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#rockbox log for 2017-04-29

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10:23:39Jonathan_Hi I get an error message like "Your device is not supported. Please contact developers." on my NW-A37HN
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10:33:32Jonathan_Dear Hi I get an error message like "Your device is not supported. Please contact developers." on my NW-A37HN
10:33:43pamauryyour device is not supported as of now
10:35:27Jonathan_that means i can not change the Language?
10:38:52pamauryhm, I just looked and the NW-A30 should be supported by the latest scsitool, which version did you use?
10:44:56pamauryhm, ok I'm busy right now. Can you stay on the channel for one/two hours?
10:45:17Jonathan_many thanks
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10:58:30pamauryJonathan_: try running:
10:58:30pamauryscsitool-nwz-vX.exe H: -s nw-a30 dest_tool get
10:58:37pamaury(replace H: with the driver letter)
10:59:44lebelliumand X by 7 :)
11:00:32Jonathan_is work many thanks
11:00:33pamaurylebellium: did you see my log on irc about dead links?
11:00:49pamauryJonathan_: you can then change the destination with
11:00:49pamauryscsitool-nwz-vX.exe H: -s nw-a30 dest_tool set E2 off
11:00:49pamaury(for example)
11:04:48lebelliumpamaury: yes, due to my hundreds or thousands server requests, I suspect Sony moved or renamed the MDSM directory but I couldn't find the new location pattern.
11:05:34lebelliumthat's why I put alternative download links
11:05:59lebelliumbut I want to keep the original link to have the SM number in case someone finds the new location
11:07:18pamauryok makes sense
11:07:29pamauryJonathan_: don't forget to reset all settings on your device
11:08:24Jonathan_many thanks
11:10:25lebelliumpamaury: why is -s needed for A30?
11:10:34lebelliumI thought it worked out of the box in v6
11:10:51pamauryno, because for the A30 series we don't have the list of model IDs
11:11:03Jonathan_but still can not change T Chinese
11:11:16Jonathan_scsitool-nwz-v7.exe D: -s nw-a30 dest_tool set TW off
11:11:41pamauryI extracted the list of model IDs from Sony's firmware, but since we cannot crack the encryption of the A30 (that looks different from other devices), I had to take the list of the A20, and thus it stops at A20
11:11:52Jonathan_now just show english only
11:12:44pamauryJonathan_: change destination is not something supported by Sony, if Sony did not put the chinese translation on the device, you can't have it I guess. Maybe try other destination codes
11:13:08Jonathan_ok many thanks
11:13:20lebelliumwell, you should have a language menu on device
11:13:24lebelliumwith T chinese
11:13:47lebelliumT chinese being the default language in TW is my observation on NWZ-A10, that's why I wrote that on the wiki
11:13:57Jonathan_no the language menu on device
11:14:25Jonathan_when restart just show set time only
11:15:10lebelliumNormally the language menu is only missing in J destination code
11:15:21lebelliumfor all other destination codes you should have a language menu in the settings
11:16:21Jonathan_my nw-37hn buy form japan
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11:20:49lebelliumpamaury: you actually have the list of model IDS page 9 of the A30 service manual
11:22:42pamaurylebellium: ah cool, I'll add them to the list then
11:24:01Jonathan_scsitool-nwz-v7.exe D: -s nw-a30 dest_tool set E off
11:24:17Jonathan_can change all language
11:25:36Jonathan_use set E off, have the language menu on device
11:25:47Jonathan_many many thanks
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11:26:29lebelliumJonathan_: nice
11:27:34Jonathan_Thanks all
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12:25:58lorenzo92lebellium: I am working on recording for ypr0 and ypr1 :-)
12:26:40lorenzo92on ypr0, radio is now recordable, ypr1 mic + fm radio need some work since it cannot recover back to playback, I guess there is still to improve the wm1808 codec driver for this device
12:27:29lorenzo92backend is alsa, by the way, currently by using the asynch callback which is something that could be replace with select() calls in a proper thread or by simulating DMA by mmpaping
12:29:59lebelliumsince I go in holiday 1 week from tomorrow I have some things to prepare today so I'm not sure I'll have time to try out some things for Rockbox and YP-R0/R1 but I'll have time in May
12:31:44lorenzo92lebellium: sure, no need to rush...I'll submit initial patches soon
12:32:42lorenzo92lebellium: I would also love to finally mark ypr0 and ypr1 as stable xD
12:34:12lorenzo92for which, the 2 most important tasks are manual (no idea where to start, do we also need screendumps for that?) and rbutil (I need to re-analyze the required stuff)
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13:02:07lebelliumjust go my 6th YP-R0
13:08:37*pimpin8 is listening to Oddisee — Built by Pictures, from the album The Iceberg
13:08:38lorenzo92hehe second hand shop or what?
