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#rockbox log for 2017-03-06

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01:43:04superluig164I asked a question on the forums (, ) and the person who replied to my post told me to come here to ask if what I want to do is feasable. Could someone answer that for me?
01:44:18__builtinsaratoga_: ^
01:44:20[Saint]hold fire
01:46:32[Saint]No. This is not feasible.
01:47:07[Saint]Errr, actually...perhaps I'm interpreting this wrong.
01:48:29superluig164What do you mean?
01:49:43[Saint]Just making sure I'm understanding what you want to do properly.
01:49:43[Saint]When the wiki says "the firmware is shared between players X, Y, and Z", they mean the original firmware. Not ours.
01:50:00[Saint]Rockbox is most certainly targeted to subgroups.
01:50:22superluig164Yes, but in my experience, if the original is exactly the same, RockBox should work just as well, no?
01:50:57superluig164Aw. Would it hurt to try, though?
01:51:38__builtinit wouldn't do anything...
01:51:59superluig164Good point. Okay, well, I guess I'll just wait for someone to do one for the S540
01:52:09superluig164Thanks anyway guys
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01:56:25[Saint]It's a valid point and a logical conclusion to come to, but it's hard to explain why it isn't the case so I just settled with 'no'.
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02:59:56shrizza_So is there a good RB7xx series routerboard that can reliably run openwrt via metarouter?
03:00:51shrizza_From my brief tests so far, it seems the older 750s (750, 750G) lack RAM capacity, whereas the newer models either lack disk (RB750Gr2) or do not support metarouter (RB750Gr3).
03:01:04shrizza_Er, wrong channel.
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03:06:45[Saint] were kinda close, shrizza_, they do have RB in the name.
03:06:56[Saint]I'll award half a point.
03:07:00shrizza_Haha. :D
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03:22:35shrizza_For anyone wondering about the off-topic question: I got it running on RB750GL with its higher disk and RAM capacity. :)
03:30:24[Saint]I know most of those words.
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05:54:24Asarahey guys, I am trying to install rockbox on my sansa fuze+
05:54:43Asaraand the device keeps going into readonly mode
05:54:46Asaraand screwing eveyrthing up
05:54:52Asarausing the rockbox utility to install
05:54:54Asaraany suggestions?
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10:47:33duo8oh wow i wanted a routerboard at some point
10:47:49duo8but my next router needs ac
10:49:14duo8shrizza_ is there any reason to use owrt on it? i thought the whole point is routeros?
10:50:46duo8Asara try manual installation?
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10:59:09shrizza_duo8: I need to run a python script on it.
10:59:21shrizza_Also, there may be other reasons such as nmap.
10:59:32duo8huh, ok
10:59:46shrizza_But yeah, for the most part ROS is sufficient.
10:59:55duo8do you think the hw is worth it?
11:00:09*gevaerts would like to point out that the topic hasn't actually changed
11:00:22shrizza_Well, it's not an enterprise-class router. Great CPE though.
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11:47:10duo8does anyone have the binary for fiiofw unpacker?
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12:51:58pamauryduo8: for fiiox1 ? can't you build it from source ?
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13:22:45duo8yeah, i was just asking if anyone had it already since i don't have a local copy of the repo
13:23:25duo8also pamaury you figured out lcd yet?
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13:44:57pamauryduo8: I have the lcd init routines but I haven't tried them on device yet
13:45:34duo8what interface is it? i see the soc can control several types
13:46:44pamaurythe smart lcd
13:48:16duo8is it normal that i saw only 7/8 traces on the lcd flex cable?
13:50:49pamaurythere should be more than that, many more
13:52:07pamaurya typical 8086 bus interface will have CS, WR, RD, RS, DB0-7 (or 0-15, I don't remember if the bus is 8-bit or 16-bit on the fiio x1), RESET, and then power pins (and also backlight)
13:52:20pamauryso more like 30 traces
14:00:45wodzpamaury: unless data are sent though serial interface
14:02:01pamauryno on the Fiio X1 I am pretty it is sent through a parallel interface
14:03:06pamauryduo8: are you sure it's the Fiio X1 1st generation you are looking at ? Maybe the flex cable is double-sided
14:07:39BilgusAsara have you got the boot loader on already?
