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#rockbox log for 2017-03-07

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01:01:22Bilgusturns out placing the fuze+ in my pocket registers a keypress with a small z so I made a min touchsize setting and that seems to help a lot in fact I can set sensitivity to max and deadzone to 0 and still have good rejection on unwanted key presses I'll try this out for a few days
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01:36:29superluig164I bricked my Walkman when trying to install the RockBox bootloader. The person who replied to my forum post asked me to come here for unbricking instructions, so here I am. They also said that it's impossible to brick a device that uses the ImxInstall method, which mine does. Can someone point me in the right direction?
01:37:28Bilgusdefine bricked
01:45:53superluig164Completely unresponsive, doesn't boot into anything when pressing any button including reset. It showed me a white screen after the upgrade. I also was not able to get the .rockbox folder on the storage either, as it disconnected as soon as I moved the bootloader over because of my stupid finicky USB cable.
01:46:03superluig164BRB will check replies in 10 minutes
01:53:43Bilguswell you will for sure need a good USB cable to do a recovery.
02:17:17superluig164I know how to make it work reliably. It's only because I was in bed. But if I am going to recover it I need to know how... Can you help?
02:17:32superluig164BRB again. Will check replies though don't leave me hangin please
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02:33:20__builtinthat sounds like a very bad idea to me
02:33:38__builtin(using a flaky USB cable for this)
02:37:17superluig164Well... Whatever. Let's pretend I have a perfect cable... How can I recover it
02:37:38superluig164I'm hoping I can revive it. It doesn't respond to anything.
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04:17:35superluig164I bricked my Walkman when trying to install the RockBox bootloader. The person who replied to my forum post asked me to come here for unbricking instructions, so here I am. They also said that it's impossible to brick a device that uses the ImxInstall method, which mine does. Can someone point me in the right direction? Completely unresponsive, doesn't boot into anything when pressing any button including reset. I also wasn't
04:17:41superluig164Help please?
04:20:48__builtinno need to repeat yourself −− not everyone is here right now, but someone will read the logs and see your question
04:24:20superluig164Okay, thank you, sorry. I'm new to this type of thing where you actually have to go somewhere else to read the logs, I feel like other people will be lazy (like me) and not read them
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04:31:17Bilgushave you tried entering recovery mode superluig164?
04:31:18fs-bluebotGerrit review #164 at : Manual: Describe more generally how to customise the main menu. by Alexander Levin
04:40:50superluig164I have. It doesn't respond to anything. No buttons or anything work.. And it doesn't respond when plugged either. Bilgus
04:41:47Bilgusdo you have another usb cord that really needs to be eliminated from the list as a possible issue
04:42:19Bilgusso you tried holding power while plugging the usb and it did nothing?
04:42:44superluig164Well it's a proprietary Sony plug so all I've got is the one that came with it. However, before it stopped working, it managed to sit for 15 minutes copying 30 songs without issues
04:42:59superluig164Yes nothing happened
04:43:48Bilgusugh and its a NWZ-s540?
04:43:58superluig164The last time it was responding to anything was after the *.sb file was put on it, then it unplugged, showed the upgrade screen, then it went white for maybe 5 minutes and then stopped.
04:44:06superluig164544 to be exact
04:44:37superluig164It could've just died, but it sat on the charger forEVER and nothing happened so...
04:47:34superluig164Welp so I just discovered it wasn't plugged in the charger properly. But I fixed it and still no response
04:47:50superluig164I'm going to try recovery mode again
04:50:46superluig164Yep, nothing... Tried Power/option, back, play/pause, nothing
04:53:59BilgusI'm sorry I'm not familiar with these players at all so hang tight
04:56:26Bilgusdid you try plug the USB cable, hold power and press the reset button while holding power for at least one or two seconds
04:57:05superluig164Yes, I held 'em for 10 seconds even
05:00:50Bilguskinda odd is your hold switch off?
05:04:14superluig164Literally nothing happens, the computer doesn't even recognize an invalid device or anything. It's like it doesn't exist
05:05:28Bilguswell I think you'll have to wait for an expert I find it very odd that you can't get into recovery mode though
05:09:10Bilgussuperluig164, where did you get the bootloader?
05:09:12fs-bluebotGerrit review #164 at : Manual: Describe more generally how to customise the main menu. by Alexander Levin
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05:26:16superluig164I used the bootloader from the NWZ-E360 available from the site. It says they share the same software, so if the software is exactly the same my thought process was that why shouldn't Rockbox be the same too.
05:26:33superluig164Does it have anything to do with not being able to get the .rockbox folder on there?
