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#rockbox log for 2017-06-13

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00:05:41CH23Does rockbox get any data from the original OS? because then the 5.1v might make sense.
00:06:11CH23i just realised that the charger i use to charge the device runs at 5.6 volt or so officially
00:07:36CH23and when i did not have a battery i ran a modified rockbox to allow use when the battery gets below 3.3v (or in my case, when it isn't there)
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01:52:05Stormwokensaratoga: I would have no problem with that if my ssd was being recognised by my PC now =(
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08:00:38CH23Stormwoken: it's not being recognized through the ipod, or did you take it out?
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08:34:53CH23on the clip plus, where can i find how the pitch screen was put together? the bottom row is too high and gets cut off, so i want to change that.
08:35:05CH23it doesn't seem to be in the .wps file
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11:05:35pixelmaStormwoken: maybe it works if you set it into the original firmware's Disk mode. (I don't own an Ipod so don't remember what exactly you need to do, but it is some specific button combo sequence)
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11:48:34Stormwokensaratoga: it is not being recognised through iPod
11:49:11StormwokenPixelma, I thought it was always supposed to be recognised as a disk by default. I will look that up.
11:51:18StormwokenHoly cow, it is working!!!
11:52:25StormwokenWait, no... not exactly working, but it loaded the Rockbox screen.
11:52:49StormwokenWhew, I thought I bricked it, glad to see the little fella is alive =)
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12:14:43StormwokenHmm, this is interesting. So, I managed to boot into what looks like a RockBox root menu, but was not able to navigate. My PC recognised a new piece of hardware, but was not able to recognise that it is an iPod. Upon restarting again, I get the same ATA Error -11 problem.
12:15:40StormwokenI did nothing particularly different compared to yesterday, other than holding the reset button combo for twice longer. Now, even that makes no difference.
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14:16:22Bilgusalso does your OF work the same way with your battery 100% for hours then drops off?
14:16:56CH23Bilgus: i finished another battery_bench. i'll upload
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14:19:34CH23it's not a perfect one as part of the time i did not play music, but it does show how it reacts
14:19:46CH23or, behaves, better said.
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14:23:41Bilguswhen you go to debug->View IO ports and press down once what do the readings there show?
14:25:21CH23does it matter that it's charging right now?
14:25:51Bilgussure lets have it charge then dis connect and see readings too
14:27:28CH23BVDD : 4790 (UP TO 5115)
14:27:34Bilgusmine at charge BVDD 4700 BVDDR 4155 CHGIN 5035 CHGOUT 4180 VBUS 5030 with a bit of flux
14:27:51CH23BVDDR: 4650 UP TO 5115
14:28:46Bilgusand at disconnect BVDD 4165 BVDDR4150 CHGIN 195 CHGOUT 4180 VBUS 5-15mvv
14:29:09CH23CHGIN 5115 | CHGOUT 4280 - 5115 | VBUS 5115 | BATTEMP 2046MV
14:30:12BilgusI get very minimal vals on the bat temp on both my clip+s
14:30:48CH235115 | 5115 | ~2500 | 5115 | 2050 | 2046
14:31:00CH23the above when disconnected
14:33:03Bilgusall I can figure is the adc is shot
14:34:02Bilgusanalog to digital converter takes samples sees how long they take to bleed off determines voltage by the time it takes
14:34:49Bilguseither that or you have a unit that doesn't conform like has a different adc
14:35:04CH23i could test that by recording audio through the microhphone, right?
14:35:53CH23if the adc is broken then the recording should not be recorded, or it should be distorted greatly, no?
14:36:05CH23unless there's 2 adc's
14:37:45Bilgussurely are several channels give me a min
14:51:33Bilgusok so the next page in debug gives VBE 1 and 2 those are on the same adc what do those read?
14:53:56CH231: 767 up to 771
14:54:18CH232: 765 up to 770
14:56:28CH23I took some pics of the chips on the board as well, dunno if it helps?