14:10:19pamauryduo8: on the photos of the X1 that I have, the flex cable looks like it has 30 traces
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14:51:22duo8i'm looking at my dap (shanling m2
14:52:05duo8wait i'll get the pic
14:58:35wodzI see 30 contacts on this photo
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15:02:36duo8wow did you actually count
15:03:14duo8anyway look below, there are only a few traces (dark lines)
15:04:19wodzindeed looks like 7 or 8 lines are actually connected.
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15:05:59wodzpamaury: Do you know if there is any documentation for earpods with remote? Is there some standard? Android/iPhone somehow know what to do so I assume there is one
15:07:43 Join cc_ [0] (~ac@2001:910:113f:1:6a05:caff:fe1c:1627)
15:09:26duo8inline remote support in rb would be cool
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15:10:29Asaraduo8: hey man
15:10:39Asarai am missing something in terms of the manual install
15:10:44Asaraevery time i mount the device
15:10:47Asaraand try to do anything to it
15:10:50Asarait switches to read only
15:11:20wodzThere is intriguing string in hiby_player /sys/bus/platform/devices/earpods_adc.0/earpods_adc/earpods_adc_sw which might mean that rocker can be controlled with inline remote on earpods
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15:13:24duo8yeah prob
15:13:28duo8the FiiOs can
15:14:04duo8hopefully the line actually gets connected
15:15:18wodzunfortunately I don't have such pods to try
15:17:10duo8surely you have one with a switch?
15:17:57duo8you can buy a cheap headset to test if you're willing to spend
15:18:14duo8cheap android headset and a fake earpod
15:19:49duo8found this
15:26:09wodzduo8: That is helpful
15:26:55duo8apple is slightly different but the play/pause button is the same afaik
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16:32:25pamauryduo8: shanling m2 might use something different, I did not claim all devices in the world use parallel for lcd ;)
16:32:49pamaurywodz (logs) for earpods there is some kind of ad-hoc standards: apple and android
16:32:59pamaurythey use resistors on the mic line usually
16:33:03 Join parchd [0] (~parchd@unaffiliated/parchd)
16:40:43pamauryduo8: for LCDs, SPI is quite common as well and then you just a need a few wires: GND, VDD, TX, CS, possibly RESET, maybe RX. Then backlight if it's not OLED
16:42:17 Part Asara
16:42:36pamauryif you want I'll have a quick look at the OF code
16:44:03duo8if you can spare the time to, not like it's up there on priority list
16:44:29duo8but if spi then it's not the jz lcd interface
16:45:24pamauryno indeed
16:47:07duo8is that better or worse?
16:47:22pamauryneither :) just different
16:47:57duo8but would it be more difficult to implement spi lcd? no docs from ingenic afaik
16:49:05 Quit paulk-blaze (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
16:49:41pamaurynot really. What happens in almost cases (even jz lcd interface) is that you implement the transport layer (jz lcd, spi), then you disassemble the firmware to find the (usually long) init sequence, and commands to redraw, and they you are rolling
16:50:08pamauryand in both cases you have the same problems: if you don't have the doc for the controll then you are stuck with whatever lcd settings the OF is using
16:50:43duo8well my lcd has literally no marking/writing
16:50:57duo8and it's bonded to the shell so i can't remove it
16:51:01pamauryeven with a marking you probably wouldn't find it
16:51:10duo8damn china
16:51:37pamaurywhat I usually do is look at the registers written by the firmware and derive a best case based on experience and comparison with controller datasheets
16:51:44pamaury*best guess
16:52:04duo8would the manufacturer have the docs?
16:52:20pamaurysometimes yes, but not always
16:52:56pamaurymanufacturers usually sell lcd+controller together, and might provide an init sequence with any doc, and sometimes say "tweak this bit here to change this"
16:53:04pamaury*without any doc
16:53:49pamauryin practice there are not that many important bits in the registers that you care about
16:56:45duo8hmm ok, what else is different from the fiio
16:56:49duo8the DAC?
