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#rockbox log for 2017-05-02

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00:13:58user890104_builtin: BMPOBJ = $(addprefix $(BUILDDIR), $(shell echo $(BMP:.bmp=.o) | sed 's%$(ROOTDIR)/%/%g'))
00:14:30user890104but it can also fail, if your ROOTDIR is for example in /apps
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01:36:14_builtindid you ever get the awk version to work?
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01:47:58__builtinhmm, while I'm on the makefile bandwagon I might as well fix puzzles.make
01:48:34__builtinI'll probably throw out all the code for a combined build
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01:54:39__builtinand maybe I'll fix mines too
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03:41:45saratogahow do i test changes to a lang file for errors? just compile?
03:42:27pamauryI guess...
03:42:35pamaurymake sure to make clean though
03:47:25saratogajust a little nervous about committing stuff without the build system
03:47:42__builtinyeah, we need to do something
03:50:17__builtinthe least disruptive would of course be a fix for gerrit, but I don't know how probable that is
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03:57:06saratogado we add people to CREDITS for translations?
03:58:53saratogalooks like historically we have
04:05:41pamaurywe need to decide what to do about gerrit/github move/other?
04:06:13*__builtin votes for fixing gerrit
04:07:14pamaurythe problem is that badger does not know how to fix gerrit and we don't have access to the server :( Otherwise I would be up for fixing gerrit
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05:01:06[Saint]Congratulations on the release, ladies and gentlemen.
05:01:12[Saint]Sorry I haven't been around much.
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05:52:58user890104__builtin: both these ways work, but the build fails with the same message, even after cleaning - maybe there's more substitution somewhere else?
05:53:06user890104BMPOBJ = $(subst $(ROOTDIR)/,$(BUILDDIR)/,$(BMP:.bmp=.o))
05:53:11user890104BMPOBJ = $(addprefix $(BUILDDIR), $(shell echo $(BMP:.bmp=.o) | sed 's%$(ROOTDIR)/%/%g'))
05:53:31user890104$(call PRINTS,$(BMPOBJ)) shows the paths are correct, but still:
05:53:39user890104make: *** No rule to make target '/rockbox/build-sim-win64/apps/bitmaps/native/rockbox/build-sim-win64logo.320x98x16.o', needed by '/rockbox/build-sim-win64/rockboxui.exe'. Stop.
06:00:09pamauryuser890104: I have not followed the discussion, what is the problem?
06:04:29user890104pamaury: i'm trying to build a rockbox win32 simulator in a vagrant virtual machine, having the rockbox git repo as a shared folder from the VM host, mounted inside at /rockbox
06:04:55user890104and there's a substitution rule that is supposed to strip the rootdir prefix and prepend a builddir prefix
06:05:27user890104but since my rootdir is /rockbox, it replaces the part in .../rockboxlogo....
06:06:22user890104so apps/bitmaps/native/rockboxlogo.320x98x16.o becomes apps/bitmaps/native/rockbox/build-sim-win64logo.320x98x16.o
06:07:19pamauryI see, that's an interesting corner case... Let me think about it for a second
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06:08:06pamauryin which makefile is this substitution made ?
06:08:31user890104line 28
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06:12:24pamauryI don't have the same code
06:12:25pamauryBMPOBJ = $(BMP:$(ROOTDIR)/%.bmp=$(BUILDDIR)/%.o)
06:12:48user890104yes, what i pasted are two workaround attempts
06:13:27pamaurywhat is strange is that builddir and rootdir are supposed to be absolute path I think
06:13:36pamaurythus this type of strange substitution should not happen
06:13:45user890104they are absolute
06:14:07pamauryah "/rockbox", damn
06:15:54pamauryone would need to use regex to enforce matching at the beginning of the string
06:19:05*pamaury tries to reproduce the problem first
06:20:34user890104it would also happen if the source code is in /apps, /bitmaps or /native
06:21:14user890104it's not common to see such names, but it shows that the substitution is wrong
06:21:18[Saint]__builtin: how, or did, you handle the bootloaders?
