB's ms resolution limit.
02:23:36__builtinI suppose it could pass everything as microseconds
02:24:23__builtin1/1000000 of a second ought to be enough for anyone :P
02:24:30AmboynaMaybe, but we've got a very nice generation algorithm to steal. Is there any reason not to take it?
02:30:23__builtinI don't see much of a benefit
02:30:50__builtinI can change the design of the API slightly to allow for more accuracy, though
02:32:14__builtinit can have two separate functions for dit and dah that can be as accurate as possible
02:32:20__builtinno millisecond/microsecond limit
02:34:37AmboynaOK. I think that works. I haven't tried playing with different rise/fall times to see how that affects the sound. Any errors from us resolution should be less than any fist, so I wouldn't be worried about that.
02:35:03__builtinit'll still be restricted to integer wpm values though
02:35:07AmboynaThe noise addition isn't something I've had reason to go for. I've got enough noise around me most of the time.
02:35:50*__builtin isn't exactly sure why someone want to *add* noise to their audio in the first place :P
02:35:51AmboynaEven ebook2cw uses an int for wpm. That's no issue.
02:36:05AmboynaTraining for listening to real on-the-air CW.
02:37:02__builtinwell, the quick solution then is to buy a sansa c200
02:37:10__builtinit's got plenty of noise
02:37:13AmboynaIf you can find one.
02:39:27AmboynaYou might want to steal his char maps, prosign code (I use this a lot), and even command code. Since I'm listening to books mostly I've had the thought of using frequency change to indicate italic/bold text.
02:39:48AmboynaI'll try to help, but by the time I've understood it enough to start making changes, you'll probably have the changes made.
02:40:20__builtinthat sounds like a bit too much to me
02:40:43AmboynaWhich? The commands, or the prosigns too?
02:40:48__builtinwell, both :P
02:41:05__builtinI'll be using it to mainly learn CW
02:41:27__builtinbut feel free to make some changes, I can help you if you need it, too
02:41:27AmboynaProsigns are pretty simple. When encountering a <, stop adding letter spaces until a >.
02:42:02AmboynaThanks. Having a working plugin to start from will help me a lot.
02:44:37AmboynaTake a look at his makeword function. That's got the prosign generation integrated into it.
02:45:16AmboynaTaking his char maps just save you the effort of fleshing out your own.
02:46:08__builtinI've already worked all mine out
02:48:04AmboynaI see numbers and capital? letters. To really learn CW, there's some common punctuation you need.
02:48:40AmboynaOops, I see the case folding to lowercase now. That works for that.
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03:39:08Amboyna__builtin: Just tried your plugin as it is now. It seems exiting is broken on zip. At 25wpm, the dahs very nearly blend into whatever comes next. There's just barely enough space that it isn't quite a continuous tone, but not enough for me to register it as separate symbols.
03:39:21AmboynaI've got to get back to other things, but I'll keep thinking and playing.
03:41:11__builtinit looks to me that something went wrnog when I converted it to the new API
03:47:03__builtinlooks like beep_play() does not block
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04:25:24Amboyna__builtin: Just tried adding api->silence(dot);
04:25:48AmboynaAn unclean compile didn't seem to change behaviour; trying a clean compile now.
04:26:47AmboynaThere's also a couple warnings.
04:28:23AmboynaBah. Forgot -j 4. Oh well, just have to wait a little longer.
04:43:00AmboynaNope. Telling it to add silence that way doesn't help, AFAICT.
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07:34:29duo8wiki appears to have a prolem with spam regs
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08:12:33chatter29hey guys
08:12:40chatter29allah is doing
08:12:50chatter29sun is not doing allah is doing
08:12:54chatter29to accept Islam say that i bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad peace be upon him is his slave and messenger
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08:47:28duo8what is this
08:47:43duo8(the worst part is this will be logged)
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09:56:10Guest93anyone around
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10:10:17bluebrothergreat. So Debian calls it crypto++, Arch as well, Fedora cryptopp, upstream is also cryptopp :(
10:10:29duo8looks like that new agptek player uses a similar fw to the shanling m1
10:10:32bluebrotherso now make that portable ...