16:56:59duo8probably not i2s
16:57:49pamaurythe DAC is probably different but all DACs use i2s and i2c for control. So what will different is the DAC setup
16:58:21pamauryin other words, pcm (i2s) driver is the same, but codec (volume, routing, etc) driver is different
16:58:38duo8but this one does dsd
16:58:53duo8at least there's a datasheet
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16:59:57pamauryI don't see how dsd makes a difference
17:00:24 Join nlogex [0] (
17:01:05pamauryit might change the size of the pcm samples but data will most likely still be sent over i2s. And even then, codec usually let you choose the pcm size. So we will most likely still send 16-bit pcm samples
17:01:37 Join cc_ [0] (
17:04:51duo8can you communicate with the pmu? it's the same axp202
17:06:09pamauryI don't know much about this pmu but usually yes one communicate over i2c
17:06:14pamauryor spi
17:06:39 Join paulk-collins [0] (
17:07:23duo8well, that's about all for hw differences
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17:16:49 Join chrisb [0] (
17:16:55ven00mI flashed Rockbox on my Xduoo X3 but it doesn't do anything since 1 hour
17:16:57ven00mWhat should I do?
17:17:18 Join superluig164 [0] (c7ebc060@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
17:17:21ven00mI downloaded the files and renamed it to and copied it to the sd card.
17:17:32ven00mjust like rock-boxfull which i extracted before
17:17:43ven00mI went to settings and did an update
17:18:05ven00mso I am waiting for 1 hour now and it doesn't do anything.. can I cancel the update or what do i have to do?
17:18:26 Quit parchd (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
17:18:45pamauryven00m: the xduoo x3 port is not supported by rockbox officially. You will need to ask the person who did the port
17:19:27ven00mBut when I cancel the update will my device be bricked?
17:20:08 Join parchd [0] (~parchd@unaffiliated/parchd)
17:21:08pamauryven00m: no idea, I know nothing about the port I am afraid
17:21:26ven00mwhats that
17:22:32ven00mso what happens to other mp3-players when canceling the flash ?
17:22:55gevaertsSomeone did a rockbox port, on their own, without talking to us at all. We don't know *anything* about it
17:23:09pamaurythat depends on how it is implemented, on where it hanged. It could do nothing or it could brick your device.
17:24:33ven00mDamn, what should I do?
17:24:38ven00mWait? > 1 hour now?
17:26:23pamauryven00m: send an email to the guy who did the port ?
17:26:38ven00mhow to find out?
17:28:44ven00mI wrote him
17:28:51ven00mThank you.B
17:29:08 Quit superluig164 (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
17:29:11ven00mBut how is it possible that someone publishs a port without having talked to you guys
17:30:13pamauryHe ported rockbox to the device but said he was not interested in joining the community and maintaining the port
17:30:37ven00mSo is there a way I get the os to run again?
17:30:52pamaurythe problem is that if no one maintains the port then we end in the situation where users ask questions and we don't know how to help
17:30:54ven00mthe original firmware
17:31:03ven00mdoes this occour a lot?
17:32:27pamauryyou'll have to ask him. Maybe he has tools to recover the device. I tink the Xduoo X3 can always be recovered, assuming he has the tools
17:32:45jvoisinpamaury: the source code of its port isn't available?
17:32:53pamauryyes it's available
17:33:12 Quit petur (Quit: Connection reset by beer)
17:33:39pamauryat least for the port it self, but not the installer iirc
17:41:25 Join saratoga [0] (123e1fa4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
17:41:34saratogasome source is available, but not for the code you downloaded
17:41:42saratogaso you're basically stuck asking him for help
17:42:26 Quit cc_ (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
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20:39:14pamaurywodz: lebellium: so I tried to run the OF, play a song, kill it and then run rockbox (without touching the alsa controls). And it still produces crappy output
20:40:07pamauryit is possible that by killing the OF, it closes some file descriptors and reset some state set by the OF, or it could mean that the OF is doing some preprocessing the audio files
20:42:31pamaury(that's if I kill the OF when it is paused)
20:42:46pamauryif I kill the OF while playing, then rockbox cannot play audio, the pcm driver seems stuck
20:50:05lebelliumstupid question but is it possible to run Rockbox while keeping the OF in background?
20:52:42pamaurywell the problem is that usually only one program can access the audio driver
20:52:58pamauryand beside, it's not even clear it will help it any way
20:55:08pamauryalso I have tried to suspend the Of but it doesn't work
20:56:52lebelliumI still don't understand why Sony don't use the default DAC settings
20:56:57lebelliumI'm sure it's fine enough
20:58:42pamaurythe only clue I have so far is the OF requests the ALC (Automatic Level Control, i think) table from the driver. which may suggests it uses it to do some kind of audio processing
20:58:48pamauryor have the DSP do it, I don't know
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21:19:30*pamaury is running out of ideas to fix the nzw audio
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21:21:03lebelliumwould the problem be the same with a native port?
