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#rockbox log for 2017-04-01

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09:46:49thcxhg357jcd(thcxhg357jcd) Hi, together, i have some problems with my 7th gen. 160gb thin ipod Classic. I installed Rockbox version bfd04df - 170322 and the bootloader version is 1.0
09:46:57thcxhg357jcd(thcxhg357jcd) The problem is everytime i update or reorganize my database, it crashes with this text on a white screen : "Divide by zero at 0808C574 pc: 0808C574 sp: 080F130C bt end"
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10:03:26jhMikeSthcxhg357jcd: is load to ram turned on?
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11:47:47jhMikeSthcxhg357jcd: try it with it off. I noticed some trouble on my Fuze v2 while others work fine. I'm not sure what's up.
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11:52:46thcxhg357jcdSo i tryd it first without "load to ram" same problem with same error code. Is it possible that i have some wrong version of the build's ? Or must i sort the tracks in a special order or structure.. sry for my bad grammar im from germany
12:01:20jhMikeSno need to sort. which build?
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13:01:17jhMikeSthcxhg357jcd: ah nvm, you said. it's been hours
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13:29:22thcxhg357jcdSo i take the Rockbox Utillity for installation Rockbox version bfd04df - 170322 and the bootloader ver. 1.0. Is it possible that some id3 tags or some files can not read by this software... im mostly sure that most of the fils are .mp3 or .jpeg
13:37:02thcxhg357jcd@jhMike: Ah nvm ?
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13:52:18jhMikeSthcxhg357jcd: "never mind" I forgot that you said what version it was since it had been so long.
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14:01:39thcxhg357jcdOk.. so do you have any idea to fix my problem.. actually i read in some forums to do an Metadata log to check at witch file it crashes.. but i cant find the log after i turning the option on
14:03:28jhMikeScould try that. I'd like to check where that crash happens.
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14:17:47thcxhg357jcdI think i found that option in the debug menue
14:22:04jhMikeSthcxhg357jcd that model is a 6g/classic build, right?
14:30:58maffeWiki pages contain an extra <body> tag
14:31:24thcxhg357jcdYes, i toke the 6g-classic "hidden" device at the Utillity. But its a 7g 160 gb. Just for your advice
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14:35:35thcxhg357jcdThe guys from #freemyipod-support sayd thats a problem with rockbox and not with the bootloader
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16:52:26AndroUser5644I lost my connection... now im back..
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16:53:16AndroUser5644But with a different name .. why i will check it... i have the problem with the 7gen. Ipod classic and the database crush
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17:43:47igorsk_pamaury: it seems the only other user of crypto++ is imxtools/sbtools; what do you say about making a common mini-lib for crypto stuff like scsi one?
17:45:11igorsk_in fact, my main motivation for that change was that there is no crypto++ package for cygwin so I could not compile upgtools
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18:14:48igorsk_mkimxboot also has md5.c inside
18:15:19igorsk_(and a few other projects)
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18:18:01thcxhg357jcdHi there
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18:29:06pamauryigorsk_: my goal is to remove all custom crypto implementation
18:30:34pamauryin imx tools, it is very useful to use crypto++ because one often ends up encrypting 20MB+ worth of data using AES and this is slow. The advantage of crypto++ (or any library) is that you don't reinvent the wheel and get fast execution
18:33:47pamauryI haven't converted the md5.c in mkimxboot but it's on my todo list
18:34:58pamauryalso crypto++ should be very easy to compile using cygwin
18:35:23*pamaury has to go but will be back
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18:39:19pamauryone possibility I am not entirely against is having a library somewhere that is implemented using crypto++ but embeds implementations when one does not want to depend on crypto++
18:39:43pamauryor embed crypto++
18:40:01pamaury(at least the part we need which is not everything)
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18:54:41igorsk_it seems so far only aes, md5 and des are used
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19:01:51pamaurymkzenboot uses more and embeds things like blowfish
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20:40:36thcxhg357jcdHi folks, I have a problem with my ipod 7gen. 160gb. Thin... so i installed rockbox version bfd04df-170322 and bootloader version 1.0 with the Rockbox-Utillity... now everytime i reorganice or refresh my database it chrash with this error code on a white screen "Divide by zero at 0808C574 pc:0808C574 sp: 080F12C4 bt end"
20:41:24thcxhg357jcdHave anybody an idea to fix this problem or knews where is come from ?!
20:49:53pamauryit could from a lot of things, there is no obvious fix. I think the most likely explanation is that you have a file with very strange tags and the parser crashes
20:50:30pamauryI would suggest to try and remove all the music then add it back folder by folder see which music makes it crash (assuming it is indeed the explanation)
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20:51:12thcxhg357jcdOk . So i tried the metadata log option in the debugg menue but i cant find it on the ipod.. the txt file
20:52:15pamaurythcxhg357jcd: the metadata log is not written to disk in case of crash
20:53:59thcxhg357jcdOk.. so when im back home i will try to delete the files .. and do it back on pice by piece.. sry. For my english im from germany
20:54:53thcxhg357jcdHave you an alternative option for me in case of fail
20:56:12pamauryIf this doesn't work, someone will most likely have to send you a special build with more debug information.
20:57:49thcxhg357jcdOkay.. so thanks for the answers.. hopefully i stay in this channel with my device.. so i can later ask when it fails
20:58:40thcxhg357jcdYou think its n tag or folder/file problem.. hopefully it is ..
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20:59:03thcxhg357jcdSo i can fix it easy
20:59:43pamaurythcxhg357jcd: if it happens when you update the database, I would say that's the most likely explanation, I might be wrong of course
20:59:50pamauryprof_wolfff: here?
21:00:11pamaurymaybe you have the map file for this build and can find what this address corresponds to ?
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23:47:55prof_wolfffpamaury, thcxhg357jcd: the error is inside __udivdi3 so not help here, i have tested this build reinitializing and updating my database several times and it works well for me, it seems a problem with some specific file
23:52:36__builtinhmm, why can we not get a full backtrace on a panic?
23:54:49thcxhg357jcdOk thx. I will try it later
23:55:54pamaury__builtin: we don't have a complete unwinder, it to backtrace in some case.
23:56:00pamaury*it fails

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