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#rockbox log for 2017-05-18

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01:34:49fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 7b6f34a, 255 builds, 14 clients.
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01:48:08fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 798 seconds.
01:48:09fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 7b6f34a result: 0 errors 6 warnings
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07:25:43pamaurykugel: here?
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07:38:41asymsuconFor the screen not turning on, I can't reproduce it on 2e7a30b
07:40:02asymsuconSo that leaves only the pitch inaccuracy @ 48kHz as for the "bugs" I know of
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08:32:46kugelpamaury: yes
08:35:00pamauryI have a problem with Phabricator, I was wondering if you have an idea. I enabled Public access to Phabricator and tried to switch Rockbox from Visible: All Users to Visible: Public but it times out :-/
08:35:18pamaurykugel: ^
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08:46:18kugelpamaury: what times out? the website?
08:51:44kugelyou probably want a setup similar to, seems to work fine ther
08:51:57kugelperhaps look at the apache logs
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08:54:58pamaurykugel: the apache log simply says "PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in..."
08:55:31pamauryso yeah the website takes more 30 seconds to perform this operation and times out. I could increase the timeout but more than 30 seconds for a config change seems like a lot
08:56:03kugelare the phabricator daemons running?
08:57:25kugeland mysql
08:57:43pamauryI am using mysql but so far I had no problem with it
08:58:23kugelare you sure? mariadb is the default everywhere, but the commands are still named mysql
08:58:33kugelanyway, phabricator has some logs too
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09:02:29pamauryyes I switched to mysql (I remember doing that although I don't remember which key I had to change)
09:03:27pamauryphd logs contains nothing
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09:24:56kugelpamaury: hm I don't know
09:25:23kugelpamaury: are you on hte stable branches for each repository?
09:27:10kugelmaybe the operation does indeed take a long time. I don't know how it's done
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09:28:37kugelmaybe you can do it on the command line
09:28:43kugelthere are some programs in $phab/bin
09:29:55pamauryI looked but couldn't find anything.
09:30:29kugelI tried on my instance, setting the repo to public was instant
09:30:59kugelbut it's a mirrored repo, if that makes a difference
09:32:33kugelthere is a policy program
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09:47:00pamauryyeah but it cannot set policies, it can "unlock" (set to all-users) and show. Anyway so far I don't have a super impression on Phabricator, import is slow as hell and now this.
09:49:03kugelwhy is slow import a problem?
09:51:45kugelpamaury: so you went Diffusion->rRB->Manage Repository->Policies->Edit Policies->Visible To=Public?
09:52:21kugeldo you have remaining setup issues?
09:52:30kugelperhaps put a link so I can have a look too
09:54:18pamauryyeah there are 4 issues left (3 irrelevant for this and one about opcache)
09:55:28kugelyou should resolve those first, opcache in particular
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11:07:42kugelpamaury: I'm trying to clone rockbox-clone from phab, it asks me for a pw
11:08:08kugelit should use pubkey auth
11:09:25pamauryah yeah I didn't setup ssh for phabricator just yet, since I couldn't even switch the repository to be visible...
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15:08:44LinuxArieNot directly Rockbox, but my Sansa Clip+ stays off
15:09:05LinuxArieEven after about 12 hours charging nothing happens.
15:09:22LinuxArieEnd of life, through it away?
15:09:40LinuxArieOr can de battery replaced?
15:23:51guuuah, it doe: on iuser's pic those contact
15:25:32guuusorry for flood, tried to do «^M~.» to end ssh connection
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16:40:13*lorenzo92 on yp-q2 the touchpad interrupts the input system and therefore to get the button press at boot for OF and usb mode I must grep dmesg ^^ funny :-)
16:40:58lorenzo92...and only buttons on pswitch register are readable, not the touchpad
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17:23:22Bilgus_phLINUXARIE battery on clip+ is replacable but if you have rockbox on it it should turn on when plugged. Don't rem about the ORIGINAL FIRMWARE though have you tried holding power button for 30 sec for a hard reset?
