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#rockbox log for 2017-04-10

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01:39:55WilliamCDoes anyone have an Rockbox player that they can recommend?
01:40:10WilliamCI'm tempted to get the Sansa Clip Sport
01:42:17pamaurylebellium: I updated the gerrit task. Now the volume is adjusted using Sony's driver and pcm level. This gives a -100dB -> 4dB range and avoids clipping on E580 at all levels except the few top ones
01:43:06pamaurymy experiment suggest that on E580, any driver level will clip but a -7dB attenuate of PCM level removes clipping entirely (but not -6dB). Which confirms my theory that Sony is overdriving the DAC.
01:43:23pamauryAny we the current code you can enjoy maximum level and no clipping
01:44:06LSDiscoverylebellium's sleeping pamaury :D
01:44:08[Saint]WilliamC: Getting a Clip Sport would be a terrible idea.
01:44:27[Saint]WilliamC: y'know...given that it doesn't, and never will ever, support Rockbox.
01:44:41WilliamCOh, how come?
01:44:48LSDiscoveryhe's supporting u everywhere btw pamaury :D
01:44:57[Saint]Shit hardware is shit.
01:45:14[Saint]It doesn't even come reotely close to the miminal requirements for Rockbox.
01:45:15WilliamCDon't want to get another Clip Zip
01:45:25[Saint]And Rockbox's requirements are trivial.
01:45:45[Saint]It's just a bargain basement whitelable generic POS.
01:45:51WilliamCI guess about 7 years of heavy use is a long time for an MP3 player
01:46:53[Saint]The all but the original few Sansa/SanDisk players are glorified Happy Meal toys.
01:47:35WilliamCMy Sansa e200 is still working and my ClipZip lasted a long time
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02:17:39[Saint]Yeah, the E* and C* series players were great.
02:18:07[Saint]The Fuze, IMO, was the only acceptable "modern" SanDisk/Sansa player.
02:18:38[Saint]The last of an era, before they slid into comically cheap, essentially disposable Happy Meal toys.
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07:14:55duo8well they stopped making the SoC
07:15:11duo8not sure if dedicated player SoCs still exist
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09:08:30wodzpamaury: (log) I prepared 'full' install for agptek and it crashes with Bus error. I have a feeling something is not right with buflib allocs for some reason. Main menu is rendered correctly (i.e backdrop, status bar, icons etc.)
09:13:25wodzpamaury: (log) so it seems viewport variable is corrupted
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10:30:40lebelliumpamaury: I read the logs, nice. Should it fix the *panic* error on A10 too?
10:35:44pamaurylebellium: if i didn't screw up then yes
10:36:53*pamaury has to go
10:42:16lebelliumI give you the result on A10 in a few minutes, you can read the logs later
10:43:27johnb3lebellium: would you mind uploading the bootloader and RB build for the 580 once you are done compiling?
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10:44:45lebelliumyou have both E580 and A20?
10:45:34lebelliumI already compiled the bootloader on April, 2nd
10:45:50lebelliumAFAIK It didn't change since then
10:46:37johnb3Do you have a link? THis is my first attempt on rockboxing them ;-)
10:46:53lebelliumyes, I'm uploading it
10:48:03johnb3I assume the procedure is: install bootloadder by firmware upgrade and put the .rockbox folder into the root dir. Is this correct?
10:48:39lebelliumyes, but for the firmware upgrade you need scsitools
10:49:21johnb3Ah, I remember pamaury's wiki entry, but I failed to find the page a few minutes ago.
10:49:34johnb3Should have bookmarked it.
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10:52:56johnb3scsitools was the right keyword for the search ...
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11:01:31lebelliumbuild E580:
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11:05:30lebelliumpamaury (logs): works on A10, no crash. it's hard to explain but adjusting the volume is not "smooth" though. If you keep "vol up" or "vol down" pressed, you'll feel something strange
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11:08:15lebelliumjohnb3: is it OK? Tell me if you have an issue with scsitools
11:09:02johnb3If you have got scsitools pre-compiled, too, that would be great.
11:09:35lebelliumyou already used it to uncapp your player :)
11:09:56johnb3ah, true.
11:10:52johnb3Thanks, I even had backed it up.
