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#rockbox log for 2017-04-25

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02:20:15Alcahesthey all, does the author LudovicJacques sometimes come in this chan?
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02:25:22__builtinAlcahest: not that I know of
02:25:40__builtinwhat were you meaning to ask? someone else might know
02:25:47Alcahestdamn, would you know how i could contact him?
02:25:57Alcahestwell i have a sony walkman NW-A847
02:26:05Alcahestand i'd love to change the interface to english
02:26:30Alcahestbut as you may know, jpn software has more features, Recording function, ATRAC support..
02:26:51Alcahestand I'm not sure if changing the destination would work, while retaining these features
02:27:13Alcahestthe soft gives me this, so it's supported by your tool
02:27:14AlcahestC:\Unzipped>scsitool-nwz-v6.exe E: dest_tool get
02:27:14AlcahestModel: NW-A847
02:27:14DBUGEnqueued KICK Alcahest
02:27:14AlcahestSeries: NWZ-A840 Series
02:27:14AlcahestDestination: J (0)
02:27:14***Alert Mode level 1
02:27:14AlcahestSound pressure: 0 (off)
02:27:52Alcahestbut i'm afraid to change anything without some sort of confirmation from Ludovic, as he seem to have done it himself and could give me further infos on what works or not post-change
02:28:16__builtinpamaury here knows a lot about that
02:28:47Alcahestgreat, thanks for the tip ^^
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02:29:30__builtinwhere did you see the name LudovicJacques?
02:30:09Alcaheston the wiki page dedicated to SonyNWDestTool
02:30:14Alcahesthe's the author
02:30:37__builtinnot necessarily, that's the last editor
02:30:50Alcahestoh right
02:31:24Alcahestif you see the image he added DSC_0945.JPG, that's very close to my case, and from him
02:32:02__builtinhmm... I have a feeling that's lebellium
02:32:51__builtinyep, apologies for the confusion
02:33:10__builtinLudovicJacques == lebellium
02:33:11Alcahesti'm not sure which confusion now lol
02:33:15Alcahestah alright ;)
02:33:44__builtinlebellium is a regular here, I feel bad for not recognizing him ;)
02:33:57Alcahestno worries ^^
02:34:26Alcahestso i'll wait for him to come back i guess, or if you see the above pamaury, please let me know what you think
02:36:29pamauryAlcahest: hi
02:37:07Alcahesthello pamaury, are you the one who did the dest change on the NW-A850?
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02:38:11pamauryAlcahest: I wrote the dest tool, but I don't own a NW-A850, lebellium (LudovicJacques) was the one who tried it
02:38:13Alcahestis there maybe a command line option for scsitool-nwz-v6.exe to see all the destinations supported by a certain model?
02:38:16Alcahesti see
02:38:24pamauryAlcahest: as far as I remember what he did was to switch destination from J to something else
02:38:58Alcahesthmm yes, but to what, and did it break anything.. i'd like to know beforehand
02:39:56Alcahestlike the NW-A20 series, my NW-A84 series has a bunch of stuff only the Japanese dest supports (line in recording, ATRAC, profiles for cradle i believe)
02:40:00pamauryAlcahest: I don't think you can break it, you can always switch back to J. You could try E2 or CEW
02:40:09Alcahestthat I'm not sure will be retained afterwards
02:40:46Alcahestthat's the thing, if i switch to U, E2 or anything else that isn't supported in the firmware, wouldn't that just brick the device?
02:40:51pamauryhowever make sure that after the change to reset all settings. I am afraid you'll have to try it by yourself, I don't know if it keeps all the japanese stuff
02:41:09pamauryAlcahest: it didn't brick lebellium's device
02:41:29Alcahestheh yeah xD
02:41:31pamauryand I believe you can recover in any case by reflashing the firmare
02:41:42Alcahestthere's none for this model :S
02:42:31Alcahesti'll wait for lebellium to come back, before going crazy with this device, it cost me an eye back then ^^;
02:42:56Alcahestwhat other command line arguments are supported by scsitool-nwz-v6.exe ?
02:43:03pamauryah, then it might be safe to do a firmware dump before but yeah, let's wait for lebellium. I only own european players so I don't know ^^
02:43:06Alcahestanything not documented on the page?
