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#rockbox log for 2017-03-14

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12:29:01duo8can the rockbox UI have transparency?
12:29:17duo8or would that require too much work to implement?
12:30:25wodzduo8: There is support. Consult documentation or [Saint]
12:31:01duo8huh, wonder why no theme used it on the zip
12:31:05duo8will check
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14:39:20aude_I'm running RockboxUtility on Linux. the software does not have permissions to mount or even detect devices. is there any Linux group my user should be a part of?
14:40:19aude_(it listed the drives when running the software as root. I don't want to run X applications as root though)
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14:47:17[Saint]duo8: These days, the "right" way to do transparency isn't via pissing around with "true magenta", that way would be considered deprecated - even if it is still valid.
14:47:39[Saint]duo8: The "right" way to do it now is via a 24 bit bitmap alpha channel.
14:48:00[Saint] - sorry about the late reply, but better late than never.
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14:49:26[Saint]aude_: if you don't trust our installer...why on earth do you trust our DAP software?
14:50:57duo8yeah i get that
14:51:11duo8why was magenta a thing though?
14:51:48duo8(and what does that have to do with transparency in rb themes?)
14:51:54[Saint]duo8: because 'back in the day' we didn't have the ability to render bitmaps with an alpha channel, and no one in their right mind would ever use true magenta for anything.
14:52:24duo8it looks like pink, surely there was an use
14:53:00[Saint]Well, if you wanted to use hot pink/magenta, all you'd need to do is make it one byte different and the theme engine would leave it alone.
14:53:09[Saint]And that would be imperceptible to the naked eye.
14:53:53[Saint]It could be any colour, really, the theme engine just knows to render that specific hex code as transparency.
14:54:06duo8so the theme engine uses magenta?
14:54:08[Saint]But it made sense to use a toxic colour no one sane would ever use for anything.
14:54:43[Saint]Yes. True magenta is rendered as transparency. That was the original, now deprecated way of doing it.
14:54:59[Saint]Now we can render bitmap alpha channels and no longer need it.
14:55:18duo8so either works?
14:55:38[Saint]But you really want to be using bitmap alpha channels.
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15:01:24[Saint]aude_: the simple way, given that a DAP doesn't require any security per se, would be to create an fstab entry for it and append 'user' as a mount parameter.
15:01:39[Saint]Then unpriveledged users can mount and modify it.
15:02:24[Saint]But really I defer to my original point regarding trust of our installer.
15:02:58[Saint]Or if you distrust the installer and already have the bootloader installed on the device, there's no real need to use it whatsoever. In fact it's easier not to.
15:04:01[Saint]Just download the build from and extract it to the device. That's all the installer is doing.
15:04:04[Saint]Same goes for themes.
15:04:32aude_yeah, I understand. I ran the RockboxUtility as root to install the bootloader, and will do the rest by mounting the FAT fs as an user
15:04:33duo8don't most distros have a udisk setup for this though?
15:04:40aude_not Arch Linux
15:04:54aude_(so it's my problem. I merely ask if you have suggestions)
15:04:59duo8usually when i plug something in it mounts automatically and i can access it
15:05:08duo8i'm on Arch too
15:05:21aude_okay. I don't use udisks2
15:05:53duo8you can try installing the BL manually
15:05:56[Saint]I always wonder what posseses people to use a minimally configured distribution without basic understanding of subsystems and management.
15:06:06aude_regarding the trust, it's more of a principle than a specific case. I just don't run stuff as root. and even less so X software
15:06:52aude_[Saint]: I use a minimal distro exactly because I don't have an understanding of basic subsystems and management yet. it's a good way to learn
15:07:56[Saint]Sliding offtopic, but Arch is really not novice friendly and by its very nature of minimal configuration in the hands of the inexperienced is often wildly insecure.
15:08:12[Saint]You can learn these things in a fully fledged distribution just as well.
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15:08:56aude_in my experience, no. I'm too lazy to set up eg. full disk encryption from scratch in Ubuntu. or configure my boot loader or boot image. but in Arch I have to. no more lazy me
15:09:46[Saint]No one sane uses FDE unless it's hardware provisioned.
15:09:59duo8lol i do
15:10:43*[Saint] defers to the questionable sanity aspect of the statement. :p
15:11:22[Saint]I mean, my systems are encrypted as well...but only the bits the actually matter.
15:11:55[Saint]most of / doesn't require it at all and software crypto FDE isn't worth the performance hit.
15:12:36aude_okay, good to know, I think we disagree a bit on encryption and that's fine
15:12:45duo8hmm, don't see any hit
15:13:01aude_on topic, I am confused as to why the auto mounter makes any difference
15:13:04duo8but i have FDE to prevent possible rootkits
15:13:33duo8aude_ it mounts as your user
15:13:38duo8something like that iirc
15:13:52aude_RockboxUtility does not detect my player even when I mounted it before running RP
15:14:02aude_ooh. maybe I need to mount it as my user. lemme check
15:14:20[Saint]...but it doesn't, though. In a subset of circumstances it can potentially mitigate it, but it's hardly preventative.
15:14:39duo8eh it fits my threat model
15:14:49[Saint]Easier to just go after you when you're logged in with your keyring loaded.
15:15:13*wodz points to topic
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15:17:17duo8aude_ it does work for me when i tried it, but it's kinda buggy so i never touched rbutil again
15:18:59aude_well that worked like a charm, thanks!
15:20:23aude_for the record: at Linux, you need write permissions to the Rockbox drive for RockboxUtility to detect your device filesystem
15:20:59aude_for example `mount -o uid=1000,gid=1000,utf8 /dev/sdb /mnt`
15:21:28aude_as a thanks, have this:
15:22:20[Saint] need to be able to access the drive for the installer to work...who knew?
15:25:10aude_apparently noone before just now
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15:40:26duo8people'd expect it to be able to detect regardless i guess
15:40:42duo8nice rocks
15:43:24[Saint]well, if you wanted raw access to an unmounted volume then you /would/ need to be a priveledged user.
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23:17:29__builtinargh, the `sort' plugin really seems to do more harm than good
23:17:54*__builtin just managed to sort a .lua file
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23:42:30__builtinhmm, is gerrit down for anyone else?
23:42:50__builtinoh, it's my user agent...
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