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#rockbox log for 2017-03-22

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00:27:13FishbowlkrakenSo, quick question, I'm sure this has been asked here at least a few times
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00:27:31Fishbowlkrakenbut are there any plans to do a Raspberry Pi 0/3 port?
00:28:04FishbowlkrakenIt seems to me, with things like the PiTFT being as low res as they are, that the streamlined interface of something like RockBox would work really well for making simple media centers and whatnot.
00:30:00FishbowlkrakenThe Pi0 uses a typical ARM11 and has a half gig of RAM, so it's right around the specs of a high end DAP. Obviously the Pi3 with the 64 bit ARM and gig of RAM has a lot more under the hood, but the Zero seems, to me, like the prime candidate for RockBox releases. If y'all were willing to work on a port for one using any one specific screen as a target and let me know which, I could see about designing a printable case to house
00:30:44FishbowlkrakenBasically the Lyre project but with a chance it'd go somewhere, heh.
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00:36:29saratogaFishbowlkraken: normal sdl app should work on all the Pi boards
00:38:55Fishbowlkrakenyeah, but running it as an application's kinda clunky. I was thinking more like integrating it into the rbutil, and having a custom image for the SD card install on it. You could use one of the PiTFTs or other commonly used LCDs as a single target, and then it'd be a project like the PiGrrrl or those other emulation stations.
00:39:54FishbowlkrakenI mean, my current Pi3 looks an awful lot like an old clunky DAP right now, as my portable version's using a 240x320 screen
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00:42:07FishbowlkrakenI mean: look at this thing: It's a tiny LCD with a capacitive touchscreen, four programmable buttons on the bottom, with a good case it'd be right at home as a DAP from 2008 with a Pi Zero and a battery pack slapped on the back.
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01:06:18saratogaFishbowlkraken: there is no disadvantage to using the app build, and it has the pretty substantial advantage of not requiring you to reverse engineer all the binary drivers required for the Pi SOC
01:07:08saratogaif you want to make a custom image for a given Pi accessory, you can do that easily enough
01:07:32saratogaalthough rockbox has somewhat limited support for touch screens
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02:41:18saratogajhMikeS: double checking you say that question about the dircache in memory ?
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03:10:27jhMikeSsaratoga: could you rephrase that? :)
03:15:16saratogashould have been "that you saw"
03:16:46jhMikeSsaratoga: I think you meant "tagcache in memory", which is just loading the database without paths.
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06:41:35quaz0ranyone familiar with iaudio x5L
06:42:13quaz0ri replaced the battery in it a year or two ago and now it wont charge or turn on
06:42:42quaz0rive seen mention of it having a second battery so now im wondering if maybe that needs replacing or if the new battery i installed is what died
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10:04:58gevaertsquaz0r: IIRC the X5L does indeed have two batteries, so yes, I wouldn't be surprised if the second one being dead makes the entire thing be problematic. I suspect you could just disconnect and remove that one though
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10:36:39quaz0ryeah i took a closer look inside, its got a first battery soldered to the board, then wires coming out with a plug that plugs into the big secondary battery
10:36:49quaz0rthe big secondary one was the one i replaced fairly recently
10:36:59quaz0ri never messed with the smaller one though
10:37:13quaz0rso now i dont know which one is dead or how to check
10:37:58*gevaerts 's advice should all be taken with several grains of sand as he's not a hardware guy at all
10:38:16gevaertsI'd cut the wires to the small one, in such a way that I could solder them back together later
10:38:31gevaertsI'd probably disconnect that plug first
10:38:43gevaertsThat should confirm which one is the problem
10:39:23quaz0rthats a though i guess
10:39:42gevaertsIf that makes it boot again, it's the new battery that's dead. If it still doesn't boot, the small one is dead (but maybe the big one too. Impossible to tell with *just* this step)
10:39:52quaz0rthough i dont know either if the first one is dead will it necessarily mean that the whole thing wont work even if the big battery is good
10:40:22gevaertsThat's the big question, yes
10:40:56quaz0ri wonder if some day in the distant future humanity will design properly modular and properly serviceable devices
10:41:55gevaertsI have no idea how charging works on that thing. If it treats them all as one big battery disconnecting either should be fine (but then I'm not convinced this is a good design)
10:42:30quaz0ralright well ill disconnect the secondary one and see if that changes anything
10:42:33quaz0rthanks for the idea
10:42:35gevaertsIt could also have two charge controllers (which I'd expect if it wants safe operation, but as I said before I'm not a hardware guy)
10:42:53gevaertsBut yes, disconnecting the "easy" one is definitely a good test
10:43:14gevaertsIf you do that, you technically end up with an X5 (non-L) with the wrong case
10:43:59quaz0rheh yeah
10:47:25tomflintwhy are old ipods so expensive?