13:08:44lorenzo92lebellium: ^^
13:09:07lebelliumlorenzo92: a guy on my French forums sold it to me for 20€
13:09:07lorenzo92because I am also looking for another one, in case mine decides not to work anymore ...
13:10:29pamaury_lebellium: that sounds like 5 too many ;)
13:10:45lebelliumpamaury_: I said YP-R0, not Fuze+
13:10:46pamaury_by the way, I am working on some tool to help check the manual's keymap againts the source code
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13:11:21pamaurymt goal is not necessarily to automate the manual building but to help find potential inconsistencies
13:12:27lorenzo92kind on lazy now to read the wiki, is the manual also requiring images i.e. screendumps?
13:13:11pamauryI am not 100% sure about this, either the images are necessarily but only one set per screen size, or it fallbacks to some version if not found
13:13:36pamauryI guess one set per screen size
13:14:08lebelliumthere are usually some screendumps for the plugins
13:14:21lebelliumbut you can take the one from the Fuze+ (240x320)
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13:59:41lorenzo92pamaury: I see, thanks
14:11:53lebelliumlorenzo92: I think the priority for YP-R0 should be fixing the keymapping
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14:41:45prof_wolfff__builtin: about rbutil for ipod6g in 3.14, i think the Windows and Linux version are ready, i am going to test it on a borrowed Mac mini this weekend but not sure how it will result, let's see what bluebrother thinks about it
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14:43:56bluebrotherprof_wolfff: nice. Though I currently have some issues building Rockbox Utility on OS X due to libcryptopp
14:44:03bluebrotherneed to figure that ...
14:44:43bluebrotherI was considering to import cryptopp into our repository so we can build it directly. We can still link against a system library on Linux
14:45:04bluebrother(and then debian / ubuntu calls it crypto++, while fedora and upstream calls it cryptopp ...)
14:46:10prof_wolfffbluebrother: about cryptopp, see g#1585 and g#1589
14:46:12fs-bluebotGerrit review #1585 at : rbutil: fix compilation issues on mkimxboot and rbutil by Cástor Muñoz
14:46:12fs-bluebotGerrit review #1589 at : Use pkg-config to set crypto++ flags by Franklin Wei
14:47:00prof_wolfffon Ubuntu it is called cryptopp but includes links to crypto++ IIRC
14:47:41bluebrotherhmm, then I need to check that on a debian box (don't have a working ubuntu one around, but at least a debian machine)
14:48:06bluebrotherbut if they at least include a link then that should be find −− if we use libcryptopp instead of libcrypto++
14:48:12pamauryif cryptopp turns out to be the most general then let's go for it
14:48:28pamauryhowever what about pkg-config? Does that work on Mac and Windows?
14:48:36bluebrotherusually no
14:48:45prof_wolfffi will also try to compile and test rbutil for ipod6g on a Mac mini today or tomorrow and fix/add the needed code to work on Mac
14:49:27bluebrotherand Mac doesn't have cryptopp installed −− you need to do that yourself. And then you can run into issues. I've stumbled across that a while back, there seems to be a difference if you compile with gcc and clang
14:49:48bluebrotherand homebrew uses gcc, while OS X itself uses clang
14:50:14bluebrotherit's a bit of a mess and I haven't had enough time to figure it
14:50:55bluebrotherand then we'll get issues with zlib on Windows ... newer Qt versions don't export the zlib symbols anymore like they did in the past (which has been considered a bug)
14:51:20bluebrotherso right now I'm considering to add zlib and cryptopp to our repository, and use that if needed (i.e. on Windows and OS X)
14:52:15prof_wolfffATM we are using homebrew to install libusb prior to compile mks5lboot on Mac, it seems to work well: user890104/bootloader-ipodclassic.html">
14:52:50bluebrotherlibusb is a C library. cryptopp is C++. That unfortunately makes a difference (C libs are _much_ easier to handle)
14:53:05prof_wolfffah! ok
14:53:13bluebrotheroh, and we do need libusb on OS X? That's ... ugly :(
14:54:01prof_wolfffyes, why it is bad?, it works well
14:54:34bluebrotherbecause handling that dependency for deployment is ... a pain
14:54:45bluebrotherwe had that dependency in the past. Took quite some time to get rid of it
14:54:54bluebrotherand made things much simpler
14:55:05prof_wolfffso what is the alternative?
