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#rockbox log for 2017-05-06

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00:31:51BilgusJohnB2 whats the issue with selective backlight in German?
00:36:29BilgusHonestly IDC what it is called but is a really long phrase going to actually get read?
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00:38:09ZincAlloydepends on the screen I guess.
00:39:23Bilgushow about selective backlight exemptions or is the issue with 'SELECTIVE'?
00:40:54ZincAlloyI was looking for a more self explanatory term. "backlight exemptions" sure works better for me than "selective backlight"
00:48:30Bilgussounds good to me
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00:55:14__builtinalright, ID allocations have been sent:
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05:10:43dreamlayersI can't submit , I guess because I don't have commit access in Gerrit anymore.
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09:37:33johnb2Bilgus: ZincAlloy: sounds good to me, too. I can create a patch for the manual and lang files on gerrit, if you want me to ...
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10:35:42pamauryI have tried to install phabricator on my server and it was easy enough. I'm not finished and there are a few quirks that the doc doesn't say though...
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10:57:21lorenzo92_1pamaury: ypz5 does not build any longer: imx233_lradc_setup_channel is missing. I guess you know better how to fix than me looking for the new equivalent :-)
10:57:48lorenzo92_1(I will test and provide a patch)
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11:06:04SammysHPdo I have to update the bootloader via rbutil from 3.13 to 3.14?
11:06:09SammysHP(sansa clip+)
11:06:52johnb2No, you don't HAVE to update the bootloader.
11:07:03johnb2Just install the firmware.
11:07:10SammysHPok. just saw some initialization changes in it and wasn't sure
11:09:11SammysHPthen I'll start bisecting everything from 3.13 to 3.14 to find the reason why my clip+ doesn't like the sd card anymore with 3.14…
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11:43:51user890104both the mips and arm-app toolchains fail to build on my ubuntu 16.04 (gcc version 4.8.4 (Ubuntu 4.8.4-2ubuntu1~14.04.3))
11:46:03SammysHPuhm… is the virtualbox image still recommended? it's from 2012… :O
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11:47:46johnb2Saratoga recently created this VM image:
11:48:24johnb2password rockbox
11:48:43SammysHPok, then I'll drink another mit-coffee while I wait for the download to finish
11:48:48SammysHP44 min, yay
11:49:46SammysHPmight be faster to compile gcc…
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12:20:35user890104is there a way to test my build client?
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12:57:24SammysHPfinally. the vm is slow somehow, especially compared to my other VMs. let's start: "Bisecting: 995 revisions left to test after this". but I have to go in half an hour :/
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13:06:33johnb2SammysHP: which build have you been running before updating?
13:06:45SammysHPjohnb2: 3.13
13:07:21pamaurylorenzo92_1: ok, I'll fix it tonight or tomorrow
13:08:18SammysHPjohnb2: saratoga already sent me two builds for testing. the first one didn't fix it (, with the second one the sd card wasn't detected at all
13:11:31johnb2I have no clue. Have you ever completely removed the .rockbox directory, not just resetting.
13:16:06SammysHPjohnb2: sure
13:16:27SammysHPI replaced it with the builds from saratoga
13:16:38SammysHP(and with 3.14)
13:19:47lorenzo92_1pamaury: oh, I now see the "new" button handling API, very nice indeed
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15:08:27pamaurylorenzo92_1: new button API?
15:10:54pamauryoh you mean button-imx233.c, it's been there for a while
15:14:28lorenzo92_1I think so, but it has also been a while that i did not compile the target :-)
15:14:48lorenzo92_1anyway, buttons are now working fine, so if you have time, please review the change
15:15:04lorenzo92_1pamaury: g#1604
15:15:06fs-bluebotGerrit review #1604 at : Samsung YP-Z5: keypad adaption to the new button API by Lorenzo Miori
15:20:38lorenzo92_1by the way, I have recomputed voltages and they match the readings
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16:41:49__builtinuser890104: having a build client at the moment is essentially useless
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16:52:28alexander_ekimovI joined just to say "thanks" authors of It works and the advice helped to unbrick sansa clip+.
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17:06:22user890104__builtin: why?
17:07:18__builtingerrit no longer triggers any builds, so the entire cluster just sits idle all the time
17:08:06user890104can we use the github mirror's webhook to trigger that?
17:12:27__builtinsome people have been talking about migrating away from gerrit entirely
17:12:41__builtinrecently phabricator has been considered, see the logs for more
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17:32:45Bilgusjohnb2: sure..
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19:14:40__builtinhi dreamlayers
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19:15:15__builtinthere have been some issues associated with the recent gerrit upgrade, it appears the migration was unsuccessful
19:16:19dreamlayershi __builtin. Yeah, I saw the dev mailing list posts about that. So, should I commit the change separately, independently of Gerrit?
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21:42:41lebelliumIt looks like the R0 is not the only target affected by the keymapping issue
21:42:44lebelliumthe Clip+ too,51764.0.html
21:44:56lebelliumI think it should be possible to power off a device when buttons are locked
21:45:06lebelliumas it used to be
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21:50:32RikuDoes anyone have any tips for mazimizing battery life on an iPod Classic? I've got a 550 mAh battery installed and I'm making about 15 hours. I need to be making at least 18 hours and the battery meter thinks I should be getting 36 hours.
21:52:18RikuThe latest Rockbox version seems to have boosted me from the 8-9 hours I was getting on earlier versions
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22:06:26SammysHPlebellium: I lock buttons to prevent exactly that
22:06:54SammysHPthe power button on the clip+ is easy to press if you have it clipped to your pocket and sit down
22:11:06lebelliumfor how long have you been doing that? That used to be different and I don't remember a discussion here on that behavior change
22:12:27SammysHPlebellium: that's the problem – I never did it, probably because it wasn't possible. now I've read that it changed to what I'd like
22:14:20lebelliumI just checked on my 2 Clip+. One has a 2016 build with no problem, and the other one has a February 2017 build with already this behavior change
22:15:36lebelliumIf it was intentionally changed without proper discussion before I see that as a problem
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22:18:21lebelliumthat has probably something to do with the 'new' advanced key lock feature
22:19:01*gevaerts still doesn't understand a lock screen that doesn't actually lock
22:20:09SammysHPlebellium: just checked with 3.13, power off is possible while locked
22:20:15SammysHPIMHO that's a bug
22:20:42lebelliumSammysHP: testing anything with 3.13 is pointless, as I just said above, with a 2016 build it's possible
22:20:44SammysHPso if this has changed I'd call it an unintentional fix
22:21:12gevaertsSammysHP: good luck!
22:21:13SammysHPlebellium: I'm just comparing releases as that makes most sense for regressions
22:21:17lebelliumgevaerts: that didn't bother anyone for years. It used the standard behavior for power off
22:21:24lebelliumto be*
22:21:51gevaertsThe world seems to think that a lock screen should lock *everything*, except of course volume, and track change can be handy, and why can't I access the quickscreen, and...
22:23:01SammysHPgevaerts: and advanced key lock is the solution, correct?
22:23:07gevaertsI don't know
22:23:21gevaertsI stopped understanding what was going on fairly soon
22:24:12lebelliumadvanced key lock is supposed to make the thing more customizable, not to prevent things that were possible earlier
22:24:48SammysHPlebellium: why not? just add an option to allow power-off during lock
22:24:58gevaertsI'm used to targets where shutdown *was* blocked all along
22:28:01lebelliumthis behavior breaks everything on YP-R0 where there is a single button for stop, power off and lock
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23:27:15__builtindreamlayers: yes, it works if you do it that way

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