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#rockbox log for 2017-04-14

00:00:06gevaertsI think it does, if the change id header is still there
00:00:32saratogaworkthen the lack of gerrit is less problematic than the lack of the build system anyway
00:02:50__builtinwhat's the root cause of that?
00:04:12gevaertsI wonder if it's not the same
00:04:55__builtinI recall zagor saying something about it in -community
00:05:10__builtin[10:08:00] <zagor_> yay: ERROR : Error running hook /sites/
00:05:10__builtin[10:08:00] <zagor_> java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
00:05:37__builtinbut then [10:16:26] <zagor_> but that only happened once during the update. I restart gerrit every day and it hasn't said this again since.
00:08:56prof_wolfffjust pushed the change using the git client and the associated gerrit task is closed
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00:14:40prof_wolfffpamaury: i had problems compiling rbutil, when linking mkimxboot, it is something related to −−as-needed default option, so probably it could happen on other systems, it was solved using LDOPTS instead of LDFLAGS (as mkzenboot and mks5lboot does) to include the crypto++ library at the end of the linker command
00:14:58prof_wolfffi also needed to add -lcrypto++ to to build rbutil, these changes are in g#1585
00:15:01fs-bluebotGerrit review #1585 at : rbutil: fix compilation issues on mkimxboot and rbutil by Cástor Muñoz
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08:48:38orbeai bricked my rockbox :( ran into this and when I followed the advice to update it segfaulted or something and now wont even power on...
08:50:34orbeai guess I might need a new sansa clip or something *depressed*
08:54:20orbeayay, holding left + power seems to have powered it on...
08:58:03orbeanow im back where I stared...
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09:32:10orbeaYay! unbricked my rockbox install :) I guess the fat32 fs died...
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17:46:21__builtinhmm, the front page is inaccurate when it claims that all the stable targets have a manual
17:46:49gevaertsWhich don't, today?
17:47:22__builtinall of the Creative ones
17:48:19gevaertsAh ues, chrisjj was going to do those, I think :)
17:48:42*gevaerts had forgotten that the Creative ones are stable now
17:49:03__builtinthe quick solution to this is to just amend the front page
17:50:23lebelliumSony don't either
17:50:23__builtinoh, the sony NWZ ports are missing manuals too
17:50:50lebelliumPhilips neither
17:51:15lebelliumit seems we just don't care about manuals :)
17:51:28gevaertsWe used to
17:53:00gevaertsLooks like "amend the front page" is the only realistic option
17:53:41gevaertsI'd say adding two classes of footnotes might be best
17:53:52__builtinunless chrisjj doesn't mind some manual-writing ;)
17:53:54gevaerts(1) no rbutil support, and (2) no manual
17:54:04gevaerts(rbutil is also claimed there)
17:55:45__builtinwhich don't have rbutil support?
17:56:20gevaertsThere are 10 no-manual players at least in the 3.13 stable set. That's enough to say it's not a new problem
17:56:34gevaertsAt least e200r
17:58:31__builtinhmm, firefox won't render a .t as HTML
17:59:08gevaertsWell, technically it isn't
18:06:22__builtinis there a way to make `cpp' not print the annoying preamble each time?
18:11:13saratogawe discussed this back in 2010 or 2011 and agreed that stable would require installation instructions for a device, but they could be in the wiki if the manual wasn't available
18:11:19saratogawe never updated the front page after that
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18:12:55__builtinhow about we just change the line for stable to "Rockbox runs well on these players, has installation instructions, and is supported by the installer: "
18:12:55saratogai'm not too familiar with adding new manuals, is the main stumbling block going through and adding the keymaps and all of that?
18:13:22saratogathe installer part is also slightly misleading, since we just mean you can install builds, not necessarily the bootloader
18:13:35saratogathe e200R for instance has never had rbutil support
18:14:04gevaertsI always read it as "the e200r is fairly rare, let's ignore that one and pretend it's all fine"
18:14:10saratogayeah pretty much
18:14:35saratogathe installation process for that device involves first making it into an e200 non-R, so its a special case
18:15:16lebelliumas a rare device, it should be in my collection. But it isn't :(
18:17:19gevaertslebellium: join us in pretending it doesn't exist!
18:19:21__builtinso ignoring the e200r, the above is correct?
18:19:58gevaertsI think so
18:20:11gevaertsDo we know which new targets will be in 3.14?
18:20:17gevaertsDo they all have rbutil support?
18:20:40__builtinwell I would hope the ipod6g
18:20:41gevaertsI mean, if we're going to change that sentence and then immediately make it incorrect again...
18:21:29gevaertsWhat's the state of those ibasso and hifi* ports?
18:21:37*__builtin shrugs
18:21:57gevaertsA release manager should know these things! ;)
18:22:30__builtinI haven't seen any activity on them
18:22:48__builtinso I'd assume they're remaining as-is
18:24:33__builtinI think the only thing left for the ipod6g is getting the rbutil code committed, and possibly a manual section written for it
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18:39:49orbeaso last night when I temporarily bricked my rockbox, I think it was becauase I tried to force it to scan some files which werent showing up in the database. After reformatting/reinstalling I experienced the same issue with the same files, so I simply truncated the file names to match the length of the few showing up and the problem went away. Could that of corrupted the fat32 fs?
18:42:22orbeathough they did show up fine in the file browser
19:08:04__builtinis it still possible to abandon a patch set on gerrit?
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