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#rockbox log for 2017-05-25

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03:29:55nocomplyHi, what am I supposed to enter in the verification question to register on the forum? What is 5 + 8? (enter kangaroo in the field): I've tried '13' and 'kangaroo in the field' but neither work
03:30:32nocomplyoh I guess it must be just kangaroo
03:32:01nocomplyhaha oh I feel like an idiot
03:32:56Bilgusbut not a bot.
03:37:37nocomplysometimes I wonder...
03:39:27nocomplyI've replied to a thread with my issue but I will ask here as well, I am experiencing cuts in audio playback for a couple of seconds now and then on clip+, while this happens the device is unresponsive. It has only started to happen since I updated to the latest release. Does anyone know why this might be happening, is it a known issue?
03:44:49BilgusI too use the clip+, now by latest release do you mean 3.14 from the web site or latest HEAD on git?
03:46:22Bilguseither way first thing I'd try is renaming your config.cfg file to config.old and restarting the device
03:46:31Bilgusnext what audio format?
03:47:24nocomplyBilgus: it is the latest stable release, 3.14. I will try the config reset soon, see how that goes, it's pretty random in when it happens
03:47:27nocomplyit's with mp3
03:50:13Bilguswell in my experience the config file seems to be the number 1 cause of unexplained shit but not the only
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06:19:44jhMikeSBilgus: maybe try swapping the order of root_unmount_volume and fileobj_mgr_unmount. playlist_control is usually open all the time, multiple times, but I haven't seen it need to be forced closed. somewhere it ends up closed
06:25:24Bilgusok, Ill try that
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06:30:05jhMikeSother than that, use caution with buffer sizes
06:32:10jhMikeSyou're using VOL_MAX_LEN+2 for the rtpath? that's pretty small
06:32:58Bilgusyou would think if it worked on boot then it would work after usb plug unplug?
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06:34:23jhMikeSBilgus: different threads handle it so perhaps no
06:34:48jhMikeSat boot it's the main thread, otherwise the usb thread does it.
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06:35:23Bilgusok ill try setting it back to MAX_PATH
06:42:36jhMikeScouldn't you write the path to a static buffer at boot and define RB_ROOT_CONTENT_DIR to refer to the static buffer?
06:46:06Bilgusswapping the two just made it hang
06:46:39Bilgusthe static path would have to be written at firmware boot but I mean It can't be done any earlier than volume mount
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06:54:51jhMikeSBilgus: Can't say I'm enthusiastic about debugging code that I want to be put together quite differently :)
06:57:06Bilgusthen no problem in waiting but I figured it would be fundamentally similar I'm just fine making it keep the path for now
06:58:13Bilgusthough it kinda worries me that it has issues reading the playlist when you open other files on the volume
07:01:10jhMikeSsounds like the cache is getting corrupted. I haven't seen that problem myself though and definitely not without that patch
07:03:13Bilgusno it doesn't happen at HEAD but with just the basic Redirect patch as based in your commit it does
07:04:35Bilgussomething to keep in mind to test for I suppose as it really doesn't bother me a bit atm
07:15:46BilgusThough I do admit it is pretty nice to be able to switch between versions from a dev perspective!!
07:19:01Bilgusok so for your future reference I have the DB build with files on the SD RB_ROOT_CONTENTS_DIR =<1> and HIDDEN as well I stop playback with the power button go to file browser .rockbox/docs/copying.txt open it in the viewer exit back to main menu choose Resume playback and it consistently says invalid playback press resume again usually 1x sometimes 2x and then it resumes playback
07:19:49Bilgussorry invalid Playlist Ctl
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07:30:24jhMikeSwait. it eventually gets it right?
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12:05:37rubdos <- interesting?
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18:42:08mendelmunkisLCD_HEIGHT is height in pixels is there something similar for height in character rows
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20:14:43Bilgus_phI want to say screen_width/CHAR_WIDTH
20:14:43Bilgus_phbut i think you really need lcd_getstringsize() so you can get the size for your choosen font
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20:21:08Bilgus_phMENDELMUNKIS sorry same difference for height as well getstringsize can return width of a string height or both
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21:54:02[Saint]Bilgus: what'cha doin?
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