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#rockbox log for 2017-04-18

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06:18:14[Saint]jhMikeS: since you're around - did you see my question the other day?
06:19:23[Saint]How hard would it be to "let the legs out" on the supported sample rates and bit depth so we're not effectively capping at 16/44.1|48
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06:20:24[Saint]I've had a look around codecs and the playback engine, and to be honest the whole place baffles the shit out of me and I find it scary, lol.
06:22:56[Saint]I got my hands on a bunch of pretty nice external DACs for Raspberry Pis (and the clone|"Rpi-compatible" boards which are TI PCM5122 based.
06:24:03[Saint]Which is a pretty nice Burr Brown DAC with pretty silly bit depth and samplerate, well, not /entirely/ ridiculous.
06:24:29[Saint]32/384 or so, if I recall correctly.
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09:38:55srocziIs someone here?
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09:53:26igorsknope, all dead
09:53:59igorskdid you read the topic?
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12:11:08wodzLovely, dev team from agptek responded they will not share kernel sources. Considering that all drivers are compiled into the kernel this is obvious GPL violation.
12:11:29duo8you should ask hiby
12:11:38gevaertsI'd say that means we start being serious about off-topic stuff on the foryms
12:11:56wodzgevaerts: what you mean?
12:12:36gevaertsThere are a few threads that are basically agptek support
12:13:16duo8lol which ones?
12:13:19gevaertsThey've been annoying me for a while, but I've tolerated them because I didn't want to appear hostile to a potentially rockbox-friendly manufacturer
12:13:52duo8also what qualifies as "rockbox-friendly"
12:14:20gevaertsThat's hard to say, which is why I added "potentially" :)
12:15:03duo8in that case all manufs with jz hardware is "friendly"
12:15:22duo8hell, anything that isn't atj is
12:15:45gevaerts,51071.0.html is partly on topic, and partly not
12:16:00duo8nuke it
12:16:43gevaertswodz: I'd say the best thing to do is to forward that response to something like the sflc
12:16:57wodzMy motivation to run rb on rocker lowered considerably with such attitude.
12:17:08*gevaerts nods
12:17:49gevaertsMaybe a short post to the relevant forum threads quoting the relevant lines saying you're not interested in continuing the port?
12:17:54wodzgevaerts: This was reposnse from Hunterleo. Before forwarding anyware anything I'd need to write official request first.
12:18:25gevaertsThey're using rockbox as a marketing tool. There's no reason to help them with that unless they play by the rules
12:18:38wodzfair point
12:19:21wodzI think posting on head-fi would have bigger impact
12:19:28gevaertsIt's up to you of course. You're the one doing the work, so you're the one who decides if you *want* to :)
12:21:12duo8i still say ask hiby
12:21:57wodzhiby provides player *app* not the sw/hw platform
12:22:08gevaertsI could imagine they might not be happy with a head-fi post saying "Rockbox team stops agptek port due to license violations"
12:22:30wodzbtw hiby player is shitty written - it segfaults on proper kill :-)
12:23:08gevaertsDoes it stop cleanly on kill -SIGSEGV? :)
12:23:19duo8you could also ask benjie
12:23:42duo8also i thought those companies provide full sw solutions to clients
12:24:27duo8(like with older jz players)
12:25:30wodzduo8: Ingenic provides sources for x1000 BUT this does not match kernel running on agptek. Not only some drivers are missing but others seems to be tweaked
12:26:17duo8anyone want to ask benjie then?
12:26:55wodzduo8: Technically speaking you need to have binary version to ask for source. I don't as I have only agptek.
12:27:38duo8download their firmware lol
12:30:40wodzduo8: This grey area IMO.
12:30:47wodz*this is*
12:31:09duo8they went below gray so it's only fair
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12:42:39wodzduo8: Below gray went Agptek so far
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12:42:50wodzunless they change their mind
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12:50:36duo8btw, do you need kernel sources? you're doing an app port right?
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12:51:41wodzduo8: I'd like to compare my understanding of sysfs interface in a few places. It is not *strictly* needed but would help
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14:03:21pamaurywodz: did you make progress on agptek?
14:03:36pamauryI split the alsa stuff on gerrit by the way
14:03:45pamaurydoes someone know if the gerrit situation improved?
14:04:51wodzno, it crashes somewhere in codec. I didn't have time to gdb this properly. It looks like ci ptr being corrupted somehow (either not initialized properly or corrupted afterwards).
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14:05:49pamauryit's quite strange: in gerrit the committers group lists me, but in the list of groups to which I belong, committers is not listed...
