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#rockbox log for 2017-05-19

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00:03:32__builtinI think I'll just push the bridges fix now and look into the other crash later
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00:31:56Linton_OK, let me know if there's anything I can do to help you track down the other one.
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00:42:12fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 504346a, 255 builds, 15 clients.
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00:51:47fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 574 seconds.
00:51:48fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 504346a result: 0 errors 6 warnings
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00:58:10__builtinhmm, my client isn't working
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02:51:13Bilgus_or help me getting g#1558 to redirect with your old one?
02:51:15fs-bluebotGerrit review #1558 at : Add boot from other volumes in bootloader on targets with HAVE_MULTIVOLUME by William Wilgus
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04:55:47jhMikeSBilgus_: new dircache code? some adjustments around changed data structures in a patch really.
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06:05:17rundeployhello !
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06:28:16rundeploywanted to hack my SONY NWZ-S616F
06:28:31rundeploybut i donyt know where to start
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09:43:57LinuxArieBilgus_ph its working again, thx for your asistance
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10:05:55kugelpamaury: so the public clone has finished importing
10:07:20pamaurykugel: yeah. I will send an email with the link so that maybe people can compare and say what they think
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12:14:59dsgHi all, I have an iPod 6g running rockbox through emCORE. I think the battery is discharged too low to boot. Is there some way to force charging?
12:15:13dsgPutting the lock switch to on and plugging in for an hour didn't do it
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12:16:39[Saint]It sounds as though your battery is more than simply discharged.
12:17:06[Saint]Though you could do yourself some favors perhaps by using a dedicated iPod power supply instead of a generic USB port.
12:17:49[Saint]The iPod _will_ charge when powered down, unless you managed to deep discharge the cell to a truly ridiculous extent.
12:19:10dsgI don't have an iPod supply but I'm using a high current USB port. And yes, I suspect the battery is drained well below the safety margin
12:19:49[Saint]Then you're pretty much fucked.
12:19:50dsgGood to confirm that it's supposed to charge though
12:20:01dsgI'll have to open it up and charge the cell manually :/
12:20:19gevaertsIf you're doing that, I'd seriously consider just replacing it
12:20:21[Saint]And then update to mks5lboot immediately.
12:20:35[Saint]...which has deep discharge protection.
12:21:03dsgExcellent to hear, it's been a couple of years since I flashed this one
12:21:06[Saint]And, yes. _Do not_ charge a deep discharged cell manually.
12:21:13[Saint]They're like, $18 new.
12:21:18[Saint]Splurge a little.
12:21:58[Saint]If/when the time comes, follow the freemyipod emCORE wiki link which will divert you to mks5lboot
12:22:26[Saint]emCORE is deprecated as of ~18 months ago.
12:22:33dsggevaerts: Do you know any rockbox-supported players currently in production, with capacity >128GB and decent analog circuitry? I was looking a while ago since this player is quite old but it's hard to find something that ticks all the boxes without going for a refurb iPod
12:22:49dsg[Saint]: Will do, thanks
12:24:06[Saint]You're looking at either HiFiman or iBasso.
12:24:25[Saint]Both of which think themselves to be "high end" "audiophile" grade DAPs.
12:24:47[Saint](which is a bit of a moot point for ROckbox as we'll cruch everything down to 16/48 anyway)
12:24:49dsgYeah, I don't need audiophile price tags, by "decent analog" I just mean "not crap" :)
12:25:01dsgBut the capacity is the primary problem
12:25:07[Saint]Then, AFAIK, no?
12:25:09dsgI'll look into those options
12:25:53[Saint]...iPod 5.5G w/ "fat" backing, 800mAh lipo, and a 256GB microSD solid state conversion.
12:26:02[Saint]Set you back about $300
12:26:42[Saint]Second to that, iPod 6G, also w/ microSD solid state conversion.
12:27:00[Saint](the conversion plates for uSD/SD/CF are cheap as hell)
12:28:02dsgThat does sound appealing. I was actually looking into microSD conversion for my current one previously, but didn't want to have to disassemble it. I might have to go that route.
12:28:10dsgI wonder if there are any refurb places that do those conversions?
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12:42:50gevaertsdsg: I meant replacing the battery :)
12:44:48dsggevaerts: Ah, I see :)
12:46:02dsgAnyway, thanks [Saint] and gevaerts, looks like my options now are buying the toolkit and replacing the iPod battery or buying an iBasso DX50 (looks nice but a bit big). I'll have to think about it a bit.
13:17:44rubdosit seems like sometimes, my opus files don't skip, and sometimes the first second or so lacks. iPod G4
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15:19:58BilgusLinuxArie what ended up being the issue? If it was hung you might think of getting the multiboot bootloader on it while the goings good..
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15:21:42LinuxArieI really don't know. After several hard resets he came back to live.
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19:42:21vita_cellhi guys, I need help
19:43:10vita_cellmy iPod Video won't boot with Rockbox with ssd
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20:30:26*lorenzo92_1 damn, who knows, setting the remote address once more solved the repository not found error, even though the remote *seemed* to be set :/
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23:25:42vita_cellis some developer here?
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23:35:16fmlOut of interest: why was the help in puzzles disabled specifically for sansa c200v2 (and not v1)?
23:45:16gevaertsfml: c200v1 has loads of RAM, v2 doesn't
23:45:59fmlah, I thought it was because of the display :-)
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23:46:58gevaertsThat's the same
23:47:17 Join Bilgus [0] (~Bilgus@gateway/tor-sasl/bilgus)
23:47:29gevaertsc200v1 has 32MB RAM, v2 has 2MB
23:48:41gevaertsThat's actually also why the c200v2 took so long to be supported
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23:57:48BilgusBilgus> @ jhMikeS I got the root redirect to work with a hard coded path for now #define RB_ROOT_VOL_HIDDEN(v) (IF_MV_VOL(v) == 1)
23:57:48Bilgus<Bilgus> #define RB_ROOT_CONTENTS_DIR "/" IF_MV("<1>") and it finds the .rockbox dir on the SD only problem is any time it tries to write it fails on a data abort (domain 0, fault 8) I pushed the patched mess to g#1613 if you could take a look
23:57:50fs-bluebotGerrit review #1613 at : Multiboot Firmware Root Redirect - WIP by William Wilgus
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