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#rockbox log for 2017-03-29

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00:09:42DablessHi, I just restored my Ipod Classic and I'm trying to re install rockbox. Rockbox utility tells me that I do not need to reinstall bootloader but the Ipod won't boot into rockbox
00:10:24__builtindid you ever have the bootloader installed?
00:10:59DablessIs there a way to make a fresh install ?
00:13:20prof_wolfffrobertd1: yes
00:13:58prof_wolfffDabless: probably you need to install only Rockbox (not the bootloader), use rbutil to do it
00:15:46prof_wolfffDabless: to make a fresh install use iTunes to restore the iPod, note that it also will remove all your music
00:22:10DablessI did the Itunes thing
00:22:21Dablessit still tell me that my Ipod does not need a bootloader
00:22:33Dablessso I can't install the boot loader the option is in gray
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00:27:20prof_wolfffDabless: you must use a patched RockboxUtiity available at , see the READMEs before proceeding
00:32:12Dablessit worked
00:32:15Dablessthank you very much :)
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00:57:16__builtinprof_wolfff: are you planning on merging your recent ipod6g work?
01:00:54robertd1thanks prof_wolfff
01:02:14prof_wolfff__builtin: i am planning to commit the mks5lboot tool, it is needed because i have some preliminary patched to add nano3g and nano4g targets, and it will require many changes on s5l8702 folder and mks5lboot tool, so i will commit what ATM is tested and working ok
01:03:43__builtinI was thinking of organizing a release soon, and it'd be nice to have the 6G technically "stable"
01:03:49prof_wolfffnow that the bootloader v1.0 is available at the download server, i will also modify the rockboxutility patch to use the bootloader at the download server and not a local copy
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01:58:42megamanI think my ipod is screwed. not sure if its a rockbox issue, but im hoping it is. the thing just wont turn on. left it charging overnight, so it isnt the battery. plugging it in doesnt register as it being plugged in. hard booting it just blinks the screen after a few seconds and returns to off state.
01:58:51megamanits a 5.5g, or a 5g. dont remember
02:09:46megamanill be lurking if anyone has a clue, please post.
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05:28:09foolsh[Saint]: logs, finially.. that took more fuckery than I was prepared to give. Who has this patch for +5.0 on gerrit?
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08:59:33megamanupdate on the ipod. its still blinking every minute or so. didnt notice before, but it might have just been doing that this whole time without my button pressing. when i plug it in, it doesnt even show up in disk manager.
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09:33:45megamangoing to bed. ill read the logs in cas anyone has some insight.
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09:48:56foolsh[Saint]: blah, I found it. It still won't work on my art devices. tolling around with getting a gdb connection up, but I'm wondering what it would take to add root only option to atleast work around it not even running to debug it
09:49:19foolshlike other apps do when they ask for root
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10:32:05pixelmafoolsh: IIRC it is known why RaaA on Android fail with ART, just that is a lot of work to fix it /correctly/... (your sentence sounded to me like you wanted to help out analysing this, if I misunderstood - please ignore)
10:35:39pixelmaah, hmm. Now I saw your earlier statement
10:54:59foolshpixelma: yeah, thats the thing, is it the way rb handles the disk? the lcd? the buttons? but eighter way, I'm done for the night o/
10:55:27wodzfoolsh: Do you mean, why rb doesn't work on art?
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11:01:49wodzfoolsh: Problems are caused by stack protection introduced in art. Moreover our threading model isn't compatible with assumptions in art runtime
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22:40:18lebelliumpamaury: looks like you got a new friend to work on NWZ :)
22:41:53pamaurylebellium: ah ?
22:42:12lebellium2 patches from a (new?) guy
22:43:03pamauryhum, I don't like a commit that removes crypto++ dependency
22:43:26pamaurythe point of having crypoty++ was *precisely* to not embed any crappy crypto implementation
22:46:48*pamaury cannot find the nwz-x1000 kernel source on Sony website..
22:49:05pamauryah thanks
22:49:30pamauryhum, I am a bit worried, it's one of those old generation that I didn't plan on supported because their kernel is way too old
22:50:51lebelliumI'm not sure you should be worried with that
22:51:10lebelliumlet's start with the newest ones and we'll give you motivation for the older models later :P
22:52:32lebelliumNWZ-A810 was a really nice model, it also has a 2.6.10 like X1000
22:53:07pamauryI mean it's just that as it is right now, the toolchain does not support those old kernels (at least not on paper). I won't spend any amount of time trying to compile a toolchain for 2.6.10, it won't compile with any recent gcc I am sure
22:53:38pamauryI'll send an email to the guy
22:53:46pamauryanyways, I'm still stuck with audio
22:53:51pamauryI don't have any clue
22:55:21lebelliumas there is no sound problem on A10, it would be nice when you get some time to make the booloader usable
22:56:54lebelliumjust go a bit further and have something working. And then switch back to the sound issue on E470/E580
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22:57:32*pamaury lacks free time
22:57:50lebelliumyeah, in may \o/
23:01:50pamaurymaybe this week end I can work on the bootloader
23:04:00lebelliumok. But no stress, with the shiny weather coming, the priority is beer of course
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