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#rockbox log for 2017-04-20

00:00:07lebelliumI'll test and let you know tomorrow night
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02:19:09__builtinI'm going to put a call for manual writers on the forum to finish up the missing ones for 3.14
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03:48:52jhMikeSlebellium: (for logs) If it's what I think it is, I don't think I'll fix it. The RDS driver was broken in the first place. The polling thread may not be able to react properly and get RDS segments in the correct order. I tried the thread version on gigabeat-s and also the poling verion. Thread version with an interrupt post works fine, polling shows PI and CT but won't decode any text.
05:13:36jhMikeSlebellium: guess I fixed it even though I didn't want to *sigh*
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07:19:56johnb2saratoga: for the toolchains pamaury would know better. I only built the one needed for the Sonys. With the existing 11.04 VM a lot of packages were missing and finally the apt-get db seemed to be corrupt. That's why I upgraded.
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11:58:30duo8woah rb getting a new release
11:58:42duo8now people will stop calling it dead
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12:19:54ZincAlloya new release? now it must be dead for real!
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12:28:12wodzHeh, official agptek support replied to my email about releasing sources of GPL'd part :-) They ask for more details :P
12:28:42wodzI feel this gonna be fun
12:37:30wodzpamaury: I know why your change to mips threading code doesn'
12:37:33wodzt work
12:38:05wodzpamaury: But this does not answer why codec crashes unfortunately :/
12:44:53pamaurywodz: can you explain why it doesn't work?
12:48:07wodzpamaury: Because of ABI. 1) ABI dictates that if any of objects is PIC code, everything must be PIC. So on linux every single binary is PIC (not only shared libraries). 2) PIC code calling convention mandates to store in $25 (t9) address of the called function. It is used in prologue of called function to calculate GOT offset.
12:48:35wodzand probably 3) is that when PIC is used $29 (gp) is not preserved
12:49:48pamauryah I see
12:59:39wodzwhat compiler does is actually something like this:
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15:34:34zagorkugel: you helped set up the rockbox github mirror, right? are you also running the mirror pushing? I can't find them on our server! :)
16:06:03wodzzagor: how gerrit/buildfarm fixing is going?
16:06:42zagorwodz: poorly. I wrote a mail about it.
16:09:32wodzzagor: So basically this boils down to migrate from Swedes lordship, right?
16:09:51zagoryes, or at least starting to
16:10:48*gevaerts thinks migrating git to start with is a good idea
16:10:51zagorthe project is not gaining much from us anymore, rather we are holding it back
16:12:00wodzmigrating buildserver is another thing on the horizon
16:12:34gevaertsI'd say migrate git, make sure everyone knows who to contact to get commit access back (ideally several people, so we can get a good turnaround speed), and update the build master to handle triggers by the new host (I'm assumimg github)
16:13:20gevaertsWhen that's done, we can see if we move the build master or not. Moving that one should be fairly straightforward I think
16:13:30wodzIt is pretty unfortunate that it happened when there is some stir to make new release.
16:14:11wodzpersonally I don't like github as it is under us law
16:14:13zagorwe don't have to do it before release, if gerrit limps along well enough to make it
16:14:18gevaertsActually, assuming we move to github, updating the build master can be done right away as there already is a mirror there
16:14:39gevaertsAnd that will bring builds back
16:14:53zagorwodz: I know, but it doesn't make much difference. you don't store any sensitive personal data there.
16:15:25zagorgevaerts: ah, interesting point
16:15:43zagorI could try and kick the build farm to life using the github hook immediately
16:17:09fIorzWhat I don't understand is how everyone is so keen to use proprietary infrastructure software for building free software ...
16:17:10wodzzagor: It makes difference that github is known for complying with takedown requests from various companies. We do (or did actually) a lot of reverse engineering which is not something companies like
16:18:04zagorwodz: again, it's just one git repo mirror. we should keep multiples in sync anyway.
16:18:49wodzzagor: redundancy is good but setting 'central' point in unfriendly place is stupid
16:19:13zagorwodz: please suggest a better solution
16:19:54zagorif you're happy with random months-long outtages because I don't have time, then fine we can keep things as-is.
16:21:49wodzgithub *is* convenient, I use it for my personal sandbox I am just expressing my doubts.
16:24:24zagorwe've had the repo mirrored there for years already. and companies were scrutinizing (and sending nastygrams to) us long before that. but we're clean.
16:25:16zagorwe've changed a few plugin names over the years, but nothing more than that
16:25:29zagorin spite of people claiming owning patent to tetris gameplay... :)
16:26:52gevaertsI don't mind very much which system we use, but I seriously doubt it's a good idea to continue trying to self-host
16:27:17wodzI didn't say to selfhost
16:27:20gevaertsWe're down to a handful of people spending significant time on this, and self-hosting would eat a very big chunk of that
16:27:52wodzquick search reveals no serious alternative to github :-/
16:28:06wodzso let it be
16:29:24shrizza_Gogs/gitea is pretty good actually.