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05:28:25Bilgusno the bootloader should bring up a usb mode
05:29:43superluig164It did, it brought up the "upgrade screen" (it just says "do not disconnect" as if I was moving music on it)
05:30:47superluig164After the upgrade, the screen went completely white, and stayed that way for a while. I tried replugging it and unplugging and reset and pressing buttons. I noticed that if I presser reset it would go black and then white again. At some point I pressed reset and it never came back on.
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05:40:44saratogasuperluig164: you'll probably have to wait until morning before anyone knows about your player
05:40:46fs-bluebotGerrit review #164 at : Manual: Describe more generally how to customise the main menu. by Alexander Levin
05:41:01saratogabut IIUC, in recovery mode the screen should be black but the usb pid should change
05:42:14superluig164Shiett guys, thank you for helping though, and yea my laptop doesn't make the little sound effect for plugging in a device when I try the recovery methods... Anywas thanks again. Hopefully someone will see this in the morning and be able to help
05:42:39superluig164Gnight I'm in bed now. Hope I can recover this thing, music=life
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08:50:55pamaurydid the guy flash a E360 image to a S540 ? no wonder it doesn't work...
08:52:34pamauryfortunately for him, I have the S450 firmware I think, it can e recovered
08:52:36wodzpamaury: Isn't it hard to do? I mean we usually try to double check such mistakes
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08:53:19pamaurywodz: the OF doesn't check anything. If you put a file, it will flash it
08:53:28pamauryeven if that means comitting suicide
08:54:18pamaurywe don't even have a S540 to the port anyway
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08:57:04wodzthat is stupid
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12:54:58Bilguswell he does have a point in that the wiki makes it 'almost' sound as if there is
12:57:32pamauryBilgus: the page does not say there is port
12:57:43pamauryit does not point to any rockbox bootloader (only the OF)
12:57:49pamaurythere are no install instructions
12:57:57BilgusApparently the same firmware is used for several players. The model is determined from two pins and/or the MMC. The following players are handled: E340, E360, E440, E440K?, S540, BB.
12:58:27BilgusOh I'm fully aware but I think he took that line as gospel
13:00:27*pamaury edits the wiki so that any gospel will say that there is no port
13:02:26pamauryI am sure a port would be feasible but the device is impossible to find at a reasonable price
13:05:26Bilgushey only $150 used
13:09:24BilgusAre all the sony players so stupid as to take any old and overwrite their firmware as well?
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13:54:57pamauryBilgus: they are all based on the same sdk from freescale
13:55:10pamaurythey accept any file and upgrade. sone do version checks but that's all
13:58:43Bilgusthats both nice from the hacking standpoint and downright scary from joe user's
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13:59:21pamaurywell usually the flashing is done by a fancy tool that checks usb ID so it's rarely a problem
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15:36:11superluig164I understand my mistake, but I still have no recovery steps... How does the recovery mode work and how do I use it to recover? I'm going to try to get into it again, I left it plugged in the wall all night so it should be charged..
16:16:58pamaurysuperluig164: are you using windows or linux ?
16:16:59fs-bluebotGerrit review #164 at : Manual: Describe more generally how to customise the main menu. by Alexander Levin
16:17:06pamauryrecovery is not trivial but can be done usually
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16:20:53pamaurysuperluig164: download
16:20:53pamaurythen download
16:20:53pamauryput then in the same directory. Open a command line prompt in that directory (google how to do that, it depends on your OS version)
16:20:53DBUGEnqueued KICK pamaury
16:20:53pamaurythen you need to put your device in recovery mode. The simplest way is you plug your device to the computer, hold the power button, hit the reset button while still holding the power button and keep holding for a few seconds. The screen should stay black but your device be recognized by the computer as a HID device (Sigmatel Recovery)
16:20:55fs-bluebotGerrit review #164 at : Manual: Describe more generally how to customise the main menu. by Alexander Levin
16:21:58superluig164I am on Windows, so I should launch the .exe in the command line?
16:22:18pamaurythen in the command prompt, type:
16:22:18pamaurysb_loader.exe -f
16:22:18pamaury(where is the file is the file you need to extract from
16:22:49pamauryif it works, the original firmware should boot and start USB mode. At this point, you have not yet reflashed the firmware, but that's a first step
16:23:04superluig164Okay, will try and update you here
16:24:59superluig164Just a quick clarification. Download the program and the zip. Extract contents of zip to same folder as program. Launch cmd. Enter that command after putting the Walkman in recovery mode. Should show USB screen. Correct?
16:26:10pamaury(note: I am guess the firmware in the zip is called, but maybe it's something else like, then update the command line accordingly)
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16:42:23superluig164It was But I got that lol.
16:43:01pamaurysuperluig164: did you manage to get the usb screen ?