10:11:36*bluebrother needs to spend some time on that
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11:30:15Link8I bought this Trondt bluetooth receiver/transmitter but for some reason it wont pair in my car
11:30:21Link8my phone picks it up fine
11:30:25Link8any suggestions?
11:39:54pamaurybluebrother: ah that's bad news, why couldn't every project use the upstream name :-/
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11:50:43dyspamaury: I found some code in the OFW that uses uart0.
11:50:50dysIt looks like they are using the ThreadX kernel via a uITRON4.0 wrapper, and there's a test program for the uITRON4.0 primitves that spews messages to uart0
11:50:57Amboyna Link8: See /topic
11:52:32dys…so I guess there's a slight chance uart0 is exposed on one of the unidentified test points
12:00:12dyshmm, their initcode also initializes UART0…
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12:11:04duo8huh, good luck finding it
12:11:17duo8on my dap the pins are clearly labelled lol
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15:43:41dysok, flashing with an init boot block injected with code that just returns to the boot kernel yieded a non-bricked unit
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16:42:27dysthe uart-broadcast code appears to have worked as expected (booting OFW after 5 Minutes of broadcasting)
16:42:38dysbut… no uart signals to be found
16:43:58dysi noticed the LED stops its tristate glimming before my own code, so it has to be on one of few gpio ports the OFW init code sets up
16:48:07 Quit _mt_ (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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17:14:35pamaurydys: you are making progress :)
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18:08:26zadtheinhalerI have had no issues whatsoever on my old 5.5G ipod that sadly died, but I have a Classic 6G 120GB that can be seen by Ubuntu in regular mode, but will not mount in DFU mode, and I've tried virtually all of what I've found while Googling, including the " stuff. What, exactly, am I doing wrong? I'm not that fond of the idea of running a VM of windows just to get rockbox on this beauty. I will jump through whatever hoop
18:08:38zadtheinhalerIt's a MB565c2
18:13:11__builtinzadtheinhaler: can you plug the ipod in while in DFU mode on ubuntu and give me the output of the `lsusb' command?
18:14:40zadtheinhaler"Bus 001 Device 021: ID 05ac:1223 Apple, Inc. iPod Classic/Nano 3.Gen (DFU mode)"
18:14:47zadtheinhalershows up as connected in DFU mode
18:15:16zadtheinhalerbut will not mount, and RockBox Utilityv1.4 can't see it, because it isn't ounted.
18:15:21 Join neutric [0] (~ah@unaffiliated/neutric)
18:15:31__builtincan you run `lsblk' and give the output (still in DFU mode)
18:16:04zadtheinhalersda 8:0 0 76.7G 0 disk ├─sda1 8:1 0 74.7G 0 part / ├─sda2 8:2 0 1K 0 part └─sda5 8:5 0 2G 0 part [SWAP] sdb 8:16 0 465.8G 0 disk └─sdb1 8:17 0 465.8G 0 part /home/storage sdc 8:32 0 931.5G 0 disk └─sdc1 8:33 0 931.5G 0 part /media/sean/HITACHI sdd 8:48 1 28.9G 0 disk └─sdd1 8:49 1 28.9G 0 part /media/sean/STORE N GO
18:16:13zadtheinhalerwell that cocked up the formatting
18:16:28__builtinnext time you can use pastebin
18:16:35zadtheinhalerno mention of [SHAGGYPOD] in that listing
18:16:43zadtheinhaleryeah, I can do that
18:18:06duo8cannot read
18:18:48duo8something feels missing
18:19:18duo8also what is that 1K partition?
18:20:01zadtheinhalerJust a partitioning anomaly on my linux install. Doesn't affect anything
18:20:03duo8can't you restore it with itunes?
18:20:23zadtheinhalerNo Windows/iTunes to do so
18:20:39zadtheinhalergot rid of Windows about 2-3 years ago
18:20:44zadtheinhalermight have to
18:20:52__builtinhmm, I'm mistaken about something
18:20:52zadtheinhalerwhich is...irksome
18:20:55duo8it's handy to have around
18:21:14zadtheinhalerlol, i'm finding that out now, that's for sure
18:22:14duo8USB passthrough isn't always guaranteed to work btw, had crashes before
18:22:27__builtinyou shouldn't need windows for anything
18:22:44zadtheinhalerif I can get RB to work on it, it'll be worth it.
