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#rockbox log for 2017-05-21

00:04:16jhMikeSsame thing but it's just built into it that a file can be open without any read/write streams open (reducing the load of some other functions as a consequence)
00:05:26jhMikeSthe current namespace patch hacks it in in a dirty way
00:08:13jhMikeSAlso, if you want a read-only variant, that's not very difficult if you're concerned about a few hundred more bytes in the bin
00:11:00jhMikeSbtw, fs_defines.h should take precedence over things in file_internal.h. stuff should be moved there. I'll update and rebase the namespace patch to be compatible with recent changes.
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00:58:00BilgusI'll have to finish it up in the next few days I can already see that it doesn't like trailing separators
00:59:54jhMikeSwhat doesn't?
01:08:06jhMikeSpathfuncs.c has functions that handle those things properly
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01:32:50jhMikeSgrr that change in bookmark.c is wrong
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02:22:13jhMikeSIf anyone knows, are the correct Italian words for narrow/wide eq band width stretta/ampia? italiano.lang is missing translations for them
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08:08:52asymsuconBilgus yes it never died completely. First case was internal could not be mounted, but BL still loaded FW. Second case was transition to read only.
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08:10:26asymsuconCoincidentally both died with Mihail's battery mod, so it might be connected to CVDD2 being too low
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09:02:12asymsuconotherwise, the battery is running fine so far, after 10 hours still at 53%
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09:23:48Bilgusasymsucon, oh this was
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09:53:41Bilgushmm and you removed or renamed rockbot_main.clipzip? odd It really should have worked on internal
09:54:37asymsuconHaven't come that far yet, first I want to bench it on SD
09:55:29asymsuconAnd on SD it runs for 11 hours with 50% left
09:56:14asymsuconoh, you mean the first comment - I was only explaining how the 2 DAPs I owned died
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10:05:03Bilgusah ok
10:16:19asymsuconIn the memetime I tested all 4 clip+ and 2 zips and all "suffer" from pitch drift at 48kHz, so it's not isolated to single case.
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10:16:47asymsuconsorry, not "drift", rather inaccuracy
10:20:20asymsuconIn all cases, it's 0.7% e.g. 1kHz sine is output at 1.007kHz
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10:50:37Bilgushave you tried tweaking it in the pitch menu? and are you using a frequency counter, does it have any drift to it or is it solidly 7 hz?
10:53:26asymsuconsolid 7hz
10:53:44asymsuconusing DMM with true RMS
10:54:21asymsuconit's certainly not problem with DMM, as on 44.1kHz it reported dead center at 1.000kHz
10:55:04Bilgusno I was just wondering just how accurate it is like could it catch clock jitter
10:55:17asymsuconyes, it can be adjusted in pitch menu, but that introduces another resampling in the chain, potentially damaging audio parameters
10:55:46asymsuconit's only accurate to 1Hz segment
10:56:02Bilgusok, but you can tweak it out and get it back to dead on?
10:58:18asymsuconI could get it tested on Rigol 1054Z, if 1Hz accuracy isn't enough
10:58:26Bilgusnow if I could just remember who was messing with the sample rate a while back
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10:59:52asymsuconI discussed it with Mihail few months ago: to get more precision 48 kHz we should switch main frequency (PPL) when we switch from 44.1 to 48 and back. It bit tricky but possible.
11:01:45Bilgusquick question have you tried going into the debug menu while playing under CPU freq and pressing up a few times to clock up the boost counter?
11:06:34asymsuconno, but I will try that
11:08:35Bilgusalso is this with a particular format or like all formats .wav opus etc.?
11:08:54asymsuconTested just wav, flac and opus
11:09:16asymsuconsame for all of them
11:14:31asymsuconI'll try the boost counter when I get home, can't take DMM to work, "sharp objects" policy, lol
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19:53:18__builtinpixelma: good idea, I'll do that
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19:56:42GNULINUXAutoresume doesn't seem to be working.
19:57:26GNULINUXautoresume next track paths: /Talk/[Artist]/Show
19:59:54GNULINUXDoesn't work.
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20:41:42fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 6bba062, 255 builds, 15 clients.
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20:53:14fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 692 seconds.
20:53:15fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 6bba062 result: 0 errors 6 warnings
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21:02:39asymsuconAlmost exactly 20 hours
21:03:21asymsuconPlaying Opus @ 48kHz into 600Ohm at -10dB
21:04:05asymsuconSo there isn't any relevant difference
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21:32:03asymsuconno change with cpu_counter on 1
21:32:12asymsuconI mean boost_counter
21:32:24asymsuconStill at steady 1.007kHz
21:33:23Bilgus_phASYMUSCON good to hear I figured it wouldn't be too bad considering you wouldn't be doing too many more disk accesses than playing music from the card good to get some numbers though
21:34:33Bilgus_phWell it pretty well sounds like a clock issue i'm kinda surprised you can even hear it
21:35:07asymsuconin A/B tests it's clear as day, in normal circumstances, not so much :)
21:35:59Bilgus_phAH ok got ya :)
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21:37:32asymsuconIt does sound sharper with tracks I know by heart, similar to 442Hz tuning
21:42:32Linton_builtin: I've done some further testing re the sgt-puzzles + music crash bug on the Clip Zip
21:44:05LintonIt seems a crash can be triggered by starting the music player shortly after quitting an affected puzzle plugin.
21:45:14 Join TheSeven [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)
21:45:25LintonIf this is the same bug, then it's not the puzzles plugin itself that's crashing, rather it's leaving something behind that triggers a crash in the music player, often within seconds of starting playback.
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21:47:33asymsuconIf only it was possible to decode Opus without boost
21:47:47asymsuconThat'd bump up the runtime by good 2-3 hours
21:48:20LintonIt also appears that the list of affected puzzle plugins changed between 3.14 and Thursday's build, and again between Thursday's build and the current one.
21:56:29Linton The following puzzles plugins crash on the Clip Zip with 3.14 and the current build but NOT on Thursday's build (504346a): bridges, flip, galaxies, map, netslide, tracks
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21:58:06Linton...which is bizare since 6bba062 doesn't contain any functional changes.
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23:47:53saratogaasymsucon: opus could use some more optimization if you're interested in working on it
23:49:54saratogai don't think boost will affect pitch error either, it just changes the clock divider on the CPU itself, not the PLL
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