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#rockbox log for 2017-04-07

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15:50:28igorskpamaury: can you find service manual for RDP-NWD400B?
15:52:14igorskI think it has serial connection over wm-port but would be nice to have schematics before opening it
15:53:26lebelliumdo you have this japanese speaker?
15:54:46lebelliumSony Japan don't publish their service manuals and I probably made Sony Worldwide shut down (or relocate) their service manuals because I made thousands requests to their server
15:55:34lebelliumall official links are down
15:55:44lebelliumFortunately I had a backup for most of them
15:56:04igorskyeah I was wondering about those
15:57:04lebelliumfortunately I almost found all interesting service manuals before they shut down the server
15:57:13pamauryigorsk: the WM-PORT has a serial port on all targets
15:57:16igorskwhat about RDP-NWD300?
15:57:29pamaurybut it is usually used to talk to accessories
15:58:22igorskwell, I suspect U-boot uses the same uart
15:58:39pamaurythat's possible
15:58:42igorskbtw you cracked any of the passwords?
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15:59:12pamauryI looked but couldn't find the password are stored
15:59:35igorskmd5 is in nvp
15:59:57pamauryI mean I didn't look very hard at serial because I have code execution very easily with firmware upgrade
16:00:09igorsk(for u-boot that is)
16:01:11igorskI managed to brick my spare I was using for experiments so I'm looking for another way in :/
16:02:13pamauryhow did you brick it?
16:02:28pamauryif you need to crack MD5, it's fairly easy I believe
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16:03:00igorskthe script was taking too long to run so I reset it (it worked fine once before but not this time...)
16:03:04pamaurybut useless unless you can talk to uboot. Otherwise you can remove the emmc board and talk to it directly, which is what I did. But obviously it's much more tricky
16:03:26igorskno emmc, just nand chips on this model
16:03:28pamauryigorsk: so now it is stuck in an upgrade loop?
16:03:56pamauryhmm strange, if you haven't modified my script, the first thing it does is clearing the upgrade flag
16:04:22igorskyeah I don't know how it happened
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16:05:15igorskanyway I'm hoping to hook into the serial of this dock
16:05:47pamaurythere are schematics for WM-port although it's not very well documented
16:06:13igorskyeah but common usb cables don't have those pins I think
16:06:25pamauryyes that's the problem
16:06:37pamaurybut at least it can help you find the pins on the dock
16:07:09pamaury and can help
16:07:39pamauryI actually suspect that on some players, the bootloader uart is not over serial but rather over usb (ie using usb pins as uart)
16:10:12pamauryigorsk: the source code for bootloader is available and some schematics of devices are in Sony manuals so you can check if bootloader uart actually coresponds to WM-port on some devices
16:19:54igorskthe service manual doesn't have full schematics but there are testpoints for UART on the board layouts... maybe I'll try those
16:20:19igorskmanual for X-1000 that is
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19:53:32*dys glances at his gorgeous aluminum chunk labelled TEAC that still cannot play Ogg/Vorbis
19:55:45*dys makes more Ogg/Vorbis files in an attempt to increase his motivation
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20:36:10pamauryas I feared, Sony's audio code is completely crazy. If i push the 16-bit samples at the top of the 32-bit ones (ie pcm32 = pcm16 << 16) then the effect is the same as if I play in 16-bit mode => HORRIBLE clipping; if I shift by 12-bit, sounds is okay but max volume is not crazy high.
20:36:10pamauryFurthermore, sony's audio curve is not linear. If we say the max is 0dB, then it goes from about -60dB to 0dB in 30 steps: first +3dB/step for ~10 steps, then 2dB/steps for ~10 steps then 1dB/step
20:37:31pamauryI will try to automaticall extract sound curves from driver binaries to get a better idea of the situation
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