18:22:51__builtinso you're trying to install the bootloader, right?
18:23:22zadtheinhalerhaven't had the ability to put new music on it since, well, I got rid of windows.
18:23:33zadtheinhaleryup, trying to install the bootloader
18:23:56__builtinwhere did you get your rockbox utility?
18:24:32zadtheinhalerwhat's interesting is that the RB files show up, but it will not boot into RB. So I can transfer files, though not music, but it won't see it in DFU mode
18:24:42zadtheinhalerand I got the RBU from the RB website
18:25:12__builtinthat one doesn't support the classic bootloader install as far as I know
18:26:14__builtinyou need to install the bootloader manually
18:32:19__builtinAmboyna: I'm trying to figure out what's causing the distorted CW timings
18:33:18__builtinmy chief suspect is sleep() being inaccurate
18:34:26zadtheinhalerworking on it. I was sure I had libusb, but it gives me "[ERR] Could not open USB device: LIBUSB_ERROR_ACCESS", but even though Synaptic shows it is instlled, I still get that error.
18:35:08__builtinyou need root privs for that I think
18:35:12__builtinuse sudo or su
18:35:56zadtheinhalerwell shit. "[INFO] libusb: found [05ac:1223] at bus 1, device 21, USB ver. 0200"
18:36:03zadtheinhalerfuck me for not trying that first
18:37:27__builtinAmboyna: never mind, got it working!
18:37:33__builtin(off-by-one error in core.c)
18:38:51zadtheinhaler_builtin, you are the man
18:39:13zadtheinhalerI owe you a beer or three
18:39:26 Quit prof_wolfff (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
18:41:53__builtinno worries ;)
18:52:50 Join prof_wolfff [0] (
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19:14:13 Join bfayers [0] (521bd651@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:15:01bfayersHi, i have a Creative Zen, looks like: i've read the guide fully and I'm just wondering, what is the worst case scenario
19:15:09bfayers*that could happen during the process
19:15:59pamaurybfayers: it's always possible to reinstall the original firmware
19:16:11pamauryat least I don't know any case of bricking
19:16:19Bilgus_hmm the world could cease to exist?
19:16:21bfayersThis is what i currently have in my "rockbox folder"
19:16:38bfayersBilgus_: haha
19:17:07pamaurybfayers: just to be clear, do you want to install rockbox or remove it ?
19:17:16pamaury(just asking to be sure :))
19:17:16bfayersrather annoyingly, creative have pointers for the "ZEN" and the "ZEN 2GB/4GB/16GB/32GB" but they all goto the same file
19:17:29bfayersi saw flac option and was like ooooh
19:17:35bfayersalso, doom
19:18:07 Join johnb2 [0] (
19:19:05pamaurybfayers: you need this file:
19:19:12bfayersOh, right?
19:19:28bfayersI saw that on the wiki but was unsure as to why it was needed
19:19:59pamaury(it contains a fix for the lcd, in the unlikely case you have a device affected by this bug)
19:20:06bfayersah, ok.
19:20:11bfayersbetter safe than sorry
19:20:28bfayersdoesn't that remove booting to OF, but afaik you need to reformat each time you want OF anyway?
19:20:49bfayersthis is my folder now, realised i was missing the actual rockbox files.
19:20:56pamaurycurrently we do not support dual-booting on the ZEN anyway
19:20:59 Quit foolsh (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
19:21:09bfayershuh, the weeking makes it seem so.
19:21:15pamaurygood, now you need to open a terminal in this folder
19:21:31bfayershold shift + rightclick then open command prompt here.
19:21:51bfayershow would you go back to stock, incase i wanted to sell it.
19:22:15pamauryto go back to stock, you can always use Creative's updater tool
19:22:20pamaurythen the wiki is invalid ;) I will fix the wiki.
19:22:34bfayersthe exe i have then.
19:22:46bfayersalright, cool.
19:22:52bfayersno prep needed on device?
19:23:02bfayersjust run that exe, or do i need to go to recovery and do reload firmware?