14:55:19bluebrotherespecially since we're (still) targeting 10.4, which also means ppc support
14:55:48bluebrothergood question :) What is libusb needed for?
14:56:05prof_wolfffyes i was supposing that libusb is for intel 10.5+, right?
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14:56:55bluebrothernot sure what the current state is. Back then it did work on 10.4ppc, but you'd need to be careful about that, make sure you get the correct lib linked etc.
14:56:57prof_wolffflibusb is needed to handle the installation of the bootloader in DFU mode
14:58:30bluebrotherwell, the alternative is a native implementation of course :) But that's quite some work unfortunately
14:59:10prof_wolfffopeniBoot was using and 'old' API to access USB DFU mode, i can add that API to mks5lboot but i am not sure if it does worth, does this native API work on new Macs?
14:59:52bluebrotherso the question arises if we still want to target 10.4ppc or simply go 10.6+
15:00:11bluebrothersince then we can get rid of ppc support
15:00:59prof_wolfffmks5lboot is prepared to support various APIs, i.e. it supports winapi or libusb on windows, it is possible to do it for Mac, not easy so not sure it does worth
15:01:32*user890104 has a OS X 10.11 virtual machine with xcode, rockbox source and cryptopp source cloned from git
15:02:00bluebrotherhmm. With this winapi support (you're talking about winusb I guess?), what requirements puts that up? At least Win7?
15:02:17bluebrotheror Vista, afaik winusb was introduced with Vista
15:05:02bluebrotherI'm fine with going OS X 10.6+ / Win7+, but we need to make sure to make that a clear decision
15:05:03prof_wolfffyes i think it is winusb, i don't use Windows so ATM not sure, it is the API used when Apple drivers are installed, it is tested in XP, win7 and win10
15:05:36bluebrotherthat sounds like something different. winusb is something libusb like that's shipped with Windows.
15:05:57bluebrotherbut I'm also not familiar with those Apple drivers
15:06:59user890104ipodscsi is using apple's driver on windows
15:07:06user890104no winusb/libusb
15:07:36user890104it opens a device at windows-specific path name, and communicates with it using windows apis
15:08:25bluebrotherok ...
15:08:25prof_wolfffwell, after revising that: it uses libusb for WinUSB drivers (i.e. Zadig) and the native Windows API for Apple Drivers
15:09:01prof_wolfffthe installed driver is detected and the it uses the appropriate API
15:09:08bluebrotherhmmm? My understanding is that if you use winusb you don't need libusb, since winusb is a similar thing.
15:09:51bluebrotherah, so it checks if you have some libusb based driver installed? But that would be something the user needs to install first explicitly? While the Apple drivers are usually installed when installing Itunes?
15:10:58prof_wolfffyes, i was referring to a installed WinUSB type driver, the library used is libusbX, if not it uses the native windows API (for Apple drivers)
15:11:32prof_wolfffit is some confusing, there are also libusbK and libusb0 type drivers
15:11:33user890104bluebrother: the error i get on OSX is:
15:11:49user890104looks like it fails on the final linking stage
15:12:12user890104i guess i fail to provide it with the correct path for libcryptopp
15:12:40prof_wolfffyes, if the uses does not have iTunes installed then he must install a libUSB driver
15:13:20prof_wolfffsee user890104/bootloader-ipodclassic-v1_0/README.mks5lboot.txt"> "Windows Only" section
15:13:22bluebrotherdoes Rockbox Utility needs to use libusb in that case? Or only the driver?
15:13:44pimpin8how can i make a playlist with rockbox
15:14:04prof_wolffflibusb is only used by the mks5lboot.a library, not rbutil itself
15:14:09user890104prof_wolfff: iiuc, if you have apple's driver, mks5lboot will use that. if not, it will use libusb, but the user need to install the libusb driver in advance, is that right?
15:14:24user890104(talking about windows only)
15:14:34bluebrotherprof_wolfff: since we statically link mks5lboot.a that means Rockbox Utility needs to link against libusb
15:14:44prof_wolfffyes, mks5lboot needs to be linked against libusb
15:15:05bluebrotherI'd really like to avoid a dependency on libusb on Windows / OS X
15:15:29bluebrothercan it be built in a Apple-only way?