06:21:35[Saint]Did you just tag off a new release with the old bootloaders, or did you rebuild?
06:21:49user890104so, at the moment $(BMP) is:
06:21:51user890104/rockbox/apps/bitmaps/mono/default_icons.bmp /rockbox/apps/bitmaps/native/rockboxlogo.320x98x16.bmp /rockbox/apps/bitmaps/native/usblogo.176x48x16.bmp
06:21:55[Saint]Just wondering if you got the nano2g bootloader right.
06:22:15[Saint]Beause that needs to be encrypted on device after building it, using cryptfw.
06:22:31user890104and then using the makefile-only approach:
06:22:33user890104BMPOBJ = $(subst $(ROOTDIR)/,$(BUILDDIR)/,$(BMP:.bmp=.o))
06:22:42[Saint]If all you guys did was tag off a new version of the old binaries, then it's sweet.
06:22:49user890104$(BMPOBJ) is:
06:22:51user890104/rockbox/build-sim-win64/apps/bitmaps/mono/default_icons.o /rockbox/build-sim-win64/apps/bitmaps/native/rockboxlogo.320x98x16.o /rockbox/build-sim-win64/apps/bitmaps/native/usblogo.176x48x16.o
06:23:07[Saint]If not and you didn't encrypt the n2g bootloader someone's gonna have a bad/annoying day.
06:23:24user890104which is correct, but the build stil fails, looking for a rule to build /rockbox/build-sim-win64/apps/bitmaps/native/rockbox/build-sim-win64logo.320x98x16.o
06:23:57user890104[Saint]: IIUC only rockbox was released, not new bootloader versions
06:25:31[Saint]Aha. Cool, I guess. But the n2g kinda needs the git head bootloader.
06:25:54[Saint] has for years. So, I guess no one's doin' too badly.
06:26:09[Saint]Or, they use emCORE, probably.
06:26:18pamaury[Saint]: rockbox release is independent or bootloader release. If what you say is right then someone needs to release a new n2g bootloader. Most probably someone that knows the n2g
06:27:00[Saint]Yeah, I'm aware the releases are independent, but historically releases have been convenient branch points for bootloaders as well.
06:27:15[Saint]SO I wondered if that was the case this time or if it was just the Rb binaries.
06:27:56user890104what's left in order to mark the classics port as stable?
06:27:58pamauryafaik just rb binaries. But I am planning on doing bootloader releases for some targets I know
06:28:00user890104just manual?
06:29:14[Saint]The old n2g bootloader will still boot the current binaries, I just wondering _in case you had_ done bootloader as well, because it isn't obvious to someone that isn;t familiar with the hardware that the n2g bootloader needs to be run through cryptfw to become *.ipodx
06:29:34[Saint]At first glance it would look like just another *.ipod bootloader
06:29:59[Saint]It would certainly be nice to get the git head n2g bootloader out, but it's not terribly important.
06:30:19[Saint]I do imagine most people use emCORE on n2g these days.
06:30:33user890104i'm wondering if i can setup a build client with a nano2g running emcore attached to it
06:30:42user890104so it can build the bootloader on demand
06:30:48[Saint]Oh, for cryptfw access?
06:30:49pamauryuser890104: can you try with this:
06:30:49pamauryBMPOBJ =$(shell echo $(BMP) | sed 's|^$(ROOTDIR)/\(.*\)\.bmp|$(BUILDDIR)/\1.o|')
06:30:54[Saint]Yeah, neat.
06:31:00user890104[Saint]: yes :)
06:31:55user890104pamaury: this produces:
06:31:57user890104/rockbox/build-sim-win64/apps/bitmaps/mono/default_icons.bmp /rockbox/apps/bitmaps/native/rockboxlogo.320x98x16.bmp /rockbox/apps/bitmaps/native/usblogo.176x48x16.o
06:31:58[Saint]The iPod Nano 2G is kinda a fucky target.
