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#rockbox log for 2017-03-23

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00:38:11pamaury__builtin: yes gerrit has been updated
00:41:32pamauryI was not aware that Flash was ever needed ?
00:42:02__builtinyou needed it to copy and paste
00:42:15__builtinfor copying URLs to the clipboard
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00:48:40pamauryI thought there was javascript API for that
00:49:41__builtinwell, there still is and was, Gerrit just didn't use it until now
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04:58:27tomflintis it common for the ipod 5.5 to have buffer issues with larger FLACs?
04:58:55[Saint]Are you confident it's a 5.5?
04:59:35tomflintI was until now :) it's got the 'Search' under Music in the stock OS
04:59:56[Saint]5G wouldn't terribly surprise me in terms of actual available RAM, in terms of computational power both 5 and 5.5G are the same.
05:00:31[Saint]...but FLAC is not resource intensive _at all_ and should be fine unless you're doin' something stoopid.
05:00:54tomflintI'm listening to a 24-bit FLAC. It only pauses if I'm using the EQ
05:01:08[Saint]Then that makes perfect sense.
05:01:23tomflintha. no love for 24/96 :) Not the worst.
05:01:34[Saint]1 - you're thorwing 8 irrelevant bits at it that it's downsampling in software.
05:01:45[Saint]2 - you're probably not aware of what a parametric EQ is.
05:02:21[Saint]No matter what you throw at it, it's coming out the end as 16/44.1
05:02:30tomflintok sweet. That's great to know.
05:02:32[Saint]So transcode with that in mind.
05:02:58tomflintmy Clip+ never had any issues with these files, but it makes perfect sense
05:03:20[Saint]Your clip+ doesn't have an 80MHz CPU.
05:03:28[Saint](yes, 80)
05:03:39tomflintgood Lord
05:05:08[Saint]For a second there I thought you had some wierdly encoded FLAC that was exhausting the buffer. But then you added that info and all became clear.
05:05:26[Saint]Poor wee baby's perpetually screaming along trying to keep up.
05:05:59tomflintI was in need of a project, so I've decided to make a somewhat super-ipod
05:06:45[Saint]Well, I mean, this would be fine if you used the parametric EQ as intended.
05:06:54[Saint]Each band costs about 8MHz in processing.
05:07:18[Saint]At most you'd probably want to be using three, and that's for a complex curve.
05:07:47[Saint]Might wanna ask our manual and wikipedia about parametric EQs and Q values.
05:08:56[Saint]Most people will be perfectly fine just using the bass and trebel modifiers.
05:09:18[Saint]Which are significantly less resource intensive.
05:09:35tomflintyeah, I think that's what I'll stick with. I seem to be sensitive to higher mid-range, so I normally take that down a bit, but otherwise b/t is perfect
05:10:17tomflintthanks, [Saint]!
05:10:31[Saint]De nada.
05:11:05tomflinthave a great one
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08:45:01chatter29hey guys
08:45:23chatter29allah is doing
08:45:31chatter29sun is not doing allah is doing
08:45:32chatter29to accept Islam say that i bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad peace be upon him is his slave and messenger
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08:48:55*[Saint] is doing
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10:07:17gevaerts[Saint]: 5G and 5.5G are also the same in terms of RAM
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10:39:04zagorsome site updates:
10:39:16zagor1) I have updated gerrit to 2.13.6
10:40:09zagor2) I have created script to purge wiki spam accounts. Any account that has not been added to WikiUsersGroup within five days of creation is summarily deleted.
10:41:17pamauryzagor: that's great
10:42:59zagorthe purge script was franklin's idea btw.
10:52:08duo8i've asked this before but,
10:52:28duo8has anyone used the genlang script recently?
10:56:21*gevaerts claims that there's nothing wrong with the genlang script!
10:56:23gevaertsNot me
10:59:17duo8not even recently, maybe within the last 2 years
11:00:00*gevaerts runs "./tools/genlang"
11:00:05gevaertsYes, I've used it!