15:15:40prof_wolfffyes, rbutil needs to be linked with libusb, it is needed for mks5lboot.a
15:16:29user890104bluebrother: why do you want to avoid libusb?
15:16:31prof_wolfffyes, we could remove the libusb dependency easily but then the user needs to install the Apple drivers (iTunes)
15:17:06user890104prof_wolfff: it is possible to install the apple drivers without installing itunes
15:17:19user890104there are instructions on the freemyipod wiki
15:17:43prof_wolfffi think so, they are included in a folder with iTunes, but not sure if they are distributed without iTunes
15:18:03user890104well, you can cheat a bit, and download itunes' setup
15:18:09user890104then extract it with 7-zip
15:18:21user890104and run only AppleMobileDeviceSomethingSomething.exe
15:18:35bluebrotheruser890104: (1) additional dependency / complexity for development / deployment, (2) more options for the user -> more confusion
15:18:52user890104so if the user already has itunes, mks5lboot should work fine
15:19:17user890104if not, they can choose 1) to install itunes, or 2) to extract the drivers from itunes' setup and install only them
15:19:18prof_wolfffyes, even with a mks5lboot not linked with libusb
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15:19:32bluebrotherit's a bit like when it comes to restoring the Ipod: use Itunes :)
15:20:03bluebrotherthere are other ways (which I used myself) but those are more advanced, and thus something I'd keep out of something like Rockbox Utility
15:20:09prof_wolfffbut actually there is no native API support for Mac, only libusb
15:20:41user890104how do other installers that need usb access work on mac?
15:20:47bluebrotherok, but at least on Windows we could have a Apple-driver-only solution, which should fit 99.9% of the users. Right?
15:21:08bluebrotherhow many installers do need usb access are actually out there? ;-)
15:21:40user890104uhm, honestly i don't know, that's why i'm asking
15:21:49bluebrotherthe only thing that comes to mind are tools that require special USB drivers anyway, so you'd need to implement a driver :)
15:23:07bluebrotherI guess it needs a bit more investigation to figure if we can avoid libusb on OS X
15:23:16prof_wolfffyes, a appls-driver-only solution is ready, but rbutils compilation using -lusb-1.0 works well for me, see
15:24:25prof_wolfffit seems that the libusb problem could be the same for cryptopp
15:25:51bluebrotherprof_wolfff: well, where do you get libusb from? And which version / binary? The main problem is that there is no standard way to get it. If MinGW would ship it ...
15:26:11bluebrotherand a similar problem exists with zlib. In case you build with MSVC you cannot simply -lz
15:26:24prof_wolfffjust a moment...
15:26:50bluebrotherso for the zlib issue I'm considering to add our own copy. It's not that much actually.
15:27:04bluebrothercryptopp is a much larger library unfortunately.
15:28:04prof_wolfffi used mingw32-gcc-4.8.1 + precompiled libusbx-1.0.15
15:28:30bluebrotherok, so let's say I want to build using MSVC ...
15:29:05bluebrotheroh, and does libusb link statically?
15:29:52prof_wolfffyes, version 1.0.15 links statically for 32-bit
15:30:52prof_wolfffnewer precompiled libusb versions i tested has problems linking for 32-bit regarding some 64-bit dependency issues
15:31:56prof_wolfffactually there are mks5lboot and rbutil 32-bit executables statically linked using the precompiled libusbx-1.0.15
15:33:09 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
15:33:17bluebrotherok, so that's working now but likely to give problems in the future when things change
15:34:00prof_wolfffyes, more than likely :(
15:34:27bluebrotherthat's why I would like to avoid these dependencies. I've had my fair share of hunting down such issues, don't need more of that :)
15:35:30bluebrotherso. On Windows we could rely on the Apple drivers (which means we require the user to install Itunes and check the "enable disk access" box). That'll allows us to get rid of libusb on Windows
15:35:48bluebrotherOS X is a more complicated unfortunately
15:36:00prof_wolfffyes, i can remove easily the libusb dependency and use only native API for windows
15:36:15bluebrotheryou can just #ifdef that part
15:37:00bluebrotherso we can still build it with libusb, but then I'd go for using libusb-less for Rockbox Utility, and if someone needs a libusb-based approach it could be done using command line tools
15:37:02prof_wolfffit is already done, just comment USE_LIBUSB
15:37:09bluebrotheroh, nice
15:37:55prof_wolfffyes, we can supply mks5lboot.exe with libusb support and rbutil with only native API
15:38:25bluebrothergreat :)
15:39:02prof_wolfffi suspect there is no native API on OS X 10.6+, right?
