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#rockbox log for 2017-05-01

00:00:01gevaertsYou should have a private message with that. It's 670MB, and I'm not sure if too many downloads are useful
00:05:10__builtingreat, I'll download it and check before pinging zagor
00:07:13lorenzo92_1well done guys :-)
00:07:42__builtinit's too early to celebrate just yet
00:07:51__builtinwe'll probably have a 3.14.1 with my luck :P
00:09:05gevaertsWe'll see :)
00:11:16*__builtin remembers that the ipod6g still isn't stable, so no testing for me :D
00:11:50__builtinanyone with a stable target around to do a sanity check?
00:12:17user890104i'm happy to test on ipod6g too
00:12:35__builtinthe thing is we don't release for that
00:12:45user890104ah, right
00:12:54user890104ok just nano2g then
00:13:04user890104should i switch from emcore to the rockbox bootloader?
00:13:19gevaertsShouldn't matter
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00:13:57user890104ok, where do i find the builds?
00:14:02user890104or just use rbutil?
00:14:19__builtincheck PM
00:14:29gevaertsI should probably upload "easy" downloads :)
00:15:14__builtinuser890104: just make sure it boots and nothing looks/sounds excessively broken ;)
00:17:36gevaerts for individual downloads (for now, I'll take that down at actual release)
00:18:14gevaerts__builtin: that one's not for zagor, he'd quickly get annoyed at having to download 332 files individually :)
00:18:44user890104wget -r ? :)
00:19:38 Quit lorenzo92_1 (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
00:20:11gevaertsuser890104: yes, but there's also one big tarfile with the correct directory name for the download server. I bet that's easier :)
00:20:38user890104yes, it should be
00:20:53__builtinuser890104: does it seem to work?
00:23:48user890104boots and plays a song
00:24:31user890104and has a nice version number :)
00:25:35*__builtin was worried about that not working
00:26:46__builtinnow we just wait for zagor...
00:28:38user890104and 2048 works
00:28:52user890104that's the most important thing in the subway every morning
00:29:19__builtinhmm, really?
00:29:28__builtinyou're welcome ;)
00:32:02*user890104 is preparing a new plugin for rockbox
00:39:30__builtinhmm... this part might take longer than expected
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01:05:26Topic"Rockbox 3.14 released! | | Please read before speaking: | Please stay! You may need to wait some time to get your answer, DON'T leave after a few minutes because you think nobody is there! | If you can't stay and wait, please post your question to the mailing list | This channel is logged at" by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
01:05:47Topic"Rockbox 3.14 released! | Please read before speaking: | Please stay! You may need to wait some time to get your answer, DON'T leave after a few minutes because you think nobody is there! | If you can't stay and wait, please post your question to the mailing list | This channel is logged at" by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
01:06:06user890104__builtin: building a simulator fails for some reason:
01:06:10 Quit Bilgus (Remote host closed the connection)
01:06:26__builtinmmh crap
01:06:35__builtinI know why, though
01:06:47user890104i'll try to exclude the puzzles part
01:06:52__builtincreate an empty apps/plugins/puzzles/dummy/stdio.h
01:08:02user890104nice :)
01:08:54user890104so far, still compiling
01:09:05__builtinit's possible it's including some other headers that it shouldn't
01:09:07 Join Bilgus [0] (~Bilgus@gateway/tor-sasl/bilgus)
01:09:16__builtinjust `touch' those as needed
01:09:38__builtinand tell me which ones so I can commit them
01:09:54user890104looks like it's just this one
01:13:23__builtinok, pushed a fix
01:19:50user890104seems to be fine
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01:20:18user890104is there a way to run the ui simulator over ssh forwarded x11?
01:20:30user890104it launches the caca frontend instead
01:49:19__builtinhmm, we don't have n2g for download
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02:00:10b0hoonhi. I just wanted to say that gogears are stable too now.
02:01:29b0hoonthere is nothing about it in ReleaseNotes.
02:02:37Strife89Congrats on the release, everyone!
