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#rockbox log for 2017-03-28

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00:04:48[Saint]Regarding, I want to add a companion script to that.
00:05:06[Saint]I have some work here locally, though I can't remember what state I left it in, it's been a while since I touched it.
00:05:59[Saint]Basically, it adds "", which pulls in and installs the /precompiled/ toolchains that the user selects, or optionally, all of them.
00:06:40[Saint]Because personally I don't think that, even experienced users wishing to compile their own builds, have any business recompiling toolchains from scratch when the majority of them haven't changed in a decade.
00:08:43[Saint]I think that I should host precompiled toolchains for the major architectures and just let "" pick them up and dump them in the location of the user's chosing (or default to ~/bin) and then make an effort to insert the location into $PATH if it isn't already.
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00:14:06[Saint]You probably also want to pick up the shit I did with switching to position independent executables in the LDOPTS.
00:14:30[Saint]just, which I remember it. But we'll cross bridges as we come to them. I suspect I'm getting ahead of you.
00:15:17foolshI think having both options for the user would be nice, one for the paranoid and the other for the not so paranoid
00:19:15[Saint]I could also make a super-easy option and just provide a compressed archive with x86, x86_64, armhf, and aarch64 toolchains in independent child archives.
00:19:33[Saint]just have the user download the full thing and then extract for their architecture into ~/bin
00:20:13[Saint]I don't recall needing to do much, or possibly even any, real work to get out toolchain set to compile for aarch64.
00:20:31[Saint]Oh...YPR* toolchain was fucky and broken as almighty hell.
00:20:55[Saint]But pamaury fixed that up. Not sure if it's been merged upstream though.
00:21:38[Saint]I suspect there's only about two or three people in the entire world that actually give a shit about compiling for anything that isn't armeabi though.
00:21:52[Saint]Outside of contributors and hobby developers, I mean.
00:22:21foolshthe YPR had issues with crosstools if I remeber
00:23:56foolshI have to digg around gerrit, we should really clean this up and present a unified build env
00:25:31[Saint]Not really in a position to trivially check right now, dicking around on public transport. But you could either check and/or recent commits, or pamaury's Gerrit submissins.
00:25:43[Saint]And see if the YPR* toolchain stuff ever made it upstream.
00:26:15[Saint]He drastically simplified the horrific mess that was the prior build instruction set for foe YPR* toolchain.
00:26:40[Saint]Damn near cut it in half in terms of complexity and shaved about 2/3 off it in terms of build dependencies.
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01:01:45CJ8Hi! I'm working on a 6th generation iPod Classic. I've installed Rockbox, but how do I reinstall the Apple soft to have it dual boot? Thanks to anyone who might be on here! -Clayton
01:05:43[Saint]CJ8: You force DFU mode and then restore the device with iTunes.
01:06:13[Saint]Note: This will completely remove all custom firmware and all media from the device and you will need to reinstall the Rockbox bootloader and Rockbox binary.
01:06:50[Saint]I suspect that due to the lack of Apple firmware that you started off with emCORE or iLoader quite some time ago?
01:07:51[Saint]If you installed the current Rockbox bootloader from a fresh installation that didn't include either iLoader or emCORE, then you already have the Apple firmware and dual-boot abilities.
01:08:33[Saint]Is there a chance that you're just confused about how dual-boot functions? Or did you in fact update your bootloader from iLoader or emCORE which you had installed prior?
01:08:50[Saint]Kinda need some input from you here CJ8... lol
01:09:18CJ8I installed the "ipodclassic_v8" bootloader.
01:09:50CJ8I have Rockbox running perfectly but it doesn't show up in itunes.
01:10:38CJ8I'm probably confused as you said. ;)
01:12:43[Saint]Out of curiosity, before I address your issue, from where did you find the files and instruction to do this?
01:12:54CJ8Here's the tutorial I followed:
01:13:12[Saint]Oh...for fucks sake. Those assholes again.
01:13:20CJ8Uh oh..
01:13:40[Saint]I've spoken to them extensively about not duplicating our files or documentation.
01:14:03CJ8So is that the bootloader I should have used?
01:14:18[Saint]Usage and installation, as well as the bootloader you should update to, is covered extensively herein:
01:14:47CJ8That's the page they linked to in their tutorial.
01:15:11[Saint]Hum, then I guess I'm confused, because usage is very clearly described on that page.
01:15:43[Saint]That page does include a the 1.0 version of the bootloader with USB bootloader support which you should update to however.
01:16:19[Saint]But, in some ways. I understand. Most users get excited as soon as they see execution and stop reading.
01:16:19CJ8So is this the info I'm looking for? "Entering Apple's Disk mode Turn off the iPod. Power it on by holding down SELECT+PLAY, keep holding until Disk mode starts."
