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#rockbox log for 2017-05-20

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00:50:08jhMikeSBilgus: sure
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01:27:39chatter29hey guys
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01:27:48chatter29sun is not doing allah is doing
01:27:50chatter29to accept Islam say that i bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad peace be upon him is his slave and messenger
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09:39:45pixelmaregarding disabling puzzles help only for the c200v2: would it be better to have the definition check for plugin RAM size? (I always wondered about the simple checks for target name instead of the condition that actually has to be met, to be honest. If people take themselves a few more minutes and used the latter things would be automatically correct for future targets and others would understand the reason quicker in case they want to try a fix)
09:42:44pixelmaI could understand it in case where a define for the "real reason" doesn't exist yet, but not when it does.
09:43:45pixelma(and in yesterday's example fml wouldn't have askes)
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12:06:40asymsuconBilgus_: Battery drain with multiboot should be the same as with regular RB?
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14:44:32lorenzo92_1is the hosted linker calling main() first or are there any other intialization stubs?
14:44:40lorenzo92_1i.e. on RaaA
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15:09:22asymsucongetting somewhat worse battery life out of Zip after the patch, but maybe it's subjective
15:10:18Bilgus_ph@asymsucon it should be exactly the same as far as the bootloader is concerned although I imagine there might be some variance in accessing the SD card more but I can'tell imagine it'does be much that second firmware will work on internal or external storage if you want to see
15:11:06Bilgus_phDarn auto correct can't and it'd
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15:11:48asymsuconI haven't done battery bench yet
15:12:20asymsuconbut 60% went away faster than I'm used to
15:15:01Bilgus_phIt could also be something with the firmware at HEAD as well only way to say for sure would be to bench it off the SD and then bench it from internal using the same fw
15:15:39asymsuconor putting ammeter straight between battery and terminals
15:16:35asymsuconso no need to reflash BL, just move the .rockbox from SD to internal, correct?
15:16:39Bilgus_phWell sure but without an average over a period of time it wouldn't be very conclusive
15:17:36Bilgus_phYes bootloader is good just copy rockbox folder to internal and rename rockbox_main.clip zip
15:19:18Bilgus_phThat bootloader shouldn't have any need to be touched again unless something major changes and I'd try my best to keep it backwards compatible even if so
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15:21:04Bilgus_phYou can leave your install on the SD just copy the folder and as long as you rename the redirect file on SD it'll boot internal also that redirect file will not work on the internal drive fyi
15:21:10asymsuconYes, when bad luck happens and internal went to read-only or completely away, it's good to have the correct BL in place :)
15:21:40asymsucon2 DAPs died on me already
15:21:44Bilgus_phExactly and the same reason I disabled the redirect on internal..
15:22:54asymsuconOK, will test it today, report back tomorrow
15:23:32asymsuconBTW, any idea how to fix the pitch error @ 48kHz?
15:23:51Bilgus_phNo if you put Bilgus in front of it I'll see it when I get back to my dev machine
15:24:15Bilgus_phYeah no clue haven'THE
15:24:40Bilgus_phhaven't looked at that code
15:25:12asymsuconWill do, sorry
15:26:50Bilgus_phThat was supposed to be np I keep hitting the autocorret button
15:28:05Bilgus_phNow I seriously doubt if the internal drive dies completely the bootloader will make a difference but time will tell
15:28:49Bilgus_phBut it seems like for most it goes readonly or only loads the bootloader
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18:13:43BilgusjhMikeS, When I load the firmware from internal the redirect works properly, this unit had nothing on internal when I was getting the data abort, I'll look into it further later possibly something to do with the check for rolo??
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18:19:10BilgusNope nevermind still does it on shutdown
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18:33:45jhMikeSBilgus: I'll try to check later. Record where the abort happens and find it in the disassembly
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18:36:21jhMikeSBilgus: I kinda wanted the newer code in before doing the mount point things since it's actually more friendly to it. That is, if anyone wants the memory hit that comes with the performance upgrade.
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22:14:54BilgusjhMikeS I tracked it down to fat_dir_is_parent( and sure enough when i make it return false or comment it out of fileobj_mgr.c> fileobj_sync_parent it doesn't data abort
22:15:08BilgusI find taht very odd buffer overrun?
22:15:22Bilgusalso how much of a memory hit??
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22:53:25Bilgusok it has to be something in comparing the clusters when I change it to return dircluster && dircluster == dir->firstcluster
22:53:25Bilgus IF_MV( && dir->volume == file->volume ) && dircluster == 809987; it still crashes but..
22:54:34Bilguswhen I change it to return dircluster == 809987 && dircluster == dir->firstcluster
22:54:34Bilgus IF_MV( && dir->volume == file->volume ); it doesn't
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23:20:30jhMikeSdircluster is 0 for root, which might mess something up hmmm
23:21:04jhMikeSis dir NULL in this case?
23:28:26BilgusIdk ill check I got it back as far as file.c>fsync_internal>>file_error:; >> if (rc2 >= 0)
23:28:26Bilgus fileop_onsync_internal(&file->stream); /* dir_fatent is implicit arg */
23:32:49jhMikeSjust for kicks, remove "filestr_discard_cache" call
23:37:56Bilgusdir is not NULL neither is file
23:39:41jhMikeSis probably will find the directory and assume parentstrp has to be valid but it won't be if noone has it open
23:40:02jhMikeSit _was_ a valid assumption, not with this (hasty) patch
23:41:45jhMikeSif my guess is correct, then adding 'if (parentstrp == NULL) continue;' may shut it up
23:44:19Bilgusremoving filestr_discard doesn't help ill try checking parentstrp for NULL
23:46:24jhMikeSassuming the list of open streams for that file is not NULL is no longer valid with the patch, so, it looks promising
23:48:27Bilgusthat worked :)
23:49:38Bilgusawesome thanks
23:53:18jhMikeSI still would rather do this namespace thing _after_ updating file code since it gets rid of all the nonsense going on with caches attached to the descriptor
23:54:47Bilgusok I have no issue with waiting I have a perfectly viable solution atm
23:56:52BilgusIt isn't perfect but it allows the boot data redirect to work don't have the possibility of changing directories within the root but that is ok for now
23:57:56BilgusWhat method are you planning on using to munt to root with your updated code?

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