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#rockbox log for 2017-04-02

00:04:42__builtinby the way, did my mail to the committers list get through?
00:05:08__builtinI had some mail... issues yesterday
00:07:50gevaertsWhen? Today?
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00:10:15gevaertsI got two emails from you on -committers the last few days I think
00:17:22__builtinok, that's good
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03:08:15thcxhg357jcd@prof_wolfff, pamaury: thank you so much... it works perfect if i only copy .mp3 or .wma to my ipod and reinitialize my database.
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03:15:21thcxhg357jcdSo do you have any little Program for windows where i can filter out and delete some specific filetyps. My music folder contains over 70000 tracks.. and i dont want to look in every folder and delete those filse manualy. I will also have to had my folderstructure.. i know i can use the default windows folder search funktion to sort out one filetype before i delete it.. but it will take a huge ammount of hours.. so thank you for your Enga
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08:15:53johnb2you can use foobar2000, drag in all folders, display codec column, sort by codec and then delete the ones you don't want.
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13:58:07instafreezeHi together, yesterday i have again some problems with my ipod 7.gen 160g. And rockbox... everytime i reinitialize my database it crashes. So a member named Wolfff gibe me the answer to chek the folderstructure for unsopportet files or broken files... now im sure that only .mp3 .wma and folders are on my ipod besides the rockbox firmware... but the database crashes wirh the same error code
13:58:43pamauryinstafreeze: it's not going to be just mp3 or wma
13:58:50pamaurymost likely it is *one particular* file
13:58:53pamaurythat has strange tags
14:00:01instafreezeHey pamaury do you remember to me from yesterday.. thank you for your fast answer
14:01:05instafreezeOk so i will check the tags...
14:01:41instafreezeDo you mean with strange tags like 3_doors_down-let_me_go
14:02:10pamauryprobably not, it might not even be visible to the user and be only a problem with how it is encoded in the file
14:02:31pamaurythat's why I think the only real solution is to add your files to the devices progressively until you find the culprit
14:02:51pamauryis your music organized in folders with few musics per folder ?
14:04:01instafreezeNo i sort like : genre->artist->album and than the tracks
14:04:50pamauryok good, it should be easy then
14:05:05instafreeze^^ let's see
14:05:11pamauryI would suggest the following: erase all the music on your device, make sure database does not crash
14:05:27pamaurythen add about half of your top folders (ie half the genre)
14:05:36pamaurylet the database run
14:05:56pamauryif it crashes: you know the file is in the first half
14:05:56pamauryit it does not crasg, you know the file is the second half
14:06:20pamauryif it was in the first half, now remove half of the artist and see if it makes a difference, etc, etc
14:07:16instafreezeOk.. i try it
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16:16:23lebelliumpamaury: do you have some time for the bootloader?
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16:40:48pamaurylebellium: yes this afternoon
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17:47:15pamaurylebellium: but there is much left to do on the bootloader, the only missing functionality is to suspend after idle in the boot menu
17:47:24pamaurybut I can't make suspend work for some reason
17:47:46lebelliumthere is not* you mean
17:48:07pamaury*there isn't much
17:48:58lebelliumwell, it would be nice to be able to power off from the boot menu
17:49:11lebelliumand it would be nice that there is a default choice
17:49:15pamauryyeah I can add that in the debug menu
17:49:20pamaurydefault choice?
17:49:21lebelliumso that you don't have to select rockbox everytime
17:49:27pamauryit remembers the last choice
17:49:33lebelliumit doesn't
17:49:43lebelliumunless you have a bootloader version you didn't provide :)
17:49:44pamauryit does, maybe you don't have the last version
17:49:54pamaurybut it's been there for some time
17:50:15lebelliumyou never offered to test it then
17:50:29pamauryhum, I think I did
17:50:42pamaurythough I remember a time when you were busy and said later
17:50:50pamaurymaybe I forgot after that
17:52:03lebelliummay be that
17:52:33lebelliumso you have a version where it remembers the last choice and when you turn off rockbox, it turns off the whole device instead of getting back to the boot screen?
17:52:52pamauryno it goes back to boot menu, but it remembers the last choice
17:53:27lebelliumand how do you change your choice?