21:22:04pamaurydoing a native port on this thing would be insane
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22:57:51Bilguspamaury, on the fuze plus I see you have absolute.z that seems to pick up how big an area the touch occupies is there any reason you didn't use that to filter key presses?
22:59:23pamauryBilgus: I can't make any sense of your sentence :)
22:59:51__builtinI understand all the words at least!
23:01:07Bilguslcd_putsf(0, 6, "abs: %d %d %d", absolute_x, absolute_y, (int)u.s.absolute.z); <- sansa fuze plus
23:02:32pamauryI don't see what kind of filtering you are referring too
23:02:57pamaurythe touchpad provides some information about the touch area but it's not very useful
23:03:07pamauryor at least I don't see how to use it
23:03:50Bilguslike filtering out extraneous key presses the sensitivity doesn't seem to do it all that well
23:04:34pamauryI am not sure I see what you are referring too
23:04:57 Quit paulk-collins (Remote host closed the connection)
23:05:44Bilgusok for instance if I place the device in my pocket it picks up key presses somehow?? if I set the sensitivity low then it doesn't but it makes using the keypad near useless
23:06:10pamaurybut how is that going to help ?
23:06:33BilgusI notice in the debug menu Z changes between 15-35 depending n how much of my finger is placed on the pad
23:06:34pamaurymy guess is that the "absolute z" you'll get will be big in your pocket
23:07:10pamauryand you can lock the screen to avoid that
23:08:11pamaurybut feel free to experiment, if you come up with something that works why not
23:08:59BilgusAdvanced keylock helps a lot with that esp the autolock but that 10 seconds or so before it enables sucks sometimes
23:09:57pamauryBilgus: you cam manaually lock the screen in the wps
23:10:02pamaurypress power
23:10:12Bilgusyeah I'm already aware
23:11:35BilgusI was jw if there was something funky with the Z that I wasn't aware of
23:12:25pamaurywell I suggest you try by yourself, you can go to the debug menu, Show HW Info > target > press play
23:12:31pamauryyou'll have the touchpad debug screen
23:12:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:12:34pamauryit displays Z
23:24:47 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: "It's now safe to turn off your computer.")
23:25:30__builtinjhMikeS: it seems that the filesystem fails when trying to write to a file greater than 2GB in size
23:25:47__builtinthe theoretical FAT limit is 4GB, any idea why?
23:26:19jhMikeSyou can't represent it in off_t
23:27:29 Quit ender (Quit: Friends come and go, but enemies accumulate. —- Jones Law - ... and sometimes the real trick is telling the difference. — addendum)
23:27:38 Part chrisb ("rcirc on GNU Emacs")
23:27:55__builtinhow would I fix it?
23:28:17__builtinI understand that it has to be signed, so... extend it to 64 bits?
23:30:23__builtinor would that have side effects elsewhere?
23:30:55jhMikeSit's meant to have off_t be 64 bits and FILE_SIZE_MAX set to 0xFFFFFFFF
23:31:24jhMikeS__USE_FILE_OFFSET64 would have to be defined and off_t changed
23:31:31 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.93 [Firefox 51.0.1/20170125094131])
23:34:17__builtinthere seem to be some format strings that assume off_t is signed long
23:34:32 Nick ranmacha1 is now known as ranmachan (
23:34:50jhMikeSwhat sort of failure was it anyway?
23:35:01 Quit tbx1024 (Quit: Leaving)
23:35:27__builtinit just failed to write after 2GB, no crash or anything
23:36:55jhMikeSyeah, that's what it does. it doesn't have to though. you just wouldn't be able to seek to beyond 2gb but could read or append. other functions wouldn't be able to return information
23:38:35jhMikeSlseek beyond 2GB and filesize would just have to fail even read and write would accept data beyond the off_t limit
23:38:58jhMikeSinternally it's unsigned
23:40:19jhMikeSmeh, I'm reworking some of the organization anyway with a different disk cache. It's about 1.5-2.0k smaller too.
23:41:11__builtinI'll probably do it the Right Way and split it into multiple files
23:48:48Bilgusthats probably preferable on a 60 hour file anyway
23:56:51 Join superluig164 [0] (4632e65c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.

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