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15:04:16BilgusI can't imagine they would have changed something like that and being that your vbus is way high when disconnected same with all other values VBE as well Thats all I can figure
15:05:16CH23the ADC being f*cked, you mean?
15:05:58CH23is that part of the SOC, or a seperate chip?
15:06:14Bilgusits all together
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15:06:36Bilguseven if it wasn't probably not worth tyring to replace
15:07:07CH23no but i was thinking of heating it up to see if that helps but if it's part of the SOC i won't try that
15:07:16Bilguswhen you swapped batteries and kept the board did you disconnect the black red and yellow wires>
15:07:58CH23not at that time. i kept those on together with the board that attaches to the battery
15:08:11Bilgusand connected to the unit?
15:08:37Bilgusok so they wouldn't have gotten swapped
15:09:08CH23well i did resolder them later on but i made sure polarity was correct
15:09:20CH23needed a longer cable for this battery
15:10:08CH23what does it use the middle wire for exactly?
15:10:13Bilgusyou might triple check that you didn't swap the temp and ground or something
15:10:36Bilgusthe temp of the board/bat
15:10:56Bilgusit has a temperature sensor
15:12:11CH23yeah they're soldered on correctly
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15:18:01CH23here's something though: i measure nothing over positive and negative terminals with my multimeter
15:18:09CH23but the thing boots just fine
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15:22:16CH23i have to go, will be back tonight (in 6 hours or so?)
15:22:23Bilgus8 for me
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19:58:59lebelliumpamaury: available
19:59:53johnb3Just got an E453 in my mail (bought on Ebay) :-)
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20:16:58pamaurylebellium: yes
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20:21:08lebelliumpamaury: the download link you put for scsitool v8 for Windows is the same as for Linux
20:21:36pamauryah, let me see
20:21:39lebelliumbut maybe you could take the opportunity to check support for the NW-S10 and directly push a V9 :)
20:22:49pamauryfixed the wiki
20:23:01pamauryI'll push a v9 after I add and check support for S10
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20:37:12pamaurylebellium: do you know of any upgrade for the S10 series?
20:41:32fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision cd81221, 255 builds, 14 clients.
20:43:46pamauryI have added the S10 nvp
20:45:39pamaurylebellium: could you extract the kas from your s14 ?
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20:47:44lebelliumpamaury: It's not mine! It's Sen_
20:48:49pamauryah right, I'll brute force it then
20:49:46lebelliumthe guy doesn't seem to come regularly here
20:50:05lebelliumhe said "I will keep checking back in the coming weeks!" :/
20:55:25fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 833 seconds.
20:55:26fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision cd81221 result: 0 errors 6 warnings
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21:02:44fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision e9bb9a2, 255 builds, 14 clients.
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21:12:29fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 585 seconds.
21:12:30fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision e9bb9a2 result: 0 errors 6 warnings
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22:26:09Vlado2Hi, I found a bug in rockbox 3.14 (present in latest dev build as well). When playing cue sheets rockbox shows wrong artist name and track name. After showing ID3 tag and jumping back to playing screen the artist name and track name is shown correctly
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22:49:41ParkerRVlado2, Have fun :P (Need to register first)
22:49:56ParkerRI searched but didn't see anything related to that
22:50:46Bilguscould someone review ad add #g1566 and #g1577?
22:50:52Vlado2well i can replicat that on my iRiver H120 anytime
22:51:42Bilgusoops g#1566 and #g1567
22:51:45fs-bluebotGerrit review #1566 at : LUA −− Add CONSTANTS for value of PLUGIN_API_VERSION & PLUGIN_MIN_API_VERSION by William Wilgus
22:52:01Bilgus g#1567
22:52:02fs-bluebotGerrit review #1567 at : Add functions to plugin api by William Wilgus
22:52:17 Part ehmry ("User left")
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22:55:20ParkerRBilgus, I cant help but damn all the way since February. Hope it gets in there soon
23:15:37 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.93 [Firefox 53.0.3/20170518000419])
23:20:54CH23Bilgus: is there anything i can still do, or are we done?
23:21:25CH23that sounds more crude than i wanted it to :P
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