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#rockbox log for 2017-06-10

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00:47:32Sen_Hello! I am looking for some help about using the SonyNWDestTool to change the destination on my NW-S14. When I try to run the command "scsitool-nwz-vX.exe H: dest_tool get" with the version number and drive number changed, I get this error "'scsitool-nwz-v8.exe K: dest_tool get' is not recognized as an internal or external command operable program or batch file".
00:47:50Sen_I have tried changing the name of the tool to "scsitool_64-nwz-v8.exe" and the extention to ".file", I also googled the problem, and followed instructions to add the location of the scsitool file to my "PATH" environment variables and rebooted with no luck. I am not that technologically literate, and so I have no idea what is going wrong, so if anyone could could help me I would really appreciate it! Thanks in advance!
00:49:47lebelliumhow do you run the .exe?
00:49:54lebelliumdo you double-click it?
00:50:21lebelliumnevermind, I misread
00:50:49lebelliumdid you execute the .bat file?
00:53:10Sen_I downloaded the .bat file (open_cmd_here), and put it in the same folder as the scsitool, and entered the commands from there
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00:56:20lebelliumcan you try instead
01:00:45lebelliumLooks like pamaury messed up with the windows release of the v8, I'll check with him
01:00:47lebelliumbut the v7 is fine
01:04:14Sen_The V7 worked! Thank you very much! But now.. I have got this message " Model: NW-S14 Series:NW-S10 Series This device doesn't have node 'shp' " Does this mean changing the destination on this model will not work?
01:08:02lebelliumIt won't right now. But I think pamaury should be able to get it work.
01:08:15lebelliumcan you run scsitool-nwz-v7.exe K: get_dnk_nvp 12
01:13:02Sen_Here is the reply: Model: NW-S14 Series: NW-S10 Series Note: node size unknown, trying to read 4096 bytes 12 (node 12): 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ................ ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ................
01:15:15lebelliumJust come back this weekend or next week. Pamaury is on GMT+2
01:15:25lebelliumpamaury (logs):
01:16:06lebelliumBTW, do you live in Japan?
01:24:30Sen_No, I was just on vacation there recently and picked the S14 up thinking "there must be an english option, and if not then surely I can flash the firmware / change the location". Really should have researched before hand, since my kanji skills are basically non existent, so most setting are a guessing game. Thank you for all the help! I will keep checking back in the coming weeks!
01:25:08lebelliumI had the same issue with my A850
01:25:16lebelliumthanks to the destination tool it is now in English
01:26:49lebelliumgood night
01:27:22lebelliumBTW, the IRC is logged if you want to follow the discussion with pamaury
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04:31:53pamaurylebellium (logs): I will have a look for the NWZ-S14. I am usually at GMT+2 but currently on GMT-7 and will be back on Sunday
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17:14:40Bilgusmendelmunkis (logs) pre calculated loop offsets did the trick .6 seconds in the sim and 7 seconds on the actual device it still needs some work and polishing here and there, for instance it needs a way to use a different input system for programs that don't poll repeatedly till it hits LF
17:16:21Bilgusprobably should set the optimized fiel to read only after optimization since changing any positions after the first loop will mess it up
17:18:10Bilgusalso CR LF in tghe source file will cause some optimizations to be missed but I didn't bother stripping them so you might want to put a message to user and a routine to strip CR and LF from the source file for the user
17:19:06Bilguswith an option (OFC) since it makes the source really hard to read after that
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17:22:32Bilgusand well the optimized file is next to impossible to read anyways but you can change the OP_ defines to letters for easier viewing of the file in a HEX editor but be sure to change them back before you go running a source file (un optimized) since it tends to crash when it hits words
17:23:51Bilgusalso the save restore routine needs some work as well like matching the file saved to the save file
17:27:40Bilgusmaybe you can call it ROCKFUCK, BrainBox, or I guess just BrainFuck idk
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