11:11:16johnb3Ready to go :-)
11:11:59lebelliumif you're using windows:
11:12:01lebelliumscsitool-nwz-v6.exe H: do_fw_upgrade
11:12:53johnb3yes, I understand.
11:17:53johnb3SUCCESS, it's awesome to see the Rockbox logo and menu on the Sony!
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11:20:13johnb3Thanks a lot lebellium (and of course pamaury).
11:21:21lebelliumespecially pamaury
11:21:49lebelliumhe faced one of his biggest challenge with sound on E580 :P
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11:45:08pamaurylebellium: thanks for the test. The only way to debug this would be to redo the same procedure as johnb3: generate a sine, play it in a loop, start from max volume and go down one step at the time, recording the whole thing (do maybe 30 steps)
11:45:37lebelliumI'll first compare with E580 next week
11:46:38pamauryjohnb3: maybe you can do the test again since now you have rockbox ;)
11:46:53lebelliumhe only has rockbox on E580
11:46:58lebelliumnot on A20 :P
11:47:44pamauryah ok
11:48:03pamauryto be honest I haven't done much test on the E580 yet
11:48:06lebelliumbut adding A20 to the build system should be fast though
11:48:14pamauryyeah adding A20 should be trivial
11:49:38wodzpamaury: Does rockbox on hosted use pthreads at all? I set breakpoint on start_thread() and gdb stopped at start_thread () from /lib/
11:49:43johnb3lebellium: as you are one of the theme gurus, which existing/supported device has the same screen dimensions?
11:49:43lebelliumjohnb3: on E580 if you keep the volume button pressed, don't you feel that it's not smooth? On A10 I feel every step
11:50:02lebelliumjohnb3: look at Sansa Fuze+ or YP-R0 themes
11:50:09wodzit does hit our function later though (after 10 or so hits in pthread)
11:50:30johnb3No, not so far, but I can try with a different headphone (DT 770, 80ohm so far)
11:52:34lebelliumpamaury: I don't know if you fix/improve it easily but it would be nice to be able to adjust the volume in menus too. So that when I switch between sensitive IEM and demanding headphone, I can adjust the volume before the music playing in WPS
11:56:00johnb3lebellium: On 580 this is working (thru sound settings).
11:56:18lebelliumyes but not with the volume keys
11:57:09lebelliumadjusting the volume through the sound settings is not the most user-friendly thing
11:57:15johnb3Ah, correct. I believe we can find better use for the up/down keys later on. Volume keys should be good enough.
11:57:33wodzlebellium: I guess this is purely keymap issue
11:58:07lebelliumI may have a look but keymap in Rockbox is a nightmare
11:58:23lebelliumI hate the keymapping file :D
11:58:53wodzlebellium: prod pamaury to implement simulator - this makes messing with keymaps much easier
11:59:51johnb3Frankly, I am also a little puzzled regarding the keymap, coming from a clip+ and Fuze.
12:00:23johnb3From the number of keys it could be similar to clip+.
12:00:32johnb3*could be made
12:01:16johnb3assuming PWr/Option key equals the Pwr button of clip+.
12:01:41johnb3Home/BACk = Home key of the clip+
12:02:49lebelliumwodz: fyi there is a new firmware 1.05 beta for Rocker
12:02:50johnb3But then, I probably simply get acquainted to it.
12:03:33lebelliumjohnb3: I have many Rockbox targets, the keymapping is different on all of them. I don't have a strong believe about how it should be in the end
12:03:40wodzlebellium: I am not particularly interested in OF now. I have major problems on rb side to figure out and next to no free time
12:04:18lebelliumwodz: sure but at a moment you need dualboot based on the latest OF :)
12:05:15wodzlebellium: Currently there is no dualboot code, no tools to repack OF and I didn't try upgrade procedure even single time :-)
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12:24:54wodzpamaury: BTW I think your patch for mips start_thread() introduce unintended stack shift on every call (and I think this was the reason of ams label hackery)
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12:26:42johnb3NWz-E580: I connected to USB while in RB. After initial connect problems (on Windows) the drive showed up and I copied themes. But now it boots into OF. How can I force it to the bootloader menu again?
12:27:29johnb3Reset pin?
