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#rockbox log for 2017-05-16

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01:47:37pamaurylorenzo (logs): creating a toolchain for linux 2.4.x and uclibc 0.29.7 is going to be very challenging. Compiling old toolchain is a nightmare and new versions don't support old libs/abi
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02:49:40pamaurylorenzo: an alternative would be to do a native port and use the flash in way that is not compatible with the OF (ie use a custom format)
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04:17:59pamaurylorenzo92 (logs): I pushed your YP-Z5 keymap fix. I also pushed a fix for touchscreen on imx233 but STMP3600 is special so I couldn't test it, tell me if you run into any problems
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06:31:09lorenzo92pamaury: thanks for the hint, indeed it is a challenge, GCC seems to be patched but ends up with errors during the assembly - link phase due to binutils not being fully installed (texinfo BS)
06:31:54lorenzo92pamaury: I will check the touchpad, indeed it wasn't working anymore like long ago but I still wonder if it is electrically correctly implemented, I will investigate
06:33:15lorenzo92pamaury: for the nand: yes, you are right. I need to read the daatsheet (stmp36xx) again since I have yet to fully get how to understand that a pio transfer is completed. I suspect I need to look at the dma state anyhow
06:34:17lorenzo92*gpmi interface, of course
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06:43:05pamaurylorenzo92: even if you compile GCC, it's probably so ancient you may run into more trouble compiling rockbox anyway.
06:43:06pamaurylorenzo92_1: the gpmi interface in itself is not very complicated but raw NAND is tricky by nature because of the huge number of variations. I'll have a look at my tree, I may have some basic gpmi code lying somewhere. Also NAND cannot be handled like a block device, you usually want to have either a nand aware file system (which we don't) or a FTL (which is a nontrivial task to write). We have one FTL at the moment (the ipodnano2g one) and I
06:43:06pamauryhad begun some work on the freescale one but stopped long ago.
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06:54:20lorenzo92pamaury: yepp, indeed it's tricky... I'll have a look then, I also remember I did some random testing while ago. We'll see, thank you :)
07:02:13pamauryTo be honest I don't really want to spend time on this, the Q1 is very old now, I prefer to try and add support to newer players
07:02:19lorenzo92pamaury: do you remember which branch of your report?
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07:06:38pamaurylorenzo92: I ust looked and apparently I never went as far as writing code for it, or at leat I can't find it :-/
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07:30:31lorenzo92pamaury: ...perhaps due to the fact we were already wondering about it long ago :)
07:30:31asymsuconHi everyone, could someone build bin FW for Clip Zip with this patch for me to test it?
07:41:15pamauryasymsucon: I'll do it, give me 5 min
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07:50:55pamauryasymsucon: I added a comment to g#1558 with the link
07:50:57fs-bluebotGerrit review #1558 at : Add boot from other volumes in bootloader on targets with HAVE_MULTIVOLUME by William Wilgus
07:53:11asymsuconpamaury: Perfect, thanks! I'll test it once I get home.
07:55:15asymsuconI assume the RB has to be patched too, can this one for Clip+ be used on Zip?,51616.msg239656.html#msg239656
08:06:14pamauryasymsucon: you cannot use clip+ firmware on zip. I does require a patched firmware to work properly but I don't remember which gerrit task add support for that (if any)
08:09:22pamauryI think it's best to ask Bilgus
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08:12:42BilgusShould all be in the link I posted Clipza is the clip zip BL and there is firmware in there too
08:13:22pamauryBilgus: which gerrit task implements root drive selection? I can only find the bootloader part
08:15:40BilgusI haven't implemented that in the firmware in that link yet that just has the internal storage disabled
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08:19:46asymsuconFor some reason I can't access the mediafire link
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08:33:28Bilguscopy and paste it
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08:44:24asymsuconMultiboot can be used on Zip too?
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08:55:51asymsuconI mean the multiboot-rockbox-full
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08:59:27Bilgusno thats for the clip+
08:59:46guuucan g#1558 be used to boot from sd card?
