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#rockbox log for 2017-06-05

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02:36:59nixiethrowawayHi! I was trying to use the destination and sounds pressure tool for Sony Walkman ( and it reported that my device was not supported and hang. Here's what I tried:
02:39:45nixiethrowawayAlso I have firmware version 1.20. Was wondering if I did anything wrong or if it was simply my device was not supported. Should I try running the tool in Linux? Thanks!
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17:18:06v20i need some help, i recently installed a iflash solo into my ipod video 5.5 and flashed rock-box on it when i begin to copy my music over the device keeps disconnecting. my ipod has given me 2 different white error screens one was the divided by zero error and one i cant remember the other one
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17:22:04v20i just got a new error code (*panic* Stkov codec (0)
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18:23:40saratogav20: those adapter often don't work very well with rockbox
18:24:32saratogayou could try copying files with the apple firmware, but if you're getting codec crashes that is probably due to data corruption
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19:53:10mendelmunkisBilgus: Why does input take prompt as a parameter?
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20:35:52mendelmunkisBilgus: I belive the issue I was having is hardware because runing your code still crashes my fuze+
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20:50:05yannlohi, i would like to ask if a port for Sony NWZ-S540 is planned, as I see the device in the wiki but without port
20:53:07pamauryit's very unlikely
20:53:29pamauryit is an old device and currently I would rather spend time on newer players
20:54:22pamaurygive me a minute to check what is the hardware of this thing
20:55:43yannlohere is the link :
20:57:04pamauryah yes I remember this device. A port would probably be feasible but I don't have the device
20:57:36pamauryit has similar hardware to other players (same processor) I ported rockbbox to
20:58:05yannlois the port hard to achieve ?
20:59:06yannloand thank you a lot for taking the time to respond
20:59:20pamauryI don't think so (for someone with porting experience I mean). But last time I checked I couldn't get it for a reasonable price
21:03:18yannloI haven't experience with Rockbox but I could take some time try to port the device with some help in some weeks
21:04:27yannlo*spend some time to try , sorry for faulty grammar
21:04:35pamaurydo you know to program?
21:05:07yannloI have some knowledge in c, c++ and I'm using Linux on a daily base
21:11:26pamauryok, it might be possible then. Usually the hardest part is reverse engineering the firmware to know how things work, typically the screen. The screen is usually the trickiest part because until it works you have very little debug mecanism. If you are willing to try, I can to disassemble the sequence and you try it on the device.
21:11:58pamauryit will help if you have some knowledge of embedding/hardware programming
21:14:05pamauryI suggest maybe you have a look at the datasheet of the SoC in this player (iMX 233) just to get familiar with the architecture and names.
21:14:33pamauryyou will probably not need to know most of it because we have a lot of code for this processor already
21:15:15 Join cc___ [0] (~ac@2001:910:113f:1:6a05:caff:fe1c:1627)
21:19:51yannlogreat, I will take a look at the doc in some time, I am willing to try things on my device. My father can help me with the embedding/hardware programming part, and I am also play with 8bit-avr
21:20:04yannlo*playing, sorry
21:21:25pamauryok, I'll put some code online for the port with some code for the LCD based on my reverse engineering. It might take couple days
21:22:45pamaurywhere do you live? If you find a S540 (used probably) for a reasonable amount, I might be interested in buying one. I can't seem to find any seller that ships to France
21:26:18yannloI also live in France, we bought it in France (in FNAC store) years ago
21:27:33pamauryoh ok, too bad
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21:33:29Bilgusmendelmunkis possibly.. I haven't tried running it on my fuze+ yet but I do know STACK[] should be an unsigned long (uint32)
21:35:27lebelliumpamaury: I could lend mine to you for some weeks or months. As you can imagine, I don't really use it :P
21:39:18pamaurylebellium: oh I thought you didn't have one :-p sure that would be good idea
21:40:01lebelliumpamaury: you made me extract the firmware and I posted disassembly pictures
21:40:18pamauryoh really? I don't even remember lol
21:40:29lebelliumThat's not the 1st time you don't remember lol
21:41:11pamauryI know, too many devices that start with NWZ ;)
21:41:37lebelliumwell, just assume I have all of them
21:41:41lebelliumIt's easier :P
21:42:24pamauryI thought there was one that you missed and it was this one
21:42:36pamaury(from Sony I mean)
21:42:53lebelliumNo, it's the S7xx series :(
21:43:27pamauryah you see, I was close!
21:44:32lebelliumLooks like you were quite busy lately? When would you start working on NWZ-S540? Just to know when I should ship it to you.
21:47:21pamauryYes but now I am in holidays (finally!). I am away from home until sunday but you can ship it this week if you want
21:50:03pamauryThis week I am looking at pushing the NWZ (linux) stuff to mainline
21:50:30lebelliumok, will try to ship this week or next week.
21:50:35lebelliumdo you need another player too?
21:51:28pamauryhm, let me think
21:51:54***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:52:01pamauryis there cool NWZ player based on imx233 that I could do at the same time?
21:53:35pamaurylebellium: do you have a A860 (or a touch screen based nwz player)
21:53:57pamaurythat you are willing to spare for a few weeks
21:55:49lebelliumI have the A860, I don't use it either for the moment but it's a rare and valuable 64GB variant so you need to handle it carefully :P
21:56:39pamauryoh I see. I am not always careful :-p are there are touch screen players from Sony that would be less valuable?
21:56:47 Join TheLemonMan [0] (~root@irssi/staff/TheLemonMan)
21:57:18lebelliumThere is the X1050 with Wifi embedded but I don't have it
21:58:06lebelliumdo you need to disassemble the A860?