15:44:35bluebrotherprof_wolfff: there's IOKit:
15:44:55bluebrotherthat's how we get the attached USB devices on OS X right now
15:45:21bluebrothersee base/system.cpp:337
15:45:55bluebrotherthough I don't know if that's feasible for our purpose
15:47:04prof_wolfffi think so, it seems the openiBoot project is using that API, i can try to port it but will take some time, the important thing is that i can test it on a Mac mini
15:50:30bluebrotheroh, great. Upstream creates a Debian has, but a symlink, at least. But pkg-config doesn't know about cryptopp, only libcrypto++ :(
15:51:01prof_wolfffwill try to do that and update the gerrit patch ASAP
15:51:20bluebrotherI'll try to find some time for the zlib / cryptopp issues
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17:19:33monotuxquirk of the day, my ipod classic (120 gb originally) wont start as it only has 3653 mW available. anyone else with this problem?
17:34:26johnb2pamaury: I am trying to enable Sony A20. Searching through the different files and comparing with A10, I am confused when to name the model nwz-a20 and nw-a20, i.e. omitting the z.
17:35:05johnb2Is there a special logic behind that or was the z just left out by mistake?
17:39:22johnb2You do this for the A30 in a similar manner, but I thought the A20 was like the A10.
17:42:05 Join johnb3 [0] (~johnb2@
17:43:47 Quit johnb2 (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
17:46:38 Join cc___ [0] (
17:51:37lebelliumjohnb3: A20 and A30 only exist as NW while the A10 can be both NW and NWZ
17:53:01lebelliumwell, not exactly. The A10 only exists as NWZ, it was not sold in Japan
17:58:14 Join JanC_ [0] (~janc@lugwv/member/JanC)
17:59:32 Quit JanC (Killed ( (Nickname regained by services)))
17:59:32 Nick JanC_ is now known as JanC (~janc@lugwv/member/JanC)
17:59:46lebelliumI'm wrong, it was sold in Japan
17:59:55 Join alexweissman [0] (
18:09:20johnb3Ah, I see. Then I will change it to consistently be NW-A20 only.
18:14:39 Join beveradb [0] (
18:25:49 Join johnb2 [0] (
18:38:23 Join Bilgus [0] (~Bilgus@gateway/tor-sasl/bilgus)
18:39:36 Quit Ruhan (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
18:58:58johnb3pamaury: trying to compile mknwzboot, I get
18:59:28johnb3../../utils/nwztools/upgtools/mg.cpp:22:31: fatal error: crypto++/cryptlib.h: No such file or directory
18:59:45johnb3the whole crypto++ directory is not existing.
18:59:58johnb3How would I get this?
19:13:32 Join ZincAlloy [0] (~Adium@2a02:8108:8b80:1700:25d4:2f0c:9afb:8c92)
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19:23:05johnb3pamaury: would you be so kind to review ?
19:26:11 Quit johnb3 (Quit: Nettalk6 -
19:47:20 Join saratoga [0] (123e11e0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:47:58saratogais the xfi2 broken by the mutex_lock check for anyone besides that guy on the forums?
19:48:04saratogaseems surprising no one noticed
19:48:56 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: "It's now safe to turn off your computer.")
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21:10:56saratogalorenzo92: do you speak italian? if so could you look at FS #13111 ? Otherwise I'll just commit it for the 3.14 release
21:10:57fs-bluebot updated Italian translation (bugs, unconfirmed)
21:13:14lebelliumwill it be really version 3.14 with so many changes?
21:13:37lebelliumit should be 4.0
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22:44:17prof_wolfffmonotux: it seems the iPod is modified with a different HDD that consumes more power than the original HDD, right?, are you using the new bootloader?
22:58:50__builtinlebellium: my thinking is that 4.0 will be distinguished by not having HWCODEC support
22:58:55__builtinwhereas 3.14 will
23:00:11lebelliumso dropping HWCODEC support is a bigger change than the hundreds changes between 3.13 and 3.14?
23:00:16lebelliumThat doesn't make any sense to me :S
23:00:54__builtinthere have certainly been tons of changes since 3.13, it's just that it's more significant to have 4.0 mean "no HWCODEC" than "many changes" imo
23:07:53 Join jhMikeS [0] (
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23:08:43 Part robertd1
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