02:03:12Strife89I'll dig out my Sansas and get them updated. :)
02:05:21__builtinb0hoon: thanks for the tip
02:06:30__builtinshould be fixed
02:07:54pamaury__builtin: congrat on the release :) It is good that someone stepped up and did the work. I think we might have to do a 3.14.1 to update some manuals though ;)
02:08:30__builtinhardly, we can just slip in and ninja edit it them in ;)
02:09:26pamauryhaha yes
02:09:40b0hoon__builtin: thanks
02:11:05Strife89Yeah, if it's just a manual update, I don't see the need for a (sub-)point release
02:11:23Strife89Which manual entries need work, pamaury?
02:12:10b0hoon__builtin: i hate to do the manuals, but i'll try to do something for gogears, unless someone will do it before me
02:12:11__builtinIIRC all the stable Sonys and Creatives
02:12:35__builtinand the Phillips ones too
02:12:42pamaurySonys and Creative
02:12:51pamauryI am working on creative zen xfi3 manual right now
02:12:56b0hoonwhich is unlikely...
02:13:02pamauryand also writing a script to help checking manual's keymap
02:13:18pamauryI'll do the manuals
02:19:02 Quit b0hoon (Quit: Page closed)
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02:53:12__builtinheh, we made Hacker News frontpage
02:55:16pamauryAh damn, we will need a point release because I didn't have time to push the Zen X-Fi2 panic fix :-/
02:55:30pamaurynot that the X-Fi2 is really important device anyway
02:55:45pamaury(since it's unstable)
02:55:54__builtinit's not stable, we don't release for unstable at all I think
02:56:16pamauryyeh you might be right
02:56:25__builtinthat's why I wasn't too worried about it
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05:42:44BilgusAwesome work __builtin!!
05:44:31BilgusAlso is Gerrit fixed now?
05:49:30 Join GreyGhost [0] (2a6dd669@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
05:50:30GreyGhostCongrats on the great work with the release guys!!
05:52:35GreyGhostWould be great if someone can point to a recent build for ipod 6g.. Binaries not available in the release i beleive.. Been meaning to update for sometime but the build server seems to be down for sometime now..
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11:09:22lorenzo92_1am I missing something when building rbutils? ../../utils/imxtools/sbtools/crypto.cpp:23:28: fatal error: cryptopp/modes.h: No such file or directory
11:09:33lorenzo92_1please note that I have loaded the project in the qt creator
11:09:55lorenzo92_1(version 5.8)
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11:33:03pamaurylorenzo92_1: I think there are some problems with crypto++, because it seems that the way it is handled by distributions is not consistent
11:33:24pamauryif I am not mistaken, bluebrother might just end up embedding it
11:38:05 Join elensil [0] (~edhelas@2001:1c02:1900:7800:cc4f:c493:1e05:7727)
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12:45:17lorenzo92_1pamaury: hmm, I see. Thanks for the hint
12:50:46 Join johnb3 [0] (
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13:06:44lorenzo92_1pamaury: actually, I had no such a package installed :-) solved. Also libusb-1.0 is required...are these deps documented somewhere?
13:07:05lorenzo92_1 has no hints
13:08:05johnb3lorenzo92_1: which package was needed for crypto ?
13:11:25lorenzo92_1johnb3: libcrypto++-dev -> on kubuntu 16.04
13:12:00lorenzo92_1but actually, I get link errors :(
13:12:05lorenzo92_1I spoke too early !
13:14:36lorenzo92_1johnb3: just in case
13:14:39pamaurylorenzo92_1: it's a new dependency, libusb is necessary because of ipod6g stuff
13:14:47pamauryand crypto++ because of several things
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13:37:45lorenzo92_1pamaury: is rbutil compilable under the rockbox virtual machine? If so, I need to revert there I guess
13:45:41pamauryI don't know, you have to ask bluebrother about rbutil, he is the one working on it
13:46:06lorenzo92_1pamaury: thanks
13:57:24bluebrotherlibusb is already used on Linux. But now mks5lboot also requires it.
13:58:01bluebrotheradditionally, sbtools now requires libcryptopp.
13:58:30bluebrotherwhich means that we need to link Rockbox Utility (since we link statically) against libcryptopp as well
13:59:13bluebrotheryou need to add LIBS += -lcryptopp to
13:59:34bluebrotheror maybe -lcrypto++, depending on your distro. Naming is inconsistent there, which is quite annoying
14:00:46bluebrotherlorenzo92_1: what do you mean with Rockbox virtual machine? The VM image that has been distributed in the past (no idea if that still exists)?
