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#rockbox log for 2017-06-14

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01:41:15ulmutulCH23, Bilgus: probably the battery is connected to the ADC via a voltage divider. Maybe something broke there.
01:42:00ulmutulAnd some SOCs have a separate input for a voltage reference for the ADC.
01:42:27CH23wish i knew what the parts on the board are for
01:42:52ulmutulDo we have a service manual for the clips?
01:44:06CH23it's basically a 'no servicable parts inside' device
01:45:22CH23here's a pic of the inside
01:47:08CH23front inside as well
01:50:04ulmutulHm, there are only a few resistors. But without a schematic you're pretty much lost :/
01:50:05ulmutulYou can't follow the PCB tracks on this multi layer things.
01:52:54CH23do we know the pinout for the SOC?
01:54:48ulmutulMaybe measure/resolder the three components directly at the "+" conection of the battery (on the back/button side of the board, beneath the "TEMPO" print). This would be my best (and only) guess.
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01:57:10ulmutulI /think/ we have a datasheet of the SOC. But you can't reach the pins anyway.
01:59:01ulmutulgtg now, bed time o/
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02:04:26tomflintwith the EQ, in the documentation it says to use as few bands as possible. Is there a way to remove bands or do I just keep the gain at +/- 0?
02:15:06CH23i believe keeping the gain at 0 is the same as not using that band tomflint
02:15:54tomflintok cool, thanks CH23!
02:16:35sielickiA couple days ago I asked about issues with the first few seconds of a track skipping when using OPUS contained in oga on a Clip Zip. Could someone try to reproduce this, please?
02:17:58sielickiI think it possibly has something to do with the fact that the files were 44.1khz flac and opus mandates that it is resampled to 48khz
02:18:11sielickiBut the files do play fine elsewhere
02:23:46CH23sadly i don't have any of that filetype
02:24:01sielickido you have a clip zip? I can provide a file for you.
02:24:40CH23clip plus, but both run on the same SOC if i am correct, right?
02:25:08sielickiIf you have any 44.1khz 2ch flac, `ffmpeg -i /path/to/file.flac -y -acodec libopus -b:a 327680 -vbr on -compression_level 10 -frame_duration 40 -packet_loss 0 -application audio output.oga` will create one.
02:25:39sielickiCH23: not sure but you're probably correct
02:26:10CH23i'll do that and try
02:26:30sielickiThanks, I really appreciate it.
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02:27:13sielickiWhen I try to play the file, it skips immediately to like 00:00:02, then 00:00:06, then the rest plays fine without skips.
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02:39:42CH23sielicki: no skipping here
02:40:41sielickiAre you using the dev builds or the release build?
02:40:45CH23this is when playing directly from internal memory, rockbox 3.13 sansaclipplus
02:41:19CH23oh this is the dev build
02:41:43sielickiSame here, let me try some things and get back to you.
02:41:49sielickiin sound settings, are you on 48khz or 44.1khz?
02:41:55CH23i tried both
02:42:27sielickihm. Thanks again for testing. I was reading off the SD card, let me see if i see it on internal.
02:45:51CH23i've now tried on the latest dev build, default settings, and no skipping
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02:50:20tomflintsielicki: what are your sound settings like? the clip is pretty good with a large EQ (etc) stack, but I wonder if something in there is tripping it up
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03:04:27sielickiSo after I hit this issue I started messing with so many things, I'm not sure what exactly I've changed. But I can confirm that I don't see skipping anymore.
03:04:50sielickiAfter I transcoded I retranscoded it all to mp3 and things were fine. But I also tried some other things. I had embedded album art in the files, those are no longer there, I wonder if that's a part of it.
03:07:07sielickiFor future reference, what's the best way to debug such a problem should I encounter playback issues in the future?
03:09:45saratogaif you can replicate it in the UISIM, usually that is much easier to debug
03:13:26sielickiI'll look into that.