06:31:58[Saint]Apple was living dangerously then. The target, for the timeline, is insanely fast. And the screen and the general form factor was nice.
06:32:11[Saint]But a maximum of 16GB NAND made them nearly useless.
06:32:17[Saint]ANd the 16GB ones are like unicorns.
06:32:28[Saint]EVen the 8GB ones are uncommon enough.
06:32:35user890104i think i should add |g ?
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06:32:46[Saint]Bah - stoopid sticky shift key.
06:33:10pamauryuser890104: no, the idea is to match at the beginning of the line, sed needs to be run for each word separately
06:33:31pamaurymake+shell is not exactly nice :-/
06:33:35user890104pamaury: word bourdinary then?
06:33:59user890104my makefile-only solutions produces the correct content of the variable
06:34:05pamauryyes, assuming there are no space in the paths... (which our build system may not handle anyway)
06:34:22user890104it's just that there's probably another substitution somewhere else
06:34:34user890104and i don't know how to debug make
06:34:35pamaurywhat is your makefile-only solution?
06:34:49pamaurythere are subtitutions happenning all over the place unfortunately
06:35:11user890104look at the messages from :21-:23
06:35:32pamauryBMPOBJ = $(subst $(ROOTDIR)/,$(BUILDDIR)/,$(BMP:.bmp=.o))
06:35:56user890104it handles my case correctly
06:36:02pamaurythis could suffer from the same problem though
06:36:13user890104and make still finds the wrong path somehow
06:36:15pamauryactually I think there is a better solution, give me a second
06:36:46user890104ok thanks
06:37:28user890104if i can get make to output each substitution for a target file, it would be nice
06:37:40user890104and i'd get gigabytes of logs at the same time...
06:46:55pamauryuser890104: here is a solution (I think):
06:46:55pamauryBMPOBJ=$(patsubst $(NO_MATCH)/%,%, $(patsubst $(NO_MATCH)/$(ROOTDIR)/%.bmp, $(__BUILDDIR)/%.o, $(addprefix $(NO_MATCH)/, $(BMP))))
06:47:35pamaurynow if there are other subsitutions they would need to fix. May this kind of substitution could be turn into a make function
06:51:02pamaurysomething like this:
06:51:03pamauryfull_path_subst=$(patsubst $(NO_MATCH)/%,%, $(patsubst $(NO_MATCH)/$(1), $(2), $(addprefix $(NO_MATCH)/, $(3))))
06:51:03DBUGEnqueued KICK pamaury
06:51:03pamaury__BMPOBJ=$(call full_path_subst,$(__ROOTDIR)/%.bmp,$(__BUILDDIR)/%.o,$(__BMP))
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07:01:45pamauryuser890104: I have setup a repository on my box at /rockbox, I'll try to fix the problems if I can now
07:07:21pamauryindeed there is another substitution somewhere...
07:10:57pamauryuser890104: I think it's line 160 in root.make
07:12:42pamaury__builtin: /rockbox/build_fuzep_sim/apps/plugins/puzzles/src/bridges.o:/rockbox/apps/plugins/puzzles/src/bridges.c:1927: more undefined references to `random_upto' follow
07:12:53pamaurywith head on fuze plus simulator
07:14:05pamauryuser890104: g#1602
07:14:07fs-bluebotGerrit review #1602 at : Fix unsafe substitutions in Makefile. by Amaury Pouly
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10:49:10jhaluskaCongrats on releasing 3.14. Do you know when the RockBox Utility will be updated to have 3.14?