02:43:20Alcahesta firwmare dump, is it possible? wow
02:43:58pamauryAlcahest: almost all of it is undocumented :-p You can see all commands by running scsitool-nwz-v6.exe -h but you can't do a firmware dump with this tool, it's a bit more complicated
02:44:12Alcahestah, i see
02:44:49pamauryif you can wait for 5/10 minute, I can walk you through the firmare dump procedure
02:44:58Alcahestfor sure, thank you!
02:45:14pamaurywhich player is it again?
02:45:15Alcahest get_dnk_prop Get DNK property
02:45:15Alcahest get_dnk_nvp Get DNK NVP content
02:45:15Alcahest get_dpcc_prop Get DPCC property
02:45:15Alcahest get_user_time Get user time
02:45:15***Alert Mode level 1
02:45:15Alcahest get_dev_info Get device info
02:45:15***Alert Mode level 2
02:45:15Alcahest do_fw_upgrade Do a firmware upgrade
02:45:16***Alert Mode level 3
02:45:16Alcahest dest_tool Get/Set destination and sound pressure regulation
02:45:34AlcahestA japanese NW-A847 violet limited edition with 64gigs
02:45:49__builtinpro tip: use a pastebin for >2 lines
02:46:05Alcahestoverkill just for this, no? ^^;
02:47:22Alcahestit's absolutely incredible what you guys are doing, btw
02:47:53pamauryAlcahest: can you run:
02:47:53pamauryscsitool-nwz-v6.ex H: get_dnk_nvp kas
02:47:53pamauryand give me the output (use pastebin.con)
02:48:06pamauryand replace H: by the driver letter of your device
02:49:02pamaurywell dest_tool is really just a tiny tiny feature of this tool. I wrote scsitool-nwz to develop on those devices, and adding dest changer later because people wanted this feature
02:49:21Alcahesti see
02:50:57Alcahestis this the expected output? ^^;
02:51:04pamaurygreat thanks
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02:55:43enrilI just found sony sound pressure tool
02:55:54enriltry on my nw-x1060
02:56:02enrilbut output this
02:56:12enrilModel: NW-X1060 Series: NWZ-X1000 Series This device doesn't have node 'shp'
02:56:30enrilanyone can help me?
02:57:01__builtinhi enril
02:57:17__builtinyour timing is spot-on, someone just asked a similar question not 5 minutes ago
02:58:00Alcahesthi, yeah but it's about a nw-A847 ^^
02:58:25enriland was it solved?
02:58:40pamauryenril: give me 5/10 min and I'll try to help
02:58:41Alcahestworking on it ;)
02:58:52pamauryI'm working on a NW-A840 right now ;)
02:58:53Alcahestis your nw based on android or linux enril?
02:59:03enrilthanks a lot
02:59:07enrillinux i think
02:59:19Alcahestgood, i think android isn't supported
02:59:50pamauryI believe NWZ-X1060 is based on linux but it's a very old kernel for which I did not extract the necessary information for dest tool to work I think. But it probably can be done
02:59:58enrilI tried >scsitool-nwz-v6.exe D: get_dnk_nvp 12
03:00:11enrilget this
03:00:13enrilNote: node size unknown, trying to read 4096 bytes 12 (node 12): 00 20 00 98 00 00 00 0b 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 . .............. 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ................ 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ................ 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ................ 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ................ 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
03:01:33pamauryit would be too long to explain but it' safer not to use raw node number but names. The tool doesn't know about 'shp' because we need to extract the list for each device and I didn't do it for this one
03:03:16enrilIs there anything I can do for you?
03:04:53pamauryenril: perhaps but just be patient :)
03:04:59pamauryAlcahest: can you download
03:05:32__builtinprof_wolfff: what's left for rbutil ipod6g support before it's merged?
