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#rockbox log for 2017-05-12

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11:54:34pamaurygevaerts: can you have a look at g#1602 please?
11:54:36fs-bluebotGerrit review #1602 at : Fix unsafe substitutions in Makefile. by Amaury Pouly
11:58:35gevaertspamaury: I know I sometimes pretend to know makefiles, but I mostly just don't run away from them :)
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11:58:52gevaertsI'd say if that works, go for it!
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12:30:01pamauryI have pushed something, let's hope the build system will trigger...
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12:43:16user890104pamaury: there's another bug in the dependency generation, and i was not able to find out why it happens
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13:13:12user890104i have a source file at /rockbox/apps/plugins/fake86/src/main.c which includes /rockbox/apps/plugins/fake86/include/fake86/config.h, but the deps scripts adds the path as /rockbox/build-ipod6g/fake86/config.h
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13:57:19guuui was happy with my rockbox'ed sansa clip zip, but some day it turns dead
13:57:40guuuprobably flash is dead
13:58:12guuubootloader works, i can select usb mode or start OF boot, but can't boot anything
13:58:53guuuOF stucks after logo animation, rockbox doesn't show at all (only boot 4.0 message shows)
13:59:55guuurockbox throws usb mass storage device, which is barely readable (after some bytes turns into repeating garbage starting with USBS signature) and not writeable at all
14:02:06guuui tried to connect mentioned in post,51205.0.html pins, but it didn't change mass storage device's layout at all
14:02:19guuuit was same size and starting with same bytes
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14:04:09guuuis it possible to do something useful with it (like using microsd for boot)?
14:06:06guuufirst 3mb of usb mass storage device content:
14:07:26guuuMBR layout is same every time, but garbage starting with USBS is random and starts at random sector
14:07:46*gevaerts suspects the device is entirely dead
14:08:14guuuafter turning into garbage even start of block device is USBS...
14:08:52guuugevaerts, is there way to check it?
14:09:41guuui didnt found any docs how to connect jtag btw
14:10:23gevaertsThe only thing I know is that exists and that reports of the steps actually doing something usefulare *very* rare
14:11:22gevaertsUSBS is the start of a USB mass storage reply, by the way, so it looks like you're seeing some random RAM
14:11:56guuuthx, i've read SansaAMSUnbrick page already
14:12:36guuumaybe flash cannot be read into buffer and i see buffer contents?
14:15:22guuuby reading odd words becomes zeroes, and then all the content after USBS and two following words
14:24:15guuusorry for my bad english btw
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14:46:06pamaurythe buildserver is still stuck
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18:01:07Rikudoes rockbox have a single playback option that I just can't find?
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18:23:53user890104Riku: you mean playing a single track on loop?
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18:27:30Rikuno I mean playing a single track in a playlist, then when it reaches the end, pausing at the start of the next track
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18:28:40Rikucrucial feature to have for running events, which I normally do from a laptop but if I can have my iPod as an emergency backup too that would be nice
18:28:57Rikubecause you for example don't want to play every number back to back
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18:33:22gevaertsThere's an old patch at that does that, but I have no idea if it still applies
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18:35:47*lorenzo92 trying now to build rbutil on windows to verify that g#1601 works here as well
18:35:49fs-bluebotGerrit review #1601 at : Samsung YP-R0: rbutil support by Lorenzo Miori
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19:36:15johnb2Riku: you can also create a playlist with just one title in it.
20:09:31Rikucreating say 30 playlists if I have 30 songs is not really practical
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20:16:31sammyI've got a samsung Z5 lying around, anyone know it there is there a working Rockbox for it yet?
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22:07:52user890104I am unable to set user890104 as my Gerrit username, because the following error message appears if i try to set it: Username must contain only letters, numbers, _, - or .
22:08:18user890104can i create a change without a username set?
22:10:11lebelliummaybe it's time to choose a real nickname :P
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22:53:32user890104what's wrong with this one :)
22:53:42user890104it has letters and numbers
22:54:54__builtinit might be the "user" at the beginning
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23:10:45user890104__builtin: freemyipod-user890104 worked
23:11:03user890104now i need to learn how to use gerrit :)
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