11:00:37duo8but does it work?
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11:01:50gevaertsGiven that genlang is used in every single build, I'm going to say yes
11:03:46duo8i mean for creating new languages. i remember having issues with it
11:04:03duo8text would be mixed up everywhere
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11:05:22duo8does it require a specific version of perl?
11:06:10gevaertsNot as far as I know
11:08:43wodzpamaury: Is there other than 'we use C only' reason for not building cross g++ with rockboxdev?
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12:14:39pamaurywodz: no, since we don't use C++, I didn't see the use. But there is no reason why we couldn't build one
12:15:17wodzpamaury: I tried build gdb for agptek and apparently current version has parts in c++. Thats why I am asking
12:15:36pamauryI see. Well I look into building g++ tonight
12:15:52*pamaury expects another round of fun
12:19:33duo8iirc some parts of rockbox is in asm. do those parts have a version for every supported arch?
12:21:18pamauryduo8: yes, or a backup generic version in C when possible
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18:29:28amayerHello all, I am reading the docs and cant seem to find what specific versions of ID3 are supported. Does anyone know offhand?
18:43:18gevaertsamayer: based on the source, 2.4
18:43:42amayergevaerts: thanks :)
18:44:47amayerI am helping a podcast with their embedded image problems and wanted to make sure rockbox supported 2.4 before I told them their images arent loaded/encoded correctly
18:45:28amayerwe already fixed ogg encoding issues now we are working on mp3
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19:12:57amayeris there a way to log why a file is being skipped on ipod classic?
19:16:33amayeralso is there a max size of album art that rockbox supports? The image I am working with is 3000x3000.
19:17:28pamaurysaratoga may know about your first question
19:18:19gevaertsI suspect you'll have trouble with ogg with that sort of size
19:18:39gevaertsmp3 should be fine with any size
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19:27:51amayeryeah jpeg
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19:51:40*[Saint] points out that while mp3 /should/ be fine with large resolution jpegs in Rockbox, anything more than "lowest resolution value on device X lowest resolution value on device" is a massive waste.
19:52:16[Saint]Why scale inefficiently and waste RAM needlessly?
19:52:57[Saint]That can be minutes of audio buffer you're tossing away for art you might not ever even look at during that playback session and even if you do you'll only likey see for a few seconds.
19:52:59gevaerts[Saint]: as I understand it, in this case rockbox is mostly used as a sanity check to see if the files are OK
19:53:28[Saint]Ah. Right. Guess I probably should've read more backlog first.
19:54:24gevaertsAs I see it, 3000x3000 is unacceptable because it will still work on non-rockbox things. I'd go 20000x20000 at least
20:08:27amayer[Saint]: The ogg files from this podcast would not play on my rockboxed ipod at all (audio wouldnt play). I am just trying to help them figure out why.
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22:15:04__builtinhmm, I can't log into the wiki
22:16:09__builtinheh, my account's been deleted...
22:16:13__builtinhow ironic
22:16:33lebelliumthe new script is too efficient
22:17:33lebelliummy account has been deleted too
22:17:53__builtinthat's not good...
22:18:01TorCSounds like Zagor needs a ping.
22:18:22TorC(23:40:10) zagor: 2) I have created script to purge wiki spam accounts. Any account that has not been added to WikiUsersGroup within five days of creation is summarily deleted.
22:19:21__builtinit was my idea to do that in the first place, lol
22:19:45pamaurymy account is still there
22:19:58lebelliumyes, pamaury and wodz accounts are there
22:20:03__builtinI just re-created mine
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22:52:44[Saint]Ah for fucks sake.
22:52:44[Saint]My wiki page is gone too.
22:52:47[Saint]What genius did this?
22:53:22__builtinwell, it was my idea...
22:53:31lebelliumit was a good one
22:53:36gevaerts__builtin: don't admit anything!
22:53:42[Saint]We had legitimately zero problem with this.