21:58:44pamauryno, just run software on it, it's kind of hard to develop for a touch based target without the hardware
21:59:26lebelliumI can send it to you then
22:00:15pamauryok let's do that :) I'll be very careful and handle the A860 with gloves in a clean room environment :-p
22:00:55lebelliumunfortunately the previous owner didn't use it for a while so the battery life is not great anymore
22:01:29lebelliumbut it's in perfect condition otherwise
22:02:46lebelliumThe S540 also has some battery issues
22:03:16lebelliumit says "fully charged" but when you remove the cable, there is only one battery bar left
22:03:34lebelliumso don't expect to calibrate the battery with them :P
22:03:44pamauryas long as it can hold charge for a 30 minutes that should be ok. Yeah I guess I won't
22:06:51 Join razvitm [0] (567df415@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:07:18yannloanyways, thanks guys for responding so fast and being so helpful, I will take a look to the doc today but I will not be able to do any real development before the 23rd June
22:07:35razvitmanyone using the latest 3.14 version on a xduoo x3?
22:07:49razvitmany battery life improvements?
22:12:25lebelliumXduoo x3 is not officially supported
22:12:53lebelliumthe developer wants to work on his side without the community, just let him do, we don't care
22:17:36 Part yannlo
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22:18:57razvitmi don't give a rat's ass about the xduoo x3 developer. But i have a xduoo x3 and it has rockbox on it and since there's a new release i want to know if it's better than the previous one currently running on my player.
22:19:02 Join Strife89 [0] (
22:22:17lebelliumthere is no release for this device
22:22:26lebelliumit's not supported
22:22:28lebelliumthat's it
22:22:34lebelliumyou're on the wrong channel
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23:02:05Bilgusmendelmunkis here is what I have so far:
23:03:54 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.93 [Firefox 53.0.3/20170518000419])
23:03:55pamaurylebellium: I updated SonyNWDestTool with some device list. Do you remember some devices that were tested and are not currently listed?
23:04:09Bilgusyou will probably have to tweak the buffers on an actual device and it'll probably only work with lost kingdom until I make the input function work with conditionals placed in the Brain Fk source file
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23:12:40lebelliumpamaury: Just saw your new table in
23:13:09lebelliumNW-A30 works AFAIR
23:13:21lebelliumNW-WM1 too
23:15:20lebelliumyou have all possible variants in the service manual
23:15:31lebelliummodel IDs*
23:15:36lebelliumI already told you last time :)
23:15:58lebelliumZX1 and ZX2 are NW and not NWZ
23:16:29lebelliumwell, at least ZX2
23:16:38lebelliumZX1 is NWZ, sorry
23:16:55lebelliumNW-ZX100 is supported too
23:17:42fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 28c3f6b, 255 builds, 14 clients.
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23:21:18 Join Strife89 [0] (
23:23:11pamauryI just added the IDs forA30. Ok I'll add WM1 and ZX100
23:25:46razvitmQuestion: Why don't i see the auto option in Settings - Playback settings - Frequency on my color ipod after update to 3.14?
23:27:18pamaurymaybe your player does not support setting playback frequency. Most hardware don't support it
23:28:15razvitmif it can be set manually, i thought it can be set automatically too...
23:28:50razvitmwhat am i missing here?
23:29:54fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 731 seconds.
23:29:55fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 28c3f6b result: 0 errors 6 warnings
23:32:48saratogarazvitm: there should be options for 44.1k and 48k on the ipod 4G IIRC
23:34:11razvitmon which players then, can we find the option auto?
23:34:35saratogaoh nevermind, the 4g doesn't support 48khz
23:35:01razvitmyes. the new rockbox build 3.14 has 44.1, 48, and auto.
23:35:06saratogawe don't have an auto option
23:35:15pamauryhm, the autobuild did produce the result page
23:35:38pamauryseems like a common problem, most pages of recent builds are dead
23:35:55 Quit ender` (Quit: I will not fly into a rage and kill a messenger who brings me bad news just to illustrate how evil I really am. Good messengers are hard to come by. — Evil Overlord List #32)
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23:39:04lebellium_z3cpamaury: HN just means noise cancelling earphones are bundled
23:39:22lebellium_z3cSo that's not relevant for the software sife
23:40:10pamauryah ok
23:40:43lebellium_z3cStandard model without HN also supports NC feature but you need to buy the earphones separately
23:42:44razvitmwill rockbox have noise cancelling function?
23:44:06 Quit Strife89 (Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.)
23:44:52 Join Strife89 [0] (
23:44:59pamaurythe sony's are the only player that support it, I might add support for it if i can make it work, but it requires special headphones and lebellium_z3c think it's not even very good
23:45:48lebellium_z3cI can also lend mine if you want to try
23:46:32lebellium_z3cThere are several NC Sony earphones available, the one shipped with the E580 are not very good indeed
23:47:01lebellium_z3cBut how could you support it in Rockbox? Reuse the Sony module?
23:47:07razvitmNoise Reduction is at maximum as good as the microphones used on the headphones... so... yeah. I don't see phantom powered 1 inch condenser mics on headphones any time soon :)
23:47:37pamauryenabling NC on Sony's is not very hard, there are a few ioctl() to enable it and change the profile and gain. This could be settings
23:48:42saratogathe quality of the microphone actually doesn't matter very much, just how well you calibrate it
23:48:55saratogaand the phase error between the microphone and the ear
23:49:31razvitmyeah but if the mic has no frequency response above 14KHz then you cannot cancel out sounds of higher than 14khz frequency.
23:49:49saratogayou can't cancel out frequencies above 14 khz anyway
23:50:39razvitmso what's the freq range in which the NC actually does something useful?
23:50:46saratogafew khz
23:51:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:54:54pamaurysaratoga: why can't you go above 14Khz?
23:58:07 Quit lebellium_z3c (Quit: Bye)

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