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#rockbox log for 2017-03-24

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00:15:40Asarahey guys, what would y'all say is the recommended mp3 player for rockbox?
00:15:52Asaramy only requirement is that it support an SD card (128gb sdxc)
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00:42:21[Saint]Personally, I would say that you absolutely don't need removable storage of that capacity, or at all, as there's no way you're ever going to be able to exhaust ~120GB of media even in several days.
00:42:33[Saint]And I would recommend the iPod Classic.
00:42:48[Saint]You can very easily and cheaply convert them to solid state media.
00:43:23[Saint]And they are the most powerful yet commonly available, and well built, target available.
00:43:35[Saint](when price point is factored in)
00:45:28[Saint]For about $100 (on top of the purchase price), you can easily convert them to solid state storage and add an extended capacity battery in the internal void you create by removing the HDD and adding the significantly smaller solid state media adapter plate.
00:46:43[Saint]Don't pay any mind to the main page in terms of how well this target is or isn't supported. It is only listed as such on a technicality and it is in fact very usable and very stable, and very performant.
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00:56:01Asara[Saint]: Honestly don't want an apple product
00:56:05Asarajust as personal preference
00:58:10[Saint]Sacrificing what is quite clearly the best engineered platform available (without dipping in to the dedicated "HD" players that come at what can be an order of magnitude more expense) on the back of a personal preference when you have the option of discarding the original firmware entirely is something I see as misguided, but, so be it.
00:59:17AsaraI'd agree its misguided, but I really really don't want any apple hardware :P
00:59:39[Saint]To get the same level of build quality and engineering you're looking at the iBasso or HiFiMan players.
01:00:08[Saint]Which target the audiophile market and are specced much higher than Rockbox audio actually supports.
01:00:28[Saint]And cost a literal order of magnitude more.
01:00:47AsaraI currently have a Fuze+, but the sd slot has stopped working
01:00:50[Saint]Otherwise you're looking at the Happy Meal Toy type players, like the SanDisks.
01:01:02AsaraSo I don't really care about how they look, as long as I can stick my music library onto it
01:01:10[Saint]Which are shittily engineered and stop working if you look at them wrong.
01:01:27AsaraAnd I take that music library everywhere (road trips, travel, etc), which is why I want that 128 in sd memory
01:01:31[Saint]And will arbitrarily brick themselves.
01:02:03[Saint]This is of course if you want a well established and stable port.
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01:02:39[Saint]There's other options available that are well engineered and have expandable storage, but their ports are not mature.
01:03:32[Saint]Without knowing what price point you're looking at, it's difficult to say.
01:03:59Asaraup to $100 I'd say
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01:04:22[Saint]For a non-iPod non-shitty-Happy-Meal-toy player, the best bet would be a Creative Zen or Zen X-Fi
01:04:28[Saint]I see.
01:04:56[Saint]Yeah, that drastically limits your options. Start looking for a refurbished Fuze or Clip, I guess.
01:04:59AsaraBring me a happy meal!
01:05:55[Saint]You can't purchase any of those new anymore, unless you get _reaaaaaaaaaaaally_ lucky, and even the refurbished players are selling for more now than they retailed for.
01:06:09[Saint]$100 really doesn't buy a lot in the DAP market anymore.
01:07:16[Saint]If you don't care about how it looks, there's DIY options available.
01:07:22AsaraDIY options?
01:07:26Asarathat sounds like it would be up my alley
01:07:54[Saint]You can slap a 3.5" touchscreen and a LiPo on a Rpi Zero or ODROID C2, for instance.
01:08:07[Saint]Then run Rockbox as our SDL app.
01:09:42[Saint]With the Rpi Zero and a generic 3.5" resistive touchscreen from Alibaba et al, and a generic no-name LiPo you could so it for under $100.
01:12:44AsaraAlright I'm going to think about it.
01:12:50[Saint]There's even rpi cases specced to incorporate generic 3.5" displays.
01:12:52AsaraThanks [Saint]
01:13:12[Saint]No problems. If you idle around perhaps someone else will have more options to suggest for you.
01:13:19[Saint]But the price point makes things difficult.
01:13:28AsaraYeah I'll chill in here.
01:13:32AsaraI didn't realize how expensive these things were
01:13:37[Saint]Awesome, and, welcome.
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12:05:01wodzpamaury: have you tried building cross g++?