08:59:47fs-bluebotGerrit review #1558 at : Add boot from other volumes in bootloader on targets with HAVE_MULTIVOLUME by William Wilgus
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09:00:09Bilgusyes thats the primary purpose
09:01:15Bilgus@asymsucon, I can compile you a zip FW that has the internal storage disabled in the next day or two or ask johnb2 and he can run you through the steps
09:02:05Bilgusonce I have free time again I'll continue with incorporation of the root folder patch
09:07:48guuucan i somehow update bootloader through recovery mode? looks like storage area of my internal flash is dead
09:08:50BilgusIF its already dead it's probably too late the idea so far is to install it before that point
09:09:22guuubootloader works now
09:09:57guuustart of internal storage reads, but after reading further it breaks
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09:10:45guuumaybe i can write bootloader area
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09:10:53asymsuconno problem, I can wait
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09:24:30BilgusMaybe? I suppose you haven't much to lose
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09:36:47asymsuconBilgus, you mean preparing rockbox build for SD card boot?
09:38:16Bilgusyeah I can disable internal storage which will force it to use the sd card
09:38:42fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 7482b82, 255 builds, 15 clients.
09:39:08Bilgusthats firmware side though the bootloader is done.
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09:54:23zagorender`: "Fatal build error: Permission denied. Blocking deepthought-ender."
09:54:40fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 958 seconds.
09:54:41fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 7482b82 result: 42 errors 6 warnings
09:55:05zagorit's ALIVE!
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10:12:35guuulooks like is not working: i still see 3.7GB drive, as without connecting pins
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10:17:14asymsuconBilgus, you have to compile RB from scratch to apply the changes or you can make the changes on finished build?
10:17:47guuubut my set of soldered parts is slightly different:
10:18:00guuui dont have some resistors or capacitors
10:18:06Bilguscompile from head.. no point in trying to patch a build
10:23:56guuuhm.. can it be a jtag interface?
10:24:10guuucan i check it somehow?
10:24:20asymsuconOK, for that I'd definitely need detailed instructions. :) Better to wait then.
10:27:33pamauryyeah build system back online \o/
10:28:19zagorI'm a bit puzzled why it let enders broken builds through though
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10:35:50pixelmaI guess the block only takes effect in the next round
10:36:55wodzpamaury: How is phabricator install going?
10:39:36zagorpixelma: yeah but it's not supposed to pass broken client builds through as completed
10:42:54pamaurywodz: I installed it but I didn't have time to put a repo and also I would need to create accounts and all. Also we didn't decide what we are going to do. Are we switching to phabricator, github, other?
10:43:40wodzI'd say switching to anything working is better then current situation. We'd need to fix current users anyway.
10:44:40asymsuconOn another note, I found a bug in 3.14 on Clip Zip, which transitioned from the last dev build - happens with IT module playback. When screen turns itself off, it cannot be turned back on.
10:45:02*pamaury has to go but be back later
10:45:27zagoraha, the build server didn't recognize that as a client problem but thought it was a build error. fixing.
11:09:23asymsuconBilgus - with disabled internal storage, how would you perform BL reflash should you want to return to previous state?
11:10:24asymsuconassuming sansa fw won't boot successfully
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11:32:25asymsucon^^ flashed Clip+ yesterday with your mods an the internal flash was still visible when connected to PC, but the DAP booted from SD. That'd be the ideal scenario.
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17:43:05user890104having itunes (and its drivers) installed prevents rockbox's hid features from working
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17:48:36Bilgus_phASYMSUCON, the RB firmware on the device wouldn't affect the bootloader in any way during recovery or any time for that matter
17:50:13Bilgus_phThe reason the internal drive needs disabled with the sd boot firmware is that the bootloader will load the firmware from the sd card and that firmware will write its settings to the internal storage
17:51:59Bilgus_phBut don't get the two confused the bootloader and RB firware are separate entities
17:53:11Bilgus_phAS FOR THE BUG what is an IT module? Can you do a bug report on flyspray?
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18:17:27*lorenzo92 glad that the build system is up and running, well done guys
18:21:45user890104can i see the results from different build clients somwhere?
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20:51:38*lorenzo92_1 ypq2 received: firmware patcher works as designed, arm-ypr0 toolchain compile a hello.c program, ypq2 executed it :-)
20:52:19lorenzo92_1therefore, I suspect a new RaaA is coming, it's a good start at least
20:52:56lorenzo92_1first of all, I'll implement the safe mode as done on ypr0/r1/z5
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22:31:35__builtingood to see the build system working again :)
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22:46:45fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 001860c, 255 builds, 15 clients.
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