03:05:38pamauryonce you have it, put it at the root of your device and rename it to NW_WM_FW.UPG
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03:06:58pamaurythen eject your player safely, replug it and run
03:06:58pamauryscsitool-nwz-v6.exe H: do_fw_upgrade
03:06:58pamauryit will reboot, display a black screen with some text and if everything goes well dump the firmware to a subdirectory called dump_rootfs
03:07:18Alcahestalright, i'm trying
03:07:22Alcahestand praying ;D
03:09:26pamaury(note that it may take a minute or two potentially)
03:09:57Alcahestit's rebooting , with jpn message
03:10:03Alcahestabout something update
03:10:14Alcahestsmall blue line going up slowly
03:10:17Alcahestseems to be working
03:11:09Alcahestgot dump_rootfs populated ;)
03:11:35Alcahestfolder is 115 megs
03:11:42pamauryAlcahest: cool :) I suggest you keep a copy on your computer in a safe place. Also if you could zip and send me a copy that would be nice
03:12:03Alcahestsure, my internet is slow as fuck, is MEGA ok?
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03:12:32Alcahestalright ^^
03:12:35pamauryah enril is gone :(
03:13:09Alcahesttimeout, he'll be back !
03:13:11__builtinseems to be network issues
03:13:20Alcahestso, now with this pamaury
03:13:30pamauryonce you have copied it to your computer, you can try changing the destination:
03:13:30pamauryscsitool-nwz-v6.exe H: dest_tool set E2 off
03:13:30pamauryand then reset the settings (it's something in the menus)
03:13:38Alcahestif things go wrong after changing dest, what should i do to restore?
03:14:14pamauryif it needs restoring, you'll need to send me the file and I'll need to create a firmware upgrade from it
03:14:38Alcahestwow you know how to do this, it's nuts
03:14:52Alcahestwell backing up fw was already nuts hehe
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03:16:04Alcahestmmcinfo_map.txt is empty, is it expected?
03:16:18pamauryyeah this is only supported on newer players
03:16:26Alcahestgot you
03:16:37pamaurythe most important part is rootfs.tar
03:17:04Alcahestalright, size 106 Mo (112 167 936 octets)
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03:19:41Alcahestoh it compresses superbly, 36megs
03:19:48Alcahestshould be fast to upload
03:20:39Alcahesti'm trying to find out if there's a tourist version of that jpn nw-A847 to maximize the chance of keeping everything intact besides language..
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03:26:08pamauryenril: I will send you a new version of scsitool with support for NWZ-X1000
03:32:34Alcahestalright, this model's too old for sony jpn tourist site, so i'll wait for lebellium to come back to see his experience
03:32:57Alcahestpamaury, thanks for the great help and dedicated fw dump tool
03:33:01Alcahesthere is the dump:!T1thRAqD!M8PaQy8BkRdJtvzoqchMmg2y1y-XV4Nec3jf_PajBEM
03:33:05Alcahest[,0Link title] MEGA
03:34:44pamaurytry with this new version
03:36:43Alcahestpamaury, you wouldn't be a Toshiba Gigabeat wizard too would you? ;D
03:36:54enrilthere is still some problem with x1000
03:36:58enrilscsitool-nwz-v4.exe D: dest_tool set CN off Model: NW-X1060 Series: NWZ-X1000 Series This device doesn't have node 'shp'
03:37:11Alcahestit's v7!
03:37:22enrili forget
03:39:08enrilIt's so generous of you, pamaury
03:39:31pamauryAlcahest: no sorry
03:39:38Alcahesti join you in thanking pamaury, awesome!
03:39:56pamauryenril: so you confirm the destination was changed successfully?
03:40:06pamauryenril: don't forget to reset the settings!
03:40:18enrilYes, language has changed to chinese
03:42:39pamauryis that what you wanted?
03:42:49enrilof course!
