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#rockbox log for 2017-04-22

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01:30:51*__builtin isn't sure about a move to Github
01:31:15__builtinon one hand, it works, sure, but what are we sacrificing?
01:36:16__builtingerrit is pretty nice when it works
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05:51:07chatter29hey guys
05:51:10chatter29allah is doing
05:51:15chatter29sun is not doing allah is doing
05:51:16chatter29to accept Islam say that i bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad peace be upon him is his slave and messenger
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05:51:57scorchebeat me to it
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08:45:41wodzre sacrificing gerrit - there is which looks like solution
08:46:38wodzCan't find if it is free though
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08:57:27duo8is the TargetStatus page up to date?
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11:00:28johnb2wodz: see
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14:10:14lebelliumduo8: not necessarily
14:14:00lebelliumcreative and sony players should be moved to the stable targets
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14:19:46lebelliumlorenzo92: long time no see!
14:19:59lorenzo92yepp ! :-)
14:20:46lorenzo92unfortunately i need to report that RDS is non functional on yp-r0, most probably after 4ffa052 and fc9695e
14:21:16lebelliumit fixed it
14:22:01lorenzo92actually, I have just downloaded a fresh you know at which commit has the issue been fixed?
14:22:14lebellium 4ffa052
14:22:38lebelliumbut if you grap a fresh build from it won't work
14:22:44lebelliumbecause the build system is broken
14:22:49lebelliumyou have to compile yourself
14:23:04lorenzo92funny, that's the issue indeed
14:23:14lorenzo92i will check later, then
14:24:22lebelliumI actually reported 2 days ago that RDS didn't work since fc9695e
14:24:55lebelliumthen JhMikes fixed it with 4ffa052
14:25:18lorenzo92right, I see
14:25:29lebelliumI also noticed that keymapping is broken
14:25:38lebelliumcheck stop playback / power off / hold
14:25:50lorenzo92I will check the modification further for curiosity, I must admit I wasn't such an embedded guru at the time :-)
14:26:42lebelliumkeymapping hasn't changed for a while but the behavior did
14:27:14lebelliumIt doesn't like following anymore: { ACTION_STD_KEYLOCK, BUTTON_POWER|BUTTON_REL, BUTTON_POWER },
14:27:42lebelliumI'm a bit puzzled now
14:29:39lorenzo92has the code changed over time? i.e. the keymap structure (iirc the one in the keypmap folder)
14:29:57lorenzo92I also reckon some changes in the keymap/key driver code
14:33:33lorenzo92my bad, the commit are per-device only, I do not see a generic one
14:34:24lebelliumI don't know now with the new behavior how to get stop / power off and hold working on the same key
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17:04:44dkfuelHi people! I have a possibly dumb/n00b question.
17:05:22dkfuelI have an iPod 1G that has scroll wheel issues with Rockbox. I just compiled my own firmware and applied the patch that should fix it.
17:05:32dkfuel(Have spent about 6 hours working on this.)
17:05:56dkfuelSo now what I don't get is how do I install this custom firmware? The unit already has Rockbox on it with bootloader, fonts etc.
17:06:09dkfuelI need to "overwrite" the firmware with this new brewed one.
17:06:38dkfuelInstructions that I have found just say to copy it to the root of the drive and allow it to overwrite the files.
17:07:04dkfuelWith my iPod mounted on my desktop (OSX Sierra) I don't see any current firmware files.
17:07:38dkfuelSince this is a Firewire connection (1G remember,) I don't know how to proceed.
17:08:04dkfuelIs there a way to use Rockbox Utility to select my own firmware (I have a zip version.)
17:08:25dkfuelThanks in advance for your help!
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17:21:18lebelliumRockbox Utility won't let you install your own build
17:21:33lebelliumso if I understand properly you don't see any .rockbox folder at the root
17:22:10lebelliumI don't know MacOS but aren't those kind of folders just hidden by default?
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18:26:27saratoga_show hidden files in macos (or just use the command line), then unzip the build over to the root of the ipod
18:26:36saratoga_you don't need rockbox utility at all for this
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22:14:27dkfuelSo it looks like the firmware is zipped as an invisible .rockbox folder.
22:14:48dkfuelI tried unzipping over to the root of the drive and it said it couldn't be copied because .rockbox is invisible.
22:14:59dkfuelOSX you stink!
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22:16:14dkfuelI ended up just unzipping into a folder, then dragging to the .rockbox folder.
22:16:25dkfuel(after showing hidden folders in OSX.)
22:16:51dkfuel(dragging the contents of the unzipped folder that is)
22:17:07dkfuelEnd result: I have a click wheel and battery icon that work on a 1G! Bam!
22:17:32dkfuelThanks for your help guys. It's funny that I ended up getting thrown on probably the easiest step.
22:17:45dkfuel(Compiling and patching is not for the faint hearted!)
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