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#rockbox log for 2017-04-16

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01:08:53__builtinprof_wolfff: good to hear!
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02:28:28__builtinsaratoga: about manuals for sony/creative, while they'd be nice to have, I don't think that they're absolutely essential
02:28:56__builtinwe can just temporarily relax the criteria for "stable" to "has installation documentation" or similar
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02:44:03__builtinprof_wolfff: there seems to be an issue with your patch
02:44:34__builtinnow when I go to recording and make some noise in the microphone, a horrible screeching noise comes from the attached earbuds
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02:46:49__builtinit seems to only happen when the volume and gain are set very high
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02:52:02__builtinah, it's probably the result of feedback between the earbuds and mic
02:52:29__builtinthe issue still remains though, is it designed to play back what its recording?
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05:20:05prof_wolfff__builtin: yes the patch is designed to play back what it is recording, it seems it is what other targets does but not sure at all, i also get the same effect when the volume is very high and the microphone and earbuds are close, it is the feedback loop, there is no easy solution for it unless decreasing the volume or disabling it in the build if it is not the expected behaviour on RB
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10:30:55pamaurysaratoga: I would like to get the 4 zen, I can do the manuals
10:31:44pamauryand the sonys (E360/E370/E380 I guess) as well. But those are much easier: that's essentially the same manual except for the name of the player and volume +/- buttons
10:32:08pamaurymy plan would be to add the latex code so it compiles and then have people help me finish, notably keymaps
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15:57:34duo8if i try to put the xduoo x3 port on my jz device, it should technically run, won't it?
16:07:04lebelliumthere is no xduoo x3 port... officially :)
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16:25:22gevaertsIn other words, nobody here knows anything about it
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19:02:22johnb2pamaury: I finally have been able to compile the linux-arm toolchain in the virtualbox image after upgrading it to Ubuntu 12.04. I had to install gawk still.
19:02:49johnb2I also succeeded in compiling the bootloader and RB for E580.
19:05:04johnb2saratoga: Does it make sense to upload that image? I am going to verify that I still can compile for the Sansas after udating Ubuntu.
19:06:31johnb2Or would you rather recommend to start with an even newer Ubuntu version for a new " official" dev image?
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20:05:12saratoga_johnb2: how big is the image? if its reasonable i think any update makes sense
20:05:29saratoga_the main annoyance in updating the image is just compressing the image down so that its not insane to download
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20:06:37saratoga_took me forever when i made the last image
20:07:39saratoga_pamaury: does it make sense to commit changes to g#1584? we could then ask people to help with sections
20:07:40fs-bluebotGerrit review #1584 at : ipod6g: preliminary manual building by Franklin Wei
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20:09:28__builtinI think all we need for the 6G manual is some install instructions
20:09:39__builtineverything else is the same as the video
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20:23:20__builtinprof_wolfff: is there a "manual" bootloader installation method for windows?
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20:33:46Saratoga_Can anyone test the current build on the nano2g and confirm the hold switch is working?
20:34:47Saratoga_There is a command line tool for the ipod6g I believe
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20:38:26user890104__builtin: there is
20:39:01user890104section "Command line install"
20:41:04__builtinok, great
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21:09:54johnb2saratoga: I end up with a 7z file > 3GB :-(
21:10:33johnb2I had cleaned up /tmp and ~ubuntu. Any other location I should look for garbage to delete?
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21:16:54prof_wolfffsaratoga: regarding nano2g, it seems the hold switch is working ok on the last git version
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21:21:41saratoga_johnb2: i think in virtualbox you have to use some utility on the image afterwards to compact the freespace
21:21:59saratoga_otherwise the deleted files are still on the image
21:22:10saratoga_that or write the free space with zeros
21:22:26saratoga_i remember having to do this with the original image and it was a pain in the ass, at least on windows
21:23:12saratoga_johnb2: actually this looks easier than i remember:
21:23:26gevaertsJust run "dd if=/dev/zero of=/root/somefile bs=1M; sync; rm /root/somefile" inside the VM first
21:23:33gevaertsShould help a lot
21:23:56saratoga_prof_wolfff: so we can close fs#13104?
21:23:57fs-bluebot Incorrect CPU mode on Ipod Nano 2G flipping lock switch (bugs, unconfirmed)
21:24:03gevaertsAnd yes, then compact
21:25:30saratoga_i wonder if starting with a stock image isn't easier:
21:25:48saratoga_FWIW, I found that 7z on higher compression levels actually made a surprisingly large difference
21:27:53prof_wolfffsaratoga_: yes, it was fixed here;a=commit;h=96a7603bf9e930a715f7bbb50929975d8d184419
21:36:44saratoga_are we releasing for the Samsung YH-820, YH-920 and YH-925 ?
21:36:50saratoga_they're marked as stable now
21:41:11saratoga_why are cheap creative zen players on ebay only available in pink
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22:28:35johnb2The image is now down to 1.45GB whichh is still quite large.
22:30:29saratoga_with 7z compression?
22:30:44johnb2yes, -mx=7
22:31:45saratoga_have you tried one of this disk space visualization tools? i think ubuntu comes with one
22:31:54saratoga_there might be some large feature or something still installed or in a tmp folder
22:32:07johnb2The image on for 122.04 is 770MB.
22:32:41johnb2yes. I did the dd trick and then vboxmanage modifyhd /path/to/thedisk.vdi −−compact
22:33:08johnb2* 12.04
22:33:56saratoga_yeah i think i had to clear out some of the unneeded ubutnu features to get down to 400 MB originally
22:34:43saratoga_that may not be needed here
22:34:45johnb2sorry, answered too fast. No I have not tried built in visualization tools in detail. After creating the big file, a tool popped up/
22:36:00johnb2but after deleting the file, there was nothing eye catching left. But I can can look into more details tomorrow.
22:36:20johnb2I did not really pay attention what the upgrade installed on top.
22:42:23johnb2 /var/cache/archives has 750MB.
22:44:18johnb2 /lib/apt/lists another 190MB
22:46:05gevaertsapt-get clean
22:46:49gevaertsI don't think there's an easy way to shrink /lib/apt/lists, but then that's all compressable plain text
22:47:11johnb2libreoffice is another 190MB
22:48:11__builtindoes anyone know how to include inline code in LaTeX?
22:51:23saratoga_yeah delete libreoffice for sure
22:51:34saratoga_also help stuff if the package manager will let you
23:03:07__builtinwhat the heck does "./getting_started/ipod_install.tex:! Illegal parameter number in definition of \Hy@tempa. <to be read again> " mean?
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23:18:59WilliamCI guess I should stop being on here now, I got a non-Rockbox supported MP3 player
23:22:31lebelliumthat's not a problem, as long as you don't use it
23:22:55__builtinor you start porting rockbox to it
23:23:34WilliamCNot enough free time and I am not an experienced coder
23:23:46WilliamCI bought a high end AGPTek MP3 player
23:24:42lebelliumThere is no "high-end" AGPTek player
23:24:46lebelliumbut they have the Rocker
23:24:50lebelliumyou just chose the wrong model :)
23:25:30WilliamCI bought the Rocker
23:25:37lebelliumthen it's alright
23:25:46lebelliumit's just a matter of time
23:25:56lebelliumno pressure on wodz :D
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