14:05:56wodzpamaury: I saw your split of alsa ctrl. I need to sort out codec issue first. Anyway with current response from agptek my motivation lowered considerably anyway.
14:06:13pamauryyeah it's really annoying that would not provide the kernel
14:07:16wodzI'll wait for Hunterleo final response as he declares to discuss with sw team boss (hey what to discuss there?)
14:07:48pamauryit would help if chinese companies did not systematically violate the GPL
14:27:02gevaertspamaury: as far as I can see everyone now has two gerrit accounts, one in the right groups but not accessible, and one without groups that you can get at
14:27:29gevaertsI don't know if zagor knows, but I have a meeting now...
14:35:44pamauryI sent an email to zagor but he did not answer me yet. I wonder if we really have two accounts or if some database misses some links
14:35:58pamaury(like a failed update/migration)
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15:06:07johnb2pamaury, lebellium: I am proposing a change to the keymap of the Sony players: If it has volume keys, use the up and down key for Pitsch Screen and Playlist View while in WPS.
15:06:27johnb2Please see my diff at
15:07:04johnb2Does this make sense?
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16:21:22pamauryjohnb2: that makes sense to me. I suggest you ask lebellium as well
16:22:12johnb2I wait for him to read the logs ...
16:33:28pamauryjohnb2: can you submit a patch on gerrit?
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16:36:51johnb2I guess I need some guidance there. What I did was this:
16:36:53johnb2git fetch refs/changes/81/1481/34 && git checkout FETCH_HEAD
16:37:09johnb2can I simply commit the change file?
16:37:22johnb2*changed file
16:38:09johnb2Or what else do I have to do?
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16:41:00igorskcommits are stored locally; you need to push for it to be submitted to gerrit
16:42:16johnb2It seems I can also edit through the web interface?
16:42:43igorskhowever I'm not sure how it works when you're not the original submitter
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16:58:19johnb2Trying to publish the change thru the web GUI I get: author email address does not match your user account.
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17:10:46pamauryjohnb2: is the email address your used when you commit (on your computer) the same as your gerrit one?
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17:22:26johnb2The full message is:
17:22:28johnb2ERROR: In commit 1ac0b5f80828c759cfcb38353717682881993ccf ERROR: author email address ERROR: does not match your user account.
17:22:44johnb2Gerrit complains that I am not you.
17:24:00pamauryjohnb2: that's because you cannot modify *my* commit
17:24:24 Join jhMikeS [0] (
17:24:28pamauryYou would need to create a new commit, I am not sure if the web interface can do that
17:24:47johnb2Ok, then I will try from the VM.
17:24:48pamauryactually you can base the commit on master, since my patch almost does not not modify the nwz keymap
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17:50:31chatter29hey guys
17:50:33chatter29allah is doing
17:50:38chatter29sun is not doing allah is doing
17:50:40chatter29to accept Islam say that i bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad peace be upon him is his slave and messenger
17:50:42 Part chatter29
17:53:31johnb2Proudly made my first code contribution :-)
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20:28:18lebelliumjohnb2, pamaury : just tried on my device, I'm OK with the new keymapping for up/down keys :)
20:34:19pamaurylebellium: cool
20:35:07pamauryI will look into the volume problem tonight
20:35:14pamauryand maybe change the way the volume is handled
20:37:58lebelliumok, if you update your patch, can you also add volume in SBS as well?
20:49:05pamaurynot sure what you mean
20:50:56lebellium#define HAVE_VOLUME_IN_LIST
20:51:31pamauryit's already there
20:52:01lebelliummy bad
20:52:44lebelliumI must have missed an update
21:01:19lebelliumregarding AGPTek and the Rocker, it's still unclear to me what AGPTek actually do internally and what is outsourced. If AGPTek only paid for external development (he said they "hired the devs from Fiio" but I think it's not accurate), I fear hunterleo has no influence on them and is not the right person to ask
21:04:10lebelliumHe probably wanted to use Rockbox as a selling argument but didn't ask his colleagues or contractors
21:08:04pamaurythey are still violating the GPL in any case
21:09:32lebelliumwho "they"? If the firmware is not developed by AGPTek?
21:09:43pamaurywhoever developed the kernel
21:09:52pamauryand thus AGPTek
21:11:08lebelliumA guy on head-fi is in touch with Benjie and got for example their own firmware (1.04 beta). Maybe asking Benjie instead of AGPTek could work
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21:31:48Saratoga_If they're distributing the device they're supposed to comply with the license
21:32:05Saratoga_But Chinese companies rarely seen to know or care
21:32:40Saratoga_And it sounds like this company just repackages someone else's firmware so they may have no idea what's in it
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23:52:55pamauryah damn lebellium is gone

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