22:54:17[Saint]We had more of a problem with _legitimate_ users making unwanted or outright wrong edits.
22:54:18lebelliumhave you edited a page recently [Saint] ?
22:54:26[Saint]*cough* Chrisjj *cough*
22:54:34[Saint]lebellium: why would that be relevant?
22:54:56__builtinsome accounts have been deleted but others haven't
22:55:04*[Saint] is accutely aware
22:55:50*gevaerts isn't that sure that spam-filled user pages are "legitimately zero problem"
22:56:12lebelliumwell, I would assume that someone who hasn't edited the wiki for quite a long time would not care that much
22:56:35[Saint]lebellium: and that would be obtuse.
22:57:48__builtinyou ought to be able to just register a new account with the same name
22:57:55[Saint]gevaerts: well, yeah, granted. I suppose what I meant was that we have no issues with these accounts touching actual content, and if a purge was greatly needed I would've been more than happy to do it again and actually verify that I wasn't taking out legitimate users.
22:58:05lebelliumrecent edits are unreadable because of spam. I guess that bothers me more than Chrisjj edits
22:58:09[Saint]I was the one that did the last great purge manually several years ago.
22:58:18__builtinit'll still be in the users group
22:59:25*gevaerts thinks we were beyond a manual cleanup
23:00:05[Saint]A lot of people thought that before I did it the last time and took out several hundred accounts.
23:00:39[Saint]I'd much rather do it slowly and not nuke actual content and actual users than quickly and...this.
23:02:05 Quit saratoga (Quit: Page closed)
23:02:13[Saint]Before people get too invested in recrating their user pages I would like to investigate what actually went wrong and have scorche roll the wiki back.
23:02:35gevaertsscorche? How would he do that?
23:02:49__builtinBjorn is the one that runs the wiki
23:03:03__builtinI just emailed him about it
23:03:11[Saint]Ah, right. Hum. I thought the wiki was on the same server as the forum. My mistake.
23:03:12pamaurysurely we have a recent wiki backup
23:03:28[Saint]pamaury: well, one would hope.
23:03:29pamaurypossibly even one right before running the script, which is the *cough* sane *cough* thing
23:04:05[Saint]And, yes. One would hope. But one would also hope that someone would actually check shit like this on a local clone before doing it live.
23:04:11[Saint]And, that sure as shit didn;t happen.
23:04:17[Saint]So I hold no hope for backups.
23:05:14*[Saint] attempts to shift out of pessimism mode
23:05:31[Saint]I'm just bitter because there's frankly no reasonable excuse for things like this to happen
23:05:53__builtinon the bright side no actual pages were lost
23:06:28[Saint]__builtin: that's not really true.
23:06:42[Saint]Lots of people had content embedded in their personal user pages.
23:07:00*__builtin remembers chrisjj
23:07:39[Saint]If all anybody had in there was their personal details I would be tempted to agree.
23:07:46[Saint]But a lot of people had legitimate content or links thereto in their personal pages.
23:08:46[Saint]I'm going to recreate my page for the sake of contact details temporarily but I'm going to hope that it can be rolled back.
23:11:13 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.93 [Firefox 52.0.1/20170316213829])
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23:31:34[Saint]What the...
23:32:03[Saint]What is the difference between "Address" and "Location" in the wiki user page data fields?
23:32:23__builtinLocation = Earth
23:33:03__builtinI doubt that it really matters, though
23:36:11[Saint]Hmmmm. I doubt that's coincidental.
23:36:40[Saint]_At the very same time_ as my wiki registration email confirmation came through, I got three different spam emails.
23:37:18*__builtin checks his
23:38:29[Saint]Professor Abugardunga wants to talk to me about a serious proposition regarding the transfer of 'large monies' into my account.
23:39:19[Saint]He's a professor, and he also states that "this is not a scam, my friend. but very reals ans significnt" (sic).
23:39:25[Saint]Sounds legit.
23:55:53 Part robertd1
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