14:01:06bluebrotherthat is likely to miss some of the new dependencies.
14:02:15lorenzo92_1bluebrother: yepp. Let me adjust manually the LD configuration, I hope it is just that...
14:03:06bluebrotherI want to have a common solution for that, but I'm not exactly sure how to proceed here. Especially Windows and OS X are a problem here.
14:05:04bluebrotherbut it's likely to end up with adding our own copy of the library
14:05:24lorenzo92_1bluebrother: -lcrypto++ did the trick. But indeed, a local copy of the library would solve all this mess
14:06:02bluebrotherwe have a similar issue for zlib, but that only affects Windows with Qt5
14:06:09bluebrotherso it's less of an issue
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15:39:25saratogahere is updated VM image:
15:39:54saratogait does not have the tools required for the compiling rbutil, but it shouldn't be too hard to add them since its still supported (unlike the 5 year old VM)
15:42:15user890104i'm making a Vagrant configuration for a rockbox development virtual machine, and i can submit it for inclusion in the project if you want
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17:01:48Yogurt_hey all
17:02:12Yogurt_any word on rockbox for the sony E585?
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17:16:44 Part robertd1
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19:10:13__builtinhmm, we need to update build-info on the download server, right?
19:13:10gevaertsYes, but that might actually use, doesn't it?
19:13:18gevaertsSo a general update might fix it
19:16:07__builtinhmm, you sure?
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19:21:19gevaertsIt's one of those things I know little about
19:23:41__builtinit makes sense that it'd be generated from that
19:23:46__builtinbut I can't find how
19:27:16__builtinhmm, I guess they can just take a normal build-info for a daily build and copy it over
19:58:41 Join Bilgus_ [0] (~Bilgus@gateway/tor-sasl/bilgus)
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22:17:48__builtinyay, seems to be fixed :)
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22:27:38__builtinI'll edit the checklist to include getting the swedes to update the site
22:28:57__builtinhmm, what's the "official" term for "swede"?
22:38:39user890104i'm unable to build a rockbox simulator if the source code is located at /rockbox
22:39:54user890104there's a make rule which replaces $(ROOTDIR) with $(BUILDDIR) when generating embedded bitmaps
22:40:20user890104and it produces /rockbox/build-sim-win64/apps/bitmaps/native/rockbox/build-sim-win64logo.320x98x16.o instead of /rockbox/build-sim-win64/apps/bitmaps/native/rockboxlogo.320x98x16.o
22:40:58user890104apps/bitmaps/bitmaps.make, line 28: BMPOBJ = $(BMP:$(ROOTDIR)/%.bmp=$(BUILDDIR)/%.o)
22:41:17user890104can anyone help me fix it?
22:42:13__builtinI don't see what's going wrong
22:42:23user890104(ROOTDIR = /rockbox, BUILDDIR=/rockbox/build-sim-win64)
22:42:41 Quit paulk-collins (Remote host closed the connection)
22:43:00user890104__builtin: it replaces this part: ...s/native/rockboxlogo.320x9...
22:43:55user890104it there a "replace only once" macro?
22:46:08user890104or it could remove the number of characters equal to ROOTDIR's length if the string begins with ROOTDIR
22:46:14user890104then prepend BUILDDIR
22:46:23__builtinthat's probably the best option
22:46:29user890104but my gnu make knowledge is not enough here :)
22:46:44__builtinuse substr and addprefix I think
22:48:03__builtinexcept there might not be a substr function, my bad
22:48:35__builtinwait a second
22:51:03__builtinyou need some way of subtracting out the root directory
22:53:09__builtinyou can always use awk from the shell function
22:55:02__builtinsomething like PATH := $(addprefix, $(BUILDDIR), $(shell echo $(BMP) | awk '{print substr($0, strlen($(ROOTDIR)))'))
22:55:40__builtinthough doing things like that eventually leads you to the puzzles makefile...