16:30:36zagorshrizza_: ...and are self-hosted :)
16:30:59shrizza_Oh right.
16:31:42zagormy thinking is basically "let's use whatever free (as in beer) resources various companies give us, if it can free up devs to work on code instead of maintaining servers"
16:32:24zagorif one company goes bad or bankrupt, the beauty of git is we can just take our ball and move to the next hot thing
16:32:37*gevaerts nods
16:33:03zagorsure, there's inevitably some fricting but realistically there will likely be years between switches
16:33:29gevaertsI'm not *entirely* sure we want github for wiki or bug tracking (especially wiki), but plain git code hosting is fairly easy to move
16:34:09zagorgevaerts: agreed. I'm not ready to throw everything onto github either.
16:35:39*gevaerts objects to the very existence of
16:38:50zagorand that's actually their main repo. odd.
16:39:20gevaertsYes. I don't see why we should consider using that if they themselves apparently don't trust it
16:41:19shrizza_Yes, that is admittedly strange.
16:47:46pixelmadoes github offer the possibility to login to a specific project using oauth2 (or whatever it's called)? I'm always trying to keep the amount (and diversity) of user accounts as low as possible
16:51:21gevaertsI don't think so
16:54:13gevaertsI'm not sure if any of the alternatives do that
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17:00:18pixelmaI'm not sure I'll follow the move and create a github account for this, seeing that I haven't contributed code to the project for quite a while :\
17:01:52gevaertsIf all else fails, git still supports "git format-patch" and email
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19:53:36lebelliumpff stupid me, being too lazy to compile a build, I naively downloaded the latest build from here and forgot that the latest commits are not included
19:53:50lebelliumno choice, I have to compile :D
19:55:53gevaertsIt's a ploy to test the toolchain installation!
19:56:22lebelliumit always worked for me :)
19:56:32lebelliumthe trick is no to touch it anymore once it works
19:56:41lebelliumno Ubuntu update, nothing
19:58:03lebelliumWhen I change my PC, I'll keep the same Ubuntu VM. No way I try to install all toolchains in a clean VM
20:25:04lebelliumjhMikeS (logs): RDS works agains on YP-R0. Thanks :)
20:25:43lebelliumnow I have another issue: soft lock no longer works properly: If I press "power", buttons are locked but if I press again, buttons are not unlocked
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20:37:43lebelliumFuze+ also has similar soft keylock. The keymapping looks different though
20:38:43lebelliumwhat is BUTTON_REL for?
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21:15:35lebelliumjhMikeS: I don't know if you read the logs?
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21:28:55wodzlebellium: This keymap is wrong AFAIK. Once softlock is engaged there will be no precondition so this action is never triggered
21:30:52igorsk_simple solution to get more people to use rb:
21:32:16lebelliumwodz: OK. What I don't understand is that it used to work anyway (9d121cf 20160817). I'm wondering if my keymap fix for settinngs (108a0f3 20160822) may have broken softlock
21:32:57lebelliumbut maybe it used to work by chance and black magic
21:33:23lebelliumso I'll try to compile a build with keymapping of Fuze+
21:55:06*[Saint] would mostly like to burn softlock on a pire
21:55:20[Saint]errr, one of the two.
21:57:18lebelliumI would too
21:58:12[Saint]I mainly only hate it because people always want weird exceptions to it.
21:58:51[Saint]"I want keys to lock under X, Y, and Z states, but I want keys A, B and C to be unlocked during P, Q, and R states"
21:59:17[Saint]I much prefer it to be similar to a real hold key. All or nothing.
21:59:36lebelliumI'm not sure I see a difference here. You may also want exceptions with real hold key
21:59:58wodz[Saint]: That doesn't mean to burn softlock. It is just be prudent about function
22:00:54[Saint]Yeah, you're right.
22:02:09[Saint]lebellium: Yeah, you're right too - but depending on how any given target implements their hold that may or may not even be possible. And weird disparity between targets based on (to a user) entirely arbitrary things is ugly as Hell.
22:02:31[Saint]Some targets just plain can't use any buttons with HW hold engaged.
22:03:03[Saint]I guess I'm a purist. I tend to think hold should disable all keys with no exception.
22:03:26lebelliumwodz: I removed ACTION_STD_KEYLOCK in context wps and fms and adjusted it in context standard so that it's now like Fuze+. On device it now works properly in FMS but doesn't work at all in WPS while it does on Fuze+. I'm a bit puzzled
22:08:04wodzlebellium: Sorry I can't help. Keymaps is something I tweak rarely and by trial and error method mostly
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22:10:59lebelliumI assume I just need to add it again but adjusted in context wps and fms to be sure it works but I don't understand why on Fuze+ it works it for all contexts just being in context standard
22:11:49*lebellium hates keymap
22:18:16*gevaerts is not against having a key combination that unlocks the lock, but he dislikes all other key combinations on a lock screen
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