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#rockbox log for 2017-04-17

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00:55:11ulmutulsaratoga: Samsung YH-Players are very stable, plugins and manuals are present and have matched button maps, so they're definitive release candidates :)
00:58:07saratoga_great, add them to the release notes
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01:09:14ulmutulI'm thinking about adding a warning in the manual for YH-820 targets. Some hardware revisions have a non-working RTC and leave the player in an unusable state if you try to set the clock. I wonder what's the best place for this, I think the user should be warned ASAP, maybe in the installation instructions.
01:10:27ulmutulMaybe at the end of chapter 2.1 (Before Starting) or at hte beginning of 2.2 (Installing Rockbox)?
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01:30:15__builtinshouldn't setting the RTC just be disabled in software?
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10:41:35lebellium__builtin: g#1408
10:41:36fs-bluebotGerrit review #1408 at : YH-820: prohibit to change time/date on some hardware versions by Sebastian Leonhardt
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10:42:34pamaurysaratoga: about g#1584 I don't know anythin about the ipod6g
10:42:36fs-bluebotGerrit review #1584 at : ipod6g: preliminary manual by Franklin Wei
10:42:49pamaurynor the state of this patch
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14:30:26ulmutullebellium, __builtin: the problem with g#1408 is, that it's not done "the right way" (i.e. target specific code in app/). The best way would be to autodetect the RTC at startup, and accordingly use the code for RTC/non-RTC targets. Unfortunately keeping/using both code parts is not as simple as it seems at first glance, and I don't have free rockbox time at the moment to dig in deeper :(
14:30:28fs-bluebotGerrit review #1408 at : YH-820: prohibit to change time/date on some hardware versions by Sebastian Leonhardt
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14:34:39ulmutulI think a warning in the manual would be appropriate until we provide a real patch, since not all users read the wiki (where the problem is described).
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16:59:55Saratoga_Why don't you just disable setting the date for all players in the etc driver?
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19:57:01johnb2saratoga: I managed to get the image size down to 635 MB and uploaded the vdi here: I tested by compiling for clip+, fuzev2, Sony E580.
19:57:45johnb2The compiled toolchain for the Sonys that I have removed from the image is at
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21:34:06[Saint]...for the love of God, why would you use 12.04?
21:34:52[Saint]"lets use the recently EOLed Ubuntu distro, it'll be great" - said no one, ever.
21:39:18duo8at least it's stable
21:41:13[Saint]If only there were another LTR to take its place...
21:41:19[Saint]Ah. Wait. Reality.
21:42:46[Saint]In this context I don't advocate for any situation that involves the end user having to do additional legwork to keep the environment secure, since we can't guarantee those running it aren't going to let it touch the internet/critical infrastructure.
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22:10:00johnb2Which holds true also for what is currently suggested as the dev image on ...
22:12:00[Saint]It does. But are you suggesting that because that is so, there's no reason to make it not so?
22:12:09[Saint]Trying to wrestle with your logic there.
22:13:20[Saint]I just figure if you're going to use and renovate the thing you may as well take it through a dist-upgrade.
22:15:52johnb2That's kinda what I had asked the other day on IRC. I only wanted to build the toolchain for the Sony players and for this to work I had to upgrade to 12.04 which is the upgrade that was offered by the previous dev image.
22:16:33johnb2I don't have the know how to do the dev env setup on the latest Ubuntu versions myself.
22:17:12[Saint]It's not fundamentally different from any other version.
22:18:02johnb2Still I am not the right person to do it then.
22:18:27[Saint]But, you wouldn't have to. Though it would be less efficient to do so you could take the current image all the way up to 16.04 if you wanted to.
22:18:58[Saint]And, fair enough. Honestly I'd like to get some download statistics on it.
22:19:07[Saint]But I'd need to talk to a Swede for that I think.
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23:03:14__builtinulmutul (logs): exposing a feature in a release build that could potentially brick a device seems like a bad idea to me
23:04:42__builtinand we can't expect people to read anything, much less the section of the manual with the warning
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23:21:05user890104__builtin: you can use instead of in the manual
23:21:36user890104i'm not sure if this is a "release" version or the current git build
23:21:44user890104but it's there
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23:24:05user890104bluebrother: if someone adds the ipod6g bootloader to, is rbutil going to offer it for installation?
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23:42:54__builtinuser890104: is mks5lboot up too?
23:43:12__builtinor should it continue linking to the FMI site?
23:47:27prof_wolfff__builtin, user890104: actually is the official tag release 1.0 of the bootloader (;a=tag;h=de95f9389460b9b528737d3a1306fdd403bc259a), that link should point always to the latest bootloader
23:49:00prof_wolfffthere is also a tag for mks5lboot:;a=tag;h=680f1ba5e9a39014494b8927fb4a17a1e0ee0516 , but ATM i have not send the binaries to put them on the download server
23:49:47prof_wolfffi will try to build them and send in the next days

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