22:59:41__builtinthat should actually be more like this though: BMPOBJ = $(addprefix, $(BUILDDIR), $(shell echo $(BMP) | awk '{for(i=1;i<NF;i++)print substr($i, length("$(ROOTDIR")))'))
23:00:14__builtin(adjusting for syntax errors)
23:02:58__builtinmmh, you need to escape the $ in $i
23:03:17__builtinand add a ) after ROOTDIR
23:05:34__builtin$$ escapes by the way
23:06:09user890104BMPOBJ = $(addprefix, $(BUILDDIR), $(shell echo $(BMP) | awk '{ for (i = 1; i < NF; i++) print substr($$i, length("$(ROOTDIR)")) }'))
23:06:14user890104but still doesn't work
23:06:21__builtinoh, remove the , after addprefix
23:06:43__builtinsorry, I'm just typing as I think
23:08:12user890104make: *** No rule to make target '/rockbox/build-sim-win64x/apps/bitmaps/mono/default_icons.bmp', needed by '/rockbox/build-sim-win64/bitmaps/rockboxlogo.h'. Stop.
23:08:19user890104where did that "x" came from :)
23:08:39user890104ah, it's from /rockbox
23:09:26__builtinhmm, you need to subtract one from length("$(ROOTDIR)"), awk indexes strings from 1
23:09:38user890104or add 1?
23:10:09__builtinyeah, just try both ;)
23:11:28 Join MrZeus [0] (~MrZeus@2a02:c7f:7066:fb00:25bc:7f7b:64e6:1055)
23:11:37user890104BMPOBJ = $(patsubst %.bmp, %.o, $(addprefix $(BUILDDIR), $(shell echo $(BMP) | awk '{ for (i = 1; i < NF; i++) print substr($$i, length("$(ROOTDIR)") + 1) }')))
23:11:44user890104let's see...
23:13:18__builtindon't do this kind of thing too often, or you'll endup with something like;a=blob;f=apps/plugins/puzzles/puzzles.make;hb=HEAD
23:15:56 Quit MrZeus (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:16:20 Join MrZeus [0] (~MrZeus@2a02:c7f:7066:fb00:25bc:7f7b:64e6:1055)
23:16:30 Join Dontstealmynick [0] (
23:18:52Dontstealmynickhello. Not sure, if its right place for such question, but is there any player, supported by rockbox, that is still avalaible to buy officially? (e.g not refubrished, nor on ebay, but brand new)
23:19:22*__builtin isn't entirely sure
23:20:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:21:47__builtinyou can probably get a brand-new sansa from some resellers
23:23:30Dontstealmynickokie, thx
23:23:40 Quit Dontstealmynick (Quit: Dontstealmynick)
23:29:23 Quit petur (Quit: Leaving)
23:33:45user890104__builtin: i ended up with:
23:33:50user890104BMPOBJ = $(addprefix $(BUILDDIR), $(shell echo $(BMP:.bmp=.o) | awk '{ for (i = 1; i < NF; i++) print substr($$i, length("$(ROOTDIR)") + 1) }'))
23:34:06user890104but it looks like it returns only the first file
23:34:16user890104there are 2 files in $(BMP)
23:37:18 Quit smoke_fumus (Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium
23:37:29__builtinah, off-by-one in the for loop
23:37:32__builtinshould be i <= NF
23:40:48user890104the only awk command i have ever used is something like '{ print $3 }'
23:43:12__builtinawk's 1-based indexing is really annoying
23:44:10__builtindoes it work now?
23:45:09user890104lua is also 1-based, didn't know about awk until now
23:45:29user890104it's generating dependencies
23:45:55__builtinthere's probably some way of solving that problem in make itself
23:47:34user890104i couldn't find a way so far
23:48:14 Join amayer [0] (
23:48:33 Quit amayer (Remote host closed the connection)
23:51:50user890104make: *** No rule to make target '/rockbox/build-sim-win64/apps/bitmaps/native/rockbox/build-sim-win64logo.320x98x16.o', needed by '/rockbox/build-sim-win64/rockboxui.exe'. Stop.
23:51:55user890104still fails for some reason
23:53:11__builtintry a clean build maybe?
23:54:14 Quit Yogurt (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
23:54:35user890104yes, that's what i did
23:55:07__builtinwhat is the value of $(BMPOBJ)?
23:55:49user890104how do i check?
23:56:31__builtinuh, try $(call PRINTS, $(BMPOBJ))
23:56:41__builtinit'll probably stop the build, but it'll print it

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