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#rockbox log for 2017-05-31

00:00:24mendelmunkisHow do you set TIMEOUT_NOBLOCK with pluginlib_getaction?
00:01:08 Join SparksF0x [0] (~Redfox109@2607:fcd0:bb80:400::f1e)
00:02:00Bilgusput that as the timeout
00:02:17Bilgusinstead of HZ/10 put TIMEOUT_NOBLOCK
00:02:29SparksF0xHey, I just installed rockbox again after waiting to see if this issue I'm getting was fixed in the new version but it isn't so far
00:02:58mendelmunkis@Bilgus Thanks
00:03:23SparksF0xI have an iPod 4th gen and I'm using an SD-to-CF adaptor and I get this error a little while after loading rockbox
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00:03:52SparksF0xI've tried figuring it out on my own but I just don't know what's exactly causing it
00:04:07mendelmunkisChanging the EOF condition didnt help.
00:04:34SparksF0xand the apple firmware works fine, so it seems to be an issue with rockbox in my case
00:05:09Bilgusmendelmunkis, what file are you running exactly on that program page so we can be on exactly the same page
00:28:16prof_wolfffSparksF0x: it seems a hardware error on your CF that is failing when trying to write sector 113766779, probably it does not occur on apple firmware because it is not trying to write that particular sector
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00:34:00mendelmunkisJust confirmed crash occurs on if(!file) return PLUGIN_ERROR
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00:39:20gevaertsCould be a stack overflow
00:46:35SparksF0x found this, it's for 6G iPods but it seems to line up with the issue I'm having
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00:50:55Bilgusmendelmunkis, I have to go for now try this
00:55:30prof_wolfffit seems for me it is not the same issue, the 6g HDD driver is not the same as the 4g and the problem is not exactly the same, it gets the dc_writeback_callback() panic but many others, anyway we cannot discard it completely, try to use another CF if you have one and write music until it is full, if everything is ok then the problem is probably a failing CF
00:55:43prof_wolfffSparksF0x: ^
00:56:34SparksF0xI don't think it's the CF card as it's a new one and I've been able to fill the thing just fine with the stock firmware, been using it for 6+ months
00:57:50SparksF0xit seems to be the way rockbox is interfacing with it from what I can tell, also I can't really try a different CF/SD card as I can't get the iPod open again >.>
00:58:51prof_wolfffCF can and really broke with age, after doing many read/write cycles
00:59:49prof_wolfffyou can test the CF inside the iPod, just make a backup and do full read and write, you can do it using apple disk mode if you want or apple firmware
01:00:08SparksF0xit did the same thing when I first got it though
01:00:09prof_wolfffso there is no RB 'interference'
01:00:21SparksF0xand I've done a full read/write when I got it
01:00:47SparksF0xthe first thing I did when I got it was test it to make sure it wasn't working
01:01:09prof_wolfffbut with age some sectors are going to fail for sure, there are spare sectors, it is transparent for the user, but when the CF is out of spare sectors is is almost unusable
01:01:51prof_wolfffif you think it is RB, then try to install the version you had 6 months ago
01:02:48SparksF0xI tried 3.13 and a devbuild from October, same issue then too
01:03:07SparksF0xI've just been using the apple firmware this whole time
01:04:06SparksF0xI'll try a full read/write test just to make sure though
01:04:30prof_wolfffyes, i would try to verify it again using the apple firmware as you did the first time
01:07:44SparksF0xthis might take a while as I have almost 60gb of music on it
01:11:04prof_wolfffA couple of hours ago a user had the same problem on freemyipod-support with a new 256GB card on 6G and was solved using an old 128GB card
01:12:14SparksF0xI remember reading that it could be RB not liking the SD card as well, as someone with the same adapter said they tried a different SD card and it fixed the issue
01:12:15 Join Bilgus_Ph [0] (4cf32773@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
01:12:33prof_wolfffmaybe sunspots are increasing and destroying flash memories :)
01:13:04SparksF0xalthough I don't get why it wouldn't like a new sandisk ultra 64gb that passes all tests
01:13:43SparksF0xI'll try a different card if I can get the thing open again
01:14:10SparksF0xthe spudger that came with the battery I ordered a while back broke while opening it
01:15:05prof_wolfffi think that by now is is enough to test that CF, if it fails then i will replace it, because when a CF starts to fail it is better to throw it away
01:16:18SparksF0xyeah, it seems fine but only time will tell if it's actually fine or not
01:18:51Bilgus_Phmendelmunkis: also speaking of buffers and overflow You are statically defining a 24kb buffer and a 16kb buffer what happens if you cut those in half or less?
01:20:29Bilgus_Phnm thats a 3kb and a 2 or 4 kb I think that should be fine
01:21:42mendelmunkisit defintly worked with those values in the past. while testing i accidently deleted my custom .rockbox so im putting brainfuck on hold untill i recover it
01:21:53mendelmunkishave a good night everyone
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06:20:30SparksF0xSo here's an update:
06:20:51SparksF0xTried the original harddrive: works fine (as expected)
06:21:00SparksF0xThe SD card I was using is fine too
06:21:56SparksF0xbut I tried a 1gb SD card out of curiousity and that works fine with RB
06:22:20SparksF0xso it just doesn't like this 64gb Sandisk Ultra for some reason?
06:22:47SparksF0xno clue why, the CF card adapter is fine, the SD card is fine, but rockbox doesn't like it
06:23:27SparksF0xI'll try this 64gb Sandisk Extreme I had in my camera next
06:23:32SparksF0xand see if that works
06:26:02SparksF0xtl;dr: RB doesn't like the combination of the 64gb Sandisk Ultra and the Digigear CF Adapter, it works fine with an old 1gb SD card I have. I'll try a 64gb Sandisk Extreme next and see how that goes
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07:16:34SparksF0xit seems to not like class 10 sd cards
07:16:59SparksF0xthis other 64gb SD card is having issues too
07:18:10SparksF0xand someone else on the forums talks about having issues with class 10 cards too, on the iPod Mini 2nd gen
07:19:23 Join dys [0] (
07:23:36SparksF0xI might just be better off saving up for an actual CF card at this point :/
07:24:48SparksF0xI find it odd that Rockbox seems to be the only thing that doesn't like these adapters when paired with certain SD cards, but then again I'm not a programer so maybe it actually isn't that odd
07:25:08SparksF0xappologies for the rambling
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20:07:45asymsuconBilgus I'm wondering, is higher THD+N to be expected with PLL running 0.7% faster?
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20:38:18Bilgus_phASYMSUCON no clue what so ever on anything with audio quality
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20:40:00asymsuconI'll try to measure it, but my equipment is far from industry grade precision. :)
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21:30:00Saratogaasymsucon: no, sampling rate and thd are not related
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21:51:43Horrorcatanyone here who has or is working on the M-Robe 500 port?
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22:01:57__builtinHorrorcat: I don't think so
22:03:55__builtinlast significant changes to the port seem to be in 2012
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