17:54:02pamauryyou select something else the menu...
17:54:22lebelliumso it shows the menu everytime and there is a timeout for the default choice?
17:55:18lebelliumand is it possible to turn it off instead of getting back to the boot menu?
17:55:30lebelliumI mean, can you change that behavior?
17:56:00pamauryit theory is suspen on idle, but suspend does not work, I don't know why :(
17:56:00pamauryYes but I think at the moment that's a bad idea because on usb plug is does not go back to the main menu
17:56:21pamauryso rockbox needs to be made aware that on usb plug is should stop, and there is no code for that currently
17:56:35pamauryI will add an option in the debug menu to power down though
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17:59:06lebelliumwhy can't it remain in Rockbox when USB is plugged in?
18:00:59lebelliumcan you display the bootloader version somewhere at startup or on the bootscreen?
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18:05:17pamaurylebellium: because rockbox runs from internal storage, so you can't enable mass storage
18:05:54pamaurythe only way to start usb mass storage is to umount the partition, thus to stop rockbox
18:06:28lebelliumbut isn't it the same on the other targets?
18:06:44lebelliumI mean, rockbox doesn't always run from internal storage?
18:06:56pamauryyes but on native it is entirely in memory
18:07:16pamauryon linux that doesn't work like this, a process is backed by a file
18:10:49pamaurymaybe it is possible but I am not sure it is wise. The simplest option is for rockbox to stop, let the bootloader or sony's stuff handle usb and then start rockbox again
18:11:38lebelliumon yp-r0 when you plug in while in Rockbox it just charges the battery
18:11:43lebelliumI'm not sure it's much a problem
18:12:53pamaurybut you want access to usb no?
18:12:57lebelliumI think it's more important to power off the device properly. The user can understand that he first has to power off the device before plugging the USB cable
18:14:26lebelliumlogically you want access to USB yes, but I never got a complain about that for YP-R0
18:16:33 Join dys [0] (
18:26:35pamauryhum, apparently Sony changed the way to suspend
18:27:02pamauryon some devices it was /proc/pm but now it is /sys/power/state
18:34:49pamauryhaha, now suspend works
18:39:03pamauryhum but /proc/pm is still used for shutdown, this is weird
18:44:29pamauryhaha, so /proc/pm can also be used to change the clock speed apparently
18:45:12*pamaury cannot match the kernel source code with the userspace...
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19:34:03pamauryso suspend, shutdown and restart work on E580
19:34:14pamauryand I have shutdown and restart in the debug menu
19:36:56pamauryand it also works on E460 with a different code for suspend
19:37:32 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.93 [Firefox 52.0.2/20170323105023])
19:39:04pamauryI updated the gerrit task. So now the behavior is: rockbox goes back to menu on "shutdown". Menu has shutdown and restart in tools menu. On HOLD it will suspend after 5 seconds of inactivity. Otherwise it will boot after 10 seconds of inactivity
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20:17:35lebelliumpamaury: should I try it on E580 or A10?
20:19:03 Join TheLemonMan [0] (~root@irssi/staff/TheLemonMan)
20:25:58lebellium"make: *** No rule to make target `/home/ubuntu/rockbox/A10/bootloader20170402/nwz_audio.h', needed by `/home/ubuntu/rockbox/A10/bootloader20170402/firmware/drivers/audio/nwzlinux-codec.o'. Stop."
20:29:14pamaurylebellium: I forgot to add a file. I updated the gerrit task
20:29:22pamaurytry it on both, I expect it should work on both
20:42:00lebelliumit works on A10
20:45:19lebelliumso "suspend" is the same as what OF does?
20:48:39lebelliumafter a few hours it fully turns off itself
20:49:10lebelliumso that you don't stay in suspend mode for weeks if you don't use your device
20:49:36pamauryok, well the bootloader does not do that at the moment, it simply suspends
20:49:47pamaury(unless you select shutdown in tools)
20:51:16lebelliumwell, not perfect but it looks quite usable now
20:51:31lebelliumdo you mind if I post it to some forums?
20:52:35pamaurysure go ahead
20:52:49pamauryI am trying to fix the sound again
20:52:55pamauryI have one last lead
20:53:14lebelliumthere is no backlight control for now?