10:51:55 Quit igorsk (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
10:57:07pamauryjhaluska: soon, we are still fixing some problems on Windows and Mac because of recent additions to RbUtil
11:08:08gevaertsjhaluska: it should have it
11:08:19gevaertsI installed 3.14 using RockBox Utility yesterday
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14:37:12Yogurt_Hell all
14:37:23Yogurt_grats on the new release
14:37:40Yogurt_quick question, is the sony E585 port anywhere near reliable yet?
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15:04:13pamauryYogurt_: it's almost usable now, but it's not in the trunk. You'll probably have to wait for another 2 weeks to a month, just a guess
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15:21:56Yogurt_Thanks pamaury. Will there be another release within the next year or will I have to use a dev build?
15:22:46gevaertsHaving regular releases again wouldn't be bad, but promising that is tricky
15:23:00gevaertsI mean, we never planned to have to wait so long for 3.14
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15:42:45jhaluskaYeah, people like me assumed it was dead.
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15:59:49Yogurt_maybe have two a year in the ubuntu style?
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16:07:28 Part robertd1
16:14:36jhaluskaYogurt_: That's what I would recommend. Even if it's a minor bug or optimization, it keeps people interested.
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16:24:29gevaertsWell yes, but people have to actually *do* it
16:24:42gevaertsAnd while rockbox isn't dead, it isn't as alive as it once was
16:26:31jhaluskagevaerts: I understand. Software releases take time and energy too. Stand alone MP3 players are increasingly uncommon.
16:27:03gevaertsWe once did releases every three months. We managed that for three years, and then we somehow stopped
16:27:14gevaertsWe never *planned* to stop, it just happened
16:27:27jhaluskaWell I'm glad you guys didn't.
16:29:07gevaerts__builtin then started working on a release again a few weeks ago, so now we have 3.14. Let's hope we get some momentum again and things keep happening
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16:44:32*Yogurt_ is just glad you're not dead
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17:25:20user890104__builtin: puzzles fail to build on win sim
17:25:53user890104apart from that, with pamaury's makefile fixes, everything else in the sim compiles fine
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20:06:28malekoaloha, beautiful people! i've been trying to find some information on the current status of the agptek rocker port, but it appears the last comment on the page is from february
20:06:52malekoare there any news? is there any way i could help?
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20:57:11Yogurt_aloha maleko
20:57:20Yogurt_perhaps look at the sony line
20:57:45Yogurt_I haven't heard much of the rocker in a while and went with a sony e585
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21:33:50johnb2Any native German speaker around to check g#1600 ?
21:33:52fs-bluebotGerrit review #1600 at : Add German translation for "Selective Backlight" by Johannes Rauh
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22:32:22lorenzo92_1johnb2: I do speak german, although I am not a thing is for sure wrong, please check my comment
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23:04:51ZincAlloy"Wahlweise Beleuchtung" sounds awkward. Doesn't really tell me what it does. neither does "selective backlight", though :D
23:07:31ZincAlloyBut I have to admit I have no idea for a more self explanatory term either.
23:12:56 Quit lorenzo92_1 (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
23:20:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:22:15 Join bray90820 [0] (
23:22:37bray90820Does rockbox have support to me used as an external amp
23:22:44 Quit michaelni (Quit: Leaving)
23:30:31 Join jhMikeS [0] (
23:40:08 Join michaelni [0] (
23:47:28__builtinuser890104: what's the error?
23:47:40__builtinthe same one pamaury pointed out?
23:47:49user890104__builtin: the puzzles ones?
23:48:36__builtin[01:12:44] <pamaury> __builtin: /rockbox/build_fuzep_sim/apps/plugins/puzzles/src/bridges.o:/rockbox/apps/plugins/puzzles/src/bridges.c:1927: more undefined references to `random_upto' follow
23:49:04user890104it was a linker error in the frst puzzle
23:49:09user890104but a different symbol
23:49:41__builtinhmm, I've simplified the makefile so I can't reproduce it right now
23:52:32 Quit jhMikeS (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
23:52:52__builtinso that probably means I fixed it

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