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13:11:51pamaurywodz (logs): yes
13:11:57pamauryit turns out it's trivial apparently
13:13:18pamauryI updated g#1570 and I tried it on the arm linux toolchain
13:13:20fs-bluebotGerrit review #1570 at : Modernize toolchain script and add generic arm toolchain by Amaury Pouly
13:13:29pamaurybasically one just −−enable-languages=c,c++
13:13:43pamauryand apparently it's enough, but I didn't try to run a produced executable
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13:14:37pamaurybut I am not sure if that correctly builds the c++ std library so I need to investigate this more, there is surprinsgly little information
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13:22:00pamaurythere is something strange on the new gerrit
13:22:12pamaurynone of my changes appears when I click on My > Change
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13:22:27pamauryit is as if gerrit didn't make the link between me and well me
13:28:30gevaertsHmm, same here
13:30:03gevaertsSearching for "owner:self" does work
13:30:23gevaertsWait, not entirely
13:30:39gevaertsowner:self,wait a bit, and let it suggest my name works
13:30:45gevaertsPure "owner:self" doesn't
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16:14:31wodzpamaury: Thanks for info, trying now. Next I'll try to crossbuild gdb :-)
16:17:41pamaurywodz: something I have noticed is that it *seems* the produced g++ statically links libstd++ by default, which is a waste of space. There is probably an option for that, I guess
16:18:27wodzpamaury: Since I need it strictly to compile gdb this is not a problem (as long as it produces correct binaries)
16:18:43pamauryon the other hand, it may be a good thing since the stability of libstd++ is dubious at best in this case, since we are using vastly different compiler versions
16:18:56pamaury(ABI stability)
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18:32:13pamauryre gerrit problems: gerrit dev say we need to reindex, it's a simple one line command to run on server (
18:32:34pamauryI've sent an email to Zagor
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19:18:33r100hi all! so i've got two ipod classics; one 80GB (1G) and one 160GB (3G), both with the latest bootloader 1.0 and recent rockbox build. When I open 'disk info' on both devices, the 80GB (Samsung HS081HA) shows to have power management and noise management enabled, while the 160GB (Toshiba MK1634GAL) shows these features as unsupported. Is this something that cannot be done, or is it done by the drive itself already?
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19:43:00prof_wolfffr100: do not worry about the power and noise management, the HDD is powerd-off a few seconds after it is not in use, IIRC the only features the driver enables are read-ahead and write-cache, all other features are leaved in the HDD default state
19:47:58r100prof_wolfff: thanks for the reply, that makes sense
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19:50:33johnb2For the Ipod hdd -> solid state replacement, do I need a working hdd to install the bootloader or can I do this with some iFlash and sdcard after replacement?
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20:00:36prof_wolfffjohnb2: to install the bootloader you need an iPod (orignal HDD or IFlash) where the Apple original firmware is already working, if it works with original firwmare then it should work with Rockbox
20:02:14prof_wolfffso install the iFlash, then restore Apple firmware, it it works then install the bootloader and rockbox
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21:30:53wodzpamaury: ping
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21:39:58pamaurywodz: pong
21:40:10pamaurywodz: I will disapperar in 10/15min
21:40:26wodzpamaury: compiled gdb doesn't work /mnt/sd_0/gdb: /lib/ version `GLIBC_2.19' not found (required by /mnt/sd_0/gdb)
21:40:48pamauryhum, that sounds like gdb requiring too recent symbols
21:40:48wodzpamaury: I also have a feeling that they use g++ to build c sources actually
21:41:06pamaurywhat is the glibc version installed on the device ?
21:41:32pamaurywodz: you can check the elf using readelf, ask it to print the dynamic symbol table
21:41:48pamaurymost probably you will find some symbol version at GLIBC_2.19
21:42:06pamaurythat may help you find out why it is needed and if there is a way to disable it
21:43:23wodzok, will try
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21:45:19__builtinpamaury: you are porting g++, correct?
21:45:37pamaury__builtin: I am not porting anything
21:45:46wodzand setrlimit64
21:46:00wodzthis are the only two
21:46:45pamaurywodz: I quick grep suggest that the source does #ifdef SYS_getrlimit64
21:47:00pamauryand because we are compiling the gcc/g++ with recent kernel headers, those are defined
21:47:24pamauryso either there is a switch to disable them, or maybe you need to manual #undef those or edit the particular file that checks this
21:47:55pamaury__builtin: wodz wanted me to change to also compile the c++ compiler
21:48:05__builtinoh, awesome
21:48:09pamaury(for the linux cross compiler)
21:48:16pamaury(ie hosted)
21:48:31pamaury(and for debugging purpose only)
21:48:57__builtinso that means no plugins in c++ then
21:49:16pamauryno, on native targets supporting c++ would be a lot more work
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23:20:56sulfasalmy sansa clip is behaving strangly: sometimes the screen freezes and I have to start pressing all different key combinations to bring it back to life. I ran it through the utility but it didn't help. It's ok now, but if the past is anything to go by something bad is gonna happen
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23:25:38sulfasalanother time it just played the same tune over and over
23:28:17sulfasalIIRC I entered settings ->...clear_settings and that fixed that, but this last time I unplugged it from USB but it wouldn't start, just kept showing the "Charging" icon...
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