19:23:07bfayersthen run exe
19:23:08pamauryso to install rockbox:
19:23:08pamaury1) power off device
19:23:09pamaury2) hold play button
19:23:09DBUGEnqueued KICK pamaury
19:23:09pamaury3) power on (while holding play)
19:23:09pamaury4) you have the recovery menu: select reload firmware
19:23:15 Join foolsh [0] (
19:23:21bfayersYeah, thought so. Sounds good.
19:24:01pamaury5) once done, plug device to the PC
19:24:01pamaury6) to install rockbox: type "sendfirm firmware_zen_lcd.nk" in the terminal
19:24:25pamaury(and if one day you want to reinstall stock firmware, at step 6, run the ZEN_PCFW_L22_1_21_03e.exe instead)
19:24:36bfayersthen boot it up and go to usb bootloader mode
19:24:39bfayersthen format as fat32?
19:24:44bfayersthen just dump the .rockbox
19:25:13bfayersAre there any other than the 3 themes usable on the zen?
19:26:26Bilgus_we can help you customize a theme if you so desire. but anything with the same screen resolution 'should' work
19:26:41bfayersi saw something about 320x240
19:28:13 Join CrashBash-Kun [0] (~CrashBash@unaffiliated/crashbash-kun)
19:28:48Bilgus_go to search at bottom of themes page choose search by screen size enter 320x240 press search
19:33:50bfayersWith sendfirm, should i unplug all other usb devices or does it not matter
19:38:28pamaurybfayers: doesn't matter
19:38:55pamauryor maybe make sure you don't have any phone plugged
19:39:05pamaury(any MTP device in general)
19:39:58bfayersI'm amazed by all the themes available, looks super nice
19:43:39 Join nlogex [0] (
19:45:50bfayersDoes anyone know where i can get the fontpack?
19:45:56bfayersit's a 403 on dropbox
20:06:21 Join fujisan [0] (~fujisan@unaffiliated/fujisan)
20:25:33bfayerspamaury: it just says error occured during sending
20:26:29 Quit johnb2 (Quit: Nettalk6 -
20:27:18 Join Galois [0] (
20:30:17bfayersaha, tricked it!
20:30:37bfayersjust did a reload to stock
20:30:40bfayersthen tried again, worked.
20:31:35 Nick fIorz_ is now known as fIorz (
20:33:20 Quit MrZeus (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
20:38:08__builtinhmm, this is a bit of a problem
20:38:43__builtinduring the transition from a tone to silence, there's an audible click
20:39:52__builtinI suppose I'll need a fade-in and fade-out time
20:41:53AmboynaIs that perhaps what I was hearing as a not-really-there gap between mashed-together symbols?
20:43:07__builtinI fixed that issue
20:43:18AmboynaI think Fabian's code produces a nicer tone. But I'm not sure whether it relies on a bunch of headers that RB can't provide, or RB needs quotes rather than angle brackets to include.
20:43:27AmboynaI saw in the backlog.
20:43:51__builtinfor real-time output, RB's square wave will have to do
20:43:57__builtinbut for WAV output, it can do a sine wave
20:44:13__builtinI can push what I've got now so you can take a look
20:46:11AmboynaI tried copying the ebook2cw code into core.c to see what I would get (also tried running it directly, but I get some makefile errors I didn't manage to solve then). It gives me a bunch of errors about things like stderr and some math functions undefined.
20:46:45Amboyna*when the code copied to core.c and main.c from your version removed.
20:46:45 Quit paulk-collins (Quit: Leaving)
20:47:37__builtinnow you should be able to long-click on a .txt file and open up the "morse" plugin
20:47:48__builtinit'll create a .wav with the same name as the original file
20:48:36AmboynaGreat. I'll give it a try.
20:49:19__builtinit's extremely buggy, something to do with sampling rates I'll bet
20:49:55AmboynaThat's dev. I'll still play with it.
20:53:51AmboynaTrying a clean make now.
20:54:54__builtinyou shouldn't have to do a clean build each time
20:55:58 Join MrZeus [0] (~MrZeus@2a02:c7f:7059:8e00:e4f0:267c:1cea:9519)
20:58:12AmboynaI'm aware. This time I was concerned about changes requiring reconfiguring.
21:09:13bfayersthanks for the help, im off
21:09:14 Quit bfayers (Quit: Page closed)
21:11:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:21:01 Join zimjo [0] (5f5ac692@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:23:23Amboyna__builtin: Hmmm... guess the file I had lying around to test wav generation wasn't the best choice. Any idea how long it should take per kB of text on the zip? The file was only 7.7k.