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17:25:18chrisbis there a way to boot and rescue from the microsd drive on a sansa?
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18:04:31*lorenzo92 we have safe/usb mode on ypq2 :-)
18:04:58lorenzo92basically, the logic runs on r0/r1/z5/q2 with 4 "hal" bash functions
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18:15:47lorenzo92hmm "Project not found:" trying to push to gerrit hmm will try to see later why
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18:30:38LinuxArieBilgus_,ph yes i tried that. Btw what do you mean with : Don't rem about the ORIGINAL FIRMWARE
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19:23:43Bilgus_phLINUXARIE iirc rockbox will still turn on the clip+ with the battery removed but i dont remember if the original firmware will
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20:30:26Linton_Would anyone like to look at a couple of crash bugs I've found in sgt-puzzles on the Clip Zip?
20:31:43Linton_I filed a bug report for a crash that's specific to sgt-bridges last week as FS #13117 but have since found a different crash that occurs in several sgt-puzzles plugins when music is playing.
20:31:43fs-bluebot Puzzles: Crash/freeze in sgt-bridges on Clip Zip when starting a new game (bugs, unconfirmed)
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20:32:37Linton_Neither bug occurs on the e200v1, so they are platform specific in some way.
20:37:03Linton_I have had crashes on the following Puzzles plugins when playing music on the Clip Zip, usually soon after loading the plugin: bridges, fifteen, flip, galaxies, intertia, map, netslide, rect, tents, tracks
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20:55:14Bilgus_@ __Builtin ^
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21:49:22user890104can someone please test g#1611 ?
21:49:25fs-bluebotGerrit review #1611 at : Add Vagrant configuration for creating a development VM by Vencislav Atanasov
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22:18:24__builtinLinton_: I'll look into it
22:22:07__builtinis the panic dump you have in the bug report on 3.14?
22:23:57Linton_@_builtin Yes, that's right. I've since upgraded to todays build, and haven't seen a dump yet from that, just a freeze with the puzzle displayed.
22:28:01Linton_FYI, while the Bridges bug also crashes (quits) the sim, the "with music" crash occurs on actual hardware only.
22:31:29__builtinI think I know what's causing the crash with music playing
22:31:45__builtindoes it occur on 3.14?
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22:33:37Linton_Yes, it does.
22:34:35__builtinah, I think I found the culprit
22:35:05Linton_I've managed to crash Bridges for you just now, and the dump is the same except pc: 0005AEA0
22:35:37Linton_(that's from build 7b6f34a)
22:40:18__builtinwell, maybe not
22:40:26__builtinI managed to reproduce it in the simulator, though
22:49:01__builtinok, I seem to have fixed it
22:49:23__builtinit seems to be the unusually small screen resolution that caused the crash
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22:51:25Linton_Excellent work! Do you have a build you would like me to test?
22:51:39__builtinone second
22:52:26__builtinand I'm also not sure if it'll fix the crash with music
22:56:46Linton_No, I imagine it's two different bugs. Did you manage to reproduce the music one in the sim, because I didn't (but I only had the public sim build from rasher)?
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22:59:51__builtinno, I didn't
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23:11:09Linton_Thanks. Preliminary result: Bridges seems fixed (at least, I could start 9 games in a row without a crash, I'll try more later!). Music bug still present (Rectangles crashed within a second of loading).
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23:17:58__builtinhmm, anything on screen when it crashes with music?
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23:48:40Linton___builtin: No, it's just a freeze. Since it often happens straight after loading, what's usually on the screen is the menu, sometimes with the disc activity indicatior still showing.
23:51:00Linton_Some puzzles (rect, fifteen) seem more of a sure thing to crash, while others (bridges, tracks) are less likely to crash immediately (they may still crash after a few minutes).
23:52:55__builtinI have a suspicion I know what's causing it, but I can't be sure
23:54:28Linton_It's possible that lighter codecs (in CPU use or memory) such as MP3/FLAC may cause a crash a few seconds later than eg. AAC (on the puzzles that crash immediately). Hard to be totally sure as there's variation anyway.

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