20:53:27lebelliumthe brightness remains the same from 1 to 5
20:55:13pamauryit works on E640
20:55:25pamauryI admit I haven't tested on the others, I naively thought it would work the same
20:55:39pamauryI guess not...
20:56:00lebelliummaybe my rockbox build is too old
20:56:17pamauryI can confirm, it works on E460 but not on E580, great
20:56:19lebelliumI'll check with the latest build and your patch on top of it
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21:03:08lebelliumpamaury: "segmentation faut at 0007bff8" at startup with the latest build
21:03:10lebelliumclean install
21:05:37 Join ZincAlloy [0] (~Adium@2a02:8108:8b80:1700:2918:2c11:6ce:544c)
21:07:12pamaurylebellium: did you make clean before ?
21:07:30pamauryI suggest you make clean && make
21:08:37lebelliumbut I built in a new directory
21:08:45lebelliumnot in the same directory as the bootloader
21:09:46pamaurywas a clean build, ie the first time you build ?
21:09:50pamauryis that on E580 ?
21:09:56pamauryI don't get a crash on the E580
21:11:07lebelliumyes, 1st build I just created
21:11:09lebelliumon A10
21:11:19 Part ZincAlloy
21:11:41lebelliumI try again
21:12:21pamauryand you completely remove the previous .rockbox folder /
21:13:13lebelliumyes, I removed the older one, put the new one and just add my theme
21:13:17lebelliumI try compiling again
21:14:52 Quit chrisb (Remote host closed the connection)
21:17:17lebelliumpamaury: still the same problem
21:17:25pamauryso only on A10 ?
21:17:46lebelliumdidn't try on E580 yet
21:18:29pamauryit doesn't crash on the E580
21:19:02lebelliumdo you want to compile a A10 build for me to be sure?
21:21:55pamauryI don't see why it would make a difference, it you did a clean build
21:22:14pamauryjust make sure it works on the E580, that should run out any suspicion
21:22:14lebelliumI can make mistakes
21:22:18lebelliumbut it shouldn't indeed
21:26:37 Quit johnb3 (Quit: Nettalk6 -
21:34:32pamauryah great, not only has sony has created a new the brightness interface on newer devices, but it replaced the old ioctl with other unrelated functions
21:35:05lebelliumpamaury: I confirm the new bootloader and latest rockbox build works on E580
21:35:21pamaurylebellium: is it the bootloader or rockbox crashing on A10 ?
21:35:39lebelliumrockbox build is crashing. Bootloader is fine
21:37:35pamauryit crashes immediately on startup?
21:37:47lebelliumyes, as soon as I select Rockbox
21:39:12pamauryI guess we'll have to investigate, though it won't be trivial since i don't have the device, there must be a way to get a backtrace somehow
21:40:02pamaurylebellium: can you look into rockbox.log and tell me if you see a backtrace?
21:40:25pamaury(or does it print a backtrace on the scren ?)
21:43:03lebelliumthere is no timestamp in rockbox.log
21:43:08lebelliumI don't know if there is somethign relevant
21:43:12pamauryah actually I did not push this functionality in the source yet, I'd do that later
21:43:38*pamaury is fixing backlight in the mean time
21:53:23pamauryI have the backlight working on E580, now let me implement backtrace
21:54:49pamauryhum interesting, it crashes on my E460
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22:29:40pamaurylebellium: I found the reason of the seg fault I think
22:32:25 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: "It's now safe to turn off your computer.")
22:34:12 Quit paulk-collins (Quit: Leaving)
22:36:47pamauryin fact it's not a segfault ;)
22:39:27*pamaury has implement backtrace using glibc but the output is useless...
22:42:16pamaurylebellium: I updated gerrit
22:44:58 Join johnb2 [0] (
22:52:06lebelliumpamaury: *PANIC* ioct1 <NWZ_ADUIO_GET_CLRSTRO_VAL> failed
22:57:07pamauryhum, I guess they did change something between E580 and A10 then
22:57:27pamaurygive me a minute
22:58:14pamauryI updated the task
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23:09:45lebelliumpamaury: it now starts
23:09:48lebelliumand backlight works
23:46:17 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.93 [Firefox 52.0.2/20170323105023])
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