21:23:33CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
21:23:33*Amboyna runs and hides
21:23:53__builtinprobably a while
21:24:10__builtinI'm not exactly sure, I've been testing in the simulator
21:24:42Amboyna7.7k is nothing compared so some of the things I might go for. I've got one that's 340k.
21:25:13AmboynaAnother reason to prefer having real-time playing with the morse generation acting as a TTS.
21:25:43__builtinthere's definitely room to optimize it though
21:25:48AmboynaThat way, there's no need to tie up the player to get a file.
21:27:43__builtinthe API isn't very efficient right now, it needs a function call for every dit and dah
21:27:55AmboynaDid you see Fabian's list of books listened to in CW?
21:28:43AmboynaProbably the ebook2cw method would save a lot, but then you need to move the audio buffer filling into the main loop, IIUC.
21:29:34Amboynaebook2cw just copies a variable for the dit or dah into the output.
21:30:04AmboynaSaid variable containing raw PCM.
21:30:27__builtinwell that's what this does
21:31:46AmboynaThough to be precise, his assembles a complete word as a variable in the main loop, and only then moves it to output and encodes it.
21:34:59AmboynaBTW, on the math function errors I got from the ebook2cw code, is the issue probably that the RB compiler doesn't have it, it needs quotes instead of angle brackets to #include, or the math header is called something else?
21:35:07zimjopamaury: I'm happy to do further testing when you have a new build
21:36:09__builtinit's probably not available for rockbox
21:36:18__builtinyou mean math.h?
21:36:19 Join chrisb [0] (
21:37:55[Saint]...we have a compiler?
21:38:19[Saint]How busy have you been when I was away __builtin!?!
21:38:48__builtinoh yes, we run X windows too ;)
21:39:03__builtin(on an x86 emulator)
21:39:05pamauryzimjo: ah yeah sorry I was super busy this week-end
21:39:26pamauryzimjo: what is the brand of your SD card ?
21:41:23[Saint]__builtin: you're shitting me?
21:41:35__builtinwell, yes
21:41:46 Quit megal0maniac (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
21:45:02[Saint]Had to ask. With you I never know. :)
21:48:46__builtinAmboyna: encoding a 1.4MB file on ipod6g took about 5 minutes
21:48:55__builtinresulting in a 37-hour long WAV
21:49:09__builtinthat's only 2GB in size :P
21:49:54zimjopamaury: np, it's a toshiba
21:54:04pamauryzimjo: ok, I will send you another test build. I still have no idea why writes would be extremel slow though :(
21:54:05__builtinoh... it seems to have run into the FAT file size limit
21:54:23[Saint]how? it's 4GB.
21:54:52[Saint]If it fell over at 2GB, it wasn't FAT limits you hit.
21:55:04__builtinpossibly rockbox limits though
21:55:10__builtina.k.a. "bug"
21:55:57__builtinit raced through the last 200K of text or so
21:58:04__builtinI'll try it on the simulator and see what happens
22:00:25__builtinyep, the simulator creates a 3.3GB file
22:00:49__builtin60 hours long
22:01:19Bilgus_how processing intensive to do it on the fly?
22:01:27__builtinnot very
22:01:34Bilgus_then you can bookmark based on byte position
22:01:56__builtinseeking makes everything a lot harder though
22:03:45Bilgus_seeking seems extremely hard in morse code
22:04:23Bilgus_would you go based on words/letters/time?
22:06:09__builtinthat's the issue
22:07:10Bilgus_well just likit it to several 100kb files then
22:08:14Bilgus_I can't see wanting to do 60hrs of morse
22:08:50Bilgus_better would be spelling the words than that
22:11:31Bilgus_what if instead yo made ~35 audio clips and just played them on the fly from an encoded file?
22:12:26__builtinthat's moving closer and closer to a real TTS
22:12:57 Join naraic [0] (
22:13:58Bilgus_true but atleast theres no phonemes..
22:14:19pamauryhow can I have so many microsd cards and never find them...