16:43:02fs-bluebotGerrit review #164 at : Manual: Describe more generally how to customise the main menu. by Alexander Levin
16:45:04superluig164It is currently downloading to device
16:46:00superluig164If I get the usb screen, what doI do from there?
16:46:53superluig164Still downloading...
16:47:52pamauryif you get the usb screen, window should detect it as a mass storage device. Then put at on it, rename it to, eject and unplug usb. If you are lucky enough, it should perform a firmware upgrade and the device will recovered
16:48:13pamaurydownload should be really quick... Although I admit I never use windows
16:48:21superluig164Okay thank you. Still waiting for it to download. Will keep updated
16:48:41pamauryI need to leave but I'll be back at some point and I read the logs
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16:49:28superluig164Sounds good cya
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16:57:55superlui164Keeps giving Error -13 (disconnected) after a while. Recovery mode times out maybe?
17:00:38superlui164Will try a different USB port now. After 3 tries, sits there downloading with no results.
17:02:04superlui164I've got it in my USB 3.0 port now... I mean the device itself doesn't support it but it might help. Waiting for it to finish
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17:05:55Bilgus_phYou can try starting the cmd prompt as administrator.. Start menu type in CMD right click select run as admin and cd to your directory though not sure why it'd need that
17:05:59 Quit Bilgus_ph (Remote host closed the connection)
17:06:27superlui164I am already in it as an admin, although I'm using Windows Powershell. It shouldn't make a difference though should it?
17:10:27superlui164It's sitting for an awfully long time
17:10:45superlui164It just keeps saying downloading firmware to device
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17:13:54superlui164Aight I'm gonna try a normal CMD prompt now instead of powershell. If that doesn't work, do you think trying it from a Linux VM would help, since @pamaury you use Linux more so you are probably more experienced
17:14:53 Quit elensil (Remote host closed the connection)
17:16:44superlui164Okay... Going from a standard CMD now. Still taking a while but it's just like looking in the fridge for your lost phone... You never know.
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17:28:34superlui164No difference... Any other way? Or is my computer/walkman just bugged
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17:35:16pamaurysuperlui164: windows is super annoying, sometimes things don't work no apparent reason, it doesn't help that none of us dev use windows regularly
17:35:36pamaurysuperlui164: can you at least confirm that could reach recovery mode ?
17:35:49superlui164Yes. It got in recovery mode for sure.
17:36:01superlui164I have an Ubuntu VM, if that might help?
17:36:55superlui164When I disconnected it to try in a normal CMD instead of PowerShell, it said error -13 when writing 173 or something... So maybe it is just really slow
17:36:57fs-bluebotGerrit review #173 at : Fuze+ simulator: update image with keys indication by Jean-Louis Biasini
17:37:28superlui164It takes 15 minutes to transfer like 25 songs over, at avg 10MB per song, so
17:38:19pamaurysuperlui164: you can try ubuntu in a VM, I don't know if a virtual machine will allow you to take control of usb peripherals on windows
17:38:54superlui164Well, never hurt to try. I will try now, can you provide me what I need to do this in Ubuntu? (obviously an exe won't work)
17:39:14pamauryou can definitely try though the procedure is roughly the same, except you need to download
17:39:15pamauryand run in a terminal:
17:39:48pamauryas root, so possibly
17:39:48pamaurysudo ./sbloader32
17:39:57superlui164Okay, I have to do something now, but will try and keep updated soon
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20:06:20lebelliumpamaury: wodz
20:13:31pamauryah finally
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20:21:56Bilgus_phYou can access usb devices inside an ubuntu vm by 1. Installing guest addons 2. Remove driver from windows device mgr 3 set up filter within vmware (only need to leave device id) 4 if using amd uninstall amd usb filter driver
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20:24:17lebelliumpamaury: he didn't update the french translation
20:24:58superluig164Bilgus_ph: I knew you could do it through guest additions but not that you needed to delete the driver from Device Manager. I hadn't a chance to try it yet, but I'll be sure to do that now.
20:27:09pamauryBilgus: I see that Windows amkes it very simple, as usual ;)
20:27:25 Join Bilgus_ph [0] (~Bilgus_ph@
20:28:10Bilgus_phYou can sometimes get away with just ejecting it from windows but uninstalling is more reliable
20:28:44 Quit Bilgus_ph (Remote host closed the connection)
20:42:32superluig164Well, I will be trying it in about an hour or so. School is killin' me right now. Will stay updated here
20:42:37 Quit superluig164 (Quit: Page closed)
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22:22:23Bilgussorry thats Vendor ID not Device ID if you look in device mgr do properties and Hardware IDs itll be USB\VID_xxx<−−- then probably PID but you usually don't need it unless you have multiple devices with that VID
22:23:14Bilgusso in the VBOX filter you will enter that xxxx number for vendor ID
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