03:42:53pamauryok :)
03:43:10Alcahestinteresting stuff in the dump, all in plain text too :)
03:43:15enrilIt's perfect
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06:50:40prof_wolfffbuiltin__: about rbutil, I think the Linux and Windows versions works well with a few issues and workarounds (these are no ipod classic specific)
06:52:31prof_wolfffI am out in the Mac world, but probably the version for OS X 10.5+ should be easy because mks5lboot works well and the Linux code should be compatible, maybe it needs some work for the iTunes detection, can try to compile it in a Mac Mini next weekend, anyway I think that we should ask bruebrother about merging it
06:53:40prof_wolfff__builtin: ^
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07:20:09lebellium_z3cAlcahest: it's not exactly the same as me: I have the A850 with NC. It's a different firmware. You have the NW-A840 (JP) but there is a worldwide NWZ-A840. I think both have the same firmware. In this case you would probably lose the JP specific features when switching to another region code. For ATRAC support though, see my note on the wiki
07:20:55 Join PurlingNayuki [0] (~Thunderbi@2001:da8:215:4ff:c432:9da0:f8a6:6231)
07:20:58lebellium_z3cWhen I mean both have the same firmware, it's A840 Japan and A840 worldwide. A850 definitely has a different firmware
07:21:20Alcahesthi lebellium, i actually went for it since i have the firwmare backup thanks to pamaury
07:21:37Alcahestit actually worked fine, and i kept all the japanese specifics of the model
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07:22:09Alcahestie: it still connects as Mass storage, the NFC feature and options all work, the recording menu is still there
07:22:42Alcahestalthough it's the only one still displayed in japanese, and all related recording features/options are still in japanese as well
07:22:59Alcahestit's like they localized everything except anything pertaining to Recording
07:23:06Alcahestdon't matter to me at all ^^
07:24:03Alcahestall the settings and features are otherwise unchanged, it's still the NW-A847, just with english interface, just what I had hoped for
07:24:30Alcahestgreat job guys, i never thought it'd ever be possible
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07:25:54lebellium_z3cI'm a bit puzzled. Are these recording features on the worldwide NWZ-A840?
07:26:10Alcahestno, they're not
07:26:38lebellium_z3cOtherwise that would mean it stills knows it's a NW and not a NWZ. But I really thought it was the same firmware just with another destination code
07:27:25Alcahesti guess this NW just knows about the NW stuff and changing the dest code somehow just changes language to english default
07:28:06Alcahestthere is no fw update for this model and it was released way before the nwz
07:28:21lebellium_z3cDid you reset the settings on device?
07:28:25Alcahestmaybe they didn't implement the international version? i dunno
07:28:36Alcahestyeah, nothing changed if i didn't
07:28:46Alcahestlanguage stayed jap until i reset ALL
07:30:18lebellium_z3cDo you have some atrac file? You can still play the existing ones for sure but if you update the libray manually in the settings or if you add some new Atrac files, are they still recognized?
07:30:56Alcahesti don't have any to test actually, I believe they're the .oma files?
07:31:51lebellium_z3cI thought you said Atrac support was important to you
07:32:09Alcahestwell really keeping all JPN features intact was important to me
07:32:54Alcahestbtw, in the Settings, Unit info still says NW-A847
07:33:12Alcaheston your NW-A850, did it change to NWZ after dest change?
07:34:23lebellium_z3cInteresting. No it didn't but I didn't expect it since the NWZ counterpart doesn't exist
07:34:39Alcahestoh doesn't it
07:34:55lebellium_z3cNo there is no NWZ-A850
07:35:32lebellium_z3cYou actually are the 1st one known to test the tool on a Japanese device having a worldwide counterpart
07:35:33Alcahestso it has no international counterpart at all?
07:35:42lebellium_z3cNot at all
07:36:05Alcahestwow you're lucky it didn't break anything xD
07:36:13Alcahestchanging the dest i mean
07:36:57Alcahestunless again, they designed it for worldwide and then marketing decided it'd stay jpn only
07:37:34Alcahestyou also have an entry which stayed in japanese i believe
07:37:39Alcaheston your pic in the wiki
07:37:46Alcahestwhat option is that?
07:37:53lebellium_z3cNow I know that there is not a unique firmware and that the device still make the difference between NWz and NW regardless the destination code
07:38:50Alcahestyeah it seems pretty clear now
07:39:08 Quit jhMikeS (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
07:39:17Alcahestand thanks for that, i wanted to keep the jpn origin ^^
07:39:36lebellium_z3cI don't remember, I can check tonight but I guess it was a useless menu with a QRcode to Sony Japan website
07:39:51Alcahesta some guide, yeah
07:39:56lebellium_z3cNow I leave or I'll be late at work :D
07:40:00Alcahesti don't have that, my unit's too old
07:40:10Alcahestalright, thanks for getting by and the infos ^^
07:40:17 Quit lebellium_z3c (Quit: Bye)
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08:30:34Alcahestis anyone a pro pertaining to the toshiba Gigabeat series? Or a pro at figuring out encryption?
