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#rockbox log for 2017-03-30

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02:23:42WilliamCI'm looking for a music player that support Rockbox and Bluetooth
02:24:05WilliamCI keep wrecking my headphone's because they keep getting snagged, if it was wireless, nothing to get snagged on
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02:38:31*__builtin isn't too sure about bluetooth
02:38:46__builtinI don't think we support bluetooth at all
02:41:01__builtinhmm, I might be mistaken
02:48:49WilliamCI think you're right
02:49:19WilliamCWish I knew how to not get the cord snagged, it's always too danged short and there is no non-bluetooth wireless headphones that I can find
02:49:53__builtinthe extent of the "support" we have is limited to a single device, and not in the mainline afaik
02:50:51WilliamCIt looks like Rockbox isn't as active as it used to be
02:53:57__builtinthere's still significant activity and several (?) new ports underway
02:56:19__builtinalso a bunch of new plugins if you're into that sort of thing ;)
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06:41:42foolshactually I'm running the RaaA on art with a few changes from the gerrit comments and which build tools and sdk used, and it seems to behave so far
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07:26:36[Saint]user890104: I don't think there is a fix for "user stops reading instructions immediately as soon as they have execution".
07:26:51[Saint]emCORE had the same problem.
07:27:17[Saint]We even put in the "You're not finished - WAIT!" stuffs in huge red font, and it still didn't work.
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07:29:41foolsh[Saint]: what are the falts of the android on art? I've had one crash when it found new music I copied and so far I see some jank in fft but it is running
07:31:53[Saint]The main "fault" per se, is the method by which it is running is a giant great hack.
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07:32:17[Saint]In order to have that not be a thing, we'd need to gut the threading model.
07:32:45[Saint]And, more generally, that RaaA is a pretty terrible idea.
07:32:59foolshI understand that, a new main thread in pure java could fix it but I gonna
07:33:07foolshI ain't *
07:33:15foolshyeah it's junk =]
07:33:25foolshneeds some love thats all
07:34:01[Saint]The requirement to compile for specific resolution (and the fuuuucking shitty scaling hack on gerrit) is also a massive downside.
07:34:15foolshneeds screen size independence*
07:34:16[Saint]The only really acceptable fix is playback lib+native UI.
07:34:33[Saint]At which point you've basically just got any generic androidFFMpeg native skinned player.
07:34:34foolshnativeUI thread kills more birds per stone
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07:34:56foolshright and then what do you have?
07:35:14[Saint]Problem is the more that you think about it the less sense it makes to actually use any existing Rockbox assets.
07:35:20[Saint]Then things get fucky real quick.
07:35:30foolshit just runs into a launcher for jni calls
07:35:52[Saint]I mean...someone could bulk out the playback library, but...realistically, barring being bored, or education, why would you?
07:36:23[Saint]plug a native UI into ffmpeg and call it a day.
07:36:31[Saint]But then it's not Rockbox...
07:36:37[Saint]A conundrum.
07:36:50foolshoh well, this turd never the less could use a polish, even if nothing is added, I might kick it around
07:37:24foolshI wonder if wodz minds my pushing over his task?
07:38:20 Join parchd [0] (~parchd@unaffiliated/parchd) can go
07:39:55[Saint]I might be wrong but I'm pretty confident wodz just did that to prove it /could/ be done.
07:40:09[Saint]He made it pretty clear at the time that it was a terrible idea he never wanted in core.
07:41:20foolshThe very idea
07:41:43foolshno for posterity's sake
07:42:15foolshand then polishing the pre 5.0 code down a little
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07:43:26[Saint]and, yeah, installtoolchain realistically has no reason to exist. you'd need to gut it and nearly completely rewrite it anyway. I might still have a repo floating around where I tried to drop it into
07:45:06foolshI say let the google howtos lead the user to sdk nirvana
07:46:00foolshor archive the late suitable versions
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08:03:09foolshah, just now I saw the UI do the 5.0 shuffle, yeah that is nasty
08:03:50foolshhmm and a stack underflow
08:04:17[Saint]Occasionally if you poke at too many buttons in just the right series of events, as dictated by no apparent rhyme or reason, it'll have a stroke and die.
08:05:02foolshStatus - Garbage
08:05:21foolsh<snip snip>
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