01:16:46[Saint]Well, no. Not the Apple Disk Mode. But that is 'Usage" section you're looking for.
01:17:06[Saint]You're wanting "Switching from Rockbox to Apple's firmware" specifically.
01:17:34[Saint]Which is done by toggling the hold switch (difficult and annoying) or holding MENU during boot.
01:17:54CJ8okay I'll try that. :)
01:18:12[Saint]I do suggest using those instructions and the linked files to update to the latest public iteration of the bootloader though.
01:18:25CJ8Hey, it WORKED!!! Thank you!
01:18:31[Saint]No problem.
01:18:38[Saint]Not that boot modes will persist.
01:19:09CJ8LOL, when I got on here I thought this page would have been abandoned long ago. Just shows how great you guys are.
01:19:15[Saint]So in order to boot Rockbox again you'll need to force a reboot of the device. Apple's firmware doesn't technically have an "off" state. It just pretends it does.
01:19:35CJ8by holding menu and select?
01:20:02CJ8Perfect. Thanks Saint!
01:20:19[Saint]Not that while you're perfectly free to continue to use iTunes you basically have zero reason to do so now.
01:20:34[Saint]Unless you want to continue to use the crippled Apple firmware.
01:20:40[Saint]*Note that
01:20:59CJ8Yeah, I love being able to just drag and drop music.
01:21:00[Saint]Rockbox supports simple 'Drag and Drop'.
01:21:24[Saint]Before you go, I'll link you this...hang on.
01:21:58[Saint]Because of the current state of the ipod6g build classification, it doesn't have a public manual.
01:22:21CJ8Thanks once again! I'd probably be lost without that.
01:22:24[Saint]But the iPod Video build is practically identical, so you may use the iPod Video manual to learn about our functions and features.
01:23:17[Saint]They have a near 100% feature parity. So while you might find a tiny subset of things in the Video manual that the Classic doesn't (yet) support, all the information you do find will be identical.
01:24:34[Saint]Also, welcome!
01:25:00[Saint]I am always pleased to see new users in this community. Happy to have you onboard the project.
01:26:06CJ8So I got it into the Apple USB mode, but my 256gb drive is now showing as 128gb, just like it did before I did the bootloader install.
01:26:37CJ8I can get back into Rockbox, and it shows as 256gb there, but in the Apple side it only shows 128gb.
01:26:55CJ8I thought the bootloader was supposed to fix the 128gb limit.
01:27:05[Saint]Yes. The Apple firmware doesn't support LBA and as such won't address any more than 128GN of storage.
01:27:37[Saint]It "fixes" it, in so far as Rockbox doesn't give a flying fuck if you have 1MB, or 4TB of storage.
01:28:00[Saint]The Apple firmware remains entirely untouched and is outside of our control.
01:28:23CJ8So as long as I'm running on the Apple side it'll only recognize 128gb?
01:28:46CJ8I see how it works now.
01:29:02CJ8The Rockbox runs along side of the Apple firmware.
01:29:06[Saint]If you had the CE-ATA 160GB "fat" iPod Classic, you could address up to 164GB of storage in the Apple firmware. But with this you're limited to 128GB with the 80 or 120GB "thin" version, yes.
01:29:36CJ8Well, I'll just run Rockbox.
01:29:44CJ8I like the extra storage.
01:30:21[Saint]The only real reason to ever use the Apple firmware, from my perspective, is if you're using an iPod Accessory or dock that Rockbox won't address or doesn't properly support.
01:30:59[Saint]For msot simple accessries, and "dumb" iPod docks, Rockbox should work perfectly adequately.
01:31:36[Saint]CAr head units and complex-function iPod accessories may not function with full feature support, or at all, though.
01:31:37CJ8Well, thanks again, and have a good evening....or morning. LOL. You're in New Zealand?
01:31:44[Saint]I am indeed.
01:32:00[Saint]Just gone half 12 midday here.
01:32:17CJ8I'm a night owl too. :D
01:32:37[Saint]mid day, not midnight. ;)
01:33:01[Saint]It's probably also tomorrow here compared to where you are.
01:33:13CJ8oh, I got the AM and PM mixed up. You are a day ahead though.
01:33:22CJ8So have a good afternoon!
01:33:34[Saint]saint@virtual-server-11:~ $ date
01:33:34[Saint]Tue Mar 28 12:33:11 NZDT 2017
01:33:45[Saint]No problem, you too. Enjoy your fancy new firmware.
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06:06:53user890104[Saint]: any idea what to add to the instructions, in order to make it more clear how to switch back and forth between rockbox/OF?
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21:27:57robertd1hi, for installing the bootloader of an ipod classic no dual boot, the correct command would be mks5lboot −−bl-inst path/to/bootloader-ipod6g.ipod -S ?
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