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#rockbox log for 2017-04-15

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10:49:02pamauryprof_wolfff: thanks for the path, I'll look into. I was aware of it but I thought I had fixed it.
10:59:30pamauryhum, you are right, the +2 disappeared on the gerrit interface
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11:29:14pamauryalso there is no submit button anymore :( I wonder if it's a "feature" or if it's related to the account problems
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17:05:21__builtinpamaury: it's almost certainly the account problems
17:06:07__builtinby the way, when I was compiling rbutil, I needed to change -lcrypto++ to -lcryptopp for it to work
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19:12:08pamaury__builtin: apparentl linux uses crypto++, windows cryptopp... or the other around
19:12:13pamauryor maybe it depends on distributions :-/
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19:29:48__builtinyeah, I'm on arch
19:30:49__builtinany idea why;a=commit;h=96c25b206dc8c7848e19821fe13ea2fbb662cb14 isn't showing up on the live site?
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20:01:02prof_wolfffpamaury, __builtin: about crypto++, on my ubuntu it compiles well using either crypto++ or cryptopp, the package is named libcrypto++ but there are symlinks for cryptopp
20:01:47prof_wolfffin addition it seems like could need some conditionals for the static builds (in a way like -lusb is handled), i was planning to try to compile rbutil in the next days on a Mac Mini, and a static Windows version, will see how it goes
20:06:18__builtinwhy don't we use pkg-config to set the linker flags?
20:10:14__builtinit handles all of the pp/++ as well as static/dynamic linking
20:17:20prof_wolfff__buildin: i see that pkg-config is used at some point for LIBSPEEX, but it is also conditional, really i always get confused with the rbutil compilation, there are too much cases, some of them seems obsolete like the win32-msvc
20:17:33prof_wolfff__builtin: ^
20:20:43__builtinI can't seem to find where -lcrypto++ is added
20:23:11prof_wolfffactually it is not added, use this patch
20:26:11__builtinchanging line 208 to LIBS += $$system(pkg-config −−silence-errors −−libs libcrypto++) ought to work
20:28:57__builtinargh.. gerrit is pissing me off
20:35:51prof_wolfff__builtin: i will try it for the windows static build
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22:17:02saratoga___builtin: you have to tell one of the swedes to manually push the changes to the website
22:20:52saratoga_pamaury_: are you intending to make all 4 Zen players and 3 Sony players be in 3.14? If so, we should try to get people to help with manuals
22:25:50__builtinit might be hard to do a release without a working build farm
22:28:25saratoga_the release builds have to be done locally anyway
22:28:44saratoga_but it would be nice to get the build system working so that we can double check that these builds are ok
22:29:17saratoga_if its not up soon we should probably put up test builds, or else branch from just before the build system went down
22:30:54saratoga_regarding FS #13113, is recording through the headphone jack expected to work or do you need a line in adapter on the Ipod6g?
22:30:55fs-bluebot Recording on Ipod Classic 7gen (160gb) (bugs, unconfirmed)
22:32:07__builtinit's expected from the commit message that added that feature
22:32:37saratoga_it was unclear to me if all versions supported it
22:33:19__builtinI can record in the OF on this 6g, but not in rockbox
22:34:09__builtinthere's 3 versions of the 6G afaik
22:34:16__builtinonly the last 2 support it
22:35:23saratoga_then i suppose at most 1 version supports it in rockbox ?
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23:03:34prof_wolfffsaratoga_, __builtin: regarding FS #13113, the line-in is working well for me, if you use an iPod accessory for the line-in then this accessory should be supported by RB, i am using a belkin tunetalk stereo microphone and the level and quality are good, direct audio connection to the 30-pin connector line-in should also work
23:03:35fs-bluebot Recording on Ipod Classic 7gen (160gb) (bugs, unconfirmed)
23:04:18saratoga_prof_wolfff: i think that user is expecting the headphone jack to be the line in
23:05:40prof_wolfffbut jack microphone is broken, i think i know whan is the problem and preparing a patch, the line-in is available on all iPods, the jack microphone only on 120Gb and 160GB-thin
23:06:45prof_wolfffusing the logarithmic peak meters you should see the noise floor even if there is no microphone/audio-in connected
23:08:14prof_wolfffyes! i found the jack microphone bug, it is there from the beginning, will test it a bit more and send a patch
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