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#rockbox log for 2017-03-27

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14:18:23phoenix_which currently available device can i use with rockbox?
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17:02:22bw___Is it possible to install rockbox on a usb thumb drive, to make it look like an ipod? This is so that my Toyota Entune system will see the usb drive as an ipod, and subsequently work like one by being controlled by the car's headunit.
17:07:57bw___Is it possible to install rockbox on a usb thumb drive, to make it look like an ipod? This is so that my Toyota Entune system will see the usb drive as an ipod, and subsequently work like one by being controlled by the car's headunit.
17:08:34bw___*Sorry* Thanks - that's what I thought - couldn't find any reference anywhere on the wiki or the faqs, so I figured... but still had to check to see if anyone knew for sure. Appreciate your help.Sorry-
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19:28:15phoenix_is there a device i can get from amazon that i can install rockbox on?
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20:00:42naraicphoenix_: not that i am aware of. BUT there is some guy who has ported a fork of rockbox to some new players.
20:01:08phoenix_naraic: oh cool, thank you for letting me know
20:01:47phoenix_my sansa clip zip broke recently and it is very hard to find a replacement
20:02:04phoenix_naraic: have you tested one of them?
20:02:37naraicphoneix_: no, none of them. i don't know anything about those ports other than i saw it mentioned on the xduoo's wiki page
20:02:53naraicphoenix_: there is work being done on the agptek rocker at the moment too that _might_ be looking promising if you're patient. it's a decent cheap player. i got one today!
20:04:46phoenix_cool, good to know, thanks
20:09:02phoenix_naraic: where can i find information about the status of the rockbox implementation for the agptek rocker?
20:09:54lebelliumthere's nothing yet
20:10:04lebelliumwodz reached the main menu yesterday
20:10:11lebelliumthere's still much to do
20:10:49phoenix_thank you
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23:40:21[Saint]foolsh: you need to change the CFLAGS param to include -std=gnu89
23:40:32[Saint]assuming you're only building for armeabi, that is.
23:40:44[Saint]because this fucks up building for MIPs.
23:40:47foolshthat's it! thanks [Saint]
23:41:00[Saint]Ooooooooooorrrrr, you could pull in pamaury's work.
23:41:25[Saint]I have a bunch of local work that's not really in an acceptable state for shitting out onto Gerrit.
23:41:55[Saint]But it pretty much throws away the entirety of
23:42:05[Saint]I really should rebase it with pamaury's work.
23:42:38[Saint]But I'm conflicted about how to proceed with it.
23:43:05foolshBtw [Saint] what is the current state of adroid-rockbox-dev build scripts
23:43:14[Saint]Woefully broken.
23:43:32foolshneeds a reboot
23:48:28[Saint]foolsh: if you like, I could walk you through it - but I can give you some pointers right off the bat.
23:48:29[Saint]I guess I should get off my lazy ass and merge this shit upstream, I keep forgetting about it because developmentally speaking, RaaA is dead.
23:50:11[Saint]in you need to change the hardcoded toolchain to −−toolchain=arm-linux-androideabi-4.9, and change the android platform from android-16 to android-19
23:50:57[Saint]Then change the linker in GLOBALLDOPTS from gold to bfd
23:52:00[Saint]The gold linker won't link our project with a modern NDK and SDK, and it's virtually impossible to set up an environment with the required assets that are old enough to compile RaaA git head.
23:52:44[Saint]The builds that are being compiled for are only still being created because Michael hasn't touched the Android tools in about 5 years.
23:53:07[Saint]If he updated the Android tools in his environment it would all violently explode.
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23:53:25foolshI'm more in mind to try with modern build tools, just building it isn't usful if we can't add to and modify it
23:54:00[Saint]Well, the above will get you there. I'll address anything you bounce off as it happens.
23:54:36[Saint]Just remember to install the SDK and NDK, and when you do, run the Android SDK Manager and pull in android platform 19 and android platform tools 19.
23:54:59[Saint]then you'll need to change the prebuilt toolchain and linker as explained above.
23:55:22[Saint]There's also a couple of paths that moved around but I can help you with that as it happens.
23:56:45[Saint]I should probably look in to getting it building against modern Android platform and android platform tools, even though we target a lower platform.
23:57:06[Saint]But for the now I know what I'm dealing with with platform 19
23:57:41[Saint]There is a patch on Gerrit to get Rockbox to run on Android 5.0+
23:57:51[Saint]But it's a giant fucking hack that I'm really not comfortable with.
23:58:08[Saint]It shits all the threading into button_queue

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