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#rockbox log for 2017-03-31

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01:02:57Dima__My ipod randomly shut down and wouldnt turn back on a few days ago, i asked but nobody knew what the issue was. It would just remain off no matter what i tried, and the computer didnt even know there was a usb connection when i plugged it in. no ping, no notification, nothing. all the while the device would randomly flash the screen white for a split second, and then off again. i've let the battery drain now, and i plugged it in, and
01:04:13Dima__please wait, very low battery. i guess that means that the usb port isnt the issue, but what could have caused this? i'm still waiting for the device to charge enough for me to be able to check if it was just a battery issue. it's worth noting that i have replaced the hard drive with a compactflash adapter about 6 months ago, and its been working just fine ever since.
01:06:10Dima__some things i've tried to fix it: disconnect the battery and put a different one in: no results. use button combinations to bring up the safe mode menu and hard booting, nothing.
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01:21:11[Saint]Dima__: smells like your modifications made for a dodgy link somewhere.
01:25:38Dima__[Saint]: well, it hasnt been modified in over 6 months. could that kind of thing even develop over time? and what could i do to fix it? i'm assuming you just mean the ribbon cables or something
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02:18:43foolsh__builtin: yeah, it's just so scattered around it seems
02:19:03foolshthings left over from a decade ago
02:19:10__builtin(note for posterity: continued from elsewhere)
02:19:51__builtinjust the code in general, you mean?
02:21:19foolshI've been thinking about hitting the plug-ins one by one and making them screen size variable at run time
02:21:41foolshand the android parts are rotting
02:25:57foolshparting ways with the android ports after a major release is also an option, if not will we keep dragging it along until no one can run it anymore?
02:28:00__builtinyou mentioned a release, and that sounds good to me
02:28:32foolshit would be nice
02:29:45__builtinthere's so much work over the last couple years that would be great to get out there "for real"
02:31:09foolshit would
02:31:10__builtinI'll send something to the mailing list and try and get something started
02:32:32foolshit would be mostly us if you get the go ahead you realize? but I'm available for the foreseeable
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02:34:10foolshhow's flyspray these days I wonder? dead?
02:34:43foolshthat things older than I can remember
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02:37:31__builtinthere are some things that would be "nice to have" in a release
02:37:50__builtinipod6g promotion is the one that comes to mind
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03:17:08foolshAny new* android work will really have to take different approach anyway, if it's motivating to do at all
03:17:40foolsh tuning up what we have, archiving the versions need to build it and moving on without the rot
03:20:26foolshthe plugins included in the android build need screen size agnosticism first, above 480 width they go wonky
03:20:40foolshI can work that out
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16:54:58igorskpamaury: FYI in NWZ-A816 rootfs I found a table of many models with KAS listed
16:57:38pamauryigorsk: hi, wow interesting
16:57:58pamauryigorsk: by the way, I have a few comments/question for you. Will you be on IRC tonight? (I'm a bit busy right now)
16:58:20pamauryigorsk: which file is that? (maybe it exists on more recent models)
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16:58:28igorskprobably, from another PC though
17:00:56pamauryok this file does not seem to exist on more recent models.
17:02:46pamauryMy question/comments are: 1) I don't like dropping crypto++ dependency because the goal of this dependency is to factor out crypto implementation (not just nwz but other ports). The other edits on your gerrit patch look ok.
17:03:17pamaury2) the older generation use a very old kernel 2.6.10 and glibc 2.3.3
17:03:37pamaurythe nwz toolchain does not (on paper at least) support it, it requires at least 2.6.23 and glibc 2.4
17:04:34pamauryjust be aware of this fact, because it's quite possible it will generate imports for symbols in 2.4 which is really the most common ABI for glibc
17:06:07pamaurysupporting older glibc/kernel is probably going to be a major pain
17:06:13igorskok I'll keep it in mind
17:06:33igorskgotta go, bbl
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19:46:23pamauryigorsk: I added some reply to your comments on gerrit
19:46:51pamaurybasically the features you are asking already exists. I just did a poor job of advertising them to the user
19:47:51igorsk_hm I see
19:50:01igorsk_in theory distro packages might be incompatible with the gcc version being built
19:50:58igorsk_though maybe it doesn't happen in practice
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20:48:47pamauryigitoor: I think it's very unikely those libraries become incompatible with gcc. Those are major libraries and I expect they are properly versioned
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