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#rockbox log for 2017-06-08

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03:29:23AldemWhile cleaning my parents house, I found my old Sandisk Sansa e800
03:29:29AldemGoing to rockbox it
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03:53:57AldemHow much capacity does Rockbox supports on a uSD card ?
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04:33:31Bilgusas big as you can get on fat32
04:35:46AldemMakes you wonder why sandisk limited it to 8g or was it 16g
04:35:54AldemOn e280 v1
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05:33:41Bilgusfirmware limitation I imagine
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05:56:14idonobI'm using a 64GB uSD card on my e280 v1, works great
05:56:39idonobon the OF it's limited to 2GB non-SDHC/SDXC cards, but rockbox only cares about seeing FAT32 afaik
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06:40:54amiconnEven SDXC works fine on rockbox if you reformat to FAT32
06:41:13*amiconn is using a 200GB µSD in his Clip+
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07:25:49Bilgusbe aware though it might not work right if you don't do a full format or something along those lines so test with a few files before you copy the whole 200GB to the disk and find out you have to reformat it
07:27:18Bilgusthough that's anecdotal at this point as we never got to see the previous image of the people that had to reformat again
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11:40:21Yogurthey all
11:40:44Yogurtjust dropping in to see of there's been any updates to the sony E580 line
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21:13:58RazviTmCan someone take a look at the xduoo x3 rockbox implementation by Xvortex and implement the AUTOMATIC setting in Settings-PlaybackSettings-Frequency ? They wrote code that automatically sets DAC samplerate before each song.
21:14:38RazviTmi mean implement it in the official rockbox for all the supported players...
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21:44:39RazviTmgreetings pamaury, i have an odd request... can you take a look at the xduoo rockbox code and implement the automatic frequency setting in the official rockbox for all the supported players?
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21:46:34pamauryRazviTm: I know very little about the audio code, and furthermore this issue has been discussed in the past and it is complicated to implement properly (because of the audio effects/eq we have). The way it is done on the xduoo is most probably a hack
21:46:48pamaurysaratoga is the one that knows about such things
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21:48:58pamauryalso I believe (but saratoga can confirm) that we have a very good resampler so there is very little gain from having automatic switch
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21:51:16RazviTmi often do audio measurements, thd and such, and resampling distorts a lot harmonically, not enough to sense with the ear, but it messes my measurements by an order of amgnitude.
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22:01:42pamauryas I said you'll have to ask saratoga. I mostly work at the driver level where the only thing you care about is "set frequency to x Khz" and that's it. Handling automatic change requires much more than doing that.
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22:03:39RazviTmi know, you have to read the beginning of the file to see what sampling rate it has, then compare with current player frequency, if not equal then change player frequency and only then begin playback...
22:05:35pamauryand do not forget that if you have (for example) an equalizer, it needs to know the frequency and be notify when to change (because the equalizer does not know about songs, only about samples)
22:07:17RazviTmso al the sound processing like crossfade etc would have to be able to change samplerate on the fly... that's hard to do. i get it now.
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22:09:41pamauryyes exactly, that's my understand of the problem. I guess one simplisitic way of doing it would be to drain all samples, then changes the frequency for the entire chain at once and then play. But that's not gapless
22:12:25RazviTmto be honest, noone is asking for gapless between different sample rates... because the DAC has to change internal values, it's impossible to have gapless. the gap occurs in the DAC at samplerate change...
22:14:25RazviTmi doubt the DAC can change samplerates in the timeframe between two samples...
22:16:16pamauryyes I think most DACs cannot change on the fly anyway
22:17:16pamauryI know the imx233 can do small frequency changes on the fly but that's pretty much it
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22:21:59RazviTmi have a lot of cd ripped to flac albums each in its own folder and those are all 44.1khz sr, and the only time i need to switch to 48khz sr is when i listen to hi-res audio which is mostly 96khz sr, (48x2) so i think i'll just put in the folder name hi-res, i play music by folders so it's easy to see this way what setting i should set.
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22:32:03RazviTmAs some of the players on which rockbox runs are more than 10 years old, i suggest a page somewhere on the rockbox site that keeps a track of the stores or ebay users who sell batteries for those old players. It's the only component of all the players we know it will 100% fail over time, and you can't run rockbox without a battery so... just throwing this thought out there.
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22:50:36saratogaRazviTm: we talked about it a few times over the years and most people thought it wasn't a good idea
22:50:52saratogayou're welcome to take a look at implementing it though and see how people feel about it
22:51:55saratogaRazviTm: also, there is no need to switch to 48k if you aren't listening to 48k music
22:52:20saratogayou can just leave it alone in that case, the resampler handles it
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