12:27:43lebelliumjohnb3: you shouldn't connect to USB while in RB. Yes use the reset pin
12:28:25lebelliumconnect to USB from off state or on bootloader screen or on OF
12:28:30lebelliumbut not in Rockbox
12:30:16lebelliumto power off, go to tools>shutdown. To go to sleep mode (like OF), use the hold switch
12:31:31johnb3I believe, now I know what you meant with the volume change weirdness.
12:31:31lebelliumnote that OF powers fully off after a few hours in sleep mode
12:31:54lebelliumRockbox bootloader won't, it will remain in sleep mode
12:32:35lebelliumyeah it's not a big issue, it's just weird and hard to explain
12:46:16pamaurylebellium: re volume keys: yeah I didn
12:46:30pamaurydidn't enable it in the keymap file but it should be fairly easy to add
12:47:36pamaurywodz: ok, I would need to think about it
12:47:47lebelliumIs it / firmware/target/hosted/sonynwz/button-nwz.c ?
12:48:31pamauryit's in apps/keymap/keymap-nwz.c
12:49:02wodzpamaury: think about what? Your patch? Since mips doesn't have naked attribute the only way to get this is moving this functions to .S
12:49:25pamaurywodz: why does my fix shifts the stack
12:49:51pamaurylebellium: I thought keymap-nwz.c already handles volumes buttons (if they are defined), but apparently not
12:50:19lebelliumpamaury: keymap-nwz.c is for both E360/370/380 and hosted NWZ?
12:50:25wodzpamaury: gcc injects function prologue which by default does decrease SP by 0x32 or so
12:50:43pamaurylebellium: I think the problem is that I forgot to #define HAVE_VOLUME_IN_LIST in firmware/export/config/sonynwzlinux.h
12:50:50pamauryyou should try that
12:51:23wodzActually it is addiu sp,sp,-32
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13:01:28lebelliumpamaury: it's working with #define HAVE_VOLUME_IN_LIST
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14:03:39lebelliumjhMikeS: do you know why on hosted targets there is no message on top of "building database ... 0 found" ?
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15:26:48jhMikeSlebellium: not really. I'm not sure what you mean by "message on top of" either.
15:28:14lebelliumwell, I don't know why but on all targets you have a fix message "building database... 0 found" in background and then in foreground again the same message but this time with a working counter "building database... X found" and then "commiting database X/9"
15:28:33lebelliumon hosted targets there is only the background message, not the foreground messaes
15:28:40lebelliumI thought you were the database expert
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15:32:16jhMikeShaha, I know a few things because I had to reintegrate file code. that's sounds like a tagtree thing anyway.
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15:42:34jhMikeSI'm not seeing any obvious reason it should act differently
15:44:56lebelliumI first thought it was an issue on Sony NWZ only but Samsung YP-R0 also acts like that
15:45:05lebelliumthat's why I think it's a common problem to hosted targets
15:47:33jhMikeSI guess the ui code is in apps/root_menu.c
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15:52:48jhMikeSif it just stays at 0, maybe something's off about lcd updates or action_userabort. the value processed_dir_count gets updated and there's no conditional preprocessing concerning it.
15:54:00lebelliumit stays at "0" on all targets
15:54:05lebelliumthe background message
15:54:14lebelliumbut the is the same message on foreground
15:54:22lebelliumI don't see the point of it though
15:55:04lebelliumthere shouldn't be a background and foreground message
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16:07:02jhMikeSI think it's just that the screen isn't cleared between spashes?
16:07:54lebelliumI'm a bit confused
16:08:09lebelliumon Clip Zip there is not such background and foreground message
16:08:37lebelliumLast time I tried on YH-820 I guess
16:08:56lebelliumso you may be right
16:09:29jhMikeSall it does is call splashf in a loop in 1/2 second intervals
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17:52:26johnb4Do all Sony players share the same keymap?
17:55:50johnb4Well, I thought then I might be able to read the manuals of the already supported ones :-)
17:56:15johnb4I guess I will have to look at the source code for now.
17:59:36 Quit paulk-elm (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
18:05:09 Part elensil
18:09:17pamauryjohnb4: they share the same keymap with some ifdef
18:09:29pamauryif you look at apps/keymaps/keymap-nwz.c
18:09:48pamauryyou'll see that there is a base keymap, plus some extra mapping if the target has volume up/down
18:09:59pamauryand similarly for the plugins I think
18:10:22pamauryof course there is the case of sony players with touch screen (that we don't support yet but will in the future)
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