03:14:20tomflintI read about an issue with album art in some OPUS files
03:15:25tomflintsielicki: is what I saw
03:19:04saratogai don't seem to be able to commit still
03:19:17sielickitomflint: When transcoding, I made my album art files especially small because they're being displayed on the tiny display, so it would make sense that mine would still play fine like he's saying
03:19:19saratogagerrit won't recognize my old account
03:19:28sielickiwell, fine with a skip
03:19:33saratogado i have to do something special?
03:21:38saratogayeah weirdly when i log in to gerrit, i'm a new user with no commits and no user name
03:21:57saratogai can still see my old users commits but i can't access that account anymore
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06:09:35AldemHi guys
06:12:24AldemI might be stupid, but I don't find the rockbox support formats
06:14:46quaz0rflac and opus supported
06:14:51quaz0rgo go!
06:16:51funmanAldem: DocsIndex -> SoundCodecs
06:17:20AldemThank you kind sir
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06:44:07AldemOk, so I've dowloaded a couple of themes for my Sansa e200v1, and I have the rockbox utility
06:44:14AldemHow do I install my themes ?
06:49:54Bilgusunzip them to the .rockbox directory on device
06:50:19Bilgusdon't need the utility
06:50:38AldemAh, thank you
06:50:45AldemI was reading the 'Downloading themes
06:50:45AldemAll themes on this website can be downloaded and installed via the integrated themes browser in Rockbox Utility.'
06:50:58AldemI though rb utility had a way to do that auto.
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06:51:25Bilgusmaybe? I just unzip em to the .rockbox folder
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11:43:50pamaurylebellium (logs): I received your package
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12:42:21CH23I will go now but not before i link to the documentation i found on the AS3525 SOC as used in the clip plus and others:
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12:48:28pamaurythat seems like the same datasheet already on the wiki. Also the amsv2 (like clip+) use the as353x, a modified version for which we have no datasheet
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16:12:06CH23pamaury: i must have missed it on the rockbox site, sorry :)
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16:19:10CH23I tried the auto lock function, but it does not seem to work. this is on the latest git release. this is assuming it should lock the device when the screen turns off.
16:27:40pamaury_CH23: you'll have to be more precise than that if you want some help: device, what you do, which settings you set, what happens and what you expect
16:31:15CH23sorry about that. Device: Sansa Clip Plus. action: go to Settings > general > system > advanced key lock > settings > autolock on, then enable. then go to wps, play music, when screen turns off it does not lock.
16:31:43CH23I found the solution just now, it is somewhat awkwardly worded in the manual: Note: This is a pre-requisite for selectivebacklight section 8.4 to work also during key lock.
16:31:46pamaury_also I think you want to ask Bilgus
16:32:05CH23after turning on selective backlight, it does work
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16:37:17pamaury_Hm, I don't know if this the expected behavior or not, seems strange to have to enable selective backlight to make autolock work
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17:38:25fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 365a005, 255 builds, 16 clients.
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17:48:30fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 605 seconds.
17:48:31fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 365a005 result: 0 errors 6 warnings
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18:50:05CH23pamaury: i agree that it's weird but maybe that is what is meant in the manual;
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19:00:50pamauryCH23: I read it the other way around: the advanced key lock must be enabled for selective backlight to work when locked
19:02:44CH23that's what i thought at first as well but considering it won't lock without selective backlight being on i'm not sure anymore
19:02:49CH23i'll test
19:05:41CH23selective backlight works just fine, without advanced key lock
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19:22:43johnb3for the auto keylock to work you have to at least once lock and unlock.
19:23:06johnb3Then after the screen turns black, it locks.
19:23:35johnb3pamaury is right.
19:25:35pamauryjohnb3: why is that? Also this is documented in the manual
19:26:00CH23doesn't seem to work for me though, johnb3
19:27:30johnb3I just checked the manual and saw that the menu text is missing, i.e. it should be left of the existing descriptions.
19:28:29johnb3I.e. the last 2 bullet should have "Autolock on"and "Disable notify" on the left.