08:31:49Alcahestthe Gigabeat software encrypts audio files to a format called .SAT and the DAP can only play back .SAT files
08:32:22Alcahesti have about 30 gigs in .SAT format i would absolutely love to decrypt/ get back as mp3s
08:37:41Alcahestit is belived that the encryption is a des encryption with the key correponding to the serial number of the hardrive
08:38:31Alcahestif anyone wants a challenge... there'll be a little reward ^^;
08:39:00Alcahestbelieved* damn
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10:27:38lorenzo_ypr0 simulator build fails due to multiple definitions, fix is trivial but it would be better to understand why it broke at some point..
10:43:21 Quit bluebrother (Disconnected by services)
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11:02:22wodzlorenzo_: ypr0 simulator fix is a matter of moving stuff in ifdefs block in SOURCES
11:07:49 Join xorly [0] (
11:11:15lorenzo_wodz: yes, definitely. As I previously said, the fix is trivial, but I am unsure why it broke...
11:13:49wodzlorenzo_: I wouldn't bother to trace it. Just fix it
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11:18:46lorenzo_wodz: I agree...
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11:51:49GreyGhost@Alcahest, have you tried using windows media player for your gigabyte encryption issue?
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12:13:30lorenzo_ g#1593
12:13:32fs-bluebotGerrit review #1593 at : Samsung YP-R0: fix simulator build by Lorenzo Miori
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13:50:22Gamerahey is it ever possible to enable host mode in devices that have it
13:50:52 Quit igorsk (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
13:50:55GameraI put a solid state drive in my h300 that's too big and the stock firmware won't boot
13:52:37Gameraso will rockbox ever support usb host mode?
13:52:43Gameraare there any patches or anything like that
13:52:57 Join igorsk [0] (
13:53:36 Nick lorenzo_ is now known as lorenzo92 (~lorenzo@
13:53:59 Join robertd1 [0] (~root@
14:19:45duo8also all modern usb core support otg afaik
14:23:56pixelmaduo8: are you sure what you are talking about?
14:25:45pixelmathe H300 is different and does not use Rockbox's USB stack
14:26:28pixelmait's quite an old player by now
14:26:39Gamerausb stack?
14:27:27Gamerawhat are the better recent players
14:31:40 Join JanC_ [0] (~janc@lugwv/member/JanC)
14:32:34 Quit JanC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
14:32:57 Nick JanC_ is now known as JanC (~janc@lugwv/member/JanC)
14:37:19Gamerais there rockbox for android
14:37:46AlcahestGreyGhost, my Gigabeat is the older model, G series, which cannot connect in MTP mode, and so the WMP method cannot be used ;_;
14:43:06olspookishmaguscan rockbox play .aac?
14:46:22olspookishmagusI see some bugs in the tracker regarding AAC so I guess it should play some at least some AAC
14:47:29olspookishmaguswhat I had in mind are some ADTS AAC files, I hope there won't be a problem playing those
14:58:20 Join PurlingNayuki [0] (~Thunderbi@
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18:50:17saratogaolspookishmagus: .aac files are not supported, you have to put AAC in a container like MP4 or RA
18:52:52 Join JdGordon [0] (~jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
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22:38:28 Join autofsckk [0] (~autofsckk@unaffiliated/autofsckk)
22:38:47autofsckkhello, where can i find the app that can check the disk for bad sectors?
22:53:41autofsckk__builtin: im not sure, somebody told me in this channel like 2 or 3 years ago how to fix my ipod, i wasnt able to read or write in it after i did that it started to work again
22:56:23 Join saratoga [0] (123e11e0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:59:40autofsckki dont remember the name of the application :( i just remember that it was running like for 3 days and after that i could use again my ipod, its a classic 160G
23:01:36saratogathe logs are indexed on google, just search and see what the application was
23:02:25 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: "It's now safe to turn off your computer.")
23:03:13Alcahestlooking for a toshiba Gigabeat dev guru..
23:16:39lebelliumpamaury (logs): is NW-X1000 support the only difference between scsitools v6 and v7?
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23:20:00lebellium__builtin: your time zone is a secret? :)
23:25:52lebelliumpamaury: nevermind, I hadn't seen the latest commits
23:28:19 Join [Saint] [0] (~sinner@rockbox/staff/saint)
23:28:59 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.93 [Firefox 53.0/20170413192749])
23:58:54saratogaAlcahest: you're ten years too late

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