22:15:00__builtincheck your rubik's cube
22:15:23Bilgus_I have to keep them in those 6x bigger case they come with to ever keep track of them
22:16:15Bilgus_hell I dropped one the other day and it toook me 30 mins to find it like 10 feet further than I ever figured it could have gone
22:16:28dysi put them with my SMD parts. the smallest of the mouse toilet fits 10 of them
22:18:55 Quit tbx1024 (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
22:20:26Amboyna__builtin: Yes, I mean math.h. At least that's where I'd expect sin, ceiling, and floor to reside.
22:23:02AmboynaBilgus_: The direction taken by ebook2cw is to generate the dits and dahs as raw PCM, then convert the char to "[.- ]+", then concatenate dit and dah buffers into the output, then encode the output.
22:23:35AmboynaI've listened to quite a few hours of CW myself. I'd just seek/bookmark on byte position.
22:23:42 Part chrisb ("rcirc on GNU Emacs")
22:23:48Bilgus_that still ends up with a $GB 60 hr file though
22:24:23AmboynaWell, char would be arguably better than byte, since the two are not necessarily the same.
22:24:53AmboynaBilgus_: You were wondering about listening to 60+hrs of CW?
22:26:13Bilgus_The Mysterious Island J. Verne 162755 90-105 29 07-10 <−−30 hours
22:27:53 Quit zimjo (Quit: Page closed)
22:28:35Bilgus_that is a pretty hefty book
22:28:40AmboynaCheck "The Woman in White". 41hrs at *100wpm*. A real expert speed. Drop that down just a little, and it goes up fast.
22:29:10Bilgus_true didn't think about wpm...
22:30:58AmboynaThere's another reason for seeking and especially bookmarking on byte/char position. Namely, that's all that stays constant with changing wpm.
22:31:06 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
22:31:12 Join TheLemonMan [0] (~root@irssi/staff/TheLemonMan)
22:33:39*Bilgus_ has a NOS Sansa Clip+ in the mail
22:34:56AmboynaNice snag, Bilgus_
22:35:24Bilgus_the new selective backlight and softlock along with autolock made the Fuze+ much more pleasant to use but t is just too big and I dropped it 2x at work
22:35:51Bilgus_yeah the price wasn't so nice
22:36:03AmboynaI like the zip a little better, but the price is usually worse on those.
22:36:15Bilgus_but I figured buying the fuze+ 2x was the same so might as well get what I want
22:36:28AmboynaLast NOS zip I picked up a couple months ago was only about $65.
22:36:47Bilgus_the zip was like $120-140 range
22:37:24 Join zimjo [0] (5f5ac692@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:37:40Bilgus_the price is just going to go up and I like the small form factors If I wanted a player as big and fragile as a smart phone why not just buy one for $30
22:38:13zimjopamaury: these are the results
22:38:41pamauryzimjo: did you see any difference in speed ?
22:38:42Bilgus_I'm pretty sure Rockbox compatibility has everything to do with those outrageous prices!
22:38:47AmboynaWhy couldn't Sandisk have kept an adequate processor in the clip line?
22:38:58 Join girafe [0] (
22:39:13AmboynaYes, I'm entirely certain RB is the only thing propping up those scalpers.
22:39:41AmboynaIf Sandisk would put a decent processor back in a clip line player, it would deflate them overnight.
22:39:54Bilgus_Hell if I had known I'd happily bought $2000 worth back then
22:40:19Bilgus_I had high hopes for that AgPtek but alas
22:40:44AmboynaAt that, you'd probably have made double+ in a couple years. Not a bad ROI.
22:40:54Bilgus_I still have an 8GB clip+ with no sd slot I'll use it to dev on
22:41:04AmboynaFrom retail.
22:42:46Bilgus_I even soldered in an sd slot with magnet wire and it only froze on boot I think when the spring flew into the socket it shorted out the power to data lines or something
22:43:26AmboynaBummer. Glad it still works at all.
22:44:34Bilgus_and I know that it was all together correctly as I verified with a magnifying glass and oscilloscope
22:45:13Bilgus_turns out if the sd insert switch is close the OF refuses to boot if the sd card doesn't respond
22:45:38Bilgus_RB has no such qualms
22:46:11zimjopamaury: nothing i could quantify. file copying aborted abruptly. however, right now playing back opus files works without lag
22:46:47Bilgus_zimjo you are running Windows correct?