19:30:04johnb3Well, that 4 line description is trying to describe this. Apparently it fails :-( It's roughly what I got initially from Bilgus.
19:31:08johnb3That"pre-requisite" statement is about the "Notify".
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19:36:35johnb3 shows the source.
19:37:02johnb3Unfortunately, latex/manual doesn't compile in my VM.
19:39:05johnb3CH23 I just tried with my clip+ and it works for me.
19:41:28johnb3Any better wording is welcome.
19:43:28johnb3Again for the sequence: lock once, unlock explicitly, with the next screen off, it locks.
19:47:36CH23i did exactly that; i get the popup "autolock on", but after screen turnoff, if i press a button (waited a few seconds) it's still not locking when it turns on again
19:47:42CH23bbl dinner
19:48:53johnb3can you upload/paste your config file somewhere?
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20:10:37CH23johnb3, here you go :
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20:13:24 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
20:19:48CH23and here's the output from 'settings dumper' plugin:
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21:10:49SPLESH_2015Hello i am interested in helping to port to new Sony devices like A35
21:14:41pamaurySPLESH_2015: unfortunately the A30 series is out of reach currently, because it uses some different/new crypto and we don't know how to decrypt/encrypt the firmware
21:18:38SPLESH_2015From open source kernel it looks like sony is using MT8590 chip I will soon buy one and i can Join investigation of its encription mechanisms
21:18:57 Quit jhMikeS ()
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21:21:15johnb2Interesting: I just checked manual pdf and there the "menu text" shows properly, i.e. only the html version is flawed.
21:21:29johnb2*the manual pdf
21:23:46pamaurySPLESH_2015: yes it uses a different chip, but the problem is that the decryption binary is on the device only (but we can ask the key from the device). Currently I only see two viable approaches: remove/desolver the flash chip and read it, or find an exploit to execute some code
21:25:58SPLESH_2015yes it is sad and chip is of course is BGA
21:27:34 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
21:30:05pamaurythere is also the possibility that they didn't change it much and we can somehow figure out what they changed but I am not super optimistic
21:37:19CH23johnb2: did you see the links i posted?
21:37:51 Quit johnb2 (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
21:38:18Bilgusno that is a bug it should be that DISABLE NOTIFICATIONS is required for selective backlight to work during key lock selective backlight shouldn't have anything to do with autolock working so ill look into it
21:45:18CH23now that you're here, i have one last question regarding the weird battery stuff i have going on: Will the charging circuit still fully charge the battery, as it expects 3.7v, while it sees 5.1v?
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21:50:50CH23i'm building a script to automatically get the latest sourcecode, change the values, build and create zip, add theme, move database, fonts, and config file, then move .rockbox to .rockbox.old, and move the newly build one to the clip plus.
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22:08:48Bilgusiirc the charging circuit is independent but I really can't say for certain
22:11:04 Join TheLemon1an [0] (~lemonboy@irssi/staff/TheLemonMan)
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22:13:17CH23i hope so
22:14:54 Quit TheLemon1an (Client Quit)
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22:21:36 Quit dys (Remote host closed the connection)
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22:26:48 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: "It's now safe to turn off your computer.")
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23:09:11Bilgusok I figured out whats up with autolock, since the backlight gets enabled prior to the button code sending the button it is already enabled by the time autolock is checking for the backlight being off
23:20:25 Part SPLESH_2015
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23:36:11Bilgusfix is up g#1617
23:36:16fs-bluebotGerrit review #1617 at : FIX Autolock not working unless Selective backlight enabled by William Wilgus
23:37:32pamauryBilgus: the button/action code looked complicated to me before, but now with your feature I think I essentially gave up understanding what is going on ;)
23:39:02Bilguswell with the separation between apps and firmware and the way the backlight gets called from 20 different places it is pretty complicated thats why it took me like 33 commits to get it perfect lol
23:39:33Bilgusbut thats ok I have a pretty good grasp on it so I can explain if needed
23:45:04 Quit mendelmunkis (Quit: Leaving)
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