10:47:52gevaertsBecause a lot of people think like you and want them!
10:48:32tomflintits crazy. I thought I'd pick one up for cheap, replace the HD, add a better battery, etc −− but it ends up being a $200+ project
10:48:40quaz0rif a person were to get a new device, what would a good device be for playing music
10:48:50quaz0rif you are a luddite like me and refuse to own phones and tablets
10:49:14quaz0ri assume everyone just uses their phones nowadays
10:49:31*gevaerts will leave that question to people who actually follow the market
10:49:48tomflintnah, I rarely touch my phone. For music on the go I use an old Sansa Clip+
10:49:49gevaertsI'm happy with my gigabeat F, even though it's slowly falling apart
10:50:39quaz0rok well i removed the secondary battery and it still doesnt turn on at all, i'll try charging it again just to make sure
10:51:31quaz0ri wonder if that primary battery is the problem, if i could just remove it and solder the other battery in
10:53:40gevaertsIf it's the problem, you definitely have to remove it. I'd first try with the second battery where it is though, and only move it if that still doesn't work
10:54:06gevaertsAnd I'd consider moving that connector with it for easier maintenance in the future
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11:02:07quaz0ryeah good thought
11:02:20quaz0rsolder that connector in there and just have the big easily replaceable battery
11:10:43pixelmamaybe you could try catching amiconn - he replaced the battery in an X5 and in my M5L, so he probably knows. He's rarely around here these days and doesn't follow the discussion often anymore though
11:12:13pixelmaboth batteries in the M5L that is
11:14:18gevaertsI'd say he has a lot more experience with those than *just* replacing some batteries :)
11:14:43pixelmathat too
11:15:00pixelmahe did the M5 port :)
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13:54:51Guest82831I installed rockbox on an ipod classic (80 GB, but 128 GB now using 4*32GB adapter iflash). Music appears on the player, yet some songs, which played fine on regular apple firmware, now are being skipped
13:55:22Guest82831These are .mp3 files, not big files of hi-res files or FLACs.
13:56:14Guest82831Is there something I am missing, or is there a fix for this?
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16:46:24amiconnquaz0r: From memory, the two batteries in the X5L/ M5L/ M3L are just wired in parallel (actually there are 3 batteries in total: the larger one actually consists of two parts)
16:47:15quaz0rso if the first one was dead but the other one was good it should still work?
16:48:20gevaertsWell, hopefully the dead one hasn't killed the live one
16:48:45quaz0roh can that happen
16:49:26quaz0rwell i unplugged the one battery and tried charging it like that, trying it now it still doesnt turn on
16:49:41quaz0rso i guess the first battery is definitely dead
16:49:44gevaertsI don't know. Depends on *how* it dies
16:49:56gevaertsIf it just shorts, who knows?
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18:41:20Guest33370is fw 1.31 for iriver h300 supported by rockbox? manual says not, but it appears on the wiki (iriverboot)
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19:13:09lebellium_z3cFirmware 1.31 for H300 is supported by Rockbox. It was tested by me and added to Rockbox Utility. We probably forgot to update the manual
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23:29:39__builtinhmm, has gerrit been updated?
23:30:17__builtindoesn't require flash now, that's nice :)
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