22:47:33pamauryzimjo: I changed the code so that it avoids putting the card to sleep and up again between transfers, but your logs shows some very unusual write times. It seems all right and suddenly a transfer takes half a second for no obvious reason
22:47:41Bilgus_have you tried doing a read write test on the sdcard through windows with a reader?
22:48:53zimjoyes i did. sequential writes were at 15MB/s, random writes at approx 3MB/s. the OF achieved also about 3MB/s write speed
22:49:10Bilgus_next I wonder if your sdcard contacts are dirty in the player
22:49:30Bilgus_well you said OF did fine though
22:50:33zimjoon the card contacts are fine, don't know about the sd card insert. any suggestions on cleaning them without taking the fuze apart?
22:51:07pamaurysomething else must be wrong if the OF manages to write the card fine
22:51:45Bilgus_weird I haven't seen any issues with my Fuze+ I even ran the test fw he sent you and got far lower numbers
22:52:07zimjocould it be that the OF simply waits longer before declaring a timeout? or is that only USB host dependent?
22:52:29Bilgus_take a piece of fine sandpaper and cut it as wide as the front of the sdcards fold in half and stick in a few times
22:52:33 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.93 [Firefox 51.0.1/20170125094131])
22:53:21Bilgus_but if OF works fine I don't see that being an issue
22:53:59zimjodo any of you know a method to measure these timings with the OF or an USB reader?
22:55:49pamauryzimjo: the thing is that from the point of view of rockbox, there is no timeout, all writes succeed apparently. It's windows that times-out I think
22:55:54Bilgus_maybe brb
22:56:07pamaurybut in any case, 0.5 seconds to write 128 sectors in NOT normal
23:01:07zimjoso after another reboot of RB playback of opus is laggy again. in the statusbar, the icon in the top right is constantly showing. this is disc access, isn't it?
23:01:52pamaurywell if transfers are that slow that could explain why opus is laggy
23:11:00Bilgus_hmm with a 25mb file I saw some higher times
23:11:54***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:13:08zimjojust managed to cause a panic (due to crc mismatch) by trying to play back a flac that was copied from the internal to external memory using RB. does rockbox automatically generate related debug info on a panic? couldn't find any
23:13:23Bilgus_ill try that newest fw
23:13:56pamauryzimjo: hat was the panic message exactly ?
23:14:12zimjobilgus: what version of the fuze+ do you have? mine is 4gb
23:14:16pamauryno, panic is last resort, when there is nothing else to do
23:15:21zimjoi'll try that checkflash tool another day, about time to call it a night for me
23:16:37zimjopamaury: buflib error ... would the exact adresses be helpful too?
23:17:26pamaurythat must be an unrelated bug. buflib is rockbox's equivalent of malloc. a crc error means that some memory was corrupted
23:19:12 Join idonob_ [0] (
23:21:37zimjotrying to play that file so far always lead to a panic. must be a huge coincidence if these two issues really are unrelated
23:23:08pamauryzimjo: I mean it's not related to sdcard I think, must be a bug in the opus code or buffering code or whatever
23:24:13pamauryzimjo: can you upload the file somewhere ?
23:24:58zimjomaybe another time, i do have to call it a night for today. anyways, i hope we do get to the root of the problem. thanks for the support so far guys.
23:25:11 Quit zimjo (Quit: Page closed)
23:33:30Bilgus_ with the latest fw
23:35:45Bilgus_pamaury I see pretty similar numbers to his
23:37:26 Quit MrZeus (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
23:38:06pamauryBilgus_: except you don't have the periodic super huge values he sees
23:38:57pamauryhe posted other logs previously and after a while, many transfers take >500ms
23:39:41pamaurybut it could also be a problem with windows/rb usbstack, I don't know
23:40:02 Join MrZeus [0] (~MrZeus@2a02:c7f:7059:8e00:15f9:1ec0:c911:4705)
23:44:00Bilgus_yeah the highest I saw was ~100 ms or so
23:47:05 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: "It's now safe to turn off your computer.")
23:57:35 Join tbx1024 [0] (~tbx1024@2001:630:12:2430:6af7:28ff:fe6b:d7